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WWF House Show 6/10/1995

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: New York, NY

NOTE: This is NOT the complete show. Several matches were not recorded. Those matches are the following:
Skip defeating Aldo Montoya
Men on a Mission defeating the Smoking Gunns
Jean Pierre Lafitte defeating Doink the Clown
Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeating Duke Droese

All the other matches taped are in their entirety.

Man Mountain Rock opens up the video by playing some metal guitar. He is a baby face but only gets a mixed reaction. He didn’t do anything all that impressive, just played for maybe ten seconds.

Opening Contest: Man Mountain Rock defeated Bob Backlund: They have been in the ring for about four minutes doing nothing and the crowd is getting really annoyed. Backlund is just wanting to shake hands but Rock isn’t so sure about doing that. After about six minutes of nothing, Rock takes Backlund down but Backlund quickly reaches the ropes. Rock rolls Backlund up as Backlund was looking at the crowd and gets the win. DUD
After the match, Backlund comes back into the ring and locks in the chicken wing submission. Backlund is pulled off by several referees. Rock really didn’t sell it all that much as he got up fairly quickly.

Ted DiBiase comes out to cut a promo on WWF World Champion Diesel, who was unable to compete against Sid in a cage match. DiBiase puts over his man Sid Vicious by saying he will beat Shawn Michaels later on in the evening. DiBiase suggests a tag team match on August 12th when the WWF comes back to MSG where it would apparently be Diesel/HBK vs. Sid/Tatanka.


Second Contest: Savio Vega defeated Owen Hart: Owen won a coin toss between himself and Yokozuna to face Vega. Hart with right hands but Vega is able to come back with a hip toss, dropkick and a scoop slam. Vega mounts Hart with right hands and sends Owen into a corner to continue his flurry of right hands. Vega with a big backdrop and clotheslines Owen over the top to the floor. Owen goes to leave with Yoko but Vega rams them into each other head first and sends Owen back into the ring. On the floor, Yoko staggers around and hits the ring post! Yoko is able to distract Vega and Owen dropkicks Vega to the floor. Yoko rams Vega head first into the ring steps as Owen distracted the referee. Owen stomps away on Vega for a few moments while taunting the crowd. Owen distracts the referee again and allows Yokozuna to hammer away on Vega. Owen with a standing elbow drop and a leg drop for a near fall. Owen rakes Vega’s eyes and continues his offense with right hands and a kick to the side of Vega’s head. Owen leaps onto Vega’s back and has a sleeper hold locked in. Vega drops down to the mat as Owen remains in control. Vega manages to get up and rams Owen back first into the corner. Owen is able to recover and gets a few shots in but Vega rams Owen head first into the top turnbuckle and delivers a flurry of right hands. Vega with another backdrop and a running back elbow. Owen kicks Vega in the face as he went for another backdrop. Vega sends Owen hard chest first into the corner and rolls Owen up for the win.
After the match, Vega is able to avoid a attack from Yokozuna by knocking him off his feet with a spinning heel kick. Yokozuna falls to the floor to end the segment.

Third Contest: Tatanka defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow: Tatanka charges towards Bigelow but is sent over the top to the floor. Bigelow scoop slams Tatanka on the floor and also connects with a snap suplex. Tatanka pokes Bigelow in the eyes and rolls back into the ring where he stomps Bigelow a few times. Bigelow stops Tatanka with a shoulder blocks but Tatanka comes off the ropes with a cross body for a near fall. Tatanka with a series of right hands and goes for a cross body but is caught and slammed down by Bigelow. Bigelow with a standing head butt and gets a near fall.. Bigelow misses a splash in the corner and Tatanka is able to connect with a Samoan Drop. Tatanka follows up by sending Bigelow to the floor with a clothesline over the top. Tatanka with several boots to the face to keep Bigelow down as the fans get behind him. Bigelow blocks a kick and misses a spin kick of his own. Tatanka with a sleeper hold and rakes Bigelow’s eyes to keep control of the big man. Bigelow backs Tatanka into the corner and charges towards him but is met with a big boot. Bigelow goes for a scoop slam and connects but Tatanka’s legs knocked out the referee! Bigelow leaps off the top rope with a flying head butt, however Ted DiBiase enters the ring and distracts Bigelow. Bigelow turns around and DDT’s Tatanka and signals for the end. Bigelow heads up top and is shoved off by DiBiase! Tatanka recovers and is able to get the three count at Bigelow.

Before the next match, Jeff Jarrett puts himself over as the worlds greatest wrestler.

Fourth Contest: Adam Bomb defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett via count-out: Bomb overpowers Jarrett as they lock up by just tossing Jarrett down into the corner. Jarrett claims that Bomb yanked his hair but the referee isn’t buying that. Jarrett with a wrist lock but Bomb is able to use his strength to send Jarrett down. Jarrett backs off into a corner and is able to lock in a side headlock. Bomb lifts Jarrett up and drops him down which causes Jarrett to bail to the floor. Jarrett trips Bomb as he enters the ring but misses a wild clothesline and is met with a atomic drop. Bomb follows up with a clothesline for a near fall. Bomb has a wrist lock on Jarrett, who drops down to his knees. Jarrett attempts a leapfrog but is caught and slammed down by Bomb. Bomb clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor. Jarrett tries to leave but Bomb stops him and sends Jarrett back into the ring. Bomb tries to re-enter but is met with a knee to the head and Jarrett chokes him on the middle rope. Savio Vega has came down to ringside to support Bomb and it appears he was helpful in preventing Jarrett from leaving. Jarrett sends Bomb hard into the corner and kicks Bomb in the ribs as he comes off the ropes. Jarrett with a swinging neck breaker but only gets a two count as Vega puts Bomb’s foot on the bottom rope! Jarrett comes off the middle rope with a flying clothesline and taunts Vega. Jarrett misses a back elbow and is met with a cross body from Bomb. Jarrett quickly gets up and dropkicks Bomb which gets him a two count. Jarrett locks in a sleeper hold but is sent into the ropes by Bomb. Jarrett kicks Bomb in the chest and sends Bomb into the ropes but is planted with a DDT! Bomb rolls over and covers Jarrett and almost wins the match! Bomb with right hands and a hip toss. A series of clotheslines from Bomb and Jarrett backs off into a corner. Bomb with ten punches in the corner but runs into a boot as he charges the corner. Jarrett attempts a rollup with using the ropes for leverage but Vega points it out to the referee. Jarrett argues with Vega and is rolled up by Bomb but is able to just kick out at two! Jarrett sends Bomb to the floor and goes to hit Vega but Vega blocks a right hand and beats down Jarrett sending him to the floor. **


