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WWF House Show 8/26/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 8/26/1994
From: Long Island, NY

NOTE: This was not a televised event. This was taped by a fan who attended the show.

Opening Contest: Bob Holly defeated Quebecer Pierre:
Pierre with a arm drag takedown early on and doesn’t follow up. Pierre takes Holly down with a hip toss and taunts the fans. Pierre again with the advantage with a scoop slam and taunts the fans once again. Side headlock by Pierre and shoulder blocks Holly down. Holly with a hip toss, scoop slam and dropkick that sends Pierre through the middle rope to the floor. Holly takes Pierre out with a slingshot cross body to the floor. Pierre calls a timeout in the corner but is stomped by Holly. Pierre drops Holly onto the apron and kicks Holly to the floor. Pierre drops Holly gut first across the top rope and drops a leg to the groin/lower midsection of Holly. Pierre stomps Holly in the same location and drives a series of elbows to the chest of Holly. Pierre with a headlock while in a body scissors. Holly battles out of the move but is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Pierre stomps away on Holly and kicks him to the floor. Holly pulls Pierre to the floor and sends Pierre into the ring steps. Holly goes up top connects with a cross body but Pierre rolls through and nearly wins the match! Pierre quickly follows up with a clothesline and taunts the fans. Pierre with a nice gut wrench sit down power bomb for a two count. Holly with a sunset flip but isn’t able to get the three. Pierre stomps away on Holly to regain the advantage. Scoop slam by Pierre and he goes to the middle rope looking for a leg drop and connects! Pierre covers but Holly kicks out at two. Pierre with a running clothesline and goes back to a headlock. Holly with a series of elbows to the midsection of Pierre but is taken down with a swinging neck breaker by Pierre. Pierre covers but Holly once again is able to kick out at two. Pierre with a scoop slam and goes to the middle rope. Pierre delivers a fist drop and Holly is rolling around in agony. They begin to trade right hands with Pierre getting the advantage. Pierre runs into a back elbow and they both go down following a double clothesline. Pierre recovers quickly and goes up top. Pierre leaps off the top looking for a swanton bomb, but Holly moves out of the way! Holly with several right hand and a shoulder block to take Pierre down. Holly with a backdrop but Pierre kicks out of the pin attempt. Pierre is sent chest first into the corner and Holly climbs to the top. Holly goes for a double axe handle, but Pierre gets his boot up (Holly seemed to mess up on it). Pierre goes for the cover but Holly pops his shoulder up. Holly comes off the ropes and rolls Pierre up to win the match. **¾

Second Contest: The Heavenly Bodies defeated The Bushwhackers:
Bushwhackers are managed by a kid from the crowd. The Heavenly Bodies do their opponents taunt and are met with a bite to the ass, literally. The Bodies attack the Whackers from behind and control them with right hands. Whackers come back with right hands as they avoid being sent into each other. Double atomic drops and the Bodies ram right into each other and are sent to the floor. Del Ray and Luke officially start the match off. Del Ray goes for a test of strength but Luke just messes around with Del Ray. They eventually set up the test of strength, and Butch enters and low blows Del Ray behind the referees back! Del Ray with another test of strength and Pritchard goes to low blow Luke but is stomped by Luke and Pritchard low blows Del Ray with his head on accident! Pritchard tags in and is sent into the corner and poked in the eyes by Luke. Butch is working on Del Ray in the corner. Whackers connect with double running forearms sending their opponents to the floor. Pritchard with a knee to Butch’s midsection and stomps away on him. Pritchard almost hits Del Ray with a right hand but is sent head first into Del Ray in the corner by Butch. Luke enters and they send Del Ray butt first into Pritchard in the corner. Butch slams Del Ray down by the neck and Pritchard splashes Del Ray in the corner by accident and falls as if he is being pinned by Del Ray and the Whackers count Pritchard’s shoulder down! Del Ray kicks Butch as he comes off the ropes and Pritchard controls Butch with a elbow drop and Del Ray drops Butch throat first across the middle rope. Del Ray comes off the top with a double axe handle to the back. Del Ray with a shin lock on Butch and drops down across his back. Pritchard covers but Butch gets his foot on the bottom rope. Butch with a cradle but Pritchard kicks out and controls Butch with a right hand and chin lock. Pritchard with a knee to the midsection and stomps away on Butch’s gut. Del Ray with several right hands in the corner misses a splash in the corner. Butch tags in Luke who cleans house with several right hands and a scoop slam on Pritchard. Butch uses Luke’s head as a battering ram and covers Del Ray but Pritchard breaks that up and is sent to the floor. Pritchard trips Butch as he is sent into the ropes and Del Ray covers Butch to win the match. *
After the match, The Bushwhackers clothesline the Heavenly Bodies to the floor.


