WWF House Show 5/13/1995

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 5/13/1995
From: Boston, MA

This was the final show held at the Boston Garden venue. According to The History of WWE this isn’t the complete show. I am not sure if the matches not shown on DVD actually took place or if they were confused with a different show. Anyway, the following matches have been listed as being on this show but were not recorded.
The Heavenly Bodies defeating the Bushwhackers
Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeating Phil Apollo

Opening Contest: Man Mountain Rock defeated Kwang:
Kwang attacks Rock before the bell be delivering several right hands and stomps away on Rock as he drops to his knees. Rock comes off the ropes with a clothesline and misses a leaping elbow drop as he comes off the ropes. Kwang backs Rock into the corner and delivers a few shots. Rock blocks being rammed into the top turnbuckle and fights out of the corner with right hands and a head butt. Rock misses a splash in the corner but is able to quickly lock in arm bar submission as Kwang charged towards him again. Rock wins the match as Kwang taps out. DUD

Second Contest: The Roadie defeated Sparky Plugg:
Roadie stalls for a few moments as he refuses to lock up with Plugg. Plugg continues to try to get his hands on Roadie but he always goes to the ropes to break up any hold. Plugg backs Roadie into the corner and simply lets go. Plugg backs Roadie into the corner but Roadie is able to turn it around and rakes Plugg in the eyes. Plugg goes after Roadie but he goes to the ropes yet again. Roadie sucker punches Plugg as Plugg was going to do a clean break, again. Plugg is able to hip toss, scoop slam and clothesline Roadie to the floor. Roadie remains on the floor for a few moments and backs into the corner avoiding Plugg. Roadie goes to the floor and runs away from Plugg. Roadie slides into the ring and drives a elbow to the back of Plugg. Roadie sends Plugg had back first into the corner and taunts the fans. Plugg kicks his way out of the corner and goes for a back drop but Roadie blocks that by connecting with a vertical suplex. Roadie leaps off the middle rope driving his knee across the back of Plugg. Roadie sends Plugg into the ropes and hit’s a running forearm smash for a near fall. Plugg with a sunset flip and gets a two count. Roadie prevents a follow up by hitting Plugg as he tried to get up. Roadie with a backdrop as Plugg came off the ropes and follows up with a knee drop. Plugg catches Roadie coming off the ropes with a snap power slam and both men are down. Plugg with a series of right hands and a back elbow as Roadie came off the ropes. Plugg with a nice dropkick but Roadie kicks out at two on the pin attempt. Plugg with ten punches in the corner and Roadie staggers until he is met with a clothesline which gets Plugg a near fall. Plugg leaps off the top rope and misses a cross body attempt. Roadie covers Plugg and is able to get the three count.


Before the next match, Jerry Lawler cuts a promo saying that he has waited two and half years to get his hands on Bret Hart.

Third Contest: Bret Hart/Davey Boy Smith defeated Hakushi/Jerry Lawler:
Lawler and Hart start the match and Hart nails Lawler with a right hand after ducking a wild swing. Lawler crawls to the floor where he gets the advantage when Hakushi distracted Hart. Lawler works on Hart in the ring with a uppercut and a standing fist drop. Hakushi chokes Hart in the corner and Lawler chokes Hart as well when Smith is distracting the referee. Lawler sets Hart up for a pile driver and is able to connect with it! Lawler goes for the cover but Hart kicks out at two! Hakushi gets the tag and he stomps away on Hart. Hakushi with a cartwheel back elbow in the corner and delivers a few boots to Hart. Hakushi with a bronco buster in the corner as the fans chant USA for a Canadian. Hakushi goes for the cover but Hart is able to once again kick out. Hart is able to battle back with a side Russian leg sweep and tries to tag in Smith but is stopped by Lawler who is now the legal man. Lawler snap mares Hart but misses a standing fist drop. Lawler is able to recover and hammers away on Hart. Lawler distracts the referee which allows Hakushi to choke Hart on the middle rope. Hart with a right hand but is poked in the eyes by Lawler which stops his brief comeback. Lawler drives Hart down to the canvas with a running bulldog and comes off the middle rope with a fist drop for a near fall. Hakushi tags in and kicks Hart in the ribs and drops Hart throat first across the top rope. Hakushi uses the tag rope to choke Hart in the corner as the referee is distracted by Smith. Lawler comes into the ring and punches Hart a few times. Hakushi and Lawler double team Hart in the corner for a few moments. Hart is able to tag in Smith but Hakushi was distracting the referee so the tag isn’t allowed. Hart rolls Hakushi up coming off the ropes and gets a two count. Hakushi quickly recovers and stomps Hart before tagging in Lawler. Lawler struts in the ring and taunts Smith as he beats down Hart. Lawler scoop slams Hart and heads to the top rope. Lawler leaps off but is met with a right hand to the midsection. Hart with a atomic drop and a running clothesline. Smith gets the hot tag and clotheslines Lawler as he comes off the ropes. Smith clotheslines Hakushi and slams Lawler with a gorilla press slam. Hakushi is tossed onto Lawler and he rolls to the floor. Smith sets Lawler up and connects with a running power slam and goes for the cover but it is broken up by Hakushi. Lawler holds Smith as Hakushi leaps off the top but Smith moves and Hakushi shoulder blocks Lawler! Hart tags in and clotheslines Hakushi to the floor. Hart locks Lawler in the sharpshooter and wins the match. **½

