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WWF RAW 4/19/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 4/19/1993
From: Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York

We see a quick promo by the WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc insulting the Beverly Brothers. The Beverly Brothers also cut a promo saying that they will be winning the WWF World Tag Team Championships.

RAW Opening Video

Opening Contest: Razor Ramon defeated Virgil:
Ramon continues to get a great baby face reception from the Poughkeepsie crowd. After nearly seven minutes of action, Ramon wins following the Razors Edge.

Vince McMahon, Randy Savage and Bob Bartlett hype up Money Inc./Beverly Brothers and a Bret Hart interview.


Second Contest: Giant Gonzalez defeated LA Gore:
Gonzalez in just over a minute following a choke slam.

Luna Vachon is cutting a interview on Sherri Martel. Footage from Wrestle Mania IX is shown, along with the attack by Luna on Sherri in the backstage area.

Third Contest: Tatanka defeated Art Thomas:
Just another squash match with Tatanka winning following a Samoan Drop in two and half minutes.



WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defeated Beverly Brothers in a non-title match:
All four men begin to brawl before the bell with the Beverly Brothers getting a brief advantage. DiBiase and Blake start off the match with Blake sending DiBiase to the floor. Blake with a wrist lock on DiBiase but DiBiase is able to reverse that. They counter into several wrist locks and hammerlocks. DiBiase with a shoulder block and kicks Blake right in the face. DiBiase misses a standing elbow drop and is scoop slammed. Beau tags in and connects with a double axe handle off the top. Blake with several right hands and leg drops the left arm of DiBiase. Blake comes off the ropes and hit’s a head butt. Blake with a arm bar on DiBiase who is unable to get out of the hold. Beau tags in and continues to work on the left arm of DiBiase. DiBiase tries to make the tag to IRS but is being prevented by Blake. DiBiase makes the tag but the referee was distracted by Beau and thus will not allow the tag. DiBiase is double teamed in the corner for a few moments as IRS is sent back to his corner. Beau tags in and leaps off the middle rope down across the left arm of DiBiase. IRS tags into the match but was standing on the bottom rope so it is disallowed. Blake continues to control DiBiase in the corner by choking him. DiBiase with a back elbow in the corner and scoop slams Blake. IRS makes the tag and misses a elbow drop coming off the ropes. Beau leg drops the left arm of IRS but IRS takes Beau down by the hair for a moment. Beau with several stomps in the corner and tags out to Blake who drives down across the shoulder of IRS off the top rope for a near fall. Blake rakes IRS eyes and the Beverly Brothers double team IRS again. Back from a commercial, IRS has a front face lock on Beau. DiBiase sneaks into the match and puts a front face lock on Beau as well. DiBiase chops away on Beau in the corner. Beau with a series of right hands but is poked in the eyes by DiBiase. Beau kicks DiBiase in the face as he comes off the ropes. IRS tags back in and stomps away on Beau. DiBiase gets a tag from IRS and is able to prevent Beau from tagging out. Beau comes off the ropes and manages to take DiBiase down with a swinging neck breaker. Blake gets the tag and head butts DiBiase. Blake follows up with a backdrop and scoop slam. Blake tags out to Blake for some reason who covers DiBiase for a near fall. Beau with a few right hands and a back elbow to retain control. Beau continues his fury of offense with a backdrop and IRS breaks up the pin attempt. Beau accidentally hits Blake with a right hand and DiBiase is able to roll Beau up for the win. **

Vince McMahon is in the ring and introduces former WWF World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart. Hart says that he has been a underdog and has lost before. Hart believes himself and his fans. Hart says that he has a hit list and Lex Luger is on the top of that list. A clip of Lex Luger attacking Bret Hart at the press conference from Wrestle Mania IX is shown. Bret even calls out Hulk Hogan and says that he will be getting his WWF World Heavyweight Championship back.



Main Event: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Phil Apollo: During the contest, Doink the Clown is waling the aisle pulling pranks on the audience. Bigelow wins the squash following a flying head butt.
After the match, Friar Ferguson comes down and protects Apollo. Ferguson dropkicks Bigelow to the floor.

End of Show

My Take:
Razor Ramon continues to get a very good baby face reaction despite the fact he is a heel. I’m starting to think that he only gets that type of reception in New York. A Luger/Hart feud could be interesting, and it would greatly help Luger in being a top tier heel. Luger is already easy to hate. Found it to be interesting that Bret Hart would warn Hulk Hogan that he is coming back for his strap. Good to see a baby face calling out other baby faces. If Bam-Bam Bigelow is going to be wasted in a feud with Friar Ferguson, that will be a sad thing to see.


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