WWF RAW 1/6/1997

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation RAW
Date: 1/6/1997
From: Albany, New York

Vader cuts a promo on Bret Hart. Vader says that Hart and everyone else will know What Time It Is!

Highlights from Shotgun Saturday Night..

RAW Opening Video

Opening Contest: Mankind defeated Owen Hart in 7:08 after a pile driver:
Not even twenty seconds into the match, Hart attempts the sharpshooter but Mankind gets to the ropes. Mankind nearly gets the Mandible Claw, but Owen bites his finger and stomps on it. Owen gets a Slammy, and Mankind has a chair, Owen hits Mankind with the slammy. Owen also gets his Tag Title and whacks Mankind. This is turning into a no holds barred match. I like it. After a few slow moments in the ring, back outside they go. Mankind whacks Owen with a trey of sorts. Owen with a nice reversal from a reverse neck breaker into a DDT. Moments later, Mankind pulls out the victory after Owen goes shoulder first into the ring post. **

We go backstage to HBK. Jose and Pete Lothario. Pete says that they don’t take what Sid did lightly and if he needs to get involved, he will. HBK can not wait to hear what Sid has to say later tonight.


Now time for highlights from Saturday Night. The Nation and Ahmed Johnson brawling. Johnson even delivers a Pearl River Plunge on top of a limo. We see a ridiculous tag team, who are named Flying Nuns, defeating the Godwinns.

Second Contest: Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon defeated Fake Diesel & Fake Razor Ramon in 9:15:
Honky Tonk Man, joins Lawler and Vince for the match. He is looking for someone who is as good as he is. The fellow that portrays the fake Ramon is delivering some weak looking right hands. Ramon with a weird looking pump handle slam, by throwing Lafon over his head. The crowd is dead throughout this match. Lafon gets the hot tag and takes both Diesel and Ramon down. Furnas is eventually able to pin Ramon to end the match. *

We see highlights of Lawler/Goldust. During which HHH took Marlena and brawled with Goldust. Mero/Goldust will battle Lawler/HHH next week.

Bret Hart is standing backstage and he is hoping for HBK to stick his nose in his match. He says Vader is big, but he is also stupid.


Jim Ross is in the ring along with the WWF World Champion, Sid Vicious. Sid says that no man intimidates him. He says he will walk in as the man, and he will walk out the man. The Master, and the Ruler of the World! Shawn Michaels music hits and he comes out with Jose. Michaels proceeds to strip on the announcers table. Sid says he is going to apologize for what he is GOING to do..


Before the match starts we see The Undertaker tombstone Jim Cornette on Super Stars the other day

Main Event: Vader defeated Bret Hart in 8:05:
Vader is in complete control for the most part. Vader attempts a splash from the middle rope, and Hart gets his knees up. Steve Austin is seen watching on a screen backstage. Both men fall over the top rope to the floor and brawl. Sid comes out and grabs the camera man to the backstage area. Steve Austin comes out of nowhere and Stuns Hart. Vader with the Vader Bomb to win the match. *1/2


We go backstage and Sid power bombs Pete Lothario on a table, which doesn’t break. Michaels and Jose run to the backstage area.


Replay of what happened before the break. Shawn Michaels, Savio Vega and Aldo Montoya are attending to Pete. Again show the power bomb in slow motion.

My Opinion:
Owen/Mankind was a fairly entertaining opening contest. Furnas and Lafon looked good but they were in a match against two rather bad wrestlers/characters. Bret Hart stumbling during his promo took away from the promo. Hart hasn’t been known for his promos, anyway. The crowd was dead for the most of the show which again, killed the overall feel for the show. I always find a lively crowd to make the show better to watch.

Overall Grade:

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