Reliving A Feud Volume #41: Brian Lee Vs. Tracy Smothers In SMW ’93 – ’94

In early 1993, “Primetime” Brian Lee was seen as the top baby face in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Lee was a former SMW Heavyweight Champion and had been involved in feuds with Kevin Sullivan and the current SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy since losing the title. However, when Lee wasn’t able to regain the title, fans started to lose faith in him and look for a new hero. Read more of this post

WWF Metal 2000: The Forgotten Show Part One

Similar to the WCW Worldwide 2000 series, I decided to checkout another forgotten show that was WWF programming. The show I’m referring to was WWF Metal. Metal aired late on Saturday nights in Upstate New York. I maybe watched one or two episodes when it was airing. Perhaps I’ll stumble across some good matches or at least interesting matches that I have watched via the WCW Worldwide 2000 series.

Without further delay, lets check out some WWF Metal! Read more of this post

WCW Worldwide 2000: The Forgotten Show Part One

When wrestling fans think of World Championship Wrestling in 2000 there is often the opinion of it being one of the worst years or a wrestling company in the history of the business. After all, WCW lost 60+ million dollars during the year. The crowds were dwindling but they still had hefty contracts to pay for. Pay per view buy rates went to all time lows. Often times, Nitro and Thunder just didn’t make any sense.

In April 2000, WCW cancelled Saturday Night, which was a staple but the company built around for over twenty years. Once the Monday Night Wars began, Saturday Night was regulated to being the C-level show to showcase mid card talents or young talents looking for TV time. Read more of this post

Reliving A Feud #30: Tracy Smothers vs. Dirty White Boy In SMW ’93

Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy had a brutal feud for the SMW Heavyweight Championship in 1993.

Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy had a brutal feud for the SMW Heavyweight Championship in 1993.

Since the beginning of Smoky Mountain Wrestling in February 1992, Dirty White Boy was the top heel act in the company alongside his manager Ron Wright. White Boy’s main objective was to earn enough money for Wright, who was in a wheelchair. With enough money, Wright would be able to get proper treatment for his injuries and perhaps get back in the ring.

So, when Dirty White Boy finally won the SMW Heavyweight Championship from Brian Lee at Fire On The Mountain on August 8th, 1992, everything was lined up for the Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright. Most fans despised them for raving about the North and constantly bragging about the New York Yankees and degrading the South. For many months, there wasn’t anyone who could standup to White Boy. Read more of this post