TNA Impact 9/20/2007

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Judas Mesias defeated Eric Young
2.) TNA Tag Team Champion Ron Killings defeated AJ Styles
3.) Christian Cage defeated Junior Fatu

Angle Developments:
1.) Backstage, Kurt Angle apologizes to Dr. Nash for what he said at the PPV and promises he didn’t mean it. Angle knows that Nash isn’t upset with him. Nash accepts the apology and says they are cool. Angle hugs Nash and tells him to sit down. Karen Angle is there, too. Angle is happy about the beating Sting got last week. Nash tells Angle that there are two Stings. There’s the nice one and the dark creepy one. Nash reminds Angle that he was in the NWO and their life for two years was living hell because of Sting. Nash asks whose idea it was causing Karen and Kurt to point at each other. Someone comes in with a piece of paper and hands it to Karen. Karen thinks it is fan mail and puts it in her pants. Karen and Kurt continue to argue. Karen Eventually, Karen agrees to apologize and walks off saying she’s not happy about it. Kurt wants to pray with Nash, and the segment ends.

2.) Mesias works over Young to start the match with several strikes in the corner. Young fights back with wild strikes, but Mesias grabs Young and tosses Young over the top to the floor. Mesias sends Young into the ring post face first a couple of times. Mesias sends Young into the ring steps and Young is busted wide open. Mesias hits a jumping flatliner for the dominate win. (*. It’s a little interesting that Young was put in this spot to get absolutely destroyed by Mesias. I feel like a better wrestler here would have been a guy like Shark Boy. Unless they are going to heavily push Mesias. Using Young as a literal enhancement guy here was a bit weird to me.) After the match, Mesias attacks Young until Shark Boy makes his way down to make the save. Mesais kicks Shark Boy in the face followed by another leaping flatliner. Rhino enters the ring with a chair to cause Mesias to bail to the floor.

3.) Backstage, Crystal is with AJ Styles and Tomko. Styles is happy and has a Samoan theme for Christian Cage since Cage is wrestling Junior Fatu. Tomko tells Styles to be serious since Styles is wrestling one-half of the tag champions. Tomko wants to win the tag titles and they walk off. Cage says that Cornette found Fatu and Cage knows that Fatu is talented. Cage says that Fatu doesn’t want to be in the ring with him right now. Cage wants Samoa Joe to watch the match real close, because what he does to Fatu tonight will happen to Joe at Bound For Glory. Cage is undefeated and that will not change at Bound For Glory.

4.) A video promoting Team 3D and Steiner Brothers is shown.

5.) Killings attacks Styles from behind with strikes and boots in the corner. Killings clotheslines Styles in the corner followed by a bulldog. Killings comes off the ropes to clothesline Styles. Killings runs into a dropkick by Styles and Styles plays to the crowd. Styles delivers a backbreaker. Adam Jones gets on the apron and spits at Styles. Jones runs around ringside and into the ring where Killings delivers a forearm smash as the show goes to commercial.

Killings ducks a clothesline and heel kicks Styles to the mat. Killings plays to the crowd after a split. Killings hits a sit out front suplex, but doesn’t go for a cover. Killings stomps on Styles and taunts the crowd. Styles fights back with a few strikes. Tomko knee lifts Killings from the apron allowing a discus clothesline by Styles. Styles eye rakes Killings and delivers a spin kick. Killings tries for a rollup, but Styles counters to hit a springboard reverse DDT. Styles heads to the top rope, but Jones is on the apron. Killings dropkicks Tomko off the apron. Killings ducks a spin kick and Styles connects with a Pele kick. Tomko gets on the apron and Jones sprays Styles with spray paint. Killings hits a scissors kick and pins Styles to win the match. (*1/2. The outcome seemed fairly obvious that the tag partners would get involved and add some hype for the tag title match at the PPV. They hit their notable spots and it was a decent match.)

6.) Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Karen Angle. Karen has a special message for Sting. Karen knows that she’s done some awful things to Sting over the past few weeks. Karen wants Sting to meet her in the ring to hear her out and she walks off.

7.) Karen Angle makes her way out to the ring and deeply apologizes for the things she’s done to Sting over the past several weeks. Karen never meant Sting any harm. Karen says that she’s married to a great athlete in Kurt Angle allowed her to get caught up in the moment. Karen notes it was one slap, but then admits to losing count. Karen just wants Sting and Kurt to have a great match at Bound For Glory. Sting is heard speaking and says he’s not getting caught in another plot. Sting appears on the aisle way and says it will be a singles match at Bound For Glory. Sting says that Karen will not be at ringside. Sting asks if Karen read the letter. Karen pulls the paper out from earlier and it’s a restraining order. Karen will be arrested if she’s within 50ft of Sting. Sting constantly gets closer to Karen causing her to backoff and falls on the aisle. The police come out onto the stage and Karen is upset. Karen is arrested and carried out. Kurt Angle comes out and calls Sting an SOB. Karen is screaming as she’s put into a cop car.

8.) Cage bails to the floor early into the match trying to regroup. Cage tries for a shoulder block, but Fatu drops Cage. Cage avoids a butt strike and goes to the corner. Fatu backdrops Cage coming out of the corner for a near fall. Fatu chops Cage in the corner and sends Cage into the corner several times. Fatu misses a back splash as Cage goes to the top rope, but is caught and slammed to the mat by Fatu for a two count. Fatu throat thrusts Cage and delivers a headbutt. Fatu knocks Cage off the apron onto the railing as the show goes to commercial.

Cage chokes Fatu over the middle rope. During the break, Cage hit a missile dropkick to gain the advantage. Cage leaps off the top missing a frog splash. Fatu punches Cage a few times, but Cage tries for a sunset flip. Cage avoids a sit down splash and gets a two count. Fatu forearms Cage to the mat several times. Cage is sent into the corner and Fatu hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Fatu savant kicks Cage. Cage gets up in the corner and Fatu hits a back splash dropping Cage in the corner. Cage goes to the apron and heads to the top rope, but Fatu slams Cage off the ropes to the mat. Fatu drags Cage to the corner, but Cage blocks a splash with his knees. Cage tries to take the padding off, but Fatu connects with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Fatu has Cage over the shoulder, but Styles has come onto the apron. Fatu savant kicks Cage, but Styles pulls Cage on the apron. Cage manages to take Fatu down and uses the tights for leverage to win the match. (1/2*. I really don’t think I want Fatu in TNA. There was just something off during this match. Lack of effort? Fatu not wanting to lose? The finish was a little weird and didn’t seem smooth. Cage gave a lot to Fatu and that bugged me since Cage is involved in a major feud at BFG and should be winning these matches without issue to add to that big match with Joe.) After the match, Fatu gets some payback on Styles and Cage. Fatu splashes both men in opposite corners. Fatu gives the stink face to Styles and then goes to Cage. Fatu gives Cage the stink face until Tomko enters the ring and attacks Fatu. Samoa Joe slides into the ring and saves Fatu from the attack. Joe pummels Cage until Cage escapes. Tomko is knocked down with a few headbutts. Joe and Fatu stand tall.

9.) Outside, Judas Mesias is attacking Sting with a rope. Sting is left laid out as Mesias stands over Sting to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
That was a subpar episode of Impact. The Sting/Karen angle wasn’t anything all that exciting. There weren’t any good or interesting matches. I’m confused by the Mesias/Sting closing segment. Are they teasing a feud between them after BFG? Is Mesias wrestling Abyss at BFG? I’d assume that Mesias would be winning at BFG to justify a match with Sting. Anyway, it’s a lackluster episode and I hope next week the show gets back on track.

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