WWE Smackdown 11/28/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Columbia, SC

Smackdown General Manager Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring. Michael Cole lets us know that Tazz is with family due to an emergency and thus Ernest “The Cat” Miller is on commentary for the show. Stephanie has a duty to make Smackdown the best it can be. She has the responsibility of all the wrestlers and their families rely on her. Stephanie has a decision to make on whether or not to suspend Brock Lesnar. Stephanie believes getting Lesnar as an exclusive talent was her greatest coup. She says that Lesnar defied her requests twice. Stephanie wants the wrestlers to know that she’s the boss and what she says goes. Stephanie says that Lesnar didn’t leave her with a lot of choices..

Brock Lesnar makes his way down to the ring to confront the General Manager. Lesnar gets in Stephanie’s face against the rope, but Stephanie doesn’t back down from Lesnar. Lesnar says that he’d come out here since Stephanie is barking about his career. Lesnar wanted to hear her decision face to face. Stephanie tries to reveal the decision and leaves the ring because she doesn’t like Lesnar’s attitude. Stephanie walks up the ramp and has something to say that is ground breaking. There’s a bunch of police officers now and they are there to protect Lesnar. Stephanie says that she didn’t screw Lesnar, but rather Lesnar screwed himself. Stephanie announces that Lesnar is suspended and Lesnar is pissed.

In the parking lot, Lesnar is escorted to his car. One of the offices apologizes because they are just doing their jobs. Lesnar doesn’t care and warns them that if one of them touches him again he’ll shove their nightstick up their ass.

Opening Contest: Edge & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Matt Hardy & John Cena: Hardy and Mysterio kickoff the match with Mysterio delivering strikes and a rolling clothesline. Hardy elbows Mysterio and hits a leg drop. Cena tags into the match and works over Mysterio. Edge tags in and Cena is dropkicked by both men. Edge hammers away on Cena and hits a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Cena knee lifts Edge, but Edge plants Cena with a flapjack. Edge sends Hardy into the corner and delivers a spear. Cena avoids Edge in the corner and gets a rollup for a two count. Cena stomps on Edge followed by a chop for a near fall. Cena rams Edge into the corner and Hardy enters to stomp on Edge in the corner. Hardy delivers another strike to knock Edge to the mat. Edge boots Hardy, but runs into the Side Effect and Hardy manages a two count as Mysterio breaks the cover. Hardy wrenches on Edge’s neck to maintain the advantage. Edge fights out and hits a crossbody for a near fall. Hardy drop toe holds Edge and Cena returns to the match to stomp on Edge leading to a near fall. Cena keeps a sleeper on Edge, but doesn’t get a submission. Cena forearms Edge and runs into an elbow in the corner. Edge hits a missile dropkick off the middle rope. Hardy tags in and elbow drops Edge to prevent a tag. Edge punches Hardy and hits a sit out facebuster. Mysterio hits a springboard splash into Hardy and a wheelbarrow bulldog. Cena is dropkicked into the corner and Mysterio delivers a baseball slide dropkick. Mysterio drop toe holds Hardy into Cena. Edge side slams Hardy as Mysterio hit a top rope leg drop leading to a near fall as Cena breaks the cover. Mysterio tries for the 619, but Buchanan trips Mysterio. Edge baseball slides Buchanan and punches Hardy over the middle rope. Mysterio hits the 619, but Cena big boots Mysterio. Edge spears Cena off the apron. Edge takes Cena and Buchanan out with a crossbody. Hardy counters a hurricanrana by Mysterio to hit a powerbomb and holds the ropes for leverage to win the match. (**1/2. I was not expecting a fairly clean victory for Hardy and Cena here, at all. I like Hardy getting the pin because he did have a bigger presence on TV in recent months. Mysterio taking the pin is not a big deal as the fans love him. The closing sequence for the match was very entertaining and the crowd was into it.)

