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TNA Impact 9/13/2007

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Black Reign defeated Shark Boy
2.) Christopher Daniels defeated TNA X-Division Champion Jay Lethal in a non-title match
3.) Abyss wrestled TNA World Champion Kurt Angle to a no contest in a steel cage submission match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) At No Surrender, Styles & Tomko became number one contenders. Joe and Cage didn’t have a winner. Angle lost the tag titles to Team Pacman. Angle also lost the X-Division Championship to Jay Lethal. However, Angle retained the TNA World Championship against Abyss by submission. After the match, Abyss was pulled under the ring by Judas Mesais, I’m assuming.

2.) Earlier today, Jeremy Borash met up with Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tomko in the parking lot. Cage says the issues with Samoa Joe are far from over. Cage is here to take care of Matt Morgan for getting involved in their PPV match. Cage doesn’t think Morgan knows his job description. Cage reveals that he’s wrestling Samoa Joe at Bound For Glory where there must be a winner. Cage also told Cornette to find the biggest Samoan and he’ll beat them tonight.

3.) Karen Angle makes her way down to the ring. Karen lied and told Kurt that Sting hit her, when he did not. That led to Kurt hitting the Olympic Slam on Sting and they lost the tag titles. Karen introduces the TNA World Champion, Kurt Angle. Sting makes his way out instead of Kurt, though. Sting is coming out to Kurt’s music. Sting doesn’t blame Kurt for doing what he did because he’d do the same. Sting blames Karen for them losing the tag titles. Sting wants Karen to tell the truth about Sting laying a hand on her. Karen claims she hit her head when Sting hit her and Sting says it never happened. Sting goes to grab Kurt behind the American flag, but Kurt hits Sting with a chair a few times on the ramp. Kurt rolls Sting into the ring and handcuffs Sting to the bottom rope. Kurt grabs a microphone and gets in Sting’s face telling Sting that he slapped his wife. Kurt tells Sting that Bound For Glory he’s going to embarrass Sting in Atlanta. Kurt wants Karen to slap Sting. Kurt holds Sting against the ropes and Karen slaps Sting. Karen backhands Sting. Sting spits at Karen and at Kurt. Kurt pummels Sting with right hands and stomps. Kurt will see Sting at Bound For Glory.

4.) Abyss is putting his career on the line in a rematch against Kurt Angle tonight. If Abyss submits, he will leave TNA forever.

5.) Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Abyss. Abyss says that tonight is not his last match. Abyss says that tonight is Kurt’s last breath.

6.) Reign knee lifts Boy from the apron and hits a neckbreaker over the middle rope. Reign clotheslines Boy in the corner and continues with right hands in the corner. Reign hits a running stunner. Reign hooks Boy for a suplex and hits a twisting suplex for the quick win. (*. For a squash match, this was fine for Black Reign.) After the match, Reign has a spike and nails Boy on the back of the head. Reign grabs Misty the rat that he has in a little cage. Reign takes Boy’s mask off and puts Misty in the mask. Reign tries to put the mask back on, but Eric Young has come out and pulls Boy out of the ring.

7.) Backstage, Lauren Thompson chats with the TNA Tag Team Champions Team Pacman. Killings says it feels good to be tag champions and they are going to BFG to take on Styles and Tomko. Pacman is counting down the days before he returns to TNA. Pacman says they will chew them up and spit them out.

8.) By the way, October 4th Impact is going two hours.

9.) Lethal jabs Daniels a few times followed by an elbow strike. Daniels bails to the floor and Lethal hits a suicide dive to the floor. Lethal rams Daniels onto the apron face first and rolls Daniels into the ring. Lethal elbows Daniels, but Daniels begs off. Lethal hip tosses Daniels followed by a dropkick to a seated Daniels for a near fall. Daniels sends Lethal chest first into the corner and yanks Lethal to the mat for a near fall. Lethal fights back with a few jabs, but Daniels gets a sleeper on Lethal. Lethal elbows Daniels and rams Daniels back first into the corner. Lethal boots Daniels, but misses a heel kick. Daniels knee lifts Lethal into the corner and hits a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Daniels hits a sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Lethal jabs Daniels followed by a clothesline and elbow strike. Lethal knocks Daniels to the mat several times and plays to the crowd. Lethal knee lifts Daniels and drops Daniels over the top rope throat first. Lethal misses an axe handle, but kicks Daniels and delivers a superkick for a near fall. Lethal jabs Daniels, but Daniels comes back with a slam and hits the BME for a two count. Daniels sits Lethal on the top rope, but Lethal tries for the Lethal Combination, but Daniels holds the ropes. Daniels plants Lethal with the Last Rites to win the match.(***. A solid match between these two and I’m sure this just means that Daniels will get a title shot at BFG. It’s a little disappointing that Lethal had a huge win over Angle on PPV and a few days later is losing cleanly on Impact. There’s probably more creative ways to get a number one contender.)

