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WWF RAW 3/1/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 3/1/1993
From: Manhattan Center, New York City

RAW quickly starts off with Bret Hart coming to the ring. Bob Bartlett is impersonating Elvis tonight.

Opening Contest: Bret Hart defeated Fatu to retain the WWF World Championship:
Early on, Vince McMahon tries to say that Bret was hooked by Afa while coming off the ropes, but Afa wasn’t anywhere near Bret at the time. Six minutes into the contest, Samu comes out and attacks Bret Hart. Fatu gets a pretty good amount of offense against Bret, even making the champion bleed from the nose. Samu switches places with Fatu for a moment but Fatu quickly re-enters the match. Hart with his usual move set and ends up winning the hard fought contest with the sharpshooter in thirteen minutes. Hart manages to win while Samu has his head stuck in the top rope! ***

Wrestle Mania IX Report with Gene. Gene goes over the matches already announced for the show which includes Tatanka taking on the WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels. Lex Luger battles Mr. Perfect. Bret Hart defends the WWF World Heavyweight Championship against Yokozuna. Lastly, the Mega Maniacs will go for the WWF World Tag Team Championships when they face Money Inc.



Footage of a soaking wet Crush coming out of the ocean and crushing a coconut to show that he will do to Doink at Wrestle Mania.

Second Contest: Doink defeated Koko B. Ware:
Doink worked on Koko’s knee for the whole contest even bulldogging the knee of Koko. Doink wins by submission with a standing leg lock in under two minutes.
After the match, Bob Bartlett grabs a microphone and calls over Doink. Doink heads over and smashes a pie into the face of Bartlett.


Vince McMahon calls out the WWF World Tag Team Champions, Money Inc. Well, the promo starts off with their “friend” from America Express getting ten million dollars over a few years and how they feel that wasn’t enough. They do eventually get on topic. Ted believes that Jimmy Hart was a overpaid manager. Irwin has a picture of Hogan on the “beefcase”, the new name for the briefcase. Money Inc. agree to put the tag team titles on the line at Wrestle Mania IX



Third Contest: Lex Luger defeated PJ Walker:
Complete dominance by Luger on the young Walker (aka Justin Credible). Luger pins Walker following a running forearm smash.
After the match, Luger sends Walker to the floor and beats Walker up in front of a mirror.


Main Event: Steiner Brothers defeated Duane Gill/Barry Hardy:
Gill/Hardy appear to be a actual jobber tag team looking alike. Steiner’s win again when Scott Steiner pins Gill.



Vince McMahon goes over next week’s card before signing off.

End of Show

My Take:
Hart/Fatu was a very good television contest. Money Inc. promo did it’s job to make people want Beefcake and Hogan to beat them at Mania. Everything else was lackluster, nothing but squashes to put over some newly acquired talent.


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