Main Event: Shawn Michaels defeated Psycho Sid in a steel cage match: Michaels kick starts the match with right hands and a cross body coming off the ropes. Michaels stomps down onto Sid’s face and comes off the ropes with a uppercut. Sid blocks being sent into the cage and hits Michaels in the ribs with a right hand. Michaels blocks a backdrop attempt with a kick to the chest and rams Sid’s face down into the canvas. Michaels goes to leave but Sid stops Michaels as he near the top of the cage and pulls him down to the mat. Sid back elbows Michaels and delivers a few boots to the midsection. Sid sends Michaels hard into the corner and goes to work by delivers boots and right hands. Sid sends Michaels across the ring hard into the corner again and follows up with more punches. Sid misses a splash in the corner and they both attempt to climb up the cage. They trade right hands on the top rope and Sid is able to knock Michaels off sending him to the mat. Sid takes his time as he gets one leg over the top of the cage but Michaels grabs his other foot! Sid kicks Michaels in the chest but Michaels gets up and wiggles the cage until Sid drops down and crotches himself on the top rope! Michaels tries to crawl out the cage door but gets the door slammed right in his face by DiBiase! Sid grabs a limp Michaels and kicks him in the ribs. Sid with a few more shots to Michaels ribs/chest as he has Michaels backed in the corner. Sid sends Michaels across the ring and Michaels flips in the corner, hitting the cage! Sid goes to climb out of the cage but Michaels is abele to prevent that. Sid with a few stomps to the chest of Michaels. Michaels tries to battle back with right hands but Sid is able to stop him from doing much damage. Sid with a overhand blow to the back of Michaels and rams Michaels back first into the cage. Sid hangs on and drives Michaels down with a backbreaker. Sid goes to climb up the cage but is stopped again by Michaels. Michaels tries to crawl out the door but is easily dragged away by Sid. Sid lifts Michaels up and slams him down guy first! Sid sends Michaels face first into the steel cage! Sid climbs up the cage again but taunts the fans near the top of the cage. Sid gets both legs over but Michaels is able to run up and stop him. Michaels drags Sid back into the ring but Sid knocks Michaels back down to the canvas. Michaels blocks a backdrop by planting Sid with a DDT! Michaels slowly gets to his feet and begins his climb up the cage. Sid sits up and grabs Michaels by the hair as Michaels is close to hitting the floor! Sid drags Michaels up towards the cage and is able to GORILLA PRESS SLAM Michaels down to the ring! Sid grabs a lifeless Michaels and connects with a choke slam! Sid sets Michaels up and hits the power bomb! Michaels is out cold. Sid signals for another power bomb. Sid says forget it and goes to leave through the door but DiBiase stops him and tells him something. Sid grabs Michaels but Michaels is able to send Sid face first into the cage! Sid appears to be knocked out as Michaels climbs up the cage! Michaels pulls himself over the cage and drops down to the floor to win the match! ***
After the match, Tatanka runs down and attacks Michaels on the floor. Tatanka and DiBiase send Michaels back into the ring where Sid has recovered. Sid power bombs Michaels again in the middle of the ring. Several baby faces come running down, but the cage door has been locked. Bam-Bam Bigelow climbs up the cage and gets a few shots on the heels as they leave the cage. Bigelow, Billy Gunn and Aldo Montoya are checking on Michaels. Michaels is carried to the back as the show comes to a end.


End of show

My Take: Rock/Backlund was just a waste of ten minutes. They did nothing throughout the whole contest. The fans are not interested in Rock, that is for sure. Horrible match that served no purpose other than to kill time.

Vega/Owen was a pretty repetitive contest that didn’t really do much for me. Yokozuna was the most entertaining person of the contest as he really sold well for Vega and the crowd was into him more so than the actual match.

Bigelow/Tatanka was a rather quick match but for what had happened it wasn’t all that bad. The finish was alright, but Bigelow isn’t having a successful run as a baby face that is for sure.

Bomb/Jarrett was a surprisingly decent match. The crowd was insanely behind Adam Bomb and they thought on several occasions that Bomb had won the championship. Jarrett really carried Bomb to the respectable match that kept the crowd really into it. Best match thus far that had been recorded, by far.

A good main event between Sid/Michaels. Match of the night easily. I was really surprised to see Sid gorilla press slam Michaels off the top of the cage back down to the ring. I have never seen that spot before and that was done at a house show. A good job by both men to have the fans go home happy. Also, the fans went nuts when Bigelow climbed the cage to get into the ring.

Overall, the last two matches were the only two matches that didn’t suck. Obviously I didn’t get to watch the show but from what I saw it seemed to be a average show at best. The cage match is worth the watch if you can find the event, like I did.

Thanks for reading


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