WWF RAW 9/27/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 9-27-1993
From: New Haven, Connecticut

Jack Tunney announces that WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels has been suspended because hasn’t defended the title in the appropriate amount of days. Thus, next week a twenty man battle royal will occur and the final two men will meet in two weeks to crown a new WWF Intercontinental Champion.

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan and Randy Savage go over what will be seen on this edition of RAW.


Opening Contest: Tatanka defeated Rick Martel: Martel with the advantage in the opening moments of the match with a series of right hands. Martel mainly taunts in the beginning of the contest. Tatanka with a atomic drop and clotheslines Martel over the top to the floor. Tatanka botches a springboard cross body and Martel takes advantage with a back suplex. Tatanka reverses a abdominal stretch by taking Martel down with a hip toss. Martel rakes Tatanka’s eyes when he is placed in the same move. Martel attempts a slingshot splash from the apron back into the ring, but Tatanka gets his knees up. Tatanka begins the War Dance and delivers several over hand chops. Tatanka with a top rope over hand chop. Martel sends Tatanka to the floor. Both men brawl on the floor and are counted out after eleven minutes of action. *

Joe Fowler reports again that Shawn Michaels has been stripped of the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Fowler hypes up the twenty man battle royal. The final two will then fight the next week to crown a champion. The participants are the following, IRS, 1-2-3 Kid, MVP, Mr. Perfect, Diesel, Adam Bomb, Bam-Bam Bigelow, Randy Savage, Pierre, Jacques, Giant Gonzalez, Marty Jannetty, Bastion Booger, Owen Hart, Tatanka, Mabel, Bob Backlund, and Jimmy Snuka.

Second Contest: Ludvig Borga defeated Phil Apollo:
Borga doesn’t even allow Fink to finish introducing Apollo as Borga attacks Apollo. Borga with a side slam, spine buster and a short arm clothesline on the floor. Borga continues with a delayed vertical suplex. Borga finishes Apollo off with the torture rack.


Third Contest: Jimmy Snuka defeated Paul Van Dale: Snuka doesn’t really get a reaction when he comes to the ring, he is in pretty good shape. Snuka with a scoop slam and a head butt. During the match, Heenan calls Crush. Crush says that he wasn’t invited to be in the battle royal. Heenan mentions that Randy Savage is in the battle royal. Crush says that is “typical”. Crush says that Savage is a backstabber. Savage wants Crush to come down and talk things out, but Crush hangs up. Snuka with complete control with a pile driver and few jabs to the gut. Snuka with a slingshot suplex. Snuka with a backbreaker and finishes his opponent off with a flying splash.

Footage of IRS losing to jobber PJ Walker, thanks to Razor Ramon distracting IRS. IRS is in his office and cuts a promo on Razor Ramon. IRS says that Ramon made a mistake costing IRS a match. He likes the fact that Ramon is in the twenty man battle royal next week.

Main Event: WWF World Tag Team Champions The Quebecers defeated 1-2-3 Kid/Barry Horowitz to retain the titles:
The Quebecers find a tag team more deserving than the Steiner Brothers. It was suppose to be Horowitz and Reno Riggins, but Reno has the flu and Horowitz was allowed to get a new partner, and thus 1-2-3 Kid got the call. Horowitz and Kid with the early advantage taking the champs down with a double dropkick. Quebecers take Kid down with a nice leg sweep/clothesline combo. Jacque slams Pierre on top of Kid. Pierre gorilla press slams Jacque onto Kid for a near fall. Quebecers drop Kid chest first across the top rope. Kid with a standing side kick and sends Jacque to the floor. Johnny Polo acts like Jacque is out cold. Johnny splashes some water on Jacque to no avail. Referees come down and place Jacque on a stretcher. Earl Hebner decides that even though Jacque is hurt, Pierre must wrestle making the match a handicap match. Pierre with a middle rope leg drop on Horowitz and continues his offense with a middle rope flying head butt. Kid connects with a spinning heel kick. Kid charges and attempts another kick but Pierre moves and Kid flies over the top to the floor hitting hard. Pierre gets Kid back into the ring and manages to pick up the win. **1/2


Razor Ramon comes down to the ring after the commercial break and cuts a promo on I.R.S. Ramon tells IRS that if he wants him, he can easily fine him. Savage reminds Ramon that it is every man for themselves at the battle royal next week for vacant WWF Intercontinental Championship.

End of show

My Take:
I find it slightly funny just how many times Tatanka and Rick Martel have wrestled over the past two years. I can’t imagine how the WWF can promote those two as having a rivalry considering Martel, to the best of my knowledge, has never beaten Tatanka. Ludvig Borga is a solid talent, and he has a pretty good gimmick as well. I’m expecting Borga and Luger to get involved in the coming weeks. Jimmy Snuka better not be a regular in the WWF. Crush/Savage story is being built up very well. A good ten minute main event this week. I starting to think that the Quebecers can have a good match with any tag team. Hopefully 1-2-3 Kid doesn’t return to being a jobber, he is too over to be jobbing out every week.

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