WWF Heat 2/18/2001

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat

1.) Haku defeated Hardcore Holly
2.) Eddie Guerrero defeated K-Kwik
3.) The Undertaker defeated Christian

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, Perry Saturn and Terri are kissing when a production guy enters the scene and says they need Saturn on stage. The show is about to start. Saturn grabbed him by the neck, but lets go and they leave the staircase area.

2.) Saturn and Terri make their way out to the stage to cut a promo. Terri grabs the microphone and addresses the crowd. Terri says they couldn’t be more excited to host the show. Terri is going to show a few sides that nobody has seen. Terri promises to show stuff that fans have never seen before.

3.) Backstage, Terri and Saturn go to the mens bathroom to get the scoop. Terri talks about eliminating germs and asks if they always make sure people wash their hands. One guy runs out of the room not washing his hands.

4.) Haku gets a headlock on Holly and delivers a shoulder block. Haku hip tosses Holly, but Holly comes back with an arm drag. Haku overhand strikes Holly and tries for a slam, but Holly avoids it. Holly kicks Haku between the legs over the top rope. Holly tries for a standing hurricanrana, but Haku connects with a sit down powerbomb. Haku works over Holly with chops in the corner and a big splash in the corner. Haku hammers away on Holly a few times. Haku drops Holly with a headbutt for a two count. Haku elbow strikes Holly to the mat, but Holly comes back with a back suplex. Haku nails Holly with a savant kick and stomps on Holly several times. Haku chokes Holly on the mat for the advantage. Haku drives Holly down with a shoulder breaker. Haku headbutts Holly to the mat and chokes Holly before tossing Holly to the floor. Haku misses a splash in the corner and Holly hammers away. They collide with stereo clotheslines. Holly holds onto the ropes and avoids a dropkick. Holly clotheslines Haku a few times. Holly backdrops Haku and hits a standing dropkick for a near fall. Holly leaps off the top hitting a crossbody, but Haku kicks out at two. Holly heads to the top rope looking for an axe handle, but Haku puts the Tongan Death Grip on and wins the match by pin fall. (**. Haku has his working boots on and isn’t just mailing it in. A much better undercard match than I was expecting. Haku has been doing really well from what I’ve been seeing.)

5.) Backstage, Terri and Saturn are with a sound guy. Terri distracts him and Saturn messes with the sound. Saturn made it so that Michael Cole has a high pitch voice.

6.) Earlier today, Terri and Saturn enter a room where Michael Cole was getting pampered. Saturn put lipstick on Cole and Cole never realized it. Back to the WWF New York, Cole continues to be bullied by Saturn and Terri.

7.) Guerrero attacks Kwik from behind in the corner with a flurry of strikes. Guerrero nails Kwik with a spinning elbow strike followed by a scoop slam. Guerrero hits a slingshot senton from the apron for a two count. Kwik plants Guerrero with a Flatliner. Kwik continues with a backdrop and a spinning forearm strike for a two count. Kwik misses a splash in the corner and is dropkicked to the floor by Guerrero. Guerrero hits a back suplex and gets a two count. Guerrero pummels Kwik with right hands on the mat. Kwik ducks a clothesline and heel kicks Guerrero. Kwik gets a two count after a slam and connects with a vertical suplex. Kwik heads to the top rope signaling for a moonsault. Kwik misses a moonsault and Guerrero hits a brainbuster. Guerrero heads to the top rope hitting the frog splash for the win. (*1/2. Not too bad for a showcase match to put Guerrero over. Kwik did well with his brief offense and Guerrero is always a joy to watch no matter who he is in the ring with.)

8.) Earlier today, Terri and Saturn were in the locker room of Tazz. Tazz is in there sleeping and snoring rather loudly. Terri lifted up her shirt, but Tazz was sleeping. Back live, Tazz is stunned. Tazz doesn’t believe it’s real. Cole wants to see her breasts now.

9.) WWF World Champion Kurt Angle makes his way out to cut a promo. Angle is out here to set the record straight on something and is mentioning the Rock as someone who has millions of fans. Angle says that Rock claims to be the fasting rising star in sports entertainment. Angle talks about Rock having endorsement deals and says he’s not talking about the Rock. Angle is talking about himself. Angle considers himself a hero. Angle says that he’s title reign isn’t coming to an end and rather it is just beginning. Angle believes Rock has been jealous of him since day one. That is because Angle is on the same level, if not better, than the Rock. Angle talks about how Rock blabbed about beating Angle at No Mercy and that didn’t happen. Angle recalls Armageddon inside a Hell In A Cell with five other guys and how he pinned Rock to retain the title in that match. Angle says that Brahama Bulls will fly out of his butt before he loses to Rock at No Way Out. Angle is going to shut Rock’s mouth up once and for all at No Way Out.

10.) Backstage, Saturn and Terri are in the kitchen where Saturn presses a cake into an employees face.

11.) Backstage, Saturn and Terri are told by security that they’ll have to be escorted out if they don’t stop messing with people.

12.) Christian avoids Taker in the corner, but delivers right hands. Taker decks Christian with a few right hands and lifts Christian by the neck to the mat. Taker sends Christian into the corner and hits a tilt a whirl slam. Edge causes a distraction, but Taker goes to the floor and punches Edge. Christian leaps off the apron to clothesline Taker. Edge punches Taker a few times at ringside. Christian chokes Taker in the corner and keeps control with punches. Taker decks Christian several times and delivers a big boot as Christian comes off the ropes. Taker plants Christian with a DDT. Taker waits for a chokeslam and Edge gets on the apron until Taker knocks Edge to the floor. Taker kicks Christian and hits the Last Ride, but Edge enters with a chair and whacks Taker over the back. Edge pummels Taker on the mat with right hands. After the match, Kane runs down to the ring to run Edge and Christian out of the ring. (*. A cheap finish, which I expected to see happen. I’m content with having a stronger than usual main even for Heat, though.)

13.) Backstage, Terri is outside the control room and they enter the control room to interview them. Saturn presses a button that leads to a commercial.

14.) Backstage, Terri and Saturn return to the stage to address the fans. Terri loves the fans and has two fingers for them. Terri does the horny she devil pose and the crowd doesn’t really care. Security makes their way out, and they get kicked off the stage.

Final Thoughts:
An average week for Heat this week as the action was okay, but the segments with Terri and Saturn didn’t really do much for me this time around. They kind of balance each other out and made it an average overall episode.

Thanks for reading.

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