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is walking, but is stopped by Kurt Angle. Stephanie can’t believe the fans disrespected her tonight. She’s bringing the fans Scott Steiner and can’t believe they booed her. Angle knows how she feels because the fans chant “you suck’. Angle thinks the fans may cheer for him when he and Benoit win the tag titles. Angle says if they don’t cheer for him then they suck. Stephanie says the whole Brock Lesnar thing has really gotten to her. Stephanie suggests that Angle she’s also gotten her period and Angle doesn’t realize what Aunt Flow means. Stephanie is having a really bad day. Stephanie says she’ll never bring Smackdown back to South Carolina after how she was treated. Angle still doesn’t understand the Aunt Flow/PMS deal with Stephanie after she left.

In the parking lot, Marc Lloyd lets us know that Brock Lesnar has returned to the area. A limo pulls up and it is Scott Steiner. Steiner flexes his muscles right in Lloyd’s face and walks off.

Second Contest: Tajiri vs. Chuck Palumbo: Tajiri gets a waist lock, but Palumbo takes Tajiri down and they trade some mat wrestling. Tajiri head scissors Palumbo, but Palumbo comes back with an arm drag. Tajiri fakes a handshake and kicks Palumbo a few times. Palumbo decks Tajiri with right hands, but Tajiri responds with kicks and a dropkick on the knee. Tajiri stomps on Palumbo before putting a chin lock on Palumbo. Palumbo breaks free, but is kicked again. Tajiri tries for a handspring, but Palumbo hits a back suplex. Palumbo drops Tajiri with a few punches. Palumbo tries for a slam out of the corner, but Tajiri locks in the tarantula. Palumbo blocks a kick to hit a dragon screw leg whip. Palumbo locks in the Pad Lock (Billy Goats Curse). Tajiri manages to reach the ropes to break the hold. Tajiri kicks Palumbo from the apron and goes to the top, but is caught. Tajiri spits mist in Palumbo’s face and delivers a kick to the face for the win. (*1/4. Palumbo is screwed as long as Billy Gunn is out of action. Palumbo is a lifeless act on his own and I can’t imagine he’ll be doing much in this current role. The early stages of the match was just weird with the mat wrestling focus. This was just seemingly filler.)

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is putting makeup on when there’s a knock on her door. Stephanie thinks it is Scott Steiner. Stephanie welcomes Steiner, but it is instead the Fabulous Moolah. Moolah has her book with her. Stephanie forgot about their meeting. Stephanie thought the South was all about manners and being polite. Stephanie puts down South Carolina. Moolah, who is from the area, doesn’t want Stephanie to talk about her hometown like that. Stephanie apologizes for being nasty and says she’s having a hard night. Stephanie wants to make some Smackdown history tonight. Stephanie wants Moolah to wrestle in a match tonight. Stephanie will let her plug her book and they will figure out her opponent later. Stephanie thanks Moolah and Moolah says that young people make mistakes. Moolah leaves and Stephanie has a smile seemingly up to no good.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd runs up to a guy in the parking lot where a guy denies selling a ticket to a guy looking like Brock Lesnar. The guy runs off because ticket scalping is illegal.

Backstage, Paul Heyman and Smackdown World Champion Big Show are walking when Matt Hardy catches up with them. Hardy says that justice has been served and Lesnar has been suspended because of him. Heyman apologizes to Hardy for Lesnar attacking him. Heyman says that if Lesnar was still with him that would have never happened. Hardy knows that Lesnar wouldn’t fight him in a fair fight. Heyman and Show walk off.

Backstage, Torrie Wilson walks into WWE Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman and Wilson says she’s in a fashion show tonight. Wilson is looking to get her hands on Dawn Marie.

Ernest “The Cat” Miller is in the ring for the fashion show match between Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie. Miller promotes the fashion show and says he’s doing this for the fans. Torrie Wilson comes out first dressed as Pocahontas. Dawn Marie comes down as a pilgrim. Miller introduces someone dressed in a turkey costume It’s Al Wilson in the turkey costume. Miller makes fun of Al’s loose skin on his neck. Al proceeds to give a speech about Thanksgiving. Torrie goes first and she reveals her costume, which the crowd loves. Dawn Marie is next and doesn’t get the same love. Marie shows off her engagement ring and gets attacked by Wilson. Wilson rips off Dawn’s costume and there’s a food fight. Dawn tosses a pie into Al’s face and Torrie dumps punch over Dawn’s head. Torrie chops Dawn to the mat and dumps pumpkin onto Dawn, as well. Torrie walks off happy with her actions.

