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WWF RAW 1/10/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 1/10/1994
From: Richmond, VA

Footage from two weeks ago where Johnny Polo cheated his way to victory over Marty Jannetty. Footage from last week where Jannetty and the 1-2-3 Kid challenged Polo to have the Quebecers put the WWF World Tag Team Titles on the line. Johnny Polo eventually agreed to the match.

Johnny Polo and the Quebecers are cutting a promo on Marty Jannetty and the 1-2-3 Kid. The Quebecers are convinced that the match is just a warm up match for their upcoming Royal Rumble match against the Hart Family.

RAW Opening Video


Opening Contest: 1-2-3 Kid/Marty Jannetty defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions the Quebecers to win the titles: All four men go at it early on with the challengers getting the advantage and the champions roll to the floor. Double back body drop on Pierre. Marty lifts Kid up into the air who connects with a dropkick on Pierre. Marty with a standing fist drop on Jacque to keep control of the contest. During a commercial break, Marty connected with a super kick, got the three count but Jacque had his foot on the bottom rope this the match was restarted. Pierre pulls the top rope down and Marty goes flying over the top to the floor. Jacque proceeds to accidentally hit Pierre with a right hand, sending him to the floor. Kid with a spinning heel kick on Jacque. Kid connects with a spinning somersault splash on the floor onto Pierre. Kid gets shoved off the top turnbuckle by Pierre which leads to the Quebecers working on Kid for several moments. Jacque with a leaping back elbow on Kid for a near fall. Jacque backdrops Pierre onto Kid for another near fall. Leg sweep/clothesline combo by the Quebecers on Kid. Jacque with a nice pile driver, but doesn’t go for the cover. Tower of London on Kid, but again, no cover. Quebecers go for it again, but Jannetty comes in and cleans house. Jannetty has a vertical suplex, Kid comes off the top rope with a cross body and it’s over! ***1/4
After the match, Randy Savage rolls into the ring to celebrate with the new tag team champions.

Highlight from May 1993 when the 1-2-3 Kid upset Razor Ramon

Jim Ross is filling in for Todd Pettengill and goes over the WWF Royal Rumble Report.

Highlights of Kings Court, where Jerry Lawler insulted Tiny Tim ruining the mini guitar that Tiny Tim has used for years.


Second Contest: Ludvig Borga defeated Brian Anderson: Lex Luger calls in during the match who has been allowed into the Royal Rumble match. Borga with a big side slam on Anderson and moments later places Anderson in the Torture Rack.

Footage from this past weekend on Superstars where Yokozuna attacked several jobbers after their match with several Bonzai Drops. After the match, the lights go out and the Undertaker is seen on the big screen nailing a casket together. Taker says that he doesn’t make mistakes, he buries them. Yokozuna is scared out of his mind.

Highlights from when Doink the Clown dumped water on Bobby Heenan.

Third Contest: The Undertaker defeated Ray Hudson:
Taker takes Hudson to the floor for a moment, but quickly connects with the tombstone and picks up the quick win.

Footage from last week where Bam-Bam Bigelow and Bastion Booger had a falling out because Luna Vachon was kissed by Bastion Booger.

Video package hyping up the IRS/Randy Savage match next week.


Main Event: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Bastion Booger: Bigelow with a few right hands early on, and Booger misses a big slash off the ropes. Bigelow misses a shoulder in the corner, flips in the corner and falls to the ground. Luna begins to blow kisses to Booger, to allow Bigelow to attack Booger from behind. Bigelow attempts a scoop slam, but loses his balance and falls. Bigelow attempts the slam again, and connects. Bigelow with a diving head butt and picks up the quick win.
After the match, Booger and Bigelow continue to fight, or actually, it is more like Bigelow dropkicks Booger to the floor.

The Quebecers and Johnny Polo are in the backstage area. Polo is really upset that they lost the match. Jacque says that it is alright, because they got a rematch. Jacque says that they are going to beat Kid and Jannetty at MSG.

Highlights from last year where Kamala chases Kimchee through the crowd all over the Manhattan Center.

IRS comes down to ringside and tells Randy Savage that next week the party will be over. IRS turns his head and Savage shoves cake into IRS’s face.

End of show

My Take:
Quebecers/Kid/Jannetty match was pretty damn good. I can’t imagine Kid and Jannetty actually having the titles for long considering the Quebecers have a pretty big pay per view match with the Hart Brothers. Didn’t like Randy Savage shoving cake into the face of IRS. That just comes across very weak in my opinion. Hopefully Bam-Bam Bigelow can start working with better talent in the coming months and that Bastion Booger is no longer a player for the WWF.


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