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WWF RAW 11/8/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 11/8/1993
From: Bushkill, PA

Video package showcasing the Scott Steiner/Ludvig Borga contest is shown. Borga cuts a promo saying that he will finish Scott Steiner later tonight. Scott Steiner cuts a promo saying he will shut Borga up.

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan and Randy Savage welcome everyone to RAW. Heenan has a body suit covering his chest, regarding the boxing match this past weekend. They hype up the Borga/Steiner match-up. Savage cuts a promo on Crush, saying that hell will break loose when Crush comes to the arena. Vince says that next week you can vote who Quebecer Pierre faces next week. The choices are 1-2-3 Kid, Marty Jannetty, Doink and Lex Luger.


Opening Contest: Ludvig Borga fought Scott Steiner to a double disqualification: Borga attacks Steiner before the match stats, as usual. Borga with a nice flying clothesline off the top turnbuckle. Steiner battles back with a double under hook power bomb and a pump handle side slam. Borga gets a brief amount of offense in and is taken down with a overhead belly to belly suplex by Steiner. Borga comes back with a leaping clothesline. Steiner manages to come back and even things out. The Quebecers make their way down to the ring to plan with Borga. Steiner with a vertical suplex off the apron back to the ring. Steiner locks in a Boston Crab. Rick Steiner makes his way down to the ring to make the odds not as bad. Scott with a few near fall with various rollups. Scott connects with a dropkick off the top rope. Borga with a power slam as Scott was coming off the ropes. Rick Steiner gets on the apron and is slammed into the ring by Borga. Which leads to a quick brawl, causing a double disqualification finish. *1/2

Jeff Jarrett’s weekly promo segment is up next. Jarrett says that he takes care of his property, unlike the country music business. Jarrett shows a spray painted arena.. Jarrett focus appears to be on the Undertaker calling him “dead boy”. Jarrett says that the arena will be names the Jeff Jarrett arena.

Todd Pettengill with another Survivor Series report. Todd goes over the double main events scheduled for the show. Apparently Tatanka is too injured to compete so a replacement will be announced on Superstars. Bret Hart cuts a promo on Jerry Lawler saying that Lawler will be sorry that he ever started their feud. We see footage of the Headshrinkers getting schooled by two Doinks.
Rock N’ Roll Express will face the Heavenly Bodies for the SMW World Tag Team Championships.


We see the Undertaker with a promotional message about drinking and driving. Saying that if you drink and drive, you will meet the Undertaker.

Second Contest: Rick Martel defeated John Paul:
Martel is in control with several slams. Martel does go shoulder first into the ring post which stops his offense. Paul with a dropkick but his offense doesn’t last. Martel locks in the Boston Crab and Paul is forced to tap out.

Vince McMahon announces that Lex Luger is currently winning the voting to face Quebecer Pierre next week. Crush is also apparently in the building, Savage wants Crush.

Back from commercial, The Quebecers say that it doesn’t matter who wins the voting. Jacque says it better not be Lex Luger, though.

Randy Savage is anxious to get his hands on Crush. Vince McMahon is trying to calm Savage down as Crush is coming down to the ring. Savage shoves McMahon down to the ground and goes after Crush. Savage is choking Crush, but that seems to be all. Crush comes back and beats Savage up a little. Savage fights back for a few moments. This was a wild brawl that the fans are kind of interested in.


Main Event: Bob Backlund vs Barry Horowitz never got a finish: Horowitz was a baby face a couple of weeks ago, but is now a heel. Crush breaks out of his locked locker room and Savage runs to the backstage area to brawl with Crush yet again. As for the match, nothing worth mentioning happened since we didn’t get a finish.

Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan hype up Randy Savage going nuts. They also make sure to give the results to the voting on who will face Pierre next week. McMahon announces that with 62% of the votes, Lex Luger will face Quebecer Pierre next week on RAW. Bobby Heenan believes that Pierre will win.

Crush and Randy Savage are brawling outside the arena with several officials trying to break them up.

End of show

My Take:
Scott Steiner/Ludvig Borga match was alright. The double disqualification finish was expected as well. I do think Ludvig Borga should have won cleanly considering Scott Steiner is only a tag team wrestler at this point in time. Crush and Randy Savage feud is heating up nicely with them constantly brawling. I’m sure the voting system was rigged, but how funny would it have been if Lex Luger had actually lost the voting to face Pierre next week? I’m quite positive that since Lex Luger didn’t get the job done at Summer Slam 1993, his WWF days will never be as successful as they could have been.


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