Before the next match, WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett cuts a promo putting himself over. Jarrett also calls Larry Bird a “loser”.

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Razor Ramon in a ladder match to retain the title:
Jarrett with right hands and sends Ramon head first into the top turnbuckle to gain the upper hand early on. Ramon nails Jarrett with a right hand a couple of times and Jarrett bails to the floor. Jarrett drags Ramon to the floor but Ramon is able to ram Jarrett head first into the apron. The Roadie sends Ramon into the ring steps and is thrown out for doing so. Jarrett sends Ramon into the corner a few times and goes for a dropkick but Ramon hangs onto the ropes. Ramon clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor. Ramon heads to the floor and grabs the ladder that has been set up on the ramp way. Ramon goes to slide the ladder into the ring but is met with a baseball slide from Jarrett. Jarrett sends Ramon into the ring steps and guard railing. Jarrett drops Ramon throat first across the guard railing and slides the ladder into the ring. Jarrett sets up the ladder and makes his way up towards the belt but is stopped by Ramon. Jarrett kicks Ramon away and leaps off the ladder with a fist drop. Jarrett rams the ladder into the ribs of Ramon and jams the ladder into the ribs of Ramon as well. Jarrett drives the ladder across the back of Ramon and makes his way towards the championship. Jarrett is close to the title when Ramon is able to push the ladder over and Jarrett falls onto the ropes. Both men begin to climb up the ladder and Ramon is able to nail Jarrett with right hands. Ramon is able to hip toss Jarrett off the ladder but the ladder tips over and Ramon falls hard to the canvas! Ramon sends Jarrett back first into the ladder that has been placed in the corner! Ramon rams the ladder into the gut of Jarrett and backs Jarrett into the corner. Ramon charges towards Jarrett and hits him with the ladder again, sending Jarrett to the floor. As Jarrett falls to the floor, he knocks out the referee. Ramon sets up the ladder and makes his way up but is stopped by the Roadie who runs down and tips the ladder over. Jarrett is able to get to his feet and climbs up the ladder as Roadie holds Ramon’s foot on the floor. Ramon is able to knock Roadie out but Jarrett has already grabbed the championship. Ramon enters and knocks Jarrett off the ladder but it is too late. **½


