ECW Double Tables 2/4/1995

Extreme Championship Wrestling Double Tables
Date: 2/4/1995
From: ECW Arena, Philadelphia, PA

Joey Styles is standing at ringside and welcomes the fans in the arena, and the people watching the video to the show. Styles introduces the “sexiest man on the earth”, Jason Knight! Jason puts over the atmosphere in the building. He quickly insults Styles. Jason introduces his new tag team, who will be the ECW World Tag Team Champions, The Pitbulls! The Pitbulls are looking at the wrong camera when they are trying to taunt the audience. Jason claims to have brought another new talent to the United States. Jason introduces, a man from Japan… Jason the Terrible! Jason the Terrible has hockey mask on and is at least 6’6’’.

We see footage from Bad Breed/Pitbulls feud. Where the Pitbulls defeated Bad Breed. Bad Breed are no longer a tag team, and will do battle on this show.

Jason the Terrible & The Pitbulls (#1 & #2) defeated The Young Dragons & Hack Meyers:
Pitbulls dominate one of the Dragons early on. Meyers gets the tag and goes to work on Pitbull #1. Meyers offense doesn’t last too long as Pitbull #1 delivers a low blow. Double vertical suplex by the Pitbulls onto Meyers. Meyers is sent to the floor, where he is clotheslined by Jason the Terrible. Meyers comes back with several right hands on Pitbull #1 in the ring, double clothesline. Jason the Terrible with a standing side kick on Meyers, Terrible with a few head butts. Meyers is busted open. Meyers is being tripled team, his partners are nowhere to be found. Jason the Terrible has connected with at least twelve head butts. The Pitbulls lift Jason into the air, and connects with a big splash for the win. DUD


We go back to Jason who is cutting a promo. Jason says that they will no longer see Jason the Terrible in ECW. Inside the ring, Meyers is attacking the Young Dragons. Pitbulls say they will win the Tag Team Titles. Meyers comes over and whacks all three men with a chair. Jason is backed into the ring, and gets a punch in but Meyers goes to work on Jason. Angel comes down to the ring, in a wedding dress and slaps Meyers. Meyers with a few punches, and proceeds to spank her. She likes it and kisses Meyers. Meyers with a pile driver on Angel to end the segment.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Stevie Richards w/ Raven: For once being booed unmercifully by the ECW fans, Dreamer comes out to a good amount of cheers. Early on, they take it to the floor where Dreamer sends Richards into a fans chair, and back first into the guard railing. Dreamer delivers a frying pan shot to the head of Richards. Dreamer with a frying pan shot to the groin. Richards comes back with a back body drop. Dreamer blocks a hip toss and plants Richards with a DDT. Dreamer connects with a splash off the top, and Raven pops up onto the apron to distract Dreamer. Moments later, Raven enters the ring and holds Dreamer, allowing Richards to deliver a super kick. Dreamer ducks a second super kick, delivers a low blow and rolls Richards up for the win. **
After the match, Raven enters the ring and is held back by Richards and the referee. Dreamer grabs the microphone and rips on the WWF, and tells everyone else to kiss their ass! Dreamer starts a “ECW” chant.

Mikey Whipwreck defeated Paul Lauria w/Jason: In the opening seconds, Whipwreck sends Lauria into the front row twice. On the second time, the fans literally throw Lauria back over the guard railing. Lauria with modified head scissors to get some offense in. Lauria reverses Whipwreck and connects with a gut wrench slam. Fans liked the move. Whipwreck with a back body drop and Lauria looks a like a feather landing hard. Whipwreck misses a cross body from the ring to the floor. Jason attacks Whipwreck on the floor, slamming Mikey through a table at ringside. Lauria with a scoop slam on the broken table, and whacks Whipwreck directly on the chin with chair. Mikey’s chin is really busted open. Mikey with a butterfly suplex. Mikey with a top turnbuckle bulldog and goes for the cover, but Jason pulls him out. Mikey knocks Jason down with a right hand. Mikey with a backslide on Lauria to pick up the three count. **


Ian Rotten defeated Axl Rotten: Axl wastes no time going to work on Ian on the floor, sending him into the guard rail and delivering several shots with a road sign. Ian with one the more obvious blade jobs after a few chair shots. Axl throws the bloody Ian down the bleachers. Ian with a chair shot on Axl. Axl with several right hands to open up the cut on Ian some more. Axl with the time keeper hammer and begins to gouge the arm of Ian. Ian comes back with a few kicks to the head and a running dropkick in the corner. Axl with several more rights, Ian is backed into the corner, trips Axl up and uses the ropes for leverage to pick up the win. *1/2
After the match, Axl grabs a chair and whacks Ian over the back and head a few times.

