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WWF House Show 8/24/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 8/24/1996
From: Toronto, Ontario

NOTE: This is a handheld of the event. Some of the matches may have been clipped to fit the show on the given video camera. However, after a quick viewing of some of the matches they may have been clipped during times when their were simple rest holds or both men were on the floor stalling time. Also, three matches from the show are not on the video. They include the following:

The Godwinns defeated The New Rockers
Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Bob Holly
Savio Vega defeated Justin Bradshaw in a Caribbean Strap Match

The video starts off with the third contest. All the major matches and names are on this video. You can also hear the person recording the show and his friend share their thoughts on the show. Funny stuff.

Opening Contest: Jose Lothario defeated Jim Cornette: Cornette works on Lothario with right hands in the corner before the bell sounds. Cornette begins to choke Lothario with a lace of some sort. Cornette with several right hands to keep control. Cornette chokes Lothario across the middle rope. Cornette continues to choke Lothario across the ropes and misses a elbow drop coming off the ropes. Lothario battles back with a series of punches and rams Cornette into the top turnbuckle several times. Cornette is met with several right hands as he sits on the middle rope and falls to the floor. Cornette tries to leave but is thrown back into the ring by Lothario. Cornette ducks a right hand but doesn’t miss a left hand and is pinned. DUD


Second Contest: Steve Austin defeated Marc Mero via count-out: Austin with a side headlock take down but Mero counters with a head scissors until Austin reaches the ropes. Mero with a side headlock take down of his own and springs off the top turnbuckle to take Austin down. Mero with a shoulder block coming off the ropes for a two count. Mero goes back to a side headlock but is taken down with a drop toe hold by Austin. Mero reverses with a hammerlock to continue the slow start to the match. Austin bails to the floor after reaching the ropes to stall. Austin begins to taunt the fans as the fans are chanting Mero or Sable. Austin with several boots and right hands to control Mero. Mero with a backdrop and dropkick that causes Austin to roll to the floor. Austin asks for a timeout but rolls back into the ring. Mero with a shoulder block and is sent over the top to the floor by Austin. Austin with a double axe handle off the apron and sends Mero back first into the ring steps. Austin rolls back into the ring but pulls Mero to the apron. Austin knees Mero in the back and Mero flies into the guard railing face first! Austin with another axe handle off the apron. Mero reverses a suplex attempt into the ring with a roll up but is nailed by Austin who regains control. Austin with several forearm drops and uses his knee to scrap the face of Mero. Austin comes off the middle rope with a forearm drop for a two count. Austin with a side headlock to slow Mero down. Mero battles out and shoulder blocks Austin down. Mero with a roll up but isn’t able to get the win. Austin with a Thez Press and works away on Mero with right hands to a big baby face reaction. Mero is sent to the floor and Austin follows. Austin drops Mero throat first across the guard railing and goes for a pile driver on the floor but Mero reverses with a backdrop on the floor. Austin with a sleeper hold but Mero counters into a sleeper hold of his own but Austin drops down with a jawbreaker. Austin chokes Mero on the middle rope and misses a diving attack onto the ropes. Mero takes Austin down and delivers a few boots to the midsection. Mero catapults Austin into the corner and delivers right hands in the corner. Mero with a tilt a whirl head scissors takedown and a back drop. Austin pokes Mero in the eyes and goes up top but is crotched on the top. Mero goes up top and takes Austin down with a hurricanrana for a near fall! Austin botches a Stun Gun onto the top rope it appears and gets a two count on the cover. Austin with a back elbow but is power slammed down by Mero who gets a near fall. Mankind makes his way down to the ring and begins to stalk Sable around ringside. Mero with a right hand on Austin and Mero goes to the floor. Mankind picks Sable up but Mero comes over and brawls with Mankind. The referee counts Mero out and Austin wins. **
After the match, Mero and Mankind brawl to the back. Mero consoles Sable after running Mankind off.

