WWF House Show 11/5/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 11/5/1993
From: Indianapolis, IN

This is a handheld event and thus was not aired on television at any time. It is the complete event with all seven matches taped in their entirety.

Rick Martel comes out and puts himself over while insulting the Indiana crowd.

Opening Contest: Rick Martel defeated Marty Jannetty:
Martel backs Jannetty into the corner but breaks away cleanly. Martel with a side headlock and pulls Jannetty down by the hair as he was almost out of it. Martel yanks Jannetty down again as Jannetty was threatening to use a closed fist. Jannetty kicks Martel down and Martel staggers towards the ropes. Martel with a hammerlock but Jannetty runs around the ring and Martel goes flying to the floor through the bottom rope. Martel with a knee lift and a series of right hands to regain control. Martel cartwheels coming off the ropes and does a few jumping jacks taunting the fans. Martel with a throat thrust in the corner and continues to taunt the fans until he is met with a clothesline, dropkick and a arm drag from Jannetty. Jannetty splashes down across Martel’s left arm while having a arm lock locked in. Martel misses a clothesline in the corner and Jannetty goes back to a wrist lock. Jannetty kicks Martel into the ropes who does a cartwheel but misses a elbow drop. Jannetty goes for a quick cover but Martel kicks out at two. Jannetty with a wrist lock again but Martel backs him into the corner and delivers a few knees. Martel is also able to drop Jannetty throat first across the top rope. Snap mare by Martel and drives his knee into Jannetty’s face. Martel locks in a front face lock in the middle of the ring as well. Jannetty comes back with a clothesline and gets a near fall. However, Martel gets up and quickly rams Jannetty face first into the mat and goes back to a front face lock. Martel chokes Jannetty across the top rope and misses a clothesline. Jannetty with a backslide and almost gets the win. Martel manages to follow up by ramming Jannetty face first into the mat. Martel with a couple of backbreakers. Martel gets crotched on the top rope and flips into the ring as he was taking his time. Spinning back elbow by Jannetty and Martel begs. Running knee lift from Jannetty and kicks Martel as he comes to the corner. Flying clothesline off the middle rope by Jannetty for a two count. Jannetty with a ten punch count in the corner and Martel is loopy. Martel is able to roll through a rollup and picks up the clean win. **½


I.R.S. comes down to the ring and cuts his tax cheat promo.

Second Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated IRS via count-out to retain the title:
IRS shoves Ramon and backs off as Ramon charges at him. IRS with a wrist lock but Ramon is able come back with one of his own and takes IRS down to the mat where he leg drops IRS’s arm. IRS gets to the ropes to break the wrist lock. Hammerlock by IRS but Ramon counters with one of his own but IRS again goes to the ropes. Ramon drops IRS throat first across the top rope and has a headlock locked in. Shoulder block and a hip toss by Ramon. IRS staggers to his feet and is clotheslined sending him to the floor. IRS is backed into the corner but is able to nail Ramon with a right hand. IRS sends Ramon to the floor and soon follows. IRS chokes Ramon with a tag rope and throws Ramon to the floor. Back in the ring, IRS places Ramon in a abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage. Ramon is able to hip toss IRS and rolls IRS up from behind for a near fall. IRS rakes Ramon’s eyes and knocks Ramon down with a back elbow. Standing elbow drop by IRS gets him a two count. Ramon rams IRS head first into the corner and connects with right hands. Back suplex by Ramon gets him a near fall. IRS rolls to the corner and asks for a timeout. IRS is able to pull Ramon through the middle rope to the floor. On the floor, Ramon sends IRS into the ring steps and ties him to the ring post by his tie. IRS is counted out.

Third Contest: the Headshrinkers defeated the Smoking Gunns:
Samu and Billy Gunn start off with Samu shoving Billy into the corner and taunting the fans. Samu shoves Billy down to the mat and taunts the fans again. Chops by Samu but is taken down by Billy with a drop toe hold, a dropkick and a series of arm drags. Samu quickly rolls to the floor to avoid any further damage. Samu is double teamed when he enters the ring as Billy tags out to Bart. They make a few quick tags working on Samu’s arm. Billy tags back in but Samu tags out to Fatu. Billy knocks Fatu down with a shoulder block and Samu enters the ring to head butt his partner. Fatu returns the favor and Samu just leaves the ring. Samu tries to attack Billy from behind but Billy is able to low blow Samu by using the middle rope. Fatu also acts like he was kicked in the groin, but wasn’t touched at all. Billy tags out to Bart who works on Fatu’s arm until Fatu delivers a few right hands. Bart comes back with a dropkick and gets a near fall. Bart with a missile dropkick off the top for a near fall as Samu breaks up the count. Bart is distracted by Samu and is met with super kick from Fatu. Bart leaps over Fatu but is met with a clothesline when he turns around. Bart manages to send Fatu to the floor with a head scissors out of the corner. Fatu recovers quickly and backs him into his corner where Samu chokes him. Fatu stomps away on Bart and connects with a backbreaker for a near fall. Bart comes off the ropes but is nailed by Samu from behind. Samu tags into the contest and goes for a backdrop but Bart is able to take him down with a sunset flip for a near fall. Bart with a rollup but the referee is distracted by Billy so he only gets a near fall. Samu is able to regain control with a sleeper hold. Bart gets to his feet and is yanked down by Samu. Billy tries to enter to help out Bart but is stopped by the referee. Fatu scoop slams Bart and heads to the top rope but is crotched as Bart runs into the ropes. Bart goes for a cover but is only able to get a two count. Samu tags in and slaps Billy. Bart ducks a double clothesline and knocks both Headshrinkers down with a clothesline of his own. Billy gets the hot tag and cleans house. Billy with a ten punch count on Fatu in the corner and takes Samu out with a middle rope cross body. Samu is sent hard into the corner by the Gunns. Billy is nailed by Fatu as he comes off the ropes and Samu super kicks Billy to win the match. **¼


