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WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/5/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestling Challenge
From: Biloxi, MS

1.) Bret Hart defeated Doug Sommers
2.) The Nasty Boys defeated John Price & Larry Seigal
3.) The Undertaker defeated The Brooklyn Brawler
4.) Papa Shango defeated Ian Weston

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) WrestleMania VIII takes place on the same day, so we are getting some last minute promotion for the biggest event of the year.

2.) Mean Gene met up with WWF World Champion Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect at the airport for an interview. Gene says that Elizabeth has publicly denied the claims made by Flair. Perfect can’t believe she’d lie. Flair remembers when she was proud to ride Space Mountain. Flair knows that Elizabeth wants back in, but that’s not going to happen. Flair insists there’s no way she’d getting back in with him. Flair has one last surprise for WrestleMania. Perfect says they will have a centerfold of Elizabeth on the big screen at WrestleMania for everyone to see what she looks like. Flair has gotten thousands of letters asking if Liz was really that hot. At WrestleMania they will be showing them all on the big screen. “She was mine before she was yours.” Flair says that Savage will be just like Liz after WrestleMania… damaged goods.

3.) Sid Justice cuts a promo saying that Hulkamania comes to end at WrestleMania VIII. Sid says that Hogan knew his fate when he announced WrestleMania VIII would be his final match. Sid mentions the tribute to Hogan as he is the host to the going away party.

4.) WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. and Jimmy Hart cut a promo. DiBiase says when he throws a party it’s always the best. IRS says it can be a tax write off. DiBiase notes the Disasters will lose and have to pay their taxes ten days later. IRS chimes in and says that April isn’t their month.

5.) The Natural Disasters cut a promo saying they are going to bankrupt Money Inc. and take all their funds along with the belts. Earthquake says they will get what is rightfully theirs.

6.) The Undertaker cuts a promo with Paul Bearer. Bearer hopes that Jake Robert has all his affairs in order. Taker says it is the beginning of the eleventh hour and this hour belongs to the reaper.

7.) There is a WBF commercial featuring former WCW superstar Lex Luger promoting the WBF show, Body Stars.

8.) Bret Hart cuts a promo on WWF IC Champion Roddy Piper. Hart wants to regain the title and recalls a story about an old-timer talked to him about how Piper is the toughest wrestler. Hart says a good fighter doesn’t stand a chance against a good wrestler. His father told him that.

9.) WWF IC Champion Roddy Piper cuts a promo on Bret Hart. Piper says he’s an all street kid. Piper doesn’t know if Bret’s father is right because he’s never lost, and he’s not going to lose at WrestleMania VIII either.

10.) The show ends with a roughly ten minute video package highlighting Hogan and it featured his interview with Vince McMahon on the March to WrestleMania special.

Final Thoughts:
I’m glad the build to Mania is over with, but not because it was boring or anything. I’m looking forward to seeing the fallout of the event. The build for Mania was very good and effective in creating interest in the big matches.

Thanks for reading.

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