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WWF House Show 1/17/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 1/17/1994
From: New York, NY

This is a handheld version of the event. This event was not aired on television. I believe their was a short clip of the tag team title change on a RAW, but the whole event was not shown at anytime.

Opening Contest: Rick Steiner fought Ludvig Borga to a No Contest:
A little bit of stalling by both men to start the match. Borga tries a jab but Steiner appears to be able to move out of the way. Steiner avoids a charging Borga but doesn’t follow up. Steiner again avoids a lockup and begins to bark around the ring. Steiner with a side headlock but Borga takes Steiner down with a back suplex very quickly. Steiner rolls to the floor as Borga taunts the fans. Borga locks in a side headlock as Steiner is on the apron and drags Steiner into the ring. Steiner with a back suplex of his own and connects with a top rope bulldog for a near fall. Steiner with a arm lock but Borga breaks up the hold. Borga with several knee strikes in the corner but runs into a clothesline from Steiner which gets a two count. Borga stops Steiner with a throat thrust and continues his offense with several throat thrusts. Borga with a head butt and a clothesline to drop Steiner. Borga goes up top and connects with a clothesline for a near fall. Steiner with a power slam as Borga comes off the ropes for a two count. Steiner with a arm lock submission. Steiner with a back elbow and a elbow drop for another two count. Steiner comes off the ropes with a clothesline but isn’t able to get a three on a cover attempt. Borga with a leaping clothesline but Steiner gets his foot on the bottom rope. Borga punches Steiner to the floor and trades right hands with him. A very obvious double count-out takes place as Steiner hits Borga with a chair on the floor. **
After the match, Borga scoop slams Steiner onto the concrete floor and delivers a leg drop. Steiner low blows Borga and they brawl to the backstage area.

Second Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Jeff Jarrett via DQ to retain the title:
Ramon shoves Jarrett down as they lock up. Jarrett accuses Ramon of pulling his hair, just as all heels do. They lock up again and Ramon shoves Jarrett down and goes to hit Jarrett with a right hand but Jarrett bails to the floor. Jarrett pulls Ramon to the floor and sends him into the ring post and drops Ramon across the guard railing chest first. Jarrett rams Ramon head first into the ring steps and delivers a right hand. Jarrett continues his vicious attack by sending Ramon into the ring post again. Jarrett with a standing fist drop in the ring followed by a jumping back elbow. Jarrett signals that he is going for he gold and leaps off the middle rope with a fist drop for a near fall. Ramon is sent hard into the corner and Jarrett locks in a sleeper hold. Ramon manages to battle out of it and arm drags Jarrett down. Jarrett quickly recovers with a face buster and threatens the referee. Jarrett with several boots on Ramon and chokes him on the middle rope. Jarrett with a dropkick and gets a two count. Jarrett demands a faster count and is rolled up by Ramon who gets a near fall. Jarrett manages to come back with a clothesline and continues to stomp away on the champion. Jarrett comes off the middle turnbuckle with a punch. Jarrett is again on the middle turnbuckle delivering another punch to the chest. Jarrett goes up top this time around but is met with a shot to the midsection in midair. Jarrett kicks Ramon in the chest avoiding a backdrop and Jarrett locks in a sleeper hold again. Ramon stumbles to the mat as Jarrett keeps the hold cinched in. Ramon elbows out of the hold but is poked in the eyes by Jarrett. Ramon blocks a hip toss and choke slams Jarrett down causing both men to be down for a few moments. Ramon covers with one arm but Jarrett kicks out just in time. Ramon with a series of right hands and gets all pumped up about it. Jarrett comes off the ropes and dives right into the referee. Ramon signals for the end, knowing the referee got knocked out, and has Jarrett set up for the Razors Edge. However, Shawn Michaels comes running down and yanks Jarrett out of the hold. Ramon knocks Michaels off the apron and plants Jarrett with the Razors Edge. Ramon covers with his foot under the bottom rope so that Michaels yanks Ramon out of the ring. The referee calls for the bell. **½
After the match, Michaels helps Jarrett up to his feet. Ramon slides back into the ring and knees Jarrett out of the ring. Ramon goes to hit Michaels with the title but Michaels slides to the floor. Michaels tried to do a sneak attack but Ramon turned around soon enough so Michaels just bailed again from the ring.


