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TNA Impact 8/9/2007

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Raven, Robert Roode & James Storm defeated Rhino, Chris Harris & Kazarian in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match
2.) Brother Devon & Kip James defeated Rick Steiner & Homicide

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, Jim Cornette is fixing to announce the stipulation that Abyss chose. Team 3D barges into the office and says that Cornette is lucky that Perverted Justice isn’t there because Leticia Cline is dressed like a 12-year old boy. Ray doesn’t understand why Cornette is talking about Abyss and not them. Ray also wonders why Matt Morgan is there. Cornette says that they were talking business. Ray tells Cornette that Samoa Joe better get a good partner because they are coming for the tag titles. Cornette says that they are not running the company. Cornette will do something about the tag titles after the PPV. Cornette leaves with Morgan. Brother Devon says they aren’t waiting for anything. Ray calls Cline a tramp before leaving.

2.) Jim Cornette is in the ring to announce the main event for Hard Justice. Matt Morgan is at ringside. Cornette has the stipulations for the six man tag match involving Sting, Abyss, Andrew Martin and Christian’s Coalition. Speaking of the Coalition, they make their way out to join the segment. Cage says he was minding his own business until he heard Cornette make a six man tag match for Hard Justice. Cage says he is the true TNA World Champion and six man tag matches aren’t really his vibe. Cage wants to know when he’s going to get the chance to regain the title he never lost. Cornette says that Cage should be more worried about his health and career. Abyss is now speaking and asking for matches. Cornette says the match is the Doomsday Chamber of Blood match. The rules of the match are simple. The match will take place inside a steel cage. There will be barbed wire around the top of the cage to prevent them from leaving. The only way to win the match is to pin your opponents. But, before you can pin someone, they have to be bleeding. Cornette says that the winner of the match will get a title match at No Surrender in September. Cage is tired of Cornette forcing these things on him. Cage tells Cornette that he’s going to win at Hard Justice. Cage doesn’t think Sting, Abyss and Martin have the balls to tell them this in person. If they see them before the PPV there will be hell to pay. Naturally, the lights go out and there is a brawl between all six men.

3.) Backstage, TNA World Champion Kurt Angle is crying and says he just got off the phone with his divorce attorney. Angle is crying and asks for a hug. Borash asks when did Angle last shower, but Angle says Borash doesn’t care about him and needs to find Kevin Nash to talk.

4.) A video package promoting Adam “Pacman” Jones is shown. Jones says that he’s misunderstood and a man who takes chances. Jones is coming to TNA and he’ll be at Hard Justice.

5.) Raven and Storm attack Kazarian on the floor until Chris Harris runs down to make the save. Storm rams Kazarian into the guard railing. Rhino goes after Storm, but is hit by Roode with a pan. Roode pummels Rhino with right hands on the mat. Raven hits Kazarian with a sheet over the head. Roode knee lifts Rhino, but Rhino sends Roode into a trash can shot by Harris. Harris kicks Raven followed by a trash can shot. Harris hits Raven a few times. Storm and Harris are in the ring with trash can lids. They begin to trade shots and they both drop down to their knees with Harris winning that exchange. Raven has been busted wide open. Roode tosses a chair at Harris, but Kaz tosses a chair at Roode. Raven goes to the middle rope and elbow drops Kazarian through a table at ringside! The show goes to commercial.

Storm nails Kazarian with a trash can lid to avoid a suicide dive. Rhino drop toe holds Raven onto a chair. Rhino elbows Raven to the floor. Rhino whacks Roode with a chair shot. Storm has nunchucks, but Rhino chases Storm backstage. Kazarian springboard dropkicks Raven and spin kicks a chair into Roode’s face. Raven whacks Kazarian with several kendo stick shots. Harris double clotheslines Roode and Raven. Harris clotheslines Roode over the top to the floor. Ms. Brooks gets on Harris back. Kazarian counters a DDT by Raven and kicks Raven through a table. Roode hits Kazarian with a mallet and hits the Payoff for the win. (**. A fine brawl of a match with a couple of good big spots spliced in there. I was surprised that the heel team won and that Dustin Rhodes didn’t get involved this time to screw over Harris. Roode getting the pin is the right call as I’d like to see him get some momentum.)

6.) Backstage, Leticia Cline is standing outside Samoa Joe’s locker room trying to find out who is Joe’s special guest. The door slams into Cline’s face, but she apparently saw who it was and we’re going to be surprised.

7.) A video package promoting Black Reign appearing at Hard Justice is shown. This is Dustin Rhodes alter ego.