Third Contest: WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze defeated Bull Nakano to retain the title: Interesting note, Nakano would come out to Kamala’s old music. Luna Vachon is also managing Nakano for the match. Nakano with a kick to the thigh and a clothesline to quickly get the advantage. Blayze with a dropkick but misses a second attempt. Nakano whips Blayze down by the hair twice taunts the fans. Nakano with a right hand and a leg drop coming off the ropes for a near fall. Nakano with a sleeper hold but that doesn’t last as Blayze reaches the bottom rope. Nakano with a strike to the chest of Blayze and pulls Blayze between the ropes and works on her. Blayze flips in the corner and lands on the apron but is knocked to the floor where Luna attacks her. However, Blayze is able to send Luna into the ring post and stalks her! Nakano attacks Blayze from behind and Luna connects with a clothesline on the floor. Nakano with a pile driver and gets a near fall back in the ring. Blayze with a hurricanrana but Nakano kicks out. Blayze with a spinning heel kick and misses a second attempt at the move. Nakano grabs Blayze by the throat and slams Blayze down for a near fall. Nakano with a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Blayze doesn’t give up so Nakano lets go of the hold. Blayze with a quick roll up but Nakano kicks out and goes for a cover of her own but doesn’t get the three. Nakano with a interesting submission move where she locks Blayze legs and pulls her up for a chin lock of sorts. Luna chokes Blayze on the top rope behind the referees back. Nakano with a clothesline and gets a near fall. Blayze comes off the ropes and yanks Nakano down by the hair three times but Nakano kicks out! Blayze goes for a power bomb but isn’t able to get Nakano up. Nakano with a backdrop and a knee drop to regain control of the contest. Nakano with a scoop slam and a clothesline after ducking a clothesline. Blayze with a backslide out of the corner but Nakano kicks out. Nakano with a power bomb but Blayze is able to kick out again. Nakano scoop slams Blayze and goes up top. Nakano misses a leg drop and avoids a German suplex. Nakano with another clothesline but is shortly taken down with a German suplex and Blayze wins the match! **
After the match, Luna tries to attack Blayze but fails. Blayze attempts a German suplex but Nakano pulls Luna out of the ring.

Before the next match, Dr. Harvey Whippleman comes out and cuts a promo. Harvey insults the ring announcer for growing up in the Long Island area and calls him a idiot. Harvey brings up that he used to manage Adam Bomb but doesn’t manage him anymore because he isn’t as a good a wrestler as Kwang. Harvey says that Bomb doesn’t have a brain and introduces the man who will beat Adam Bomb tonight, Kwang.

