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WWF RAW 1/13/1997

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation RAW
Date: 1/13/1997
From: Albany, NY

Video on WWF World Champion Sid Vicious.

Steve Austin/Bret Hart video.

RAW Opening Video.

Opening Contest: Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Jerry Lawler defeated Goldust & Marc Mero by DQ in 11:24: Every time Goldust gets a tag to get to HHH, HHH jets out of the ring. Lawler tries to tag in HHH when Goldust comes in, only for HHH to quickly jump off the apron. Finally Goldust gets a hold of HHH and just beats the crap out of him. HHH gets tied up in the ropes and Goldust chokes him, and wont let go, leading to the DQ. DUD
After the match, Goldust even punches Mero for trying to break the hold.

We see a promo by Sid Vicious who is at the location for the Royal Rumble. Sid says that everyone will see that look of fear that HBK has for Sid.


We see highlights from Survivor Series, and last week when Sid attacked Pete Lothario. HBK cuts a promo saying that he is going to beat Sid up. He says that Sid better not treat him like the Lothario, because he can defend himself. HBK says that he is the leader of the New Generation.

Bret Hart comes out to do some announcing for the next match..


We see footage of British Bulldog costing Steve Austin a match against a jobber on Super Stars.

We also see footage of an argument between Mero and Sable. Mero comes out and thinks that Rocky Maivia was trying hit on Sable after saving her from Honky Tonk Man.

Second Contest: Rocky Maivia defeated British Bulldog via count-out: Bulldog shoves Rock away and taunts the fans after a brief lockup. Bulldog with a wrist lock but Rock is able to arm drag Bulldog and they have a standoff. Rock with a side headlock and comes off the ropes with a shoulder block, hip toss and a arm drag. Rock locks in a arm bar but Bulldog reaches the ropes pretty quickly. Bulldog locks in a headlock but is sent into the ropes and shoulder blocks Rock. Rock hip tosses Bulldog and follows up with a dropkick sending Bulldog to the floor. Bulldog walks up the ramp way a little bit but is stopped by Clarence Mason. Rock with a wrist lock and works on Bulldog’s elbow/shoulder. Owen Hart makes his way down to the ring. Bulldog goes for a scoop slam but Rock gets out of it and goes behind Bulldog but is sent to the floor. Owen walks over to Bret Hart, who is on commentary and talks some smack. Bulldog sends Rock face first into the ring steps. Owen is preventing Bret from possibly getting involved in the contest. Back from a commercial, Bulldog stomps away on Rock as he is laying on the apron. Rock with a sunset flip from the apron but only gets a two count. Bulldog quickly nails Rock with a clothesline. Bulldog has a sleeper hold locked in but Rock slowly gets to his feet and elbows his way out of the hold. Rock with a cross body coming off the ropes for a near fall. Bulldog drives Rock down with a delayed vertical suplex. Bulldog with a leg drop and gets a two count on Rock. They start to trade right hands until Rock gets the upper hand and clotheslines Bulldog a couple of times. Rock comes off the ropes and clotheslines Bulldog over the top and they both fall to the floor. Bulldog sends Rock into the guard railing and then Steve Austin comes running down and chop blocks Bulldog’s knee. Austin taunts Owen Hart and heads to the back as Bret Hart limps after Austin. Rock slides into the ring and Bulldog is counted out.

We see a quick promo by Faarooq and the Nation of Domination. Faarooq says their will be unity amongst them at the Rumble.

Main Event: The Undertaker defeated Crush by DQ in 8:38: Taker attacks Crush before he can even get into the ring. Crush is actually taking it to Taker. Connecting with a pile driver and working on Taker on the outside. We see Vader standing at the entrance way. Taker comes back with a leaping clothesline and was going for the tombstone, but Crush reverses into a belly to belly suplex. Taker with one of the worse choke slams I have ever witnessed. Which was because Crush didn’t jump. Vader and the Nation members attack Taker. Vader with the Vader Bomb. *
After the match, Ahmed Johnson comes running down with a 2×4, but he is quickly attacked by the Nation who manage to take the 2×4 away and use it on Ahmed.

End of Show

My Take: This was a pretty bad RAW. The opening contest was just a waste of eleven minutes as they didn’t do anything interesting at all. The best match was Rock/Bulldog and even that was pretty boring. The recap of this show is pretty short because it wasn’t entertaining and i wouldn’t want to bore the readers with such a bad showing.

Thanks for reading.


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