8.) Backstage, Kurt Angle is crying to Kevin Nash because he’s made a few fat jokes. Angle blames Joe for taking everything from him. Angle still has two world titles and a tie. Kevin Nash gets mad and reminds Angle who he is. Nash says that Angle is perfect and Angle agrees. Nash says that Angle is a genetic god. Angle is upset again when Borash mentions the surprise guest. Angle says he’s going to pass out and begins to cry again. Nash asks who the surprise guest is and says that Angle doesn’t need that when Borash whispers to him who the guest is.

9.) Kip and Homicide kickoff the tag match with Homicide hammering away on Kip. Homicide trips Kip followed by a dropkick. Homicide delivers a jawbreaker and a head scissors takedown to Kip before tagging in Rick. Kip kicks Rick in the midsection, but is rammed into the corner. Rick clotheslines Kip followed by a few clubbing blows to the side of the head. Kip nails Rick with a big boot to the face and tags in Devon. Devon drops Rick with a right hand as the show goes to commercial.

Devon nails Rick with a rolling neck snap for a two count. Devon drops Rick with a jawbreaker. Rick ducks a clothesline and plants Devon with a powerslam. Homicide and Kip tag into the match with Homicide delivering a forearm. Homicide messes up a wheelbarrow bulldog on Kip. Devon misses a splash hitting Kip on accident. Homicide leaps off the top onto Devon with a crossbody. Kip clotheslines Devon to the floor. Kip misses a clothesline and Devon trips Homicide allowing the Fameasser by Kip for the three count. After the match, Rick attacks Kip with right hands. Devon attacks Rick as each of their partners come down to the ring to join the brawl. Scott had a pipe with him, but it was not used. (*. I tend to not like matches where teams are mismatched together and this was no different.)

10.) Backstage, Leticia Cline is with Samoa Joe for an interview and she can’t believe Joe pulled off the special guest. Joe says that all things are fair in love and war. Joe is going to ruin his life this week. Cline says that Team 3D has been on the lookout for Joe, too. Joe isn’t worried and suggests they knock on his door because he’ll be waiting.

11.) Samoa Joe makes his way down to the ring to cut a promo. Joe introduces his guest, Karen Angle. Karen makes her way down to the ring to join the segment. Joe says he has the best intentions in the world. Joe wants Karen to watch the main event in front row. Joe wants her to see Kurt get the ass kicking his deserves. Joe says he’s going to take Kurt’s career away.

Kurt Angle makes his way out to join the segment. Kurt wants to talk to his wife. Joe allows Kurt to talk to his ex-wife. Kurt says that for the past twelve years that wasn’t the real Kurt Angle. He knows that he’s treated his family wrong for the past twelve years. Kurt has made mistakes and wants to make it right. Kurt asks Karen to give him a second chance. Kurt will melt his gold medal and make a bracelet for another chance. Kurt gets down on his knees. Karen wants to believe Kurt. Karen asks if Kurt promises to do better. Kurt doesn’t want Karen to listen to the fans because Kurt has known Karen for twelve years. Kurt asks Karen to do this for the kids. Karen says she’s going to do this for the kids. Karen still tells Kurt that the marriage is over. Kurt breaks down on his knees as Karen leaves. Joe says that Kurt is in a pickle and he’s enjoying Kurt’s misery. Joe says on Sunday he’s coming for the IWGP and TNA World Championships. Joe tells Angle to remember one thing and that’s Angle brought this onto his own and he will be broken.

Team 3D come out to the stage to cutoff the segment. Brother Ray calls Joe a homewrecker and says that Angle is a good man. Ray says they are here to take the tag titles back. The tag titles belong to them and Ray wants Joe to put the tag titles at their feet and walk away like a good Samoan boy. Joe lays the belts down at their feet. Joe tells Ray it will be hard for them to pickup the belts. Joe fights off both Team 3D, but Angle gets up and hits Joe with a championship. Angle puts the ankle lock on Joe as Ray hits Joe several times with the tag belts over the back. Devon gets a few shots in, as well. Devon hits Joe with a chair shot, but the Steiner Brothers rundown to the ring and clean house on Team 3D. Scott clotheslines Devon to the floor. Angle is posing with the titles on the aisle. That ends the show.

Final Thoughts:
Once again, the momentum is all for Angle as Joe was left to look like a dope. It’s this kind of booking that would make me think Joe may win at the PPV, but since he’d be winning the IWGP Championship as well, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I have almost zero interest in Adam Jones being involved with TNA. TNA promotes athletes and celebrities fairly well, but they should be taking that time to promote actual professional wrestlers. As for Hard Justice, I’m not sure if I’m sold on buying it. I’m leaning towards not purchasing it based on the TV build.

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