Fifth Contest: the Blu Brothers defeated the New Headshrinkers: Simone and Jacob start off the contest. Simone attempts a shoulder block coming off the ropes but is unable to drop Jacob after a few attempts. Simone tries a clothesline but fails and is met with a few right hands from Jacob. Jacob rams Simone head first into the corner but Simone isn’t hurt. Simone with a power slam and Jacob rolls to the floor. Jacob tries to ram the Headshrinkers into each other but it doesn’t affect them. Jacob is controlled by Fatu with ten punches in the corner. Fatu charges towards the corner but is stopped with a clothesline. Fatu is able to head butt Jacob and drops a knee to Jacob’s groin area. Simone enters and knocks Eli off the apron as he tried to knee him on the back. Simone is clotheslined over the top by Jacob following the distraction. Eli chokes Simone and distracts the referee so Jacob can get a few shots in on Simone. Eli power slams Simone and gets a two count. Jacob tags in and sends Simone hard into the corner. Eli tags back in and they connect with a double big boot for a near fall. Simone elbows out of a head lock but is kneed by Jacob as he comes off the ropes and is worked on by Eli. Eli runs into a big boot in the corner and Simone falls on top of Eli but only gets a two count. Simone elbows out of a chin lock and is able to clothesline Eli. Simone tries to tag Fatu but Jacob prevents that from happening. Simone with another power slam on Jacob. Simone is prevented once again from tagging out to Fatu. Simone clotheslines Eli and tags in Fatu, finally. Fatu with right hands and a savant kick on Jacob. Fatu isn’t affected by a face plant and super kicks Eli for a near fall. Fatu pile drives Eli but Jacob breaks up the count and tosses Fatu to the floor. Simone leaps off the top rope to head butt Eli. Fatu rolls in and covers Eli but Jacob enters and elbow drops Eli on accident! Simone tags in Fatu who heads to the top and splashes onto Eli. However, the referee is distracted by Simone afterwards and Jacob clotheslines Fatu causing Fatu to spin in the air. Jacob covers and wins the match. *

Sixth Contest: The Undertaker defeated Kama:
Taker stalks Kama on the floor before backing him into the ring. Kama with a few right hands but Taker is able to clothesline Kama and send him back first into the corner a few times. Taker with a wrist lock and walks the top rope before coming down across the arm of Kama. Taker chokes Kama in the corner but Kama is able to knee Taker, blocking a Irish whip. Kama with a snap suplex but Taker quickly sits up. Taker with several uppercuts and goes for a running clothesline but Kama drops down and Taker flips over down to the mat. Kama with a few kicks to Taker’s ribs. Kama stomps away on Taker and kicks Taker to the floor. Taker tries to come back into the ring but Kama just kicks him again to the floor. Kama ends up going to the floor and hammers away on Taker’s back. Kama rams Taker back first into the ring post, a couple of times. Taker is able to roll back into the ring but is stomped by Kama several times. Kama with several punches in the corner as he gets cocky. Kama with several elbow drops to the back of Taker. Scoop slam by Kama and he gets a two count as Taker sits up. Kama with a kick to the back and sends Taker into the corner and locks in a bear hug. Taker prevents his hand from dropping a third time and claps his way out of the hold. Taker with a back suplex out of a headlock from Kama. Taker sits up but is met with several boots from Kama. Taker is sent into the corner but gets his boot up as Kama charges. Taker with a running clothesline and shortly after they both go down following a double clothesline spot. Taker with right hands and a leaping clothesline as he comes off the ropes. Taker goes for the tombstone but Kama wiggles out of it and takes Taker down with a belly to belly suplex. Kama drops a few elbows but Taker sits up as Kama thought it was over. Taker side steps a big boot and choke slams Kama! Taker signals for the end and tombstones Kama for the win.


Before the next match, Tatanka cuts a promo on Bam-Bam Bigelow saying that he was loser and was fired from the Corporation. Tatanka also talks about the Garden being no more. Cheap heat.

