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WWF RAW 5/17/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 5/17/1993
From: Manhattan Center, New York City

Vince McMahon, Randy Savage and Bobby Heenan go over what will be on this edition of RAW. A replay of the brawl between Mr. Perfect and Shawn Michaels from last week is shown.

Opening Contest: The Smoking Gunns defeated Tony Vadja/Glenn Ruth: Squash match for the new tag team the Smoking Gunns. Gunns pick up the win following a dangerous pile driver by Bart Gunn.

Vince McMahon calls out the WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels for a interview. During the interview a “fan” comes into the ring and is not stopped. The “fan” reveals himself to be.. MARTY JANNETTY! Jannetty answers the challenge Michaels had just issued out to anyone and the strap will be on the line.



Second Contest: The Kid defeated Razor Ramon:
The Kid is the same guy that has had “Kid” in his name for the past several weeks and losing fairly easily. Ramon thinks he is control but Kid comes out of nowhere and nails Ramon with a moonsault off the turnbuckle and pins Ramon in just over two minutes! Ramon is not happy about that result.


The announcers discuss the upset win on Razor Ramon.

Third Contest: Tatanka defeated Scott Taylor:
Taylor continues to impress, despite him being a jobber. Tatanka finishes Taylor off with a Samoan Drop in nearly four minutes of action.


Time for the weekly King of the Ring report with Gene. Hulk Hogan will defend the WWF World Heavyweight Championship against Yokozuna. That’s the only new thing to mention.


Fourth Contest: Yokozuna defeated Kamala:
After hyping this match as being a battle of big men, Yokozuna defeats Kamala fairly easily win following a Bonzai Drop in just under four minutes of action.


Marty Jannetty defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels to win the title: Michaels backs Jannetty into the corner and hammers away with right hands. Michaels sends Jannetty into the corner twice, but Jannetty reverses and sends Michaels into the corner. Jannetty with a quick rollup for a near fall. Jannetty with a sunset flip and gets another near fall! Jannetty with a side headlock and a knocks Michaels down with a clothesline. Jannetty manages to send Michaels over the top to the floor. Jannetty with a baseball slide and a slingshot cross body to the floor! Jannetty sends Michaels back into the ring following a right hand. Michaels with a boot to the face and misses a super kick. Jannetty with a Japanese arm drag and a head scissors takedown for a two count. Jannetty keeps the head scissors locked in. Michaels gets out but misses a elbow drop. Jannetty with a backdrop and sends Michaels into the corner where Michaels flips over the top to the floor. Michaels grabs his championship and begins to head to the backstage area. Mr. Perfect cuts Michaels off at the top of the ramp and Michaels flips out. Back from commercial, Jannetty flips Michaels back into the ring from the apron. Jannetty attempts a head scissors but Michaels drops Jannetty chest first across the top rope. Michaels chokes Jannetty to control the contest. Michaels with a series of left jabs in the corner and chokes Jannetty as well. Michaels chokes Jannetty on the middle rope and jumps onto the back of Jannetty. Michaels drives his knee across the chest of Jannetty and snap mares Jannetty leading into a headlock. Michaels connects with a nice dropkick and goes for another one but Jannetty blocks it and catapults Michaels into the post! Jannetty goes for the cover but Michaels is able to just get his shoulder up! Jannetty with a whiplash type move and a series of right hands. Jannetty with a spinning back elbow and a snap scoop slam for a near fall! Jannetty fakes Michaels out with a cross body and connects with one anyway for a near fall. Jannetty reverses a suplex attempt with a roll up, Michaels with a rollup of his own using the trunks for leverage but isn’t able to get the three. Michaels with a super kick and taunts Perfect. Perfect throws his towel at Michaels who stumbles backwards and is rolled up by Jannetty who gets the three! ***



Vince McMahon hypes up what just happened on this edition of RAW.

End of show

My Take:
A pleasant surprise with Marty Jannetty returning and catching Shawn Michaels off guard. A huge shocker with the Kid pinning Razor Ramon cleanly. Clearly the Kid will be apart of the WWF for quite sometime. Jannetty winning the title gets a thumbs up, but the finish was kind of weak. Whenever Perfect and Michaels battle, it will be a must see encounter if everything goes correctly.


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