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ECW Hardcore TV 7/23/2000

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV

1.) Kid Kash defeated EZ Money
2.) Spanish Angel & Tony DeVito defeated Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke, Nova & Chris Chetti, and Christian York & Joey Matthews
3.) ECW World Champion Justin Credible defeated Pierre Oulette

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The shows start off with footage from Heatwave where Rob Van Dam debuted the Van Terminator on Scotty Anton.

2.) Lou E. Dangerously makes his way down to the ring with Blue Boy and Jasmine St. Claire. Dangerously says it is his privilege to introduce Jasmine St. Claire, who is a porn star. Dangerously calls Blue Boy a sex symbol. Lou has dyed his hair blue, as well. Dangerously says that Blue Boy wants all the out of shape fans to leave the building. They begin to insult fans in the front row. Jazz comes out and attacks Dangerously. Jazz plants Boy with the Jazz Stinger. St. Claire knocks Jazz down from behind and taunts the crowd. Jazz gets up and bulldogs St. Claire to the mat. Jazz plants St. Claire with a powerbomb and apparently St. Claire fell out of her top causing a censorship bar to pop up.

3.) Backstage, ECW World Champion Justin Credible isn’t paying attention to Francine because he’s more interested in his championship. Cyrus is staring at her breast. Pierre enters the scene and asks about that title shot Cyrus promised. Credible is confused, but Cyrus says it is against Rhino. Credible gets in Pierre’s face saying that he should be carrying his bags. Pierre issues a challenge to Credible to see who leaves with the title. Pierre puts his hands on Cyrus and Credible whacks Pierre with a kendo stick.

4.) Money controls Kash with a wrist lock and a headlock, but Kash counters with a hammerlock. Money tries to monkey flip Kash, but Kash lands on his feet and arm drags Money a few times. They eventually have a standoff as Hamrick gets on the apron to get involved. Money decks Kash from behind and stomps on Kash followed by a spinning heel kick. Money hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Kash takes Money down with a tilt a whirl head scissors followed by chops against the ropes. Kash kicks Money and hits a double springboard hurricanrana. Kash throws Money over the ropes to the floor. Kash takes Money and Hamrick out with a somersault dive off the top to the floor. Kash hits a springboard clothesline for a two count. Kash chops Money in the corner and delivers a boot. Kash almost wins following a moonsault. Money kicks Kash in the midsection. Kash avoids a powerbomb, but Money manages to hit the Pay Window for a near fall. Hamrick distracts Kash allowing Money to hit a slingshot somersault clothesline. Kash chops Money a few times, but Money hits a sit down powerbomb for a two count. Hamrick connects with a leg drop, but Money still can’t put Kash away with a rollup. Money heads to the top rope, but takes too much time and is stopped by Kash. Kash hooks Money for a superplex, but Money blocks it and tries for a powerbomb, but Kash counters with a hurricanrana and pins Money! (**. That was a great finish and the crowd popped big for it. Money did a fine job in there with some fun offense. This seemed to be more of a showcase for Kash, who continues to be a really fun talent to watch on ECW TV.)

5.) Backstage, Christian York and Joey Matthews cut a promo about this being their time and shot. Matthews says this is their chance at the ECW Arena. They are going to take it to the extreme.

6.) Outside, the Baldies cut a promo about busting their ass and not getting so close to allow young kids to prevent them from winning the gold. DeVito suggests it is a lock for them to be the next ECW World Tag Team Champions.

7.) Backstage, Nova and Chris Chetti says it is every tag teams goal to restore the honor that Justin Credible tarnished when he tossed the titles down. They believe they will win the tag titles.

8.) Backstage, Big Sal says the other three teams will not take out the FBI and they are going to take care of business FBI style.

9.) York and Nova kickoff the tag team match. They trade some holds to start the match. Nova is sent into the ropes and shoulder blocks York. York tries for a rollup, but Nova holds the ropes and puts an abdominal stretch on York before hitting a hip toss. York is clotheslined by Guido, who snuck a tag into the match. Nova flips off Guido from the apron and Guido tosses York across the ring by his dreads. DeVito tags into the match and connects with the Bronx Bomb on Guido for a two count. Guido gets an arm bar on DeVito, but Matthews hits a rolling neck snap on Guido to Guido to make the save. Mamaluke tags into the match and takes Matthews down to the mat. Matthews fires back with a few chops. Mamaluke has a waist lock on Matthews, but settles for a snap suplex and holds on to hit a northern lights suplex for a two count. Matthews yanks Mamaluke down by his hair and delivers a few right hands against the ropes. Mamaluke dropkicks Matthews, but Angel gets in the match and decks both men. Chetti scissors kicks Angel and continues with a strike. Nova tags into the match and stares down Chetti teasing a confrontation. They tag out to Matthews and DeVito. Matthews hammers away on DeVito, but DeVito comes back with a neckbreaker to gain control of the match. DeVito is tagged out by Guido and Nova after taunting the crowd. Matthews and York hammer away on FBI until Sal splashes York in the corner. Mamaluke leaps off Sal’s shoulders to hit a somersault dive to the floor! Guido plants Matthews with the Kiss of Death after Matthews slipped off Sal’s shoulders for the first elimination.