Third Contest: Psycho Sid defeated Vader in a lumberjack match:
The lumberjacks are several Canadian football players. Vader shoves Sid out of a lockup and taunts him and does it again. Sid chokes Vader out of the lock up and shoves Vader down by the neck. Vader comes off the ropes but runs into Sid. Sid runs into Vader but is scoop slammed down. Sid quickly gets up and delivers right hands and a running clothesline. Sid sends Vader over the top to the floor where the lumberjacks send Vader back into the ring. Sid with a wrist lock for several moments. Sid goes for a scoop slam but Vader is too heavy and punches Sid. Vader with a punch to Sid’s throat and Sid goes down. Vader splashes down across Sid on the middle rope and clotheslines himself on the top rope. Vader with several shots in the corner. Sid drops down in the corner and Vader plays to the crowd. Vader with a side headlock but Sid battles out with a back suplex. Vader bails to the floor and hits one of the football players. Vader enters the ring and snap mares Sid down and locks in a headlock. Sid elbows out of the headlock but runs right into a power slam. Vader drops Sid right in front of a corner and goes to the middle rope. Vader leaps off and Sid blocks a Vader Splash by getting his knees up. Sid with a series of right hands and clothesline that sends Vader to the floor. Vader tries to hit a football player but he blocks it and punches Vader! Vader is sent back into the ring where Sid is playing to the crowd. Sid with a scoop slam and signals for a choke slam and connects! Sid covers and picks up the win. *
After the match, Sid celebrates the victory with the football players. Vader slams a few chairs down on the floor as he is livid that he lost.


Before the next match, Sunny puts over her man Faarooq as being the next WWF Intercontinental Champion. Faarooq asks where is Ahmed Johnson tonight. Faarooq fake apologizes for injuring Johnson’s kidneys as he wanted to hurt both of them and not one!

Fourth Contest: Faarooq defeated Aldo Montoya:
Aldo attacks Faarooq from behind and dropkicks Faarooq down. Aldo tries to a leapfrog over Faarooq but is met with a spine buster. Seconds later, Faarooq drives Aldo down with the Dominator and picks up the win in under a minute. DUD

Fifth Contest: Owen Hart/British Bulldog defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions Smoking Gunns by disqualification. Smoking Gunns retain the titles.:
The fans hate the Smoking Gunns but love their manager Sunny and the challengers. Owen and Billy start the match off with Owen locking in a side headlock to control Billy. Owen with a shoulder block but is met with a boot moments later. Owen with a series of arm drags and a dropkick that knocks Billy down. Bulldog tags into the match as does Bart. Bulldog does some pushups and a kip up to taunt Bart. Bart does a few push-ups and isn’t able to do the kip up and gets laughed at. Test of strength which sees Bart actually get the advantage as Bulldog drops down to his knees. Bulldog powers up and Bart botches a scoop slam. Bulldog with a power slam of his own. Owen tags in and locks in a wrist lock and is hit from behind by Billy which allows Bart to knock Owen to the floor. Billy rolls Owen back into the ring as Bart taunts Bulldog. Bart with a overhand clubbing blow and a scoop slam. Billy tags in and works on Owen with right hands and sends Owen into the top turnbuckle. Billy with a series of boots in the corner. Owen with a rollup but the referee was distracted so he only gets a two count. Billy with a clubbing blow and tags in Bart. Billy leaps off Bart’s back and clotheslines Owen in the corner. Billy with a scoop slam on Owen and goes to the middle rope but Owen manages to atomic drop Billy in midair. Both men are down and Owen crawls to his corner to tag in Bulldog and makes the tag. Bulldog cleans house with several right hands and rams both champions into each other. Bulldog with a delayed vertical suplex on Billy for a near fall. Owen and Bart brawl on the floor as Bulldog and Billy go at it. Billy accidentally knocks the referee out and turns around right into a running power slam by Bulldog. Bulldog covers but their isn’t a referee. The referee is sent back into the ring by Owen but Sunny pulls the referee out and causes the disqualification.
After the match, Owen and Bulldog are not happy that they do not get the championships. Bulldog and Owen attack the champions after the match and Owen grabs Sunny. Bulldog tries to grab the titles but isn’t able to. Sunny bails to the floor and leaves with her men.