Fourth Contest: Adam Bomb defeated Kwang:
Kwang attacks Bomb before the bell with a series of right hands in the corner with what appeared to be a object. Kwang with a few blows to Bomb’s midsection and a few back elbows as well. Bomb with a clothesline and Kwang rolls to the floor. Kwang with a right hand on the floor and rolls back into the ring. Bomb blocks a right hand on the apron and drops Kwang throat first across the top rope. Bomb with a slingshot clothesline back into the ring and signals to rip Kwang’s mask off. Kwang prevents that from happening with a leaping sidekick to knock Bomb off his feet. Kwang spits out some mist in the air and stomps away on Bomb. Kwang with a series of right hands but Bomb gets up and connects with a cross body for a near fall. Kwang quickly comes back with a spinning heel kick and Bomb rolls to the floor. Kwang sends Bomb face first into the ring steps, but Bomb comes back and slams Kwang head first into the ring steps! Kwang works on Bomb in the ring and delivers a standing sidekick for a near fall. Kwang stomps away on Bomb and taunts the fans. Kwang with a nerve hold to slow down the match. Bomb with a series of elbows but is slammed back down to the mat by Kwang. Kwang goes back to a nerve hold. Bomb gets out of it and goes for a sunset flip but Kwang hits Bomb with a right hand to avoid going down. Bomb with a big boot and a DDT to stop Kwang. Bomb with right hands out of the corner and takes Kwang down with a hip toss and clothesline. Bomb goes for a dropkick but Kwang hangs onto the ropes. Bomb with a big side slam and picks up the win.


Fifth Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions The Headshrinkers fought Shawn Michaels/WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel to a double count-out to retain the titles: Fatu and Shawn Michaels start the match. Quite a bit of stalling to begin the match, and the fans are vocal about wanting the match to just start. Michaels doesn’t lock up and goes to the apron where he just casually kills some time. Michaels does it again and this time drops down to the floor and walks around with Diesel. Michaels is nailed with a right hand from Samu and Fatu and bails to the floor and walks up the entrance ramp. Michaels comes back and locks in a headlock on Fatu. Fatu with a shoulder block to knock Michaels down and Michaels just sits on the canvas for a couple of seconds. Michaels with a side headlock and slaps Fatu and runs to the floor being chased by Fatu. Michaels stomps away and clubs away on Fatu as he slides into the ring. Michaels avoids a right hand and slides to the floor where he is met with a right hand from Samu. Michaels is sent back into the ring and he crawls to his corner where he tags in Diesel. Samu also tags in and Diesel gets the advantage with a wrist lock and a couple of elbows smashes. Samu with a wristlock of his own and several chops. Diesel with a knee lift and clubbing blows. Diesel misses a running knee attack in the corner and is rammed into Fatu’s head on the apron. Fatu tags in and delivers a double head butt. Diesel misses a clothesline and Fatu punches Michaels off the apron. Fatu spins around and is met with a clothesline. On the floor, Michaels super kicks Fatu as the referee is distracted by Diesel and Samu. Fatu is rolled back into the ring and Diesel delivers a elbow drop for a two count. Diesel with a series of back elbows in the corner and follows up with quick knee lifts. Michaels attacks Fatu again as the referee has his back turned. Michaels tags in and begins to choke Fatu with the corner rope but only gets a two count. Michaels with a few stomps on Fatu and leaps off the middle rope with a elbow drop. Diesel chokes Fatu in the corner behind the referees back. Michaels delivers several boots as Samu tries to get involved. Michaels pokes Fatu in the eyes, twice. Michaels delivers a elbow smash and acts like he hurt his elbow. Michaels locks in a front face lock as the fans rally behind Fatu. Fatu backs Michaels into the corner and delivers a few right hands. Fatu misses a spear in the corner and hit’s the ring post shoulder first. Samu comes in illegally and hits Michaels with a right hand. Diesel sends Fatu shoulder first into the ring post as the referee is distracted. Michaels drops down and chokes Fatu across the top rope. Diesel tags in and leaps onto Fatu’s back as he is hanging on the second rope. Fatu with a head butt as Diesel attempted a backdrop. Fatu tries to tag in Samu but Diesel drags him to his corner. Michaels with a series of elbow drops and taunts Samu. Fatu takes Michaels down with a back breaker and tags in Samu after Michaels misses a spear in the corner. Samu cleans house with chops and boots on Michaels. Samu with a backdrop and a power slam. Diesel breaks up the pin and all four men all go at it. Diesel and Michaels are sent into each other. Diesel ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Fatu as Samu was dragged to the floor. Samu enters and kicks Diesel in the face and Fatu gets a near fall. Diesel knees Samu to the floor and scoop slams Fatu down. HBK lunges off the top hitting a big splash but can’t get the win. Michaels and Fatu brawl to the floor and soon all four men are brawling on the floor. The referee is counting and gets to ten causing a double count-out. **¼
After the match, The Headshrinkers take Michaels down with a double face plant and Fatu goes for the top rope splash but Diesel drags Michaels out of the ring.