Chris Benoit defeated Al Snow:
The crowd really likes Benoit. Early on there is some pin fall attempts. Benoit with a dragon screw, and moments later Snow connects with a super kick. Flair flip in the corner by Snow, Benoit knocks Snow off the apron with a clothesline. Benoit with a baseball slide and Snow hopes back up onto the apron, springboards off the top rope and connects with a dropkick to the back of Benoit’s head. (He was playing to the crowd). The crowd is loving this match thus far. Snow with a spinning heel kick. Snow misses a top rope missile dropkick, Benoit with a German suplex but Snow kicks out. Hooking clothesline, and a scoop slam by Benoit to keep the control of the match. Benoit with a vicious belly to back suplex but again only gets a two count. Benoit with the flying head butt off the top but again Snow manages to kick out! Benoit, after insulting the crowd, connects with another German suplex but Snow kicks out. Snow is limp, Snow reverses a full nelson suplex, and connects with the “Snow Plex”, a body scissors into a slam. Snow connects with a release German suplex! Snow with another super kick but Benoit kicks out. Fisherman suplex by Snow for another near fall. Benoit with a German suplex. Seconds later, Benoit connects with the full nelson suplex for the three count. ***
After the match, Benoit power bombs Snow and Snow is selling a neck injury.


Shane Douglas defeated Tully Blanchard to retain the ECW World Heavyweight title: Tully wants to shake hands, but tricks Douglas and goes to work. Tully with a vertical suplex and several rights early on. Slingshot suplex by Tully already, but Douglas kicks out. Tully plants Douglas with a pile driver, the referee counts the three, but Douglas had his foot on the ropes. On the floor, Douglas has control and slams Tully on the table at ringside. Douglas with a elbow from the ring apron. Tully slams Douglas chest first onto the table at ringside, which is broken. Douglas with several blows to the back of Tully. Douglas with a running clothesline over the top to the floor. Tully ducks a clothesline, goes behind Douglas and Douglas springboards off the turnbuckle and lands on – Tully for a pin, but only gets a two count. However, it appeared this was severely botched. On the floor, Tully drops Douglas throat first across the guard railing. Tully continues his attack on the floor with a back breaker. Douglas reverses a vertical suplex back into the ring and picks up the win. *1/2

Cactus Jack defeated Sandman in a Texas Death Match:
Jack with the advantage early on sending Sandman into the big pole in the entrance way, and delivers a few chair shots. Jack with a simple leg drop to get a pin, but Sandman gets up before the ten count. Jack places a chair across the face of Sandman and delivers another leg drop for another pin. Sandman gets up at a six count. Sandman appears to be legit dazed. Sandman sends Jack into the guard railing, and then whiplashes Jack down on the floor. Moments later, Jack misses a leg drop on the floor, and is holding is left leg. Jack misses an attempted dropkick or maybe another leg drop, and hold his leg again. Sandman goes to work on the left leg of Jack. Sandman drops Jack’s left knee right down on a steel chair. Woman comes over and whacks Jack over the knee with a kendo stick. Sandman reverses a pile driver into a back drop, with Jack landing on a steel chair. Double arm DDT on the chair by Jack, Sandman manages to kick out. Sandman comes back with a pile driver on the steel chair. Sandman connects with a DDT on the chair and gets the three count. Sandman pulls Jack up. Jack grabs the kendo stick from Woman and delivers a few shots to the head of Sandman. Jack with an assisted elbow drop with a chair on the floor for a two count. Jack throws the chair at Sandman, connects with another elbow drop, gets the three, but Sandman gets up. Jack with a DDT on the concrete floor and gets a three count, Sandman gets up. Another DDT by Jack, Sandman continues to get up. A THIRD DDT on the concrete, Sandman can not get up. *1/2


Sabu & The Tazmaniac defeated The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) in a Double Tables match to win the ECW Tag Team titles: Taz controls Rock in the ring with suplex and power bomb. Grunge is choking Sabu on the floor. Sabu gets a chair and delivers a few shots. Sabu sits Grunge on the chair and connects with a suicide dive! Sabu and Grunge end up in the bleachers trading right hands. Grunge is busted open. Grunge with a frying pan shot. Sabu with the Arabian face crusher on Grunge. Sabu grabs a table. Sabu places a chair on the top turnbuckle, leaps off but Grunge moves. PE send Sabu and Taz into a table in the corner, but it doesn’t break. Rock grabs a broken piece of paper and goes to work on Sabu. Taz and Grunge are on the top turnbuckle go through a table at the same time. Rock connects with a somersault splash and lands on Sabu crashing through the table. Neither of the two referees saw this. Sabu is on the top turnbuckle, and Taz places Rock on the table, Sabu with a leg drop off the top o the floor. **1/4
After the match, Taz and Grunge battle up the aisle way. Sabu and 911 set up two tables. Sabu places one of the tables on the top turnbuckle. Rock is placed on the table on the mat. Chris Benoit comes down, meets Sabu on the top turnbuckle where a table is, and power bombs Sabu on top of Rock, through the table.

We see a interview with Chris Benoit cutting a promo on Sabu. He says that he let Sabu back in ECW, because he wants him back in ECW. Benoit says he knows he can beat Sabu whenever he wants too. Benoit says that he and Dean Malenko will be crowned the new ECW World Tag Team Champions.

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