Fourth Contest: Lex Luger defeated Ludvig Borga: As soon as Luger enters the ring, Borga is on the attack with several clubbing blows. Borga with several knees to the midsection of Luger and rams Luger head first into the corner a few times. Luger with a flurry of right hands but is stopped with a rib shot from Borga. Borga misses a splash in the corner and is met with more right hands. Luger blocks a back drop attempt by kicking Borga in the face and comes off the ropes with two clotheslines, the second one knocking Borga off his feet. Scoop slam by Luger and follows up with a standing elbow drop for a near fall. Luger charges towards Borga and is met with a boot to the face. Borga with a right hand to the ribs of Luger to turn the tables. Borga with a few kicks to Luger’s ribs and chokes Luger on the middle rope. Borga scoop slams Luger and comes off the ropes with a elbow drop for a near fall. Borga with a chin lock as the fans try to get behind Luger. Luger fights out of a sleeper hold with back elbows and drives Borga down with a back suplex. Borga no sells it and clotheslines Luger for a near fall. Luger ducks a clothesline and hits Borga with his elbow. Luger covers and wins the match.

Fifth Contest: Owen Hart defeated Brian Costello:
Hart with a hammerlock to control the early stages of the match. Hart goes into a wrist lock and chops Costello a few times. Costello comes off the ropes and is kicked in the chest by Hart. Hart goes back to a basic wrist lock and stomps on Costello’s arm. Costello botches a leapfrog and Hart delivers a knee drop to cover. Hart misses a running spear attack in the corner and hit’s the ring post. Hart is able to avoid a splash in the corner and connects with a missile dropkick to win the match. DUD

Sixth Contest: Steiner Brothers defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions the Quebecers via disqualification:
Scott and Pierre start the title match off with Scott arm dragging Pierre to get the advantage. Scott doesn’t follow up though and instead plays to the crowd. Scott backs Pierre into the corner but Pierre gets the upper hand with several boots and right hands. Scott comes out of the corner with a hip toss, but again doesn’t follow up. Pierre with a shot to the midsection and right hands to gain the upper hand. Scott comes off the ropes and is able to drive Pierre down with a double under hook power bomb for a near fall. Pierre hurries to his corner where Jacques consoles him. Jacques wants Rick in the match and runs to his corner when Rick enters the match. Jacques kicks Rick in the gut and delivers a few blows. Rick comes back with a power slam as Jacques comes off the ropes for a near fall. Rick stomps Jacques in the face and drops a elbow. Pierre enters during a pin attempt and accidentally elbow drops his partner! Quebecers roll to the floor and embrace each other. Pierre tags in pokes Rick in the eyes. Scoop slam by Pierre and he heads to the top rope where he connects with a double axe handle. Pierre attempts a cross body but is power slammed by Rick. Rick covers but Jacques attempts to break it up but stomps his partner. They roll to the floor again and embrace again. Jacques and Scott are now legal men, though I didn’t see Scott tag into the match. Scott takes Jacques down with a leg trip and goes off the ropes where Pierre hits Scott across the head. Jacque sends Scott to the floor where Pierre rams Scott back first into the ring post. Jumping back elbow by Jacque for a near fall back in the ring. Scott is lifted into the air and dropped throat first across the top rope by the champions. Scott is able to backdrop Pierre over the top to the floor. Jacques gets tagged in quickly and punches Rick off the apron. Quebecers are able to maintain control on Scott for a few moments. Jacques scoop slams Pierre onto Scott for a near fall. Jacques locks in a chin lock as the fans get behind Scott. Jacques is able to plant Scott with a pile driver and knocks Rick off the apron. Pierre with a elbow drop as the referee was distracted and the Quebecers for the Tower of London but Scott moves out of the way. Scott ducks a double clothesline and dropkicks the champions down. Scott tags in Rick who cleans house with clotheslines and backdrops. Rick sends the champions into each other and catches Pierre on the top sending him down with a suplex. Frankensteiner by Scott on Pierre and goes for the cover. Jacques slides into the ring and grabs the referee causing the DQ. ***


Before the main event, Jerry Lawler cuts a promo on the crowd that I can not hear because of the poor audio of the microphone. Bret Hart also cuts a promo on Jerry Lawler entering the cage that again I could not understand due to poor sound.

