TNA Impact 9/27/2007

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Team 3D defeated Shark Boy & Sonjay Dutt
2.) Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeated Jimmy Rave & Lance Hoyt
3.) Roxxi defeated Gail Kim, Christy Hemme, Jackie Moore and Traci Brooks

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, Father James Mitchell knows that Sting wants his blood and the blood of Judas Mesias. Mitchell promises to give Sting a war and says they will do it on their terms and their way. Mitchell says they will be waiting if Sting dares.

2.) Devon kicks Boy to kickoff the tag match and continues with strikes. Devon taunts Boy, but misses a clothesline. Boy bites Devon’s butt and Ray laughs at Devon. Boy bites Ray on the apron and Devon laughs at Ray. Boy kicks Devon and Ray enters to argue with Devon. Boy hits a missile dropkick leading to a two count. Boy nails Ray with a kick to the head. Dutt tags into the match and wants to shake hands, but Ray doesn’t seem interested. Dutt kisses Ray on the hand and plays to the crowd. Ray seems receptive to that and argues with Devon again. Ray goes to kiss Dutt on the hand and does. Dutt celebrates, but Ray decks Dutt with a clothesline. Ray picks Dutt up and hugs Dutt apologizing. Ray chops Dutt in the corner, but misses a splash and is kicked by Dutt. Dutt leg drops Ray over the middle rope followed by a springboard Thez Press for a two count. Devon tries to get involved, but Boy hits Devon with Dutt’s tambourine Ray is taken over with a double suplex. Dutt and Boy hit the What’s Up on Ray. Devon takes them both down with a double clothesline. Boy is driven down with the 3D for the clean win. (*. The comedy early on didn’t do anything for me. Team 3D is involved in a heated angle with the Steiner Brothers and doing some comedy stuff in a filler opening tag match just seems weird booking.) After the match, Ray puts a chair on Boy’s throat and Devon tries to crush Boy’s throat with another chair, but Dutt pulls Boy out for the save. Team 3D is left pissed in the ring.

3.) Backstage, Jeremy Borash says that TNA is allowing the fans to dictate something in the title match between Angle and Sting. Fans can decide if there’s a rematch clause. VKM enter the scene and BG James says that they are sick and tired of taking a backseat to everyone in TNA. BG takes poops bigger than most guys on the roster. BG flips off the camera saying they don’t need the fans and says the fans are marks for thinking they know something when they don’t know anything. BG believes fans don’t know what they are capable of. Kip chimes in and says the fun and games are over. Kip tells the fans to kiss his ass.

4.) Backstage, Jeremy Borash is looking for Sting in the rafters, but hasn’t found Sting. If he finds Sting they will break into the show.

5.) I believe this is the debut of Rave and Hoyt as a team with Christy Hemme on TV. They made their debut at No Surrender in the ten team gauntlet.

6.) Rave and Shelley kickoff the tag match. They trade arm control until Shelley hits an arm drag and kick to the midsection. Shelley clotheslines Rave in the corner and hits a bulldog. Sabin tags into the match and Rave is hip tossed to the mat followed by a kick to the chest. Sabin covers Rave for a two count. Sabin jabs Rave a few times and drops Rave with a strike. Rave is rammed into Shelley’s boot on the apron. Shelley hits a double axe handle from the top rope and forearms Rave followed by chops. Rave knee lifts Shelley and hits a shining wizard for a two count. Hoyt tags into the match and drops Shelley onto Rave’s feet. Hoyt keeps Shelley on the mat with a sleeper. Hoyt back elbows Shelley coming off the ropes for a two count. Hoyt kicks Shelley over the back a few times. Hoyt decks Sabin off the apron. Shelley sends Rave into the middle turnbuckle and DDTs Rave onto Hoyt’s groin area. Sabin tags in and dropkicks Hoyt on the knee. Sabin head scissors Hoyt to the floor and splashes Rave in the corner. Sabin hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Sabin plants Rave with a fisherman buster. Shelley hits a top rope splash, but Hoyt breaks the cover. Hoyt drops Sabin with a flapjack. Rave takes Sabin down with a arm bar, but Shelley makes the save. Rave drives Shelley onto Sabin with a Pedigree over the back. Rave puts a double submission on, but doesn’t get a submission. Rave misses a running knee and crashes over the top to the floor. Hemme grabs Shelley’s leg, but Hoyt is met with double kicks and is pinned for the clean win. (**1/2. Well, that was a bit a surprise of a match for me. Rave looked really good in there and worked well in his moments of shine. Hemme’s involvement didn’t really make sense as I’m not sure why she’d let go of the leg. Regardless, I enjoyed this match.) After the match, Team 3D attack Shelley and Sabin. Devon hits a lifting reverse DDT on Sabin and Ray spikes Shelley with a piledriver. The show goes to commercial.

