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WWE Velocity 11/16/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Velocity
From: Columbus, OH

1.) Chuck Palumbo defeated Crash Holly
2.) Albert defeated Shannon Moore
3.) Rev. D-Von defeated Funaki

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Crash controls Palumbo with a side headlock to open the match. Palumbo breaks free and they have a standoff. Crash delivers a boot to the midsection and right hands. Palumbo blocks a head scissors attempt in the corner and drops Crash over the top turnbuckle. Chuck sends Crash into the corner, but Crash drop toe holds Palumbo into the corner and follows up with stomps. Crash tries for the claw to the midsection, but Palumbo forearms Crash. Crash delivered a low blow as he fell down. Crash continues with strikes and a dropkick to the back for a near fall. Crash clubs Palumbo over the back and snapmares Palumbo to keep control on the mat. Crash knee drops Palumbo on the back, but Palumbo fires back with strikes. Crash scoop slams Palumbo for a two count. Crash keeps Palumbo on the mat with a sleeper. Palumbo fights free and sends Crash into the corner, but runs into a boot. Crash goes to the top rope trying for a fist drop, but is met with a boot. Palumbo clotheslines Crash several times. Palumbo hits a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Palumbo tosses Crash with an overhead suplex and a discus right hand. Palumbo hits a side slam for the win. (*. It was a little weird to see Crash control Palumbo for the majority of the match just because the size difference made Palumbo look kind of weak for not being able to overpower Crash. Palumbo’s finishing sequence was solid, but he’s lost in the shuffle since Billy’s injury. The fans didn’t seem to care about the action.)

2.) Moore starts off with a boot to the midsection and strikes. Albert backdrops Moore coming off the ropes and clotheslines Moore into the ropes causing Moore to go to the floor. Albert rolls Moore into the ring and Moore delivers a kick to prevent Albert from getting in the ring. Albert nails Moore with a big boot and a knee lift. Albert continues with a clothesline and catapults Moore throat first into the middle rope. Albert covers for a two count. Albert works over Moore with strikes, but runs into a boot. Moore tries for a crossbody off the middle rope, but Albert catches Moore and hits a shoulder breaker. Albert taunts Moore before sending Moore into the corner and misses a spear hitting the post shoulder first. Moore drop toe holds Albert into the corner. Moore hits a double stomp. Albert recovers and nails Moore with a bicycle kick. Albert finishes Moore off with the Baldo Bomb for the win. (*1/2. I’m hoping that Albert losing to Cruiserweights is a thing of the past. This was a fine sprint of a match.)

3.) WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble and Nidia make their way down to the ring for a promo segment. Noble calls the fans poor and pathetic. Noble says the people don’t respect them and calls them common trash. Nidia says they have the nerve to call them trash. Nidia dismisses the chant that they suck. Nidia shows off her body and says she is a lady. Noble demands the fans show them respect. Nidia says they’ve been champion for a long time. Noble promotes Survivor Series where he’s wrestling Billy Kidman. Noble is going in as champion and coming out champion. Noble says that Kidman is going to respect him.

4.) D-Von works over Funaki with right hands to get the advantage followed by a clothesline. D-Von hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Funaki ducks a clothesline and dropkicks D-Von followed by an arm drag and drop toe hold. Funaki dropkicks a kneeling D-Von. Funaki continues with right hands and a boot in the corner. Funaki leaps off the middle rope, but D-Von connects with a clothesline. D-Von scoop slams Funaki followed by an elbow drop for a two count. D-Von eye rakes Funaki and controls Funaki with a chin lock. Funaki comes off the ropes managing a two count. D-Von powerslams Funaki for a two count. D-Von goes to the middle rope missing a diving headbutt. Funaki nails D-Von with a kick to the head. Funaki bulldogs D-Von leading to a near fall. Funaki hammers away on D-Von and connects with a DDT for a near fall. D-Von counters Funaki hitting a lifting reverse DDT for the clean win. (*. I could get behind a push for Rev. D-Von, but I feel like that’s not going to happen.)

Final Thoughts:
Kind of a lackluster Velocity for Survivor Series weekend. Hopefully, Albert is getting on track and can be used better than in previous weeks. I’d consider this a skippable episode.

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