WCW Pro 8/3/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Pro
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Chad Brock defeated Chris Benoit by disqualification
2.) Alex Wright defeated Mark Starr
3.) Disco Inferno defeated Billy Kidman
4.) Konnan defeated Psychosis
5.) Steiner Brothers defeated Blue Bloods (Regal & Taylor)

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Chad Brock is a country music singer, but he wouldn’t reach fame in the music scene for a few years after this appearance. Brock trained at the Power Plant and had a few TV matches. Brock’s tight has a music note on them, so he was obviously into music. Benoit naturally destroys Brock over the course of a few minutes. Benoit actually loses the match for stomping on Brock and not stopping. (NR. I thought it was a really enjoyable enhancement match. Brock took a beating really well, and Benoit looked great in there.)

2.) Mark Starr is no longer doing the Men At Work gimmick, so that appears to have ended. Wright won the match with a German suplex.

3.) A vignette promoting Glacier is shown, and this time we see the wrestler doing a bunch of martial arts.

4.) Inferno shoulder blocks Kidman a few times to get the advantage and taunts the fans. Kidman gets a rollup for a two count and is nailed by a clothesline. Inferno delivers a few strikes and a back elbow to knock Kidman to the mat. Inferno plants Kidman with a back suplex. Kidman misses a springboard moonsault and Inferno chokes Kidman on the mat. Inferno dumps Kidman to the floor. Inferno continues to beat on Kidman ramming Kidman onto the apron face first. Inferno delivers a forearm drop off the ropes. Kidman knocks Inferno to the mat and tries for the shooting star press, but messes it up and hits the ropes. Inferno delivers an elbow drop and wins the match. (*. That sucked for Kidman messing up the shooting star press. I’m assuming Inferno went right into a finish to make sure he was okay.)

5.) Konnan and Psychosis have a standoff after a brief battle on the mat. Konnan arm drags Psychosis, but is met with a dropkick on the knee. Psychosis puts a single leg submission on Konnan and jams his knee to the mat. Psychosis uppercuts Konnan and taunts the fans. Psychosis chops Konnan against the ropes and keeps wrist control. Konnan chops Psychosis and runs the ropes to arm drag Psychosis. Konnan head scissors Psychosis out of the corner. Psychosis elbows Konnan to the mat. Psychosis slams Konnan to the mat and leaps off the middle rope to hit a headbutt for a two count. Psychosis leg drops Konnan over the bottom rope. Psychosis puts an abdominal stretch on Konnan, but doesn’t get a submission. Konnan chops Psychosis followed by a rolling thunder clothesline. Konnan sits Psychosis on the top turnbuckle. Konnan tosses Psychosis off the top turnbuckle. Konnan hits a sit down powerbomb for the clean finish. (*1/2. It was alright, but it felt a little too stagnate in a few spots. The finish was good, though.)

6.) Regal and Scott kickoff the tag main event. Scott has a wrist lock on Regal for a few moments before taking Regal down with a fireman’s carry. Regal regroups in the corner while shaking his arm. Scott controls Regal with a top wrist lock, but Regal counters only for Scott to quickly counter again. Scott shoulder blocks Regal causing Regal to freak out in the corner. Scott has a headlock on Regal, but Rick gets involved leading to Taylor hitting Scott with a knee from the apron to help out Regal. Regal uppercuts Scott, but Scott knee lifts Regal and hits a double under hook powerbomb. Rick clotheslines Taylor to the floor. Rick barks around the ring and poses with Scott. Taylor and Rick do some mat wrestling with Rick tripping Taylor to the mat face first. Rick follows up with a right hand to drop Taylor to the mat. Rick covers, but Taylor kicks out at two. Taylor takes Rick over with a hip toss for a near fall. Taylor uppercuts Rick into the ropes and Scott enters the match to scare Taylor to the floor. Regal backs Scott into the corner and Taylor cheap shots Scott on the floor while the referee is distracted. Taylor continues to beat on Scott outside the ring. Regal forearms Scott against the ropes several times. Scott and Regal collide on double clotheslines. Taylor is tagged in and Rick enters to clean house with clotheslines. Rick slams Taylor and hammers away on Regal. Rick powerslams Taylor for a two count. Earl Robert Eaton comes out and accidentally hits Taylor with a forearm off the top. Rick covers Taylor to win the match. After the match, the Blue Bloods argue. (**. A decent tag match as they did quite a bit to hold my interest. I enjoy both teams, so I had expectations heading into this one. Eaton needs to turn face again and bail on the Blue Bloods already.)

Final Thoughts:
I’ll give the show a thumbs up this week, as the main event was good enough. The Benoit squash was enjoyable, and it’s a breeze of a show to get through.

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