7.) Back from break, Shark Boy comes out to make the save as Sabin is placed on a table. Ray powerbombs Shelley off the middle rope onto Sabin through the table. Team 3D smash Boy’s throat with a chair shot.

8.) Backstage, Jeremy Borash is still looking for Sting, but hasn’t found him yet.

9.) Next week, Impact will be two hours starting at 9pm. Don West also promotes Leticia Cline being in Playboy.

10.) Whomever wins the Knockouts main event will get the final entrance for the match at BFG to crown the first ever TNA Knockouts Champion.

11.) Kim is double teamed by Brooks and Moore, but fights back with a double dropkick. Roxxi scares Hemme into a spear by Kim. Kim head scissors Roxxi and delivers a few chops. Roxxi stops Kim with a spinebuster for a two count. Hemme hits a reverse DDT on Roxxi. Hemme misses a middle rope leg drop. Moore tosses Brooks with a German suplex. Kim hits a missile dropkick on Moore for a two count. Kim plants Moore with an awkward tornado DDT, but is tossed away by Moore. Moore stops Hemme on the top turnbuckle with a strike. Kim stops Moore on the middle rope leading to a Tower of Doom spot. Roxxi and Brooks trade chops, but Roxxi dumps Brooks over the top to the floor. Brooks hit her lower back on the apron. Robert Roode and Chris Harris shove each other. Roode shoved Harris into James Storm. That leads to a brawl with all the dudes at ringside. Moore forearms Roxxi, but slides through her legs to deliver a kick to the head. Kim chops Moore a few times. Moore misses a spear in the corner. Kim head scissors Roxxi and decks Kip James. Roxxi drives Kim down to the mat with the Voodoo Slam for the win. (*. I like the decision to have Roxxi go over. I thought Kim was going to prevail, but doing something not expected works for me. It should be interesting to see how the division starts off in the coming weeks.)

12.) There are a few video packages promoting Bound For Glory.

13.) Backstage, Sting attacks Judas Mesias with a trash can and tosses Judas into the wall and a pink door. Judas fights back with a few strikes and a cardboard box. Judas rams Sting onto a barrel face first. They are still brawling after a commercial break. They work their way towards the ring. Sting hits Judas with a chair shot over the back. Sting uses a fire extinguisher on Judas as they are at ringside now. They roll into the ring where Judas misses a dropkick. Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock. Kurt Angle gets in the ring and attacks Sting from behind. Angle and Mesias beatdown Sting until Rhino slides into the ring and makes the save. Mesias helps Angle beat on Rhino to keep control of the attack. Abyss makes his way down to the ring and cleans house with strikes. Abyss press slams Mesias and clotheslines Mesias over the top to the floor to stand tall.

Final Thoughts:
Considering next week is the debut of a two hour show, this felt like a filler week for Impact. I found myself not interested in most of what they provided. I am interested to see how they do with a two hour show, though. It will be nice to see talent more regularly and hopefully longer matches. This week was just a skippable week.

Thanks for reading.

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