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WWF RAW 4/12/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 4/12/1993
From: Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York

Backstage, the WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. are paying the Beverly Brothers money for information regarding the Steiner Brothers. The Beverly Brothers put the Steiner’s over as “really strong and fast”.

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon, Randy Savage and the returning Rob Bartlett are on commentary tonight. Bartlett will be interviewing Luna Vachon later tonight.

IRS comes out to the ring and insults all the “tax cheats” in the crowd.

Opening Contest: Scott Steiner defeated I.R.S via disqualification: IRS with a wrist lock but Steiner reverses into a hammerlock which doesn’t last long as IRS reaches the ropes. IRS tries to kick Steiner of the ropes but Steiner blocks, but IRS is able to jump and kick Steiner in the head anyway. IRS works on Steiner with a few right hands but is dropped by Steiner with a power slam. Steiner with a side headlock as IRS re-enters the ring. Steiner with two shoulder blocks but IRS takes Steiner down with a drop toe hold, however Steiner goes into hammerlock quickly. Steiner with a running clothesline for a near fall. Back from a commercial, IRS kicks Steiner in the ribs and drives Steiner down with a piledriver for a near fall. Steiner with a back elbow but IRS slams Steiner back down to the mat. IRS with a reverse chin lock to maintain control of his opponent. Steiner with a back elbow and right hands but IRS rakes Steiner’s eyes and connects with a backbreaker. IRS taunts the fans as he goes to the top rope and leaps off right into the boot of Steiner. Steiner battles back with right hands and a back elbow. Steiner works on IRS in the corner with more right hands and sends IRS into the corner. IRS tries to leave but Steiner steps on his tie. Steiner uses the tie to leap over the top and sends IRS throat first into the ropes. Steiner with a backdrop and a double under hook power bomb for a near fall as Ted DiBiase slides in and attacks Steiner!
After the match, Rick Steiner brawls with DiBiase as the Beverly Brothers also come down to the ring. Beverly’s and Money Inc. beat down Scott Steiner until the Beverly’s accidentally hit DiBiase with a double clothesline.


Wrestle Mania IX highlights


Luna Vachon comes down to the ring and cuts a promo saying that she is the “Woman of the 90’s”. Sherri Martel comes down to the ringside area and yells at Bob Bartlett for even bringing Luna to the ring. A brawl ensues between the women with Martel slamming Luna on the floor. Luna attacks Martel with her belt. They even brawl into the crowd where Sherri is trying to rip Luna’s clothing off. Sgt. Slaughter comes out and carries Luna to the backstage area.


Randy Savage is with Sherri Martel until Luna comes out again and continues the wild brawl. Sherri Martel accepts a challenge from Luna.

Second Contest: Papa Shango defeated Scott Taylor: Shango gets another squash match beating a pretty good jobber in less than three minutes following a shoulder breaker.


Main Event: Friar Ferguson defeated Chris Duffy:
Friar is a religious fellow from the olden days. The match is pretty bad and ends with Friar winning following a splash.


Backstage, Money Inc. have accepted a challenge from the Beverly Brothers and moments later the Beverly Brothers charge the ring and brawl with Money Inc.


End of show

My Take:
The whole Luna/Sherri segment was very well done. Scott Taylor has to be seen as the best jobber the WWF has. Not a fan of the Friar Ferguson character, seems like a stupid gimmick. Looks like the Beverly Brothers are going to be turning face. Considering their gimmicks are rich snobs, that may be hard to transition unless there is a gimmick change soon.


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