Sixth Contest: Jeff Jarrett/Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Mabel/Doink the Clown:
Doink and Bigelow start the match off. Wait, no Doink tags out to Mabel. Jarrett slaps the back of Mabel’s head and this allows Bigelow to control Mabel briefly. Mabel sends Bigelow head first into the turnbuckle and connects with a clothesline. Mabel with a big splash in the corner and gets a near fall. Mabel misses a second big splash and Bigelow takes Mabel down with a spinning kick. Jarrett tags in and works on Mabel but isn’t really effective. Mabel throws Jarrett down and Jarrett backs off in the corner. Jarrett avoids a right hand and is attacked by Mabel as he struts away. Doink tags in and works on Jarrett arms and takes Jarrett down with a hip toss. Doink goes for a sunset flip on Jarrett but Dink enters and bites Jarrett’s butt. Doink with a standing arm lock and Jarrett tries to tag out and manages to tag in Bigelow. Doink with a drop toe hold on Bigelow and drops a knee across the arm of Bigelow. Doink with a back elbow and goes for a scoop slam but Bigelow falls on top of Doink. Dink enters and rams his head into the midsection of Bigelow. Doink with a German suplex and gets a near fall on Bigelow. Jarrett enters and nails Doink with a back elbow and leaps off the middle rope missing a fist drop. Mabel tags in and connects with a series of right hands and a clothesline. Bigelow trips Mabel as he comes off the ropes and Jarrett drops several elbows to the back of Mabel. Bigelow sends Mabel to the floor after a shoulder block. Jarrett grabs a chair and hits Mabel across the back on the floor as Doink is trying to get the referee to turn around. Jarrett hits Mabel again in the ribs with the chair. Jarrett leaps off the middle turnbuckle connecting with a double axe handle. Jarrett does it again but is caught by Mabel but pokes Mabel in the eyes to get out of it. Bigelow enters and takes Mabel down with a leaping shoulder block. Mabel takes Bigelow over with a snap suplex but Jarrett enters and hit’s a fist drop off the middle rope. Mabel rams Jarrett head first into the top turnbuckle but Jarrett gouges Mabel’s eyes again. Bigelow with a head butt to Mabel’s ribs and chokes him on the top rope. Doink tries to break it up but is prevented by the referee. Mabel takes Bigelow out with a spinning heel kick. Jarrett comes in but Mabel catches Jarrett coming off the ropes and slams Jarrett down for a near fall. Bigelow prevents Mabel from tagging in Doink. Mabel comes out of the corner with a running clothesline and delivers several right hands knocking both Bigelow and Jarrett down. Mabel makes the tag to Doink who cleans house on both his opponents with right hands and clotheslines. Doink with a power slam on Jarrett for a near fall. Mabel shoves Bigelow to the floor as Doink sets Jarrett up for the Whoopee Cushion. Doink hit’s the move but Bigelow grabs Dink off the apron and distracts Doink. Jarrett comes from behind and rolls Doink up for the win. **


Before the next match, IRS says that Tatanka and all the fans here cheat on their taxes.

