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WCW House Show 9/12/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling House Show
Date: 9/12/1994
From: Munich, Germany

This event is a handheld. This was not aired in the United States at anytime.

Opening Contest: Jim Duggan defeated Diamond Dallas Page:
Before the match, Duggan grabs a German flag and gets a cheap reaction from the crowd. Duggan goes to hit DDP and Kimberly with the 2×4 but the referee doesn’t allow that to happen. DDP spits in Duggan’s face and rolls to the floor leaving his wife in the ring. Duggan side steps a lock up attempt by DDP and begins to get the crowd to chant USA! Duggan shoves DDP into the ropes out of a lockup and plays to the crowd. Duggan goes behind DDP and sends him through the middle rope to the floor. DDP with a knee and right hands to gain control. Duggan comes back with a series of clotheslines takes DDP out with a running forearm smash sending DDP to the floor. Duggan mocks DDP by getting a chair and sitting in the ring. DDP spits at him and Duggan goes to hit him with the chair but DDP bails to the floor. DDP grabs the ring announcer and he says something that angers the crowd. DDP proceeds to walk up the ramp but stops and heads back to the ring before the count-out but bails to the floor again. Dugan with right hands in the ring but is stopped with a boot and several right hands from DDP. DDP chokes Duggan on the middle rope and is getting some good heat from the crowd. Duggan begins to get pumped up and delivers right hands but DDP stops him with a back elbow. DDP covers but Duggan kicks out quickly. Duggan with a should block but DDP knees Duggan in the midsection to stop Duggan. DDP hits Duggan and gets a two count back in the ring. DDP leaps onto the knee of Duggan and locks in a headlock. The crowd is heavily behind Duggan. Duggan begins to fade but gets his arm up before the third drop. Duggan blocks a head ram into the corner and sends DDP head first into the turnbuckle. Duggan with a series of right hands and scoop slams DDP down to the mat. Duggan with ten punches in the corner. DDP takes Duggan down and rolls him up using the ropes for leverage but isn’t able to get the three. Duggan avoids a splash in the corner and rolls DDP p for the win!
After the match, Duggan chases DDP out of the ring with his 2×4. Duggan gets the fans to chant USA once again before leaving.

Second Contest: Nasty Boys defeated Kevin and Dave Sullivan:
The Sullivan’s try to get a baby face reaction but the fans hate them. They attack the Nasty Boys as they get some baby face reaction. Nasty’s manage to send the Sullivan’s into each other. Kevin and Knobs start the match off officially and Kevin is working away on Knobs with several right hands. Kevin knocks Dave off the apron as Dave held Knobs for an attack. Knobs takes Kevin out with a right hand and Dave tags in. Dave tries to block out the boos by covering his ears but that doesn’t work. Sags tags in and delivers a series of rights and lefts in the corner. Sags takes Dave down with a running clothesline. Sags sends Dave into the guard railing on the floor and grabs a chair as they brawl in the crowd. Sags hits Dave over the head with the chair and across the back. They battle to the ring where Dave is controlling Sags with right hands in the corner. Sags with a big boot out of the corner and tags in Sags. Double shoulder block to knock Dave down. Dave with a kick to Knobs and a scoop slam. Dave misses a leg drop coming off the ropes and Knobs signals for Pity City and sends Dave right into the armpit of Sags! Sags with a leg drop to the groin of Dave and works on Dave’s knee. Knobs enters and splashes down onto the knee of Dave. Kevin knees Sags on the back as Sags comes off the ropes. Kevin enters as Dave works on Sags and delivers a few boots to Sags. Dave comes back in and connects with a leg drop for a near fall, but the bell rings thinking the match is over. Dave chokes Sags as the referee says it was a two count. Kevin works on Sags back with a right hand and sends him into the corner and misses a spear going shoulder first into the post! Knobs and Dave trade right hands. Knobs clotheslines Dave and Kevin down. Knobs rams Dave and Kevin head first into each other and manages to clothesline Dave down moments later to win the match as Sags trips Kevin down!
After the match, the Nasty Boys celebrate their win as the Sullivan’s are disappointed with the outcome. Dave is covering his ears and flipping out in the ring as the fans boo him and his brother.