DeVito and Angel double team Guido with strikes and a double flapjack. Chetti kicks Angel to the mat and backdrops DeVito. Chetti goes for a backslide after a superkick by Nova, but DeVito made the save. Mamaluke almost pins DeVito after a dropkick. Guido hits a middle rope leg drop on Chetti for a two count. Guido is shoved off the top to the floor by Chetti. Nova spikes Mamaluke with a piledriver and hits another one and a twisting sit down powerbomb to allow Chetti to pin Mamaluke for the second elimination.

DeVito and Angel attack Nova and Chetti to get the advantage. DeVito hits a top rope moonsault on Nova, but Chetti makes the save. All four men are in the ring brawling. Angel chops Chetti several times, but Chetti heel kicks Angel. Nova hits a sit out powerbomb on DeVito and Chetti hit a leg drop for a two count. Nova plants Angel with the Novacain. They go for the Tidal Wave, but the FBI stop that with Guido getting an arm bar on Chetti. DeVito takes advantage with Angel hitting a side Russian leg sweep/neckbreaker combo to pin Chetti. (**. The debut for York and Matthews wasn’t that big of a deal and may be seen as a bit of a disappointment. It’s probably a lot harder to standout in a multi-team match such as this, so I won’t say they won’t eventually become an entertaining team, but this match kind of started them off on the wrong foot. An interesting choice to have the Baldies prevail. They’ve maintained some decent momentum and it casts a doubt whether there is a true frontrunner for the tag titles at this point.)

10.) Pierre gets a headlock on Credible, but that doesn’t last long and shoulder blocks Credible for the early advantage. Credible goes to the corner to regroup. Pierre tries for a wheelbarrow, but Credible arm drags Pierre and taunts the crowd. Pierre hammers away on Credible followed by chops in the corner. Credible clotheslines Pierre coming out of the corner and taunts him. Credible tries for a hip toss, but Pierre delivers a clothesline. Pierre sends Credible over the top to the floor after sending Credible into the corner. Pierre rams Credible face first onto a table at ringside. Pierre whacks Credible over the back with a steel chair. Pierre sends Credible into the guard railing. Credible backdrops Pierre over the railing into the crowd as the show goes to commercial.

Credible hits Pierre with a drink in the crowd before returning to ringside. Credible has a chair in the ring and smashes Pierre face first onto the chair. Credible gets a two count. Credible chops Pierre in the corner, but Pierre kicks Credible in the groin followed by a sit out chokeslam for a two count. Pierre hits a sit out slam for a two count. Credible superkicks Pierre after Francine hit Pierre with a kendo stick from the floor. Credible manages only a two count on the cover. Pierre drives Credible face first onto a chair for a two count. Pierre lays Credible onto a table hitting a somersault dive over the top onto Credible through the table. Pierre gets a cover in the ring, but Credible kicks out at two. Pierre goes to the top rope hitting a swanton bomb leading to a near fall. Credible counters a tombstone attempt to hit That’s Incredible, but Pierre kicks out at two! Francine grabs a table from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Pierre knocks Credible off the ropes, but Francine hits Pierre with a kendo stick. Pierre grabs Francine and hits a middle rope slam through the table! Credible whacks Pierre with the kendo stick and connects with That’s Incredible to pin Pierre and retain the title. (**. Pierre isn’t a regular and will not be appearing in ECW ever again, so for Credible to not go over cleanly here makes very little sense to me. The action wasn’t horrible, but these two didn’t seem to mesh very well. Pierre had a few standout moments, but it’s a disappointing match.)

Final Thoughts:
The highlight of the show was probably Kash/Money. York/Matthews had an underwhelming debut and the main event ended the show on a down note. I’ll consider this episode barely average, but tilting towards a thumbs down.

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