10.) Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Jim Cornette. Cornette says there will be Fight For The Right, Ultimate X and a battle royal for the women. Cornette talks to Matt Morgan about Christian Cage calling him out. Cornette doesn’t want any wrestlers injured. Morgan promises that he’s got this handled.

11.) Backstage, Christian Coalition is heading to the ring.

12.) In the ring, Cage, Tomko and Styles are waiting to speak. Cage has a microphone and is pacing around the ring. Cage demands Matt Morgan come out here or Tomko will get involved. Matt Morgan makes his way down to the ring. Cage just wants to have a chat about Samoa Joe. Cage says that Joe realized that he will not be able to beat him. Cage believes that Joe got himself disqualified on purpose. Cage was choked by a t-shirt. Cage knows that Cornette is Morgan’s boss, but he runs the show. Cage says when you see the marquee attraction being choked you don’t wait five minutes to help him. Cage says that Morgan is going to get a crash course on being the muscle. Samoa Joe slides into the ring and tackles Cage. Morgan tosses Styles to the floor. Joe sends Tomko to the floor. Joe and Morgan play to the crowd. Morgan grabs the microphone says that he’ll be the special enforcer at Bound For Glory for the Cage vs. Joe match. Cornette appears on the ramp and says he approved the stipulation. Cornette introduces Cage’s opponent for next week and it’s Junior Fatu (Rikishi in WWE)! Cage can’t believe it, but the crowd loves it.

13.) Angle quickly goes after the ankle of Abyss with kicks. Angle stomps on Abyss, but Abyss hammers away on Angle. Abyss rams Angle face first into the cage. Abyss sends Angle into the cage again. Angle has been busted wide open. Angle kicks Abyss on the knee. Abyss plants Angle with a spinebuster and mounts Angle with right hands. Abyss locks in a Boston Crab, but Angle isn’t giving up. Angle reaches the ropes to break the hold. Abyss hammers away on Angle and sends Angle into the referee in the corner. Abyss tries for a chokeslam, but Angle blocks it with a low blow. Angle begins to climb the cage, but Abyss pulls Angle down to the top rope. Abyss hits a superplex and both men are down as the show goes to commercial.

Angle hits a moonsault off the top rope and both men are down again. Angle pummels Abyss with right hands. Angle is kicked away by Abyss. Angle stomps Abyss on the leg. Angle keeps Abyss on the mat and grabs a steel chair. Abyss punches the chair into Angle’s face. Abyss chokes Angle, but Angle breaks free and Abyss hammers away on Angle. Abyss press slams Angle chest first to the mat. Abyss sets Angle up for the Shock Treatment, but Angle counters with an ankle lock. Abyss sends Angle face first into the corner. Abyss locks in the ankle lock, but Judas Mesais appears from under the ring with barbed wire! Judas is bleeding from the mouth and chokes Abyss with a barbed wire rope. Angle has left the ring. Judas has a chair and whacks Abyss over the head. Judas delivers another chair shot to Abyss. Judas plants Abyss with a jumping flatliner onto the chair. Judas empties out a bag of glass. Judas digs the glass into the arm of Abyss and licks the blood off the glass. Abyss is busted open on the face and arms. Judas bites the forehead of Abyss. Judas stands over a bloodied Abyss to end the show. (**. Alright, so they were able to work around the stipulation to avoid Abyss tapping again. Judas officially debuting here is perfectly fine with me and I feel like it was time for that to happen since it’s been months since the vignettes started for him. Abyss works well in blood feuds and I’m sure this one will have a lot of blood in it.)

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the show quite a bit. We got some quality wrestling and quickly setup some matches for BFG. Cage/Joe, Angle/Sting, and Abyss/Judas appear to be the direction they are going for and I think that’s pretty strong already. Junior Fatu arriving isn’t a big deal to me, but he could help put elevating people more. TNA has been putting on some good shows recently.

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