Main Event: Bret Hart defeated Jerry Lawler in a steel cage match:
Lawler tries to escape the cage through the door but Hart is able to grab him and hammer away on Lawler in the corner. Lawler breaks free and tries to crawl out of the floor but is stopped. Hart with a head butt to the lower midsection of Lawler. Hart with several right hands and a eye rake in the corner. Hart drops down with a forearm drop before sending Lawler face first into the cage. Lawler tries to climb out of the cage but Hart casually grabs his foot and crotches Lawler on the top rope! Hart shakes the ropes and Lawler flops to the canvas. Hart places Lawler in the tree of woe in the corner and stomps away on his hated rival. Hart is stopped by Lawler with a right hand to the face. Lawler continues to hammer away on Hart in the corner. It appears Lawler has something wrapped around his fist as he continues to hit Hart in the face. Lawler with a DDT and makes his way to the cage door. Lawler tries to leave feet first but Hart stops him again. Knee drop by Hart and both men are slow to get to their feet. Lawler is able to again hit Hart with what I assume to be brass knuckles. Lawler is able to cinch in a sleeper hold and Hart falls to his knees. Lawler lets go of the hold as Hart appears to be out cold and tries to escape the cage. Hart grabs Lawler foot and drags Lawler back into the ring and kicks him in the face. Lawler is able to comeback and send Hart chest first into the corner. Lawler with a knee drop to Hart’s groin and again crawls towards the door. Hart hurries over and prevents Lawler from leaving. Hart with a standing elbow drop and both men are down in the middle of the ring. Hart tries to escape over the top of the cage but Lawler stops him by grabbing his foot and crotching Hart on the top rope. Lawler slowly crawls towards the door but Hart is able to grab Lawler and get the Sharpshooter locked in! A masked man comes down and knocks out the referee and drags Lawler out of the cage. Owen knocks out the masked man and throws Lawler back into the cage! Hart with a backbreaker and a pile driver. Hart goes to escape over the top and has to combat with the masked man. Hart knocks the masked man off the cage and is able to climb down to win the match. ***¼
After the match, Hart is attacked by the masked man and Jerry Lawler. Hart is sent face first into the cage and the masked man gets a chair. Hart is nailed with the chair and is continued be beaten down. Lawler decks a referee as he tried to take a chair away from him. Lawler and the masked man leave Hart and a referee laying in the ring.


End of show

My Take:
A good opener between Martel/Jannetty that kept the crowd hot throughout the contest. Was back and forth throughout and was entertaining for the time it went on. A good way to start the show and hopefully a sign of things to come for this show. This was near the end of Martel’s run in the WWF.

IRS/Ramon wasn’t good at all, really. If you need a example to two guys not trying all that much this would be a perfect example of that. The finish was a creative one, for a count-out, but the overall match was just extremely lackluster.

Gunns/Headshrinkers was a dull tag team match until the last minute and a half or so. The ending really had the crowd pumped up and Billy Gunn got a big ovation when he cleaned house. So, for that it bumped up my grade because they were able to get some crowd heat. The action wasn’t their mostly, so it remains a below average contest.

Luger/Borga was a very quick match for one of the featured matches on the card. The crowd was rather dead for the finish as I don’t think they expected it to end that quickly. Low grade because it wasn’t given time to develop into anything all that special. I did like Borga though, he sure did get some good heel heat at around this time.

Owen/Costello was just a squash match. Not much needs to be said about that.

A good tag team match between the Steiner’s/Quebecers with a lame finish. It seems like these two tag teams consistently put on some good matches. Their RAW title match in September of 1993 was easily a top 5 match for that year, in my opinion. It’s too bad that these teams couldn’t feud longer as the Steiner’s left the WWF by early 1994. Match of the night with one match to go. Crowd was into it from the beginning.

Hart/Lawler cage match was something I really, really enjoyed. The fans were really pumped up for it and it was nicely paced match with very few rest holds. Lawler and Hart did a great job with the false cage escapes and everything. A great house show main event, in my opinion. Fantastic way to close out the show.

Overall, for a house show this was a pretty good showing. The last two matches saved it from being a disaster. The cage match was the match of the night, just a very good showing from Hart and Lawler.

Thanks for reading.

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