Sixth Contest: The Undertaker defeated Mankind in a casket match: Taker with a series of right hands in the corner as the bell rings and his pyro stops going off. Mankind bails to the floor but comes back in only to run into a back elbow. Taker sends Mankind to the floor and stares down Paul Bearer. Mankind drags Taker to the floor and delivers a few right hands on the floor. Mankind sends Taker into the time keepers table and rakes his eyes. Mankind with a running knee attack on Taker who’s head was up against the ring steps. Mankind clubs away on Taker in the ring and chokes away on Taker. Mankind works away on Taker with a series of right hands and tries to send Taker into the casket but isn’t able to. Mankind stomps away on Taker on the apron and tries to push Taker into the casket but Taker prevents that from happening. Taker throws Mankind into the casket but Mankind delivers a few right hands from in the casket to get out of it. Taker with a boot out of the corner but Mankind comes back with one of his own. Mankind rams Taker into the corner but Taker comes back with a clothesline and walks the ropes before dropping down across the arm of Mankind. Taker hits Mankind across the back with a steel chair and chokes away on Mankind. Taker tries to send Mankind into the casket but Mankind delivers a few right hands to get out of danger. Mankind with a swinging neck breaker and drags Taker to the floor but isn’t able to as Taker kicks Mankind into the guard railing! Taker sends Mankind over the railing into the crowd. Taker with a chair shot across the back and brawls with Mankind through the crowd. Taker and Mankind brawl very deep into the crowd with Taker delivering right hands. The fans are chasing after them as they continue to brawl deep into building. Taker is controlling Mankind with a series of right hands as they are going all over the place through the crowd. They make it back to ringside where Taker slams the casket door onto Mankind a few times. Taker throws ring steps into the ring and clubs away on Mankind. Taker grabs the steps and slams the steps across the back of Mankind! Taker with a clothesline as Mankind comes off the ropes. Taker attempts the tombstone but Mankind gets out of it and gets the mandible claw put on! Taker is fading quickly as the fans try to rally behind Taker! Mankind tries to put Taker in the casket but Taker grabs Mankind by the throat and avoids getting closed in. Taker avoids a chair shot and low blows Mankind and smashes a chair over Mankind’s head. Taker signals for the tombstone but Mankind drops Taker throat first across the top rope. Mankind leaps off the top but is grabbed by the throat and is choke slammed. Taker sets Mankind up and connects with the tombstone! Taker rolls Mankind over to the casket and wins the match. **½
After the match, Taker plays to the crowd and does his usual taunts.

