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WCW Saturday Night 7/6/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night

1.) Rock ’n’ Roll Express fought American Males to a no contest
2.) Chris Benoit defeated Cobra
3.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Eddie Jackie
4.) Randy Savage, Sting & WCW TV Champion Lex Luger defeated VK Wallstreet, Mike Enos & Dick Slater

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bagwell and Morton kickoff the tag match. Morton backs Bagwell against the ropes and delivers a knee lift to the gut. Bagwell hip tosses and arm drags Morton. Morton decks Bagwell with a right hand before they have a standoff. Bagwell forearms Morton, but Morton avoids a double dropkick when Riggs enters the match. Morton backs Riggs into the corner and avoids a knee strike across the ring. Gibson tags into the match and slingshot knee drops Riggs. They deck Bagwell off the apron. Gibson has an inside cradle on Riggs, but Bagwell makes the save. Bagwell and Morton fall over the top to the floor. Benoit and Anderson come out and attack both teams causing a no contest. Benoit powerbombs Riggs and Anderson beats on Gibson with stomps. Bagwell makes the save with a chair to end the segment. (NR. I know that Benoit and Anderson have a tag match at the PPV, but I’m not sure what the point of them coming in there and attacking both teams was. Perhaps we’ll get an eight man tag eventually to give a reason for it, but we’ll see. That just felt a little random.)

2.) Backstage, Mean Gene is with Public Enemy for an interview. They have a dog collar match against the Nasty Boys at the PPV tomorrow night. Grunge says there is going to be a party at Daytona Beach. Grunge promises to beat their heads in with the chain. Rock says they are going to end it one final time with the Nasty Boys tomorrow night.

3.) Backstage, Mean Gene is with Ric Flair, Elizabeth, Woman and Debra. Flair wrestles WCW United States Champion Konnan tomorrow night. Flair says he has combined business with pleasure and it has been financed by Elizabeth, Woman and Debra. Flair puts over Steve McMichael and says they are a family now. Flair says they are going to party all night long tomorrow. Flair say the ladies are going to put their thongs on and he’s going to root them on. Flair emphasis on thongs for the women, again. Debra thinks that Gene would take the money, too. Debra is going to be buy a yacht and thinks Gene would be the first one on that yacht, but Gene denies that claim.

4.) Footage from the 7/1 Nitro is shown where DDP confronted Jim Duggan as a thief for taking his ring. Duggan knocked Page out with a taped fist. They wrestle on PPV tomorrow night.

5.) Backstage, Mean Gene interviews Diamond Dallas Page. Page denies that he’s jealous of Duggan. Page believes that Duggan stole his ring and that he didn’t lose it. Page notes that Duggan has never lost a taped fist match. Page wants Duggan to tape his fist, mouth and body. Page assures us that Duggan will make one mistake and he’ll hit the diamond cutter for the win.

6.) Backstage, Mean Gene interviews Randy Savage, Sting and Lex Luger. Luger says that they all enjoy winning and titles, but when two guys come in and try to takeover, then that takes a focus over everything else. Savage says they need to stay focus and he’s not going to talk about Flair and McMichael. Savage thinks they are the guys that are going to get the job done. Savage says they are together. Sting chimes in and says that titles are afterthoughts. Sting says he smacked the guy who tossed a toothpick at him. Sting doesn’t understand how they have only produced two guys and not a third. Sting says they have entered the jungle, baby.

7.) Savage and Wallstreet start the main event with Savage delivering a shoulder block and clothesline. Sting tags into the match and comes off the ropes to hit a splash for a two count. Luger enters the match and axe handles Wallstreet from the middle rope. Wallstreet knee lifts Luger and Enos tags in to stomp on Luger in the corner. Enos runs into a back elbow and is met with a forearm smash. Savage returns to the match, but Slater tags in. Savage rams Slater into the corner face first. Slater elbows Savage coming out of the corner and delivers an elbow strike. Enos kicks Savage from the apron. Slater elbow strikes Savage again and Wallstreet decks Savage with a shot while the referee is distracted. Slater drops Savage with a right hand. Enos drops Savage throat first over the ropes. Savage decks Slater and Sting sends Slater into the corner hitting a splash. Sting covers, but the cover is broken up and all six men are brawling. Sting hits a top rope flying crossbody on Slater to win the match. (1/2*. Literally just an extended squash match to give Sting, Luger and Savage some hype heading into the pay per view.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s an easy forty-five minute watch, but there wasn’t a whole lot going on for the show. I’m sure nobody really cares about that and the main focus is on the PPV tomorrow night, as it should be.

Thanks for reading.

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