Harvey Whippleman comes down to the ring and begins to insult Howard Finkel. Harvey calls Fink and everyone else idiots. Harvey insults all the New York sports team. Harvey puts over his man Adam Bomb and says that his man Adam Bomb will be winning the Royal Rumble match tonight. Harvey continues to put over his guy for about three minutes and explains why Bomb doesn’t have a title yet. His reason is because no one has the guts to put their title up against him. Fink ends up saying something that I can’t hear and Harvey is livid about it. Harvey ends up just leaving the ring.

Third Contest: WWF World Champion Yokozuna defeated Tatanka to retain the title:
Tatanka storms the ring and works on Yokozuna with several overhand chops that send Yoko to the floor. Yoko briefly controls Tatanka with a right hand but Tatanka sends Yoko head first into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Tatanka delivers several right hands and chops. Yoko stops Tatanka with a back elbow but misses a leg drop coming off the ropes. Tatanka misses a dropkick but avoids a elbow drop. Tatanka with a cross body off the top for a near fall. Tatanka with a side headlock and attempts a shoulder block but Yoko doesn’t budge. Tatanka avoids a clothesline but is stopped with a shoulder block from Yoko. Yoko with a right hand and with the ever painful nerve hold. Tatanka elbows out of the hold and delivers several right hands but Yoko nails Tatanka with a clothesline to stop the momentum shift. Yoko goes back to the nerve hold in the middle of the ring. Tatanka elbows out of the hold again but is met with a clothesline as he comes off the ropes. Yoko with a chop that drops Tatanka. Yoko goes back to a nerve hold as the fans get behind Tatanka. After a long time, Tatanka finally gets to his feet and gets out of the hold again. Tatanka with a clothesline several times but Yoko doesn’t go down. Tatanka goes up top but is met with a strike to the gut in midair. Yoko with a elbow drop and works away on Tatanka in the corner with right hands. Yoko charges towards the corner and misses a back splash. Yoko drops down to the mat as Tatanka falls down as well. Tatanka covers but Yoko manages to pop his shoulder up at two! Yoko with a snap mare and several clubbing blows to the neck. Yoko once again goes to the NERVE HOLD! Tatanka gets and is sent into the corner head first but begins to go on a War Path. Tatanka with several overhand chops coming off the ropes. Tatanka goes up top and knocks Yoko off his feet with a clothesline. Tatanka goes for the cover but Yoko kicks out once again. Yoko blocks being sent into the corner and sends Tatanka into the referee on a reversal. Yoko is given his sand bucket but Tatanka blocks being hit with it and nails Yoko with the bucket. Tatanka covers but their isn’t a referee. The ref recovers and begins to count but Yoko manages to kick out! Tatanka goes up top and is hit with a flag by Mr. Fuji. Yoko quickly gets up and drops a series of leg drops. Yoko covers and retains the championship. **¼
After the match, Yokozuna sets Tatanka up and delivers a Bonzai Drop. Yoko isn’t done though. Yokozuna comes off the middle rope and delivers another Bonzai Drop. Several referees come down to prevent any further beating. Yoko also beats Tatanka down with the Japanese flag before leaving with Fuji. Tatanka is put on a stretcher to sell the beating.