Seventh Contest: IRS defeated Tatanka in a strap match:
IRS works on Tatanka with several stomps and sends Tatanka to the floor. IRS sends Tatanka face first into the ring steps finally attaches himself to the strap. IRS clotheslines Tatanka with the strap and taunts the fans on the middle rope. Tatanka with a few overhand chops and clotheslines IRS with the strap as well. Tatanka chokes IRS with the strap in the middle of the ring. Tatanka ties IRS arms together and begins to touch the corners. Tatanka makes it to two corners no problem but IRS hangs on and hits Tatanka in the midsection as he comes off the middle rope for a overhand chop. IRS begins to chip Tatanka with the strap and sends Tatanka to the floor. IRS yanks on the strap and rams Tatanka head first into the apron a couple of times. IRS goes to the floor and taunts the fans which allows Tatanka to pull on the rope and sends IRS face first into the ring post, twice. Tatanka pulls n the strap and low blows IRS several times. IRS flips over and is whipped with the strap once again. Tatanka ties IRS hands together and touches the first two corners. Tatanka makes it to the third one as well, but IRS prevents Tatanka from reaching the fourth corner. IRS with a snap suplex and a leg drop. IRS touches the first corner, so does Tatanka. IRS touches the second and third corners, so does Tatanka as he is behind IRS. IRS is trying to reach the fourth corner but Tatanka pulls IRS away and tries to lunge for the corner but isn’t able to reach the fourth corner. Tatanka hits IRS with a overhand chop and IRS backs into the corner to win the match. *½
After the match, Tatanka attacks IRS with a backdrop and IRS bails to the floor.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Bret Hart/Razor Ramon defeated Owen Hart/Jim Neidhart:
Bret and Owen start off the main event. Bret backs Owen up against the ropes tries to hit Owen after being slapped but Owen ducks under the rope. Owen with a hammerlock but Bret quickly reverses into one of his own. Owen takes Bret down but Bret recovers and has Owen in a arm lock. Bret with a crucifix pin attempt but Owen kicks out at two. Bret goes back to a arm lock and hip tosses Own down a couple of times. Owen bails to the floor but is sent back in by Razor. Bret with a couple of rollups but Owen kicks out both times and rolls to the floor. Razor tags in as Neidhart chats with Owen. Neidhart tags into the contest and taunts Razor. Neidhart shoves Razor into the corner and shoves Razor down to the mat a second time. Neidhart with a side headlock and takes Razor off his feet with a shoulder block. Razor with a drop toe hold and slaps the back of Neidhart’s head. Razor works on the left arm of Neidhart. Neidhart attempts a scoop slam but Razor rolls through with a arm lock still in place. Owen enters the match and is met with a right hand after a few seconds of brief offense. Owen with a headlock and ducks a clothesline from Razor. Razor blocks a dropkick and catapults Owen into Neidhart in the corner. Owen complains of a hair pull as Razor tags in Bret. Bret with a wrist lock and a few clubbing blows to the arm of Owen. Bret with a shoulder block but is stopped by Neidhart with a knee to the back on the apron. Owen with a spinning heel kick and Neidhart comes in from behind stomping away on Bret. Neidhart enters the match legally and has a sleeper locked in. Bret manages to get to his feet but is knocked back down by Neidhart with a clothesline. Owen tags in and delivers several blows to the neck and back of Bret. Owen with a backbreaker and a camel clutch. Bret battles out of the hold but runs into a back elbow from Owen and Owen gets a near fall. Owen goes back to a sleeper hold but Bret battles out and takes Owen down with a sunset flip for a near fall. Bret’s offense doesn’t last as Neidhart and Owen double team Bret in the corner. Owen chokes Bret with a ring rope behind the referees back. Bret with a few right hands on Neidhart and goes to tag Razor but Owen enters and chases after Owen as Bret is in his corner able to make the tag but Razor isn’t there! Neidhart with a spear in the corner and Bret falls to the mat where Neidhart gets a near fall. Neidhart with several overhand blows to the chest of Bret. Double back elbow on Bret and Owen gets a two count. Bret blocks a suplex attempt and rolls Owen up for a near win! Owen clubs away on Bret and sends him into the corner. Owen with a couple of uppercuts but runs into a double boot from Bret in the corner. Bret connects with a leaping clothesline off the middle rope and both men are down. Bret goes to tag Razor and does but Neidhart distracted the referee. Owen accidentally knocks Neidhart to the floor with a spinning heel kick and this allows Razor to tag in. Razor with right hands on Owen and a choke slam. Razor covers and Neidhart splashes Owen on accident. Razor sends Neidhart into Owen and clotheslines Neidhart down. Neidhart clubs on Razor from behind and they hit the Hart Attack on Razor. Bret comes back in and works on Neidhart with right hands. Razor goes for a fall away slam but Neidhart shoves Razor down but Razor rolls through and wins the match. Neidhart thought Owen was on top and had his backed turned. **½
After the match, Hart and Ramon celebrate their win with a few fans as they head to the back.


