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WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/8/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: West Palm Beach, FL

1.) Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter defeated Brian Costello & Paul Sampson
2.) The Berzerker defeated Scotty Williams by count-out
3.) Tito Santana defeated Jim Cooper
4.) The Natural Disasters defeated Bob & Brad Avery
5.) Rick Martel defeated Lee Thomas

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bobby Heenan says there is no place to hide for Elizabeth and thinks she’ll need to find a good divorce lawyer.

2.) WWF Special Report hosted by Lord Alfred Hayes focuses on the WWF World Championship match between Ric Flair and Randy Savage at WrestleMania VIII. Mean Gene met up with Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect. Flair has a wall of fame of women he’s been with apparently. Gene is there to get some answers. Flair says that Savage is jealous of Elizabeth. Flair has a copy of the WWF Magazine. There are shocking photos of Flair with Elizabeth in the magazine. Flair thinks that Elizabeth is experiencing sweaty palms right now. Flair figures it is difficult for Elizabeth to look Savage in the eye. Flair knows that Elizabeth knows that Flair is the greatest wrestler and greatest lover on earth. Flair reveals a picture of Flair and Elizabeth poolside. Flair proclaims that Elizabeth was his before she was Randy’s. Flair considers Elizabeth damaged goods because he dumped her. Flair knows that Elizabeth is dying to make the call because he knows she has the number. Flair tells Gene that Elizabeth was “all the way live.”

3.) British Bulldog cuts a pre-tape promo during Berzerker’s match. Bulldog says that at Mania VIII Berzerker will be barking up the wrong tree.

4.) Shawn Michaels cuts a pre-tape promo during Tito Santana’s match saying he wants Tito to put 15 family members in a car and send them to WrestleMania VIII where he will do a Mexican dance all over Santana.

5.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with Jake Roberts. Roberts says hitting the Undertaker with teh chair was a little foreplay. Roberts was having a little fun for himself. Roberts says that if the Olympics had a competition for clubbing seals he’d win a gold medal. Roberts has been on the dark side his entire life. Roberts doesn’t think Taker is on the dark side. Roberts walks with satan’s hand day by day. Roberts promises to crush Taker’s skull. Roberts is going to take Taker and Paul Bearer roast both of them and will send them both to hell.

6.) Tatanka cuts a pre-tape promo during Rick Martel’s match. Tatanka promises to do his best and revenge his people against Martel at WrestleMania VIII.

Final Thoughts:
This was a good episode of Wrestling Challenge with some major advancements for WrestleMania VIII. Next week the show looks to continue that trend.

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