Michael Hayes goes over the ladder match and gets the crowd pumped up for the HBK/Goldust ladder match. Three referees are getting the title hung above the ring.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Goldust in a ladder match to retain the title:
Michaels gets pyro for his introduction and gets a pretty good baby face reception. Goldust backs HBK into the corner and slowly taunts him by rubbing his chest and blowing into HBK’s face. HBK tackles Goldust down and delivers several right hands. HBK sends Goldust over the top to the floor and takes Goldust out with a slingshot cross body on the floor. HBK rams Goldust face first into the ring steps and sends Goldust back into the ring. HBK comes off the top but is met with a right hand to the midsection. Goldust drops down and delivers a throat thrust to control HBK. Goldust with a clothesline and goes to the floor to grab the ladder set up in the entrance way. Michaels has a chair as Goldust comes back to the ring. Goldust turns around and HBK hit’s the ladder with the chair a couple of times. HBK attempts a suplex on the floor but Goldust reverses and takes HBK down with a vertical suplex onto the time keepers table! Goldust works on HBK with several right hands in the corner and sends HBK chest first in the corner. Goldust goes for the Curtain Call but HBK gets out of it and misses a super kick. Both men connect with clotheslines and they are both down. HBK with a go behind but Goldust manages to avoid the turnbuckle and rams HBK shoulder first into the corner. Goldust takes the top turnbuckle off and grabs HBK where he drags HBK across the top rope face first. Goldust works on HBK in the corner and rubs himself. Goldust sends HBK back first into the exposed turnbuckle corner. Goldust charges the corner but misses a splash and hit’s the medal turnbuckle! HBK rams Goldust head first into the corner but Goldust sends HBK across the ring and HBK does a flip and is met with a right hand. Goldust catapults HBK over the top to the floor. Goldust goes to the floor and grabs the ladder and carries it back to the ring. Goldust places the ladder on the railing and apron. Goldust drops HBK face first on the ladder and plays to the crowd. Goldust slams the ladder across the back of HBK back in the ring. Goldust slams the ladder across HBK’s back a couple more times. Goldust works on HBK with a series of right hands in the corner. Goldust sends HBK chest first into the ladder set up in the corner. Goldust sets the ladder up right under the belt and makes his way up to get the belt but is stopped by HBK who yanks Goldust down to the mat. Goldust and HBK trade right hands with HBK managing to send HBK face first into the ladder. HBK with a swinging neck breaker and both men are down. HBK makes his way up the ladder but Goldust is able to get to his feet and shoves the ladder over which sends HBK throat first across the top rope! Goldust with a running bulldog onto the ladder. Goldust uses the ladder to swing and hit HBK on the side of the head. Goldust sets up the ladder and makes his way up towards the belt. HBK climbs up top and leaps off hitting Goldust with a double axe handle and both men are down. HBK with a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring but Goldust drops down with a jawbreaker. HBK manages to get the advantage with a right hand and leaps off the top of the ladder with a splash. HBK is now climbing up the ladder but Goldust trades right hands with HBK on the top of the ladder. Goldust falls off the ladder as HBK is all alone on the ladder but Goldust again tips the ladder over and HBK goes groin first across the top rope. Goldust climbs up but HBK tips it over. HBK starts to climb but Goldust pulls down HBK’s trunks and goes for the Curtain Call but HBK flips over and manages to connect with the super kick! HBK makes his way up the ladder and grabs the belt to win the match! ***½
After the match, HBK celebrates his win with plenty of fireworks going off and the crowd going nuts.

End of show


My Take:
Their wasn’t much clipping as I expected. The only match that was slightly clipped was the main event as the guy filming it only cut out portions where both guys were down and out and nothing was happening, so I didn’t miss much in terms of action.

Jose/Cornette was a garbage match. Nothing special happened during the contest as they just traded right hands and chokes for the most part. I’m not quite sure why these two would be wrestling on the show to begin with. It didn’t go more than four minutes, so it was kept short and didn’t kill the show really.

Honestly, I was quite disappointed with Austin/Mero. They had some good matches back in WCW but this one just didn’t come across good at all. It was a rather slow match in the beginning and just carried along that way for quite sometime. I found it funny when one of the guys filming said “ I like Austin, but where is the merchandize”. So, by August of 1996 the WWF didn’t have Austin shirts for sale. Judging by Austin’s crowd response on this show he was really over as a baby face despite being a heel.

Sid/Vader was a lame contest as well. WWF seems to be stacking the shows with big names but they don’t work well together or were told not to give 100% on this show. I found it slightly odd that a guy like Sid wasn’t able to slam Vader. To me that makes Sid look kind of foolish.

A squash match on a house show? Really, that is something I will never quite understand.

The tag team title match was decent at best, but the lame DQ finish was stupid. Seemed to be on the short side as they could have got going with a few more minutes to work with. Sunny getting cheered while the Smoking Gunns get booed. Would you want the popular Sunny to be with the heel Smoking Gunns? I would think you would want her with a baby face team. That’s just me though.

Taker/Mankind was the first good contest on the show. They went all over the place and had a very good brawl for what it was. It’s nothing like their matches on television or pay per view but it was still a good contest, I thought. The entrance of Taker for the show was nicely shown by the camera guy. The lighters and having the show outside really made it look cool.

Lastly, HBK/Goldust was a fabulous ladder match. They hit all their spots and never really slowed down the contest. It had to have went close to twenty minutes and considering some of the spots they did, you would have thought it was a pay per view broadcast. I think this proves that HBK went all out on every showing he had while champion for WWF. I was impressed with it and it made Goldust look good in my opinion.

Overall, the place was packed with apparently over 20,000 people in attendance. For the most part they got a bad show with two good/great matches on the card with Mankind/Taker and HBK/Goldust. Everyone else seemed to just be going through the motions, with Austin seemingly doing that the most.

Thanks for reading


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