Third Contest: Brian Pillman defeated WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal in a non-title match: Regal goes to the floor and begins to taunt some fans at ringside. Regal is walking around the ring while Pillman stalks him but doesn’t do anything. Pillman gets a USA chant and Regal walks up the ramp way before coming back. A lot of stalling here for this match, going on at least five minutes of them not even touching. Regal with a wristlock to open up the action but Pillman counters with one of his own as Regal reaches the ropes. Regal with a arm lock and takes Pillman down while keeping it locked in. Regal pulls Pillman down and keeps the arm lock on for several moments. Pillman with a wristlock but Regal goes to the ropes to break up the hold. Regal goes to the floor and stalls some more. Pillman goes to the floor and gets a baby face reception. They lock up with Regal getting a side headlock but is taken down by Pillman. Pillman goes for a dropkick but its blocked by Regal. Pillman goes for a rollup and gets a near fall. Pillman with a side headlock and comes off the ropes with a shoulder block and Regal again slides to the floor. Regal sends Pillman to the floor and sends him into the guard railing and back into the ring. Regal with several left elbows in the corner and stomps away on Pillman. Regal continues his offense by choking Pillman in the ropes. Regal pokes Pillman in the eyes and delivers a uppercut. Regal locks in a arm lock again and Pillman slowly gets to his feet. Pillman starts to fade as he is sent back down but pulls himself up and battles out with a few elbows and a sunset flip and gets a near fall. Regal with a forearm shot but is met with a head butt to the midsection and head. Regal gets up and kicks Pillman in the face and sends him to the floor. Pillman with a shoulder block off the apron and a cross body for a near fall back in the ring. Regal stops Pillman with a few boots and a uppercut for a near fall. Pillman with several chops and right hands and takes Regal down with a backdrop. Pillman with a head scissors take down and goes up top. Pillman leaps off with a cross body but Regal rolls through for a cover but Pillman kicks out! Pillman avoids a shoulder block in the corner and rolls Regal up for a two count. Pillman with a head scissors take down again and blocks a leg takedown by sitting down and hooks Regal’s legs for the win.

Before the match, Paul Orndorff cuts a promo but I simply can not understand what he is saying as the microphone isn’t that great.

Fourth Contest: Stars and Stripes defeated WCW World Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful in a non-title match:
Roma and Bagwell start the contest off. Roma with a side headlock but Bagwell backs him into the ropes and is forced to back away. Roma backs Bagwell in the corner and delivers a elbow and right hands. Roma proceeds to stomp away on Bagwell as well as the fans boo. Roma with several clubbing blows as Bagwell gets a few weak shots in. Bagwell with a cross body off the ropes for a near fall and scoop slams Roma down. Bagwell with a dropkick and Roma bails to the floor. Orndorff is tagged into the contest and rubs the back of Roma. Bagwell taunts Orndorff for doing that and gets a few laughs. Patriot tags in as Orndorff is backed into the corner. Patriot with a wristlock and side headlock to control Orndorff. Patriot with a series of shoulder blocks and gets a two count. Orndorff tells the referee that Patriot was using his tights for leverage. A “Paula” chant starts and Orndorff is not happy about that! They lock up and remain that way for a few moments. Patriot with a headlock and is met with a knee to the gut and a standing forearm drop. Orndorff kicks away on Patriot and punches Patriot as he gets to his feet. Roma gets a shot in behind the referees back as well. Orndorff with a snap mare and goes up top. Orndorff takes his time and jumps off right into both feet of Patriot. Patriot with several left hands and gets a near fall. Bagwell gets the tag and drops down across the left arm of Orndorff. Bagwell with a leg drop on the arm and locks in a hammerlock. Bagwell drops a few knees onto the elbow of Orndorff. Bagwell continues t work on the left arm of Orndorff until Orndorff delivers a shot to the throat. Roma enters and is taken down with a hip toss and arm drag. Bagwell slows the match down with a arm lock and drops a leg across the arm. Patriot tags in and goes back to working on the arm of Roma doing the same things that Bagwell just did. Bagwell gets a quick tag and offers nothing new to the contest. Bagwell with a shoulder block but falls to the floor as Orndorff pulls down on the top rope. Orndorff sends Bagwell chest first into the guard railing and chokes Bagwell with something on the floor. Roma taunts the fans as Bagwell continues to get beaten down on the floor. Orndorff chokes Bagwell as he gets on the apron and Roma attempts a suplex back in the ring but Bagwell rolls Roma up for a near fall. Roma stops Bagwell with a clothesline and tags in Orndorff who quickly enters and gets a two count. Orndorff with a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Bagwell begins to get up and takes Orndorff down with a jawbreaker. Bagwell with a shoulder block and a cross body for a near fall but is stopped by Orndorff with a clothesline. Roma enters and stomps away on Bagwell for a few moments. Roma grabs a limp Bagwell and just scoop slams him down easily. Roma goes up top and takes his time connecting with a elbow drop! Roma taunts the fans and covers but Bagwell kicks out at two! Patriot tries to get in the ring and this allows Bagwell to be choked by Pretty Wonderful with a rope in the corner. Roma covers Bagwell but isn’t able to get the three count. Roma has a headlock on Bagwell for several moments and uses the ropes for leverage but the referee doesn’t see it. Bagwell is fading as the move has been on for at least two minutes if not longer. Bagwell begins to stir to his feet and battles out of the hold with right hands and elbows. Roma misses a running attack in the corner and Bagwell makes his way to the corner to tag in Patriot to cleans house with right hands. Patriot with a dropkick on Roma and clotheslines both men down and nearly wins the match. All four men are in the ring and Patriot cradles Roma but Orndorff rolls Roma on top, however, Bagwell comes in and rolls Patriot on top and he gets the win! **¼
After the match, Roma is trying to explain to Orndorff what happened.