Seventh Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Tatanka:
Tatanka with right hands but is stopped with clotheslines and Bigelow scoop slams Tatanka causing Tatanka to roll to the floor. Bigelow does a cartwheel and gets a explosion from the turnbuckles for doing so. Chief Jay Strongbow ends up being in Bigelow’s corner and attacks Tatanka sending him back into the ring. Tatanka begs off in the corner but is able to chop away on Bigelow. Bigelow with a hip toss and a couple of running shoulder blocks. Bigelow comes off the ropes but the ropes are pulled down by DiBiase and Bigelow crashes to the floor. Tatanka rams Bigelow face first into the ring steps and connects with a Samoan Drop on the floor! Strongbow is able to threaten DiBiase enough to the point DiBiase heads to the back, it appears. Tatanka with several boots to the face of Bigelow to keep control of the contest. Tatanka comes off the ropes with a cross body and locks in a sleeper hold. Bigelow eventually gets out of the hold, which takes a long time, and backs Tatanka into a corner. Bigelow runs into a big boot in the corner but is able to block a sunset flip attempt by sitting down onto Tatanka’s chest! Double cross body attempt and both men are down. Tatanka rakes Bigelow’s eyes and plants Bigelow with a DDT! Tatanka heads to the top rope but is slammed off by Bigelow. Several clotheslines by Bigelow and knees Tatanka as he charges the corner. Bigelow leaps off the top with a sunset flip and pins Tatanka.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Psycho Sid to retain the title:
Diesel enters and quickly goes to work with several right hands and two running clotheslines in the corner. Sid gets caught in the ropes and is punched to the floor. Sid is talking to DiBiase but is sent back into the ring by Diesel. Diesel with a leaping clothesline and gets a two count. Diesel with a scoop slam and a elbow drop coming off the ropes for a two count. Sid rolls to the floor again but drags Diesel out with him. Diesel with the upper hand with right hands and sends Sid back into the ring. DiBiase distracts Diesel which allows Sid to drive his knee into Diesel’s back and send him to the floor. Sid with a kick to the midsection a few times and clubs Diesel across the back. Sid drops Diesel face first onto the apron and taunts the fans. Back in the ring, Sid continues to control Diesel with overhand blows to the back. Sid with a camel clutch in the middle of the ring. Sid lets go and comes off the ropes with a leg drop getting a two count. Sid goes back to the camel clutch, but is much closer to the ropes this time. Sid tries to jump onto Diesel’s back but misses. Sid recovers and knocks Diesel down with a back elbow. Sid works on Diesel in the corner with more overhand shots and a boot to the midsection. Sid chokes Diesel on the top rope and charges towards the corner but misses a big boot. Diesel with a flurry of right hands but is distracted by Tatanka. Diesel sends Sid into Tatanka and simply connects with a big boot to win the match. ½*
After the match, Diesel celebrates with fireworks.


End of show

My Take:
Man Mountain Rock/Kwang was really nothing of a match as it was under four minutes of actual wrestling. Just a simple squash for Rock and it didn’t really do much for the crowd for that matter me either. It should be noted that the WWF Intercontinental Championship is hanging above the ring for the ladder match later on in the show.

Roadie/Plugg started off pretty slow but once they actually started to compete it was better than I expected. Not a good match but it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

The tag team match wasn’t all that bad as Bret Hart did most of the work for his tag team. Smith looked good in his brief role as he looked to be in fantastic ring shape (as usual) and since he didn’t do much he looked like a beast. Lawler had some good offense as well so it was a respectable tag team match for sure.

A fine ladder match between Ramon/Jarrett I thought. They were able to do a few ladder spots but they didn’t seem to be too dangerous. The fans really liked the hip toss spot off the ladder, and it did look pretty cool. Match seemed to be on the short side in terms of time but that is to be expected with house shows.

The crowd was dead for the following tag team match and the match just wasn’t good. Fatu really showed a personality while Simone showed that he didn’t have a wide range of offensive moves. Blu Brothers have never been good in the ring so it was never expected by me that it would be anything all that good.

Taker/Kama was just your basic match, really. Kama didn’t do anything all that great and Taker hit his normal spots. They almost botched the choke slam spot, but Taker was able to save it. Boring match.

Bigelow/Tatanka was a rather slow contest but it was slightly better than the previous two matches. It started off pretty good as I was surprised to see the Samoan Drop spot on the floor by Tatanka. Also, it was hilarious to me that Bigelow got fireworks for doing a cartwheel.

Diesel/Sid was a rather quick match, and offense was pretty lackluster. I hated the finish as it just looks really weak and I don’t think a lot of people expected that to be the finish. Oh well, what can you do with that.

Overall, it wasn’t the greatest show but it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Considering they had a pay per view the next day (IYH #1) I would have to think that some of the guys didn’t necessarily give 100%. Match of the night is a tie between the Hart/Smith/Lawler/Hakushi tag match and the ladder match. If I had to choose I would say the ladder match was only slightly more entertaining.

Thanks for reading.

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