Fourth Contest: The Quebecers defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions Marty Jannetty/1-2-3 Kid to regain the titles:
Both teams for a few moments trying to get the crowd behind them, which obviously didn’t work out for the Quebecers. The challengers would attack the champions from behind as they played to the crowd. Pierre and Jacque didn’t have a lasting offense as the champions came back with ten punches in opposite corners. Double dropkick and clotheslines send the challengers to the floor. Johnny polo regroups with his team on the floor. Jannetty and Jacque are eventually the legal men to start the match off. Jacque wants to do a test of strength but the fans are telling Jannetty not to do it. Jacque calls Jannetty a chicken thus Jannetty gives in to do the battle. Jacque with a sneaky boot to the midsection and goes for a backdrop. Jannetty gets out of that and works on Jacque with right hands. Kid enters to take Jacque down with a hip toss and double elbow drop. Pierre enters and takes the champions down with clotheslines. The challengers send the champions to the floor and hug in the ring. Kid and Jannetty re-enter with a double super kick sending the challengers to the floor. Jannetty attempts a cross body but is caught. Kid leaps off the top rope and botches a cross body as he hit’s the ropes. Back in the ring, Pierre pulls down the top rope and Kid crashes to the floor. Pierre sends Kid into the guard railing and ring steps. Jacque covers Kid in the ring but Kid is able to kick out. Jacque with a back elbow and a few stomps on Kid to keep control of the contest. Kid is worked on in the challengers corner for a few moments. Scoop slam from Jacque and Pierre leaps off the middle rope with body splash. Pierre follows up with a vertical suplex and leaps off the middle rope looking for a leg drop but Kid rolls out of the way! Jacque and Jannetty tag into the match. Jannetty with a back elbow and knocks Pierre off the apron. Jannetty rams Jacque into the corner and hits Polo with a right hand. Jacque accidentally knees Pierre off the apron and is rolled up by Jannetty. Pierre enters and clotheslines Jannetty which breaks up the pin. Jannetty looks to tag out but Kid isn’t in the corner. Jacque rolls Jannetty up but Kid leaps off the top with a cross body to break that up. Pierre splashes Kid off the middle rope and Kid is hurting. Jannetty with a super kick on Pierre. Kid and Jannetty connect with a vertical suplex/cross body combo on Pierre but Jacque hits Jannetty with a hockey stick behind the referees back. Pierre covers Jannetty but isn’t able to get the three count! Jannetty is worked on in the corner with knees from Pierre and is choked by both challengers. Jannetty is lifted up in the air and dropped across the top rope by both challengers. Pierre covers but only gets a two count. Pierre with a sleeper hold on Jannetty but Jannetty battles out of the hold. Jannetty comes off the ropes and is met with a knee to the midsection. Jannetty is yanked down by the hair and Jacque scoop slams Pierre onto Jannetty for a near fall. Jacque with a chin lock in the middle of the ring. Jannetty gets his knees up as Jacque tries to jump down across Jannetty’s back. Pierre tags in and knocks Kid off the apron preventing the tag. Pierre with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall on Jannetty. Jannetty is chokes on the middle rope and Pierre jumps onto Jannetty’s back a few times. Pierre leg drops Jannetty but sells it as if Jannetty had done something, which he didn’t. Jacque tags in and takes Jannetty down with a spinning back elbow for a two count. Jacque stomps away on Jannetty and drives Jannetty down with a big back drop! Jacque covers but Jannetty is able to kick out at two. Jacque attempts to block a sunset flip attempt but punches thee mat instead of Jannetty. Jacque recovers and turns Jannetty inside out with a clothesline! Pierre enters and catches Jannetty coming off the ropes and has a bear hug locked in. Jannetty with a hip toss but misses a elbow drop. Jannetty is double teamed in the corner as the Quebecers connect with a leg trip/clothesline combo. Jacque with a chin lock again to slow down the contest. Behind the referees back Pierre comes in and works on Jannetty. Jacque covers but Jannetty is able to kick out in time. Jannetty battles out of the corner with a elbows and kicks but is tripped down by Pierre. Jannetty with a series of punches on Jacque but is back dropped over the top to the floor. Jannetty is sent back into the ring by Polo and is able to get his foot on the ropes before a three count on a pin attempt. Jacque plants Jannetty with a pile driver and tags in Pierre. Jacque backdrops Pierre but Jannetty moves. Jannetty rolls Jacque up for a near fall, even though he isn’t the legal man. Pierre tags in, again even though he was the legal man, and drives Jannetty down with a side slam. Pierre leaps off the middle rope but comes down across the boot of Jannetty. Pierre tags in Jacque and Kid gets the hot tag! Kid cleans house with a dropkicks, spin kicks, and punches. Polo crotches Kid on the top rope and Pierre connects with a superplex. Pierre tags in Jacque who slaps Kid a few times. Quebecers hit the Tower of London and Pierre covers Kid to regain the tag team titles! ***½