Third Contest: Smackdown Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit: Eddie and Benoit kickoff the tag title match. Benoit arm drags Chavo to the mat. Benoit back elbows Chavo to the corner, but Chavo backs off. Chavo forearms Benoit, but Benoit decks Eddie and hits two tilt a whirl backbreakers and argues with Angle. Angle tags into the match as Eddie enters the match, as well. Angle takes Eddie down to the mat and goes for a hammerlock. Eddie puts a headlock on Angle, but Angle sends Eddie into the ropes and is met with a shoulder block. Angle hits two snap powerslams on the champs and they bail to the floor. Angle shows off to Benoit. Eddie decks Angle, but Angle hits a German suplex. Benoit tosses Chavo with a German suplex and the challengers argue. Angle and Benoit hit stereo German suplexs! They shove each other some more. The champs grab their tag titles and begin to walk up the aisle. The referee goes to the ring announcer and says the match will not end in a count-out and must continue.

Eddie has Benoit on the mat with a kneeling abdominal stretch. Benoit hip tosses Eddie and chops Eddie several times. Eddie leg sweeps Benoit to the mat. Eddie elbows Benoit on the arm and Chavo enters the match to dropkick a seated Benoit for a two count. Chavo rams Eddie into the corner, but accidentally dropkicks Eddie off the apron. Benoit gets the Crossface on Chavo, but Eddie makes the save. Angle is distracting the referee and Eddie keeps a headlock on Benoit. Benoit drives Eddie down to the mat with a back suplex. Chavo clotheslines Benoit from the apron. The champs take Benoit over with a double snap suplex. Chavo clubs Benoit over the back and sends Benoit into the corner. Benoit fights out with chops, but Chavo decks Benoit and hits a slam. Eddie connects with a slingshot senton. Benoit lifts Eddie up and down to the mat. Benoit delivers a snap suplex to Chavo onto Eddie. Angle cleans house with clotheslines. Angle backdrops Eddie and tosses Chavo with a German suplex. Angle hits an overhead belly to belly on Eddie for a near fall.

Chavo dropkicks Angle, but Benoit tagged in. Benoit sends Chavo into the corner and hits a German suplex. Benoit tosses Eddie with a German suplex and goes to the top hitting a diving headbutt. Benoit covers Eddie for a near fall. Chavo nails Benoit with a flying forearm, but is sent to the floor by Angle. Angle delivers a German suplex, but Eddie sneaks a low blow and a DDT to Angle. Eddie goes to the top rope missing the frog splash. Angle hits the Angle Slam on both champions. Benoit puts the Crossface on Eddie, but Angle wants the ankle lock and they argue in the ring. Chavo decks Angle, but Benoit hits a German suplex on Angle. Benoit locks in Crossface and Angle puts the ankle lock on Eddie. The referee tries to pull Angle off, but is knocked down. Chavo breaks the hold and knocks Angle to the floor. Chavo heads to the top hitting a frog splash on Benoit and Eddie nearly gets a three count. Eddie heads to the top rope, but Angle runs the ropes to toss Eddie to the mat. Chavo nails Benoit with a tag championship and knocks Angle to the floor. Eddie covers Benoit and wins the match. (***1/2. That was a good tag match with some very good near falls. A big win for the Guerreros and a victory that should solidify their tag run. I’d have to think this will officially break the team of Angle and Benoit. I’m not sure where the Guerreros go from here in terms of challengers. Smackdown doesn’t have great tag team depth at the moment.)

Backstage, Nidia is with Jamie Noble and she’s happy that Noble has agreed to get ahold of Nunzio. Noble has got to find a way out of this rut. Scott Steiner enters the scene and meets them. Steiner doesn’t shake Noble’s hand and instead grabs Nidia’s ass. Noble can’t believe Steiner would do that. Nidia thinks Steiner was just being nice and Noble goes after Steiner as the show goes to commercial.