End of show

My Take: The person holding the camera zoomed out and showed the audience, and I have to believe there was at least 5.000 people there. That must have been a good crowd for the WWF in 1994. Though, I don’t know how many of those people got in for free. Still, the crowd seemed to be rather “hot” for the show.

Holly/Pierre while a odd match, it was a solid contest. Pierre really worked the match in terms of offense because he has a wider range of moves to use. If you read the full play by play, Holly seems to be using rather generic offense aside from the slingshot cross body to the floor, really. A good opening contest for sure.

Bodies/Whackers was mainly a comedy match but the action was just horrible. Thankfully the Heavenly Bodies won the match as they were far more talented and more deserving to win the match. Bushwhackers would be at the tail end of their WWF run, and rightfully so. They just didn’t fit in with the new WWF era of wrestling.

Blayze/Nakano wasn’t a good match but it wasn’t horrible. If you were to compare this match to a WWE women’s match in 2010 you would think this was a four star match or higher. Nakano is a good worker, just as Blayze was at the time. I don’t believe the WWF ever did a long program with Blayze and Luna. That could have been interesting. Three matches into the show, and their was a good opener, a horrible tag match and a decent women’s match. Looks like this could be a good one folks!

Remember when I said their must have been 5,000 people in attendance? Well as the show goes on, you can clearly see the upper portion of the building really empty. So, maybe not 5,000 people but I would say a decent amount at least.

A girl from the crowd did the ring introduction for Kwang/Bomb by the way. Bomb/Kwang wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination. Bomb doesn’t have good baby face music either. He was still using the music he had for when he was a heel. I’m not 100% sure he even changed his music throughout his WWF run.

Headshrinkers vs. Diesel/HBK could have been a lot better and according to the guy filming the match they had a very good match the night earlier so that may have caused a lackluster showing this time around. Wasn’t a fan of all the stalling early on by HBK, but the match eventually picked up. Diesel looked to really going hard in his match and I was very surprised by that. Decent match, but could have been a lot better.

By this time the Doink the Clown gimmick had really ran its course. It actually would continue to be featured on television until the winter of 1995. Once Matt Bourne left the company in summer 1993, the character drastically went down in terms of entertainment. People recording the show can be heard saying that they should get rid of both the Doink and Mabel characters. The match seemed kind of backwards to me. Wouldn’t it make sense for Doink to get dominated and have the bigger Mabel clean house? Oh well, it was a decent tag team match but nothing spectacular.

Tatanka/IRS was just your typical strap match, really. I was fairly surprised that IRS actually won considering he wasn’t on a high profile match for Summer Slam. Sure, Tatanka was only wrestling Lex Luger on the same pay per view but that had gotten more build up. Not too bad of a match but just predictable.

The main event was a entertaining match but the finish was really bad I thought. The fans didn’t get the Razor’s Edge or the Sharpshooter just a simple roll through for a pin. Doesn’t seem like a satisfying way to end a match. Surprised that Owen was jobbing on the house shows as Neidhart would have been a better guy to lose since he wasn’t involved in any major angles at the time. The crowd was really pumped for the match really liked Bret Hart that is for sure.

Overall, the opening contest was actually a show stealer as that gets the highest grade from me. Really surprised how that match turned out. Everything else is really lackluster until you get to the main event which was a average match between four good to great workers.

Thanks for reading.


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