WWF RAW 10/25/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 10/25/1993
From: Poughkeepsie, NY

Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan are on commentary as Randy Savage is hurt from the attack by Crush last week. McMahon goes over what will be seen this week. Crush will be in action an we will see highlights from last week. Also, the 1-2-3 Kid will battle his friend Marty Jannetty.

Highlights from the Crush/Randy Savage summit last week. Crush attacks Randy Savage officially becoming a bad guy. Randy Savage suffered a lacerated tongue due to the attack.


Opening Contest: Crush defeated Phil Apollo: Crush is now wearing a purple and silver outfit with black and sliver face paint. Crush controls Apollo with a savant kick and a leaping side kick. Crush drops Apollo with a gorilla press slam and then locks in the Kona Vice for the win.

Johnny Polo cuts a promo making fun of both Marty Jannetty and the 1-2-3 Kid. Polo believes he can beat both men with both arms tied behind his back!

Ray Combs hypes up the Survivor Series coming up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Second Contest: 1-2-3 Kid fought Marty Jannetty to a double count-out: Vince McMahon mentions that Kid and Jannetty will be apart of a Survivor Series team including Razor Ramon and Mr. Perfect. Before the match, Jannetty and Kid shake hands showing each other some respect. Slow early on with mat wrestling and headlocks. Kid changes that with a spinning heel kick for a near fal1. Jannetty catches Kid and connects with a power bomb. Johnny Polo comes down to ringside to get a closer look. Polo quickly gets involved tripping Jannetty. Kid with a few vicious looking kicks in the corner. Kid goes up top and misses a Swanton Bomb type move. Jannetty comes back with a face plant type of move. Polo proceeds to trip Kid as he comes off the ropes. Kid nearly picks up the win when Jannetty was distracted by Polo. Jannetty comes back with a slam. Kid takes Jannetty down with a German suplex after reversing a vertical suplex. Referee bump when Jannetty is sent into the corner. Jannetty is also sent to the floor. Kid comes off the ropes and leaps through the middle rope looking for a somersault splash, but Polo shoves Jannetty into the ring post. Both men are down on the floor and are eventually counted out. *3/4
After the match, Jannetty sends Polo into the ring and along with the 1-2-3 Kid they work on Polo for a few moments.


Jeff Jarrett graces the television screen for another promo. Jarrett is at the “Buddy Lee Attractions”. Jarrett says that Buddy Lee will not give Jarrett a break in the music business. Jarrett will prove that he is the greatest to guys like Undertaker, Mr. Perfect and the Steiner Brothers.

Third Contest: Ludvig Borga defeated Mike Bucci:
Borga dominates Bucci before the bell even rang. Borga with a vertical suplex and a side slam. Borga is getting some decent heat. Borga locks in the Torture Rack and Bucci gives up.
After the match, Borga heads over to the commentary area and is interviewed by Bobby Heenan. Borga says that he will be facing Tatanka over the weekend. They are both undefeated for the time being.

Fourth Contest: Men on a Mission defeated Todd Mata/Steve Greenman:
Mabel with a huge side slam on Mata. Eventually, Mabel splashes on top of Greenman to end the contest.

Joe Fowler is back with another Survivor Series report. Fowler has two more matches to announce.
Four Doinks will face the Headshrinkers, Bastion Booger and Bam-Bam Bigelow
Mr. Perfect, 1-2-3 Kid, Marty Jannetty and Razor Ramon will take on IRS, Adam Bomb, Rick Martel and Diesel.
Fowler explains that when you lose, you have to leave ringside and go to the backstage area.


Main Event: Diesel defeated Dan Dubiel: Diesel simply over powers Dubiel throughout the match. Diesel with a dangerous looking power bomb on Dubiel for a few moments. Diesel has connected with about ten different knee lifts during the match. Diesel with a big boot and a loaded right hand to pick up the win.

Next week, Mr. Perfect will be in action. Well Dunn to take on the Smoking Gunns. A special interview will be conducted with the Quebecers, Yokozuna and Ludvig Borga also known as the Foreign Fanatics. Razor Ramon will battle Bastion Booger in non-title action. Randy Savage will join RAW via telephone next week.

End of Show

My Take:
I have a feeling that Crush is going to be far more entertaining now that he is a heel. Being able to work with Randy Savage in his first heel program, is going to help Crush greatly. The question has to be will Crush be able to get a huge win that he seemingly needs to keep the character strong. Kid/Jannetty was a decent match and was fairly entertaining with Johnny Polo getting involved. Johnny Polo is one hell of a performer in my opinion. Jeff Jarrett continues to rip on top talent making it easy for him to have a program with anyone when he debuts. Diesel didn’t look all that great this week. Delivering just knee lifts to a jobber doesn’t really impress me much. The power bomb he delivered to Dubiel looked like he could barely lift Dubiel.

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