Fifth Contest: Vader defeated The Guardian Angel: They lock up with Angel locking in a side headlock. Angel with a shoulder block but it doesn’t move Vader all that much. Vader wants a test of strength and knees Angel in the gut as he gets the advantage. Vader runs right into a clothesline by Angel who comes out of the corner. Angel tries a scoop slam but isn’t able to lift Vader. Vader has taken off his mask, which means business. Vader with several clubbing blows in the corner and splashes Angel in the corner as well. Angel with a back suplex and delivers a elbow drop to the lower midsection of Vader. Vader blocks a suplex attempt but doesn’t block a series of jabs. Angel leaps off the middle rope but goes throat first across the top rope as Vader moved. Vader covers but only gets a two count. Vader with a sleeper hold and takes Angel down with a clothesline. Vader slows the match down some more with a neck vice. Vader catches Angel coming off the ropes and slams him down for a near fall. Angel rolls to the floor and Vader slams Angel head first onto the apron a few times. Vader misses a splash on the floor and hits the ring post. Angel sends Vader over the railing into the crowd and drops Vader gut first across the railing. Angel comes off the ropes but runs right into a body block from Vader. Vader goes to the middle rope and connects with a big Vader Splash but Angel is able to kick out at two. Vader goes to the top rope this time but misses a moonsault! Angel tries a sunset flip but Vader sits down but hits nothing but canvas. Angel clotheslines Vader over the top to the floor. Angel with right hands and a scoop slam, finally! Angel goes up top but misses a body splash. Vader with a big splash and picks up the win. **½

Sixth Contest: Sting defeated Steve Austin:
Sting gets a big reception from the crowd. By far the biggest one thus far. Austin and Sting slap each other in the corner and Sting shoves Austin down. Austin bails to the floor and re-enters trying to shake hands. Sting says no thanks, and the match begins. Sting with a cross body off the ropes for a near fall and a arm drag. Sting with a sunset flip and gets a near fall. Austin rolls Sting up using the tights but gets a two count. Sting with a scoop slam and a camel clutch. Austin tries to reach the ropes but Sting prevents that from happening. Sting with a backdrop, twice and Sting bails to the floor again. Austin comes back in but is met with a sleeper hold and gets out of it with a jawbreaker. Austin with a few right hands but Sting fights back with a couple. Sting botches a leapfrog and acts as if Austin hit him, while it didn’t really appear that he did. Austin is taunting the fans before going to work on Sting delivering a boot to the midsection. Austin with a knee drop and chokes Sting for a few moments. Austin with several right hands to the midsection of Sting and Austin taunts the fans. Austin drops down across the back of Sting and gets a two count. Austin with a abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage. Austin comes off the middle rope with a forearm drop and covers using the ropes for leverage but the referee notices what is going on. Sting comes back with a shoulder block and a right hand. Sting tries for a splash off the ropes but Austin gets his knees up! Austin sets Sting up for a vertical suplex but Sting counters and places Austin on the top rope. Sting crotches Austin on the top rope and takes Austin down with a superplex. Sting runs into a back elbow in the corner but power slams Austin down for a near fall. Sting misses a jumping elbow drop and Austin goes for a tombstone. Sting counters with one of his own and connects. Sting misses a Stinger Splash but moves out of a leaping Austin who hit’s the middle rope. Austin goes for a sunset flip but Sting reverses into a rollup and pick up the win. **¾


