World Class Championship Wrestling TV 06/19/1982

Tonight, we return to Texas Stadium for a few more bigtime matchups, originally featured at the Superbowl of Wrestling nearly to weeks ago! Highlighted on this episode, the explosive replay of Kerry Von Erich versus Harley Race! Mexican star El Solitario taking on challenger Rene Guajardo for the NWA Light Heavyweight Championship, and the Lady Championship of Mexico is also up for grabs when Irma Gonzales faces opponent Lola Gonzales.


Date: 06/19/1982 (originally 06/04/1982)
From: Dallas, Texas (originally Irving, Texas)


1. El Solitario vs. Rene Guajardo (Taped replay)

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

2. Irma Gonzales vs. Lola Gonzales (Taped replay)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

3. Kerry Von Erich vs. Harley Race (Taped replay)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


This playback copy has been presented in the most complete form possible, due to original production technical difficulties. Reported on Peacock as of 05/01/2023.


  • Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi welcomed us to part two of this special. Jay Saldi said if it was anything like night one, we were in for a special night of action. They kept it short for the opening here.
  • El Solitario vs. Rene Guajardo: This match was for the NWA Light Heavyweight Championship. A handshake started this one off, followed by some lucha-style submissions and reversals. Some solid greco-roman style stuff showed off both men’s amateur skills, followed by a second handshake. At this point, it seemed as if nobody knew what to do next… there was a few points where they stood around and stalled with some time on the mat. The crowd was getting restless with this one, until we got an explosive suicide dive from El Solitario onto Guajardo out on the turf. A hurricanrana pinning combo awarded El Solitario the match, retaining his championship! These guys just didn’t seem to work well together. When it seems like guys don’t know how to call a match, you’re in trouble. Not sure who was to blame, but either way, pretty lame for a light heavyweight bout.
  • Irma Gonzales vs. Lola Gonzales: This match was for the Ladies Championship of Mexico, set for one fall, with a forty-five minute time limit. Bill Mercer made sure to let us know that there was no relation between these two women, and part of me had been wondering that. Irma offered a handshake that was blown off by the champion. The lockup to start this one was absolutely laughable. After that, submissions were the bulk of the action here, a camel clutch dishing out the most punishment on behalf of Lola. She used plenty of hair here, gaining audible winces from the crowd. A head scissors sent Irma out to the turf to recover. Plenty of heel work from Lola, but Irma threw her with a few arm drags for her troubles. The match heated up and the crowd was starting to really get into this one. On the turf, Lola accidently hit the post with her hand instead of a ducking Irma. Back in the ring, a stiff back elbow put Irma down and then pin attempts were traded back and forth. Lola finished off the attempts of the challenger after reversing a hurricanrana with a powerbomb pin for the three! This match started out rough but go going after a few moments, featuring some cool moves we don’t usually get to see! I ended up being pretty impressed with the ladies effort here as a special attraction match. Simply put; This one didn’t feel like a ladies match from 1982.
  • We got a new interview with King Kong Bundy back in the studio with Bill Mercer. He was smoking cigar and said why the change toward the Von Erichs? Because they stole every dime he ever made! He said they were the greediest bunch he’s ever met. H & H Limited has made him more money that the Von Erichs ever allowed him to make, they look out for themselves and nobody else. H & H Limited has promised him true friendship, championships, and money… all he really needs! Bundy has really improved on the stick over the last month or so. This one felt direct, real, simple, and not so typical over-the-top 80’s wrestling most big men were spitting out at this time.
  • Next for a studio interview was Kevin Von Erich. Kevin explained to Bill Mercer that the reason he has been going barefoot in the ring is due to all the training he has done in ‘the Orient’, it is something he has picked up from ‘over there’. He also said when he was a little kid, growing up a country boy, he always did everything naturally barefooted. Kevin also discussed David’s travelling as of late and said he and his family couldn’t be more proud of Dave. They mention his work and accomplishments in Florida and Kevin said he’d be back in Texas really soon. I could tell Kevin was bored with talking about his bare feet as a promo topic. I didn’t blame him, Bill Mercer kept going back to it. Not much substance here.
  • Kerry Von Erich vs. Harley Race: This match was a number one contender match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. set for one fall with a sixty minute limit. I was pumped for this one! Some basic shoulder blocks started us off, ending with a dropkick right on the button for a near-fall for Kerry. Kerry maintained control with a side headlock. A Claw was locked on but Race broke the hold by throwing Kerry though the second rope. Harley had a powerbomb reversed on the outside, being backdropped onto the turf. Back in the ring briefly, Harley worked Kerry Von Erich over with a tight headlock, using his hair for leverage on break attempts. Action again spilled outside and Harley rammed Kerry’s head into some scaffolding a few times to bust him open. Von Erich then met the post and faced a suplex at ringside. Harley would get a receipt, being thrown into a ring post himself on the outside and being busted open. Finally, action returned to the ring and momentum was back and forth, both men bleeding and attempting pinfalls. At this point, a should block sent both men to the mat for a five-count before returning to their feet. Race came off the top rope with a crossbody, but Kerry rolled through and ended up on top of Harley for a three-count! This was the best World Class match of 1982 until this point. GREAT showing for Kerry Von Erich with a serious star like Race. This match felt big and it is great to hear Kerry being granted a shot at Ric Flair in August as a result of his win here.
  • Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi closed us out for the conclusion of the two part series. Jay Saldi gave ZERO enthusiasm and Bill promised to see us again real soon as we faded into the credits.


Interesting choice to feature the two Mexican championship matches here as part of this special, especially as the results of both most-likely won’t hold any weight in programming moving forward. With that said, I think we’ve seen my favorite match of the year so far with Kerry and Harley’s battle to close us out this week. It was nice to have that ‘big’ feel at a big show for the company. Harley’s star power was used perfectly here, putting the local hero over in hopes to have a bunch of momentum to meet Flair for the strap. What will this mean for Kerry Von Erich and World Class moving forward? We shall see!

See you all then!

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