WWF RAW 9/13/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 9/13/1993
From: Manhattan Center, New York City

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan and Randy Savage welcome everyone to RAW. Vince McMahon quickly hypes up the WWF World Tag Team Title match where the Steiner Brothers will defend against the Quebecers. The match will be contested under “Quebec Province Rules”. McMahon proceeds to go over the rules for the contest. The rules are the following.
1. Titles can be lost by disqualification
2. Titles can be lost by count-out
3. Pile drivers are illegal
4. Moves off the top rope are illegal
5. Throwing someone over the top rope to the floor is also illegal
Bobby Heenan of course predicts the Quebecers to win the titles. While Randy Savage picks the Steiner Brothers to beat the odds and retain the titles.


Opening Contest: The Quebecers defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers in a Quebec Province Rules match to win the titles: Rick with a nice power slam on Jacque who was coming off the ropes. Scott with a double under hook power bomb on Pierre for a near fall. Pierre fights back with a middle rope clothesline on Scott for a near fall of his own. Rick gets the tag and is about to go for a pile driver, but Scott manages to remind Rick that the move is illegal. Pierre reverses a hip toss by Scott and connects with a short arm clothesline. Scott with a over head belly to belly suplex on Pierre or a near fall. Jacque breaks up Rick Steiner’s half Boston crab on Pierre, right in front of the referee, but the referee doesn’t call for the bell. Moments later, Johnny Polo comes down with a hockey stick and a Canadians hockey jersey. Rick nearly goes to the top turnbuckle, but again Scott reminds him not to. Rick with a backwards power slam on Pierre from off the middle rope. Johnny huddles up with the Quebecers to get a game plan. Moments later, Pierre with a clothesline when Scott is coming off the ropes, Pierre was not the legal man. Jacque slams Pierre on top of Scott and Pierre gorilla press slams Jacque onto Scott for a near fall. Quebecers drop Scott Steiner chest first onto the ropes and Scott gets his hand stuck in the ropes. A leg sweep/clothesline combo by the Quebecers on Scott for another near fall. Jacque backdrops Pierre on top of Scott but Pierre isn’t the legal man. Scott with a DDT on Jacque and goes to tag Rick, but Pierre attacks Rick and Scott is unable to tag in Rick. Scott is on the floor and Johnny Polo looks like he is going to hit Scott with the hockey stick, but the crowd is making to much noise which gets the referee attention and Johnny decides against it. Jacque holds Scott and Pierre connects with a leg drop. Rick enters and takes both Quebecers out. Scott with a double clothesline and finally tags in Rick. Rick with a couple of slams to take both Quebecers down. Frankensteiner by Scott on Pierre for a near fall as Jacque just broke up the pin in time. Jacque brings in the hockey stick into the ring and goes to hit Scott but Scott grabs the stick and hits Jacque, causing the disqualification after seventeen minutes of action. According to the rules, the Quebecers win the titles! ***1/2

Vince McMahon, Randy Savage and Bobby Heenan go over what just happened. Heenan is really happy, while Vince and Savage can not believe what they just saw.

Second Contest: Mr. Perfect defeated Tony DeVito:
Early on DeVito delivers a few right hands and goes to the floor to taunt the fans. Perfect leaps over the ropes to the floor and chases DeVito to the backstage area. Perfect brings DeVito back to the ring and dominates. Surprisingly the a “Perfect Sucks” chant starts up. DeVito with a dropkick and a “We Want Shawn” chant starts. Perfect finishes DeVito off with the Perfect Plex.

Vince McMahon talks to Randy Savage about how he was in Lex Luger’s locker room following his win at Summer Slam. Footage of Ludvig Borga walking in and saying that he isn’t impress with Lex Luger and that he will crush Lex Luger.

Third Contest: Razor Ramon defeated The Executioner:
Ramon with a choke slam, fall away slam, abdominal stretch and a back drop from the middle rope for the easy win.
After the match, Ramon delivers a Razor’s Edge.


Vince McMahon is in the ring and calls out the new WWF World Tag Team Champions, the Quebecers. Vince says that he is in shock that Johnny Polo is managing the Quebecers. Polo is not in shock because he is with the greatest tag team ever. Jacque mentions that they are the first ever French Canadian tag team champions. Polo says that if one of the Steiner Brothers can defeat one of the Quebecers, they will get a rematch. Steiner Brothers come down and want some of the Quebecers. Johnny agrees to a match. Pierre is the man picked to face one of the Steiner Brothers.

Footage of Randy Savage and Bobby Heenan on the Jerry Lewis show is shown.

Main Event: Doink defeated Rich Myers:
Doink, for being a heel, is getting a good amount of cheers. Doink tosses some confetti into the crowd. Doink with a back suplex and a German suplex. Crush calls in during the show and says he is 100%. Randy savage says that he cant wait to see Crush. Crush proceeds to hang up on Savage. Doink wins the match following the Whoopee Cushion.
After the match, Bobby Heenan tells Doink to dump water onto Vince and Randy. Doink walks over but then looks like he is going to throw the water onto Heenan. Doink fakes Heenan out but splashes the water on him anyway! Heenan falls down a few times.

Doink comes back with another bucket and throws the confetti on some people in the front row. Randy and Vince go over what happened on tonight’s show. Bam-Bam, Mr. Perfect and IRS will all be in action next week. Also next week, a Bret Hart interview. Lastly, Pierre will face Scott Steiner.


End of show

My Take:
The tag team title match was really good and the finish doesn’t really hurt the Steiner Brothers. Crush blowing of Randy Savage during the phone interview was interesting. Clearly, Crush isn’t happy that Savage didn’t have his back a couple of months ago. Doink turning baby face gets a thumbs down from me. Doink is going to be turned into a typical good clown, and that sucks.

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