Main Event: WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Ric Flair to retain the title: Hogan sure did surpass Sting’s crowd reaction which isn’t surprising at all. Hogan waves a German flag just as Duggan did earlier to get some cheap heat. Hogan plays to the crowd, as does Flair but they get to different reactions. Hogan shoves Flair out of the corner and plays to his fans. Flair with a side headlock but Hogan quickly gets up and shoulder blocks Flair down. Flair bails to the floor and is comforted by Sherri Martel. Flair with a hammerlock to control Hogan but Hogan counters with a drop toe hold but Flair reaches the ropes. Hogan with three clotheslines with the last one sending Flair over the top to the floor. Flair taunts Hogan as he enters the ring and they go for a test of strength but Hogan is having doubts. Hogan controls Flair in the test of strength but is poked in the eyes by Flair. Flair with several right hands and chops in the corner. Hogan no sells the chops and punches and Flair begs off. Hogan with several right hands in the corner and bites the forehead of Flair. Hogan with a backdrop and clothesline that causes Flair to bail to the floor. Hogan catches up to Flair and Sherri and sends them into each other. Hogan clotheslines both of them in the ring and sends Flair into the corner where he flips and falls to the floor. Flair rolls back in and pokes Hogan in the eyes and delivers a few boots to the left knee of Hogan. Flair with a snap mare and misses a knee drop. Hogan with a few right hands and sends Flair into the corner followed by a running clothesline. Hogan charges but is tripped up by Sherri and Flair goes back to work on Hogan choking him. Sherri chokes Hogan with her top until Jimmy Hart comes over but he is sent into the ring post. Flair stomps away on Hogan in the ring. Flair with several right hands to continue his attack on Hogan. Flair with a chop block to the left knee of Hogan. Flair jumps down onto the left knee and Sherri slams the knee down across the apron as the referee was distracted. Flair stomps away on Hogan’s knee and goes for the figure four and locks it in! Flair is using the bottom rope for leverage as Hogan tries to turn over but isn’t able to. Hogan gets a second wind and turns over on his stomach and Flair breaks the hold. Hogan gets up limping but is met with a stomp to the knee. Flair with a chop but Hogan no sells and delivers several right hands. Flair flips in the corner and is clotheslined on the apron. Hogan stops Flair on the top rope and slams Flair down to the mat. Hogan locks in the figure four and rolls up Sherri Martel as she enters the ring. Hogan atomic drops Sherri and she flies over the top rope to the floor. Flair hits Hogan with what appeared to be a microphone and goes for the cover. Hogan manages to kick out and no sells the right hands by Flair. Hogan with right hands of his own and a big boot and hits the leg drop. Hogan covers and picks up the win. **½
After the match, Hogan celebrates with Jimmy Hart.

End of show

My Take: Early on, when the camera pans over to the right you can see plenty of empty seats on the floor level. Looking at the card for the show I am actually surprised that WCW didn’t fill up the place. Still seems to have about 6-7,000 people in attendance I would have to guess.

You know what is funny? Duggan was able to get a Germany crowd to chant for the USA! The match itself was very basic, but the crowd was really behind Duggan. Crowd seems to be very hot for the show and that always makes watching something that much easier and more enjoyable. At least for me it does.

Regal/Pillman had a lot of stalling for several minutes and once it got going it really wasn’t all that great to me. Just seemed like a lot of brawling and same moves over and over again. I could say I am disappointed in the match but it is a house show that sort of thing happens all the time. Some times workers work hard, while others just try to get the job done easy and go home. Or, they just had a bad night. Who knows, but I wasn’t quite happy with the match.

Stars and Stripes/Pretty Wonderful was nothing all that special. These two tag teams seem to do the same old pattern of moves and the matches are never all that great. Bagwell worked the majority of the contest, which was fine for Patriot to get the big comeback. Match just didn’t grab my attention and I was waiting for it to be over. Way too long of a match, also. Almost twenty minutes.

Vader/Angel was a nice hard hitting, brawling type of contest. Vader looked really good and surprisingly enough was the only heel to win his match on the show. Clearly, Vader was going into a big program with Hogan just a few months later for the championship. Got to keep the big man strong, right?

Sting/Austin was the match of the night. If they were to erase five minutes from the tag match and put it on this match who knows how awesome it would have been. A couple of weeks later Austin would be losing to Jim Duggan in under forty seconds and his WCW run would pretty much end by the winter of 1995. This could be considered one of Austin’s last good showings for WCW for the time.

Hogan/Flair just had one of their usual matches. I have never liked Hogan no selling the punches and chops form Flair as that is a big part of Flair’s offense. Hogan’s character has been hurting at this time, and is proven by all the empty seats in the crowd. Hogan must have not been a great draw in Germany.

Overall, the last three matches were by far “show savers” if you want to call them that. Once they get over praising the USA and whatnot, for the most part it is a interesting show. Not a good or great show but at the end of the night it made out to be a decent/average showing.

Thanks for reading.

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