Fifth Contest: Owen Hart won a 30 man Royal Rumble:
Entrant #1: Diesel
Entrant #2: Mo
Entrant #3: Bushwhacker Butch
Entrant #4: 1-2-3 Kid
Entrant #5: Scott Steiner
Entrant #6: Iron Mike Sharpe
Entrant #7: Samu
Entrant #8:Bob Backlund
Entrant #9: Jeff Jarrett
Entrant #10: Virgil
Entrant #11: Bam- Bam Bigelow
Entrant #12: Randy Savage
Entrant #13: Adam Bomb
Entrant #14: Sgt. Slaughter
Entrant #15: Crush
Entrant #16: Mable
Entrant #17: Jim Powers
Entrant #18: Bastion Booger
Entrant #19: Bushwhacker Luke
Entrant #20: Owen Hart
Entrant #21: Rick Martel
Entrant #22: Bret Hart
Entrant #23: IRS
Entrant #24: Johnny Polo
Entrant #25: Scott Putski
Entrant #26: Fatu
Entrant #27: Marty Jannetty
Entrant #28: Bart Gunn
Entrant #29: Shawn Michaels
Entrant #30: Doink the Clown

Order of Elimination:

Elimination #1: Mo by Diesel
Elimination #2: Butch by Diesel
Elimination # 3: 1-2-3 Kid by Diesel
Elimination # 4: Iron Mike Sharpe by Scott Steiner
Elimination # 5: Diesel by Randy Savage
Elimination # 6: Jeff Jarrett by Randy Savage
Elimination # 7: Adam Bomb by Sgt. Slaughter, Bob Backlund and Scott Steiner
Elimination # 8: Scott Steiner by Crush
Elimination # 9: Randy Savage by Crush
Elimination # 10: Bam-Bam Bigelow by Crush
Elimination # 11: Sgt. Slaughter by Crush
Elimination # 12: Jim Powers by Mable
Elimination # 13: Mable, Virgil and Bob Backlund by everyone
Elimination # 14: Bastion Booger by Crush
Elimination # 15: Samu by Bushwhacker Luke
Elimination # 16: Bushwhacker Luke by Crush
Elimination # 17: Crush by Bret Hart
Elimination # 18: Marty Jannetty by Shawn Michaels
Elimination # 19: Johnny Polo by Owen Hart
Elimination # 20: Scott Putski by Fatu
Elimination # 21: Rick Martel by IRS
Elimination # 22: Bart Gunn by Doink the Clown
Elimination # 23: Doink the Clown by Shawn Michaels
Elimination # 24: IRS by Bret Hart
Elimination # 25: Bret Hart by Shawn Michaels
Elimination # 26: Shawn Michaels by Owen Hart and a distraction by Razor Ramon
Elimination # 27: Fatu by Owen Hart
After the match, Owen Hart and Bret Hart fought off the Headshrinkers to close out of the show

End of show

My Take:
The opening contest between Borga/Steiner wasn’t anything out of the normal. A lot of the same moves were used. Borga was getting a lot of decent heat from the New York crowd. I believe he was in line for a very big push in the WWF until he got injured. Yes, this is the match where he messes up his ankle but it doesn’t happened during the actual match. As they brawl to the back, it appears that Borga slipped and that is where he hurt his ankle. He was limping but it didn’t seem to be all that bad as he was putting some weight on it at the time. Surprised that something that simple ended his brief WWF run.

Ramon/Jarrett wasn’t a bad match, really. I’ll always believe that house shows should have clean finishes no matter what. Having two matches end in a no contest and DQ just seems lame to me. At least the fans got to see the Edge this time around. What did Jarrett have to lose at this point anyway? I know he is fairly new with being in the company for like two months or so, but if you look through his time in WWF during the winter/summer of 1994, he wasn’t facing top of the line talent really. Oh well, a decent match here.

Yokozuna/Tatanka was a average match at best. Yoko really loved using the nerve hold during the contest. Just your typical little man trying to knock the big man off his feet type of deal. The crowd was really, really hot for the contest as surprisingly many people seemed to have been thinking that Tatanka was going to win the belt. You have to remember, that title changes sometimes happened on house shows back then. So, it wasn’t a far fetched thought that it would happen. I mean, if you look at the next match you will see what I mean.

The tag team title match was very entertaining to me. Their were a few botches in the match but overall it was a fun match and the crowd was really into the contest. I would have thought though that the 1-2-3 Kid would be the guy getting dominated for most of the match and not Jannetty. Having Kid come in as the hot tag just didn’t really sit well with me, but everything else made the contest a enjoyable one.

As you can see I didn’t go all in-depth about the battle royal. I find battle royals to be pointless to review, aside from actual Royal Rumble matches. Thus, I kept this one simple. Was pretty much your basic battle royal contest so nothing all that special occurred. Well, Owen Hart winning is pretty cool but the overall match was just average really.

Thanks for reading


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