WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/21/1993

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Fresno, CA

1.) Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. by disqualification
2.) Steiner Brothers defeated Gary Key & Larry Ludden
3.) Crush defeated Al Burke
4.) Lex Luger defeated Virgil

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Ware and DiBiase kickoff the tag title match. Ware gets a headlock on DiBiase and delivers a shoulder block. Ware gets a two count following a crossbody off the ropes and taunts DiBiase. DiBiase clubs on Ware a few times followed by chops and right hands in the corner. Ware misses a running knee strike and hits the turnbuckle. Owen tags into the match causing DiBiase to backoff. Owen gets wrist control, but DiBiase counters. Owen wrenches on DiBiase’s arm, but DiBiase counters with a hammerlock. Owen cleans house with dropkicks to IRS and DiBiase. Owen arm drags IRS to the mat and keeps wrist control for a few moments. Ware axe handles IRS on the arm, but is selling his knee from earlier. Ware takes IRS down to the mat, but IRS gets back up quickly. Ware leaps over IRS and falls down due to his knee and rolls to the floor. IRS rams Owen into the apron face first. IRS continues to work over Owen with strikes in the corner. Ware is helped to the backstage area by referees. Owen is rammed back first into the corner by the tag champs. DiBiase continues with several strikes in the corner. DiBiase decks Owen with a clothesline and IRS returns to the match. Owen is slammed down to the mat. IRS connects with an elbow drop several times. Owen is nailed by a double clothesline, but DiBiase pulls Owen up at two. The champs hit a double vertical suplex on Owen, but IRS pulls Owen up again at two. DiBiase works over Owen with a strike to the ribs and hits a vertical suplex, but pulls Owen up again. The referee calls for a disqualification. After the match, WWF World Champion Bret Hart runs down to make the save. (*1/2. The injury angle for Koko prevented this from being much of anything, which sucks because I was hoping for a fun match. Money Inc. being bullies made sense and works well for their characters. I actually don’t mind Owen not being pinned as it makes Money Inc. bigger heels for choosing not to do it.)

2.) WWF Special Report hosted by Lord Alfred Hayes focuses on Brutus Beefcake return to the WWF and his interaction with Ted DiBiase on RAW. IRS smashed Beefcake’s face with a briefcase shot. Hulk Hogan will be returning to the WWF on RAW this Monday.

3.) Debra Duggan, Jim Duggan’s wife, shared some comments. She talks about helping Jim recover from several injuries. She’s pregnant and the injuries that Duggan has suffered due to Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji happened at the worst time. Yoko and Fuji have done this because Duggan is a proud American. She doesn’t want Jim to wrestle anymore.

4.) This is Crush’s return after being attacked by Doink the Clown with a fake arm.

5.) Luger shoves Virgil to the mat to kickoff the action. Luger keeps Virgil in the corner, but Virgil escapes and delivers a few right hands. Luger comes out of the corner with a running clothesline. Luger runs the ropes to nail Virgil with a forearm and pins Virgil with his pinkie finger. (NR. 1993 looks to be the year where Virgil has turned into an enhancement guy.)

Final Thoughts:
If you didn’t watch Royal Rumble or had no idea what was going on in the WWF, I think a lot of people would expect a Duggan/Yokozuna match at WrestleMania IX. I don’t hate that idea, but Yoko clearly has bigger plans ahead. This weeks episode was solid enough with two notable matches taking place. Plus, the return of Crush from injury.

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2 thoughts on “WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/21/1993

  1. I had actually never heard about Duggan’s wife getting involved in that storyline. I’m surprised they gave it so much gravitas– surely they knew that Duggan was on his way out by this point?

    1. He’s there until at least June.. losing to Bigelow at KOTR. I’m thinking they wanted maximum emotional impact for Yoko’s push since Duggan still has relevance and fans loved him.

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