In the ring, Jamie Noble calls Scott Steiner to the ring and he’s there to standup for his woman. Noble says that Steiner only touches his women if he wants them to. Noble says he’s the only big bad booty daddy in her life. Scott Steiner makes his way down to the ring. Steiner rips off is shirt and clotheslines Noble followed by an elbow drop. Steiner does a few pushups and taunts Noble. Steiner military press slams Noble followed by a belly to belly suplex. Nidia tries to get out of the ring and met with a butt slap again. Steiner grabs a microphone and says everyone is asking which show he’s going to join. Steiner says that Jericho found out on RAW and that the redneck on Smackdown found out he’s still the genetic freak. Steiner hasn’t made a decision yet.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is on the phone wanting Scott Steiner on Smackdown. Paul Heyman enters the room and says it is a shame that Lesnar was suspended today. Stephanie says it had nothing to do with Paul’s threat of a lawsuit. Heyman says that Big Show is willing to waive the no rematch clause against Lesnar tonight. Stephanie tells Heyman that Big Show will be defending the title tonight against someone of championship caliber. Heyman isn’t happy about that.

Fourth Contest: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman vs. Crash Holly: They shove each other with Kidman hitting an arm drag and head scissors. Kidman dumps Holly to the apron, but Holly pulls Kidman to the apron and delivers and elbow. Holly powerbombs Kidman onto the guard railing. Holly covers with his feet on the ropes for a two count. Holly slams Kidman for a two count. Holly sends Kidman into the corner and delivers a right hand. Kidman sends Holly into the corner and hits a neckbreaker over his knee. Kidman goes to the top rope, but Holly cuts Kidman off and rams Kidman’s face onto the turnbuckle. Kidman knocks Holly to the mat. Kidman hits a flying crossbody, but Holly rolls through for a near fall. Holly tries for a back suplex, but Kidman counters with a clothesline. Holly elbows Kidman and hits an atomic drop. Kidman hits a dropkick for a near fall. Holly ducks a clothesline and counters a head scissors with a sit out facebuster for a two count. Holly boots Kidman in the corner and hits a bulldog out of the corner for a near fall. Crash tries for a piledriver, but Kidman blocks it. Kidman avoids a powerbomb with a sit out powerbomb. Kidman goes to the top hitting the Shooting Star Press for the win. (**1/2. A fine match between these two though Crash is one of the weaker opponents for Kidman at this point. Crash had some good offense and I didn’t find it boring despite the obvious outcome. Crash showed he’s a solid addition to the division here and may be finding his role and style better now.)

Backstage, Smackdown World Champion Big Show and Fabulous Moolah are shown walking to the ring on a split screen for the main event.

Main Event: Smackdown World Champion Big Show vs. Fabulous Moolah: Moolah is terrified in the corner as Show stalks her and Heyman is taunting her on the apron. Heyman says that Moolah has nothing to be afraid of. Heyman says it is Thanksgiving and that Big Show isn’t going to do anything to Moolah. Heyman respects Moolah and has always been a fan of hers. Heyman promises Moolah that Show respects her accomplishments and that she’s a loving, caring grandmother. Heyman says Show is just here to wish her a happy Thanksgiving. Heyman then says that Show may look at Moolah like she is Brock Lesnar. Show grabs Moolah by the throat as Heyman continues to say Lesnar. Brock Lesnar slides into the ring and tackles Show. They go to the floor where Lesnar is pummeling Show. Lesnar ducks a strike and puts Show throiugh the announcers table with an F5! Heyman is left stunned on the aisle way. Lesnar gets in the ring and Heyman is scared. Lesnar leaves the ring and gives chase, but police officers stand in the way with Stephanie McMahon declaring that Lesnar is suspended and he needs to be out of the arena.

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a good episode this week with a few solid matches and the show long storyline being interesting throughout. Stephanie seemingly going heel for most of the episode was a bit weird, but I think it can be seen as understandable for her character to react the way she did. A strong episode for a Thanksgiving themed episode.

Thanks for reading.

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