2CW Green with Envy 3/17/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Green with Envy
Date: 3/17/2007
From: Rochester, New York

Opening Contest: Kevin Grace/DC Dillinger: defeated the Killer Steves:
Kruz and Grace start of the match. Grace gets the crowd behind him by clapping and gets the upper hand with a wristlock. Kruz reverses into one of his own but Grace takes Kruz down with a head scissors and Kruz backs up into a corner. Kruz tags out to Mackenzie and Dillinger gets tagged in. Mackenzie leaves the ring to stand on the apron as he doesn’t want anything to do with Dillinger. Kruz enters the ring and locks up with Dillinger but neither man gets the upper hand. Kruz does a few pushups to get some quick muscle to square off with the big man Dillinger. They lock up again with neither man doing anything and Kruz just shows off his muscles. Kruz shoves Dillinger and tells Dillinger to go off the ropes. Dillinger with a shoulder block but Kruz doesn’t go down. Kruz comes off for a shoulder block but Dillinger surprises him with a drop toe hold and has a headlock on Kruz. Kruz reverses into a side headlock of his own and shoulder blocks Dillinger. Dillinger slaps Kruz on the face and laughs as Kruz complains to the referee. The fans chant that Kruz got bitched slapped. Kruz with a side headlock but Dillinger reveres into a headlock of his own, again. Dillinger shoulder blocks Kruz and slaps Kruz again as Kruz tried to get Dillinger to look up. Mackenzie enters the ring and wants Grace. Grace tags into the match and goes behind Mackenzie. Grace is back dropped over the top but lands on the apron and flips into the ring. Grace with a clothesline and a dropkick to control Mackenzie. Grace tosses Mackenzie over the top to the floor and along with Dillinger takes the Steves out with a double cross body! Grace tosses Kruz back into the ring but Kruz delivers a knee to the midsection and nails Grace with a clothesline for a near fall. Mackenzie with a elbow smash as he tags in and gets a near fall. Mackenzie works on Grace in the corner and splashes Grace in the corner. Mackenzie with a rolling neck snap after leaping off the middle rope. Mackenzie goes for the cover on Grace but Grace kicks out at two. Mackenzie sends Grace into his corner and tags out to Kruz. Kruz with several right hands but Grace tries to kick his way out of the corner but is stopped by the Steves. Grace kicks Kruz on the shoulder and tries to tag in Dillinger but Mackenzie prevents that from happening. Mackenzie connects with a vertical suplex on Grace and tags out to Kruz. Kruz comes back in and clubs away on Grace for a few moments. Grace is able to backdrop Kruz and makes his way to his corner and tags in Dillinger but the referee was distracted. Kruz with a avalanche splash on Grace but only gets a two count on the pin attempt. Mackenzie tags back in elbow smashes Grace and works on Grace in the corner. Grace is placed on the top rope and is able to drive Mackenzie down to the mat with a sunset flip power bomb! Dillinger gets tagged in and cleans house with several clotheslines. Dillinger hits a backdrop on Kruz and backdrops Mackenzie. Dillinger chops Kruz and leaps off the top rope with a cross body. All four men are battling and the Steves collide in the corner. Dillinger/Grace connect with a springboard leg drop/side slam combo on Kruz and get a near fall. Steves go for a double suplex on Grace but AMIL’s music hits and the Steves are rolled up and are defeated. *

JD Love comes out and says that he realized how much he didn’t want to be in Rochester. Love says that someone in Rochester should be on the receiving end of a lap dance. Love doesn’t care who it is, he will take one lucky person and they will get a lap dance. He is doing this because it is St. Patrick. Love heads into the crowd and walks around looking for a fan. Love finds a woman and proceeds to do a lap dance. It is a pretty funny segment.

Second Contest: JD Love defeated Loca Vida:
Love with a wristlock early on and yanks down on Vida’s arm. Vida kips up and has a wrist lock on Love and goes into a hammerlock. Love drop toe holds Vida and doesn’t follow up. Love arm drags Vida and Vida comes back with a arm drag of his own. They run the ropes until Love becomes winded and grabs his chest as if he had a heart attack. Vida with a roll up on Love but only gets a near fall. Vida works on Love in the corner but is shoved down by Love a couple of times. Vida with a couple double running knee strikes and punches Love ten times. Vida with a running bulldog out of the corner and gets a two count. Vida chops Love a few times but is poked in the eyes. Love chops Vida in the corner several times. Vida with a head scissors out of the corner and dropkicks Love a couple of times. Love avoids a third dropkick and Vida crashes to the mat. Vida comes off the ropes with a dropkick and Love rolls to the floor. Love walks up the steps and heads to the backstage area. Love comes back to the apron and is catapulted back into the ring. Love with a throat thrust and chops Vida across the back to gain control of the contest. Love goes back to chopping Vida in the corner and charges the corner where he connects with a monkey flip. Love with a 69 cover on Vida but only gets a near fall. Love with a sleeper hold and Vida drops down to the mat. Vida elbows is way out of the hold and connects with a body scissors flip over slam and nearly wins the match! Vida plants Love with a wheelbarrow bulldog but Love kicks out at two. Vida ducks under a clothesline and attempts a springboard move but is shoved over the top to the floor by Love. Love misses a baseball slide and Vida runs off the apron connecting with a hurricanrana! Vida with a missile dropkick off the top to Love’s back and nails Vida with the 315. Vida goes for the cover on Love but only gets a near fall. Vida is back dropped onto the apron and runs to the top rope but is stopped by Love. Love with a sit down scoop slam and picks up the win.

Third Contest: Gordy Wallace defeated Zaquary Springate III in a I Quit match:
Springate backs Wallace into a corner but doesn’t do anything he just backs off. Springate misses a chop and is sent to the floor by Wallace after a chop of his own. Wallace backs Springate into a corner and chops away on Springate. Springate bails to the floor and holds his chest. Wallace catapults Springate back into the ring from the apron. Wallace trips Springate and chokes Springate before being poked in the eyes. Springate tosses Wallace to the floor and Springate gouges at Wallace’s eyes. They trade right hands on the floor until Springate hits Wallace with a microphone. Springate uses the microphone to tell the fans that he is going to take out Wallace’s eye! Springate punches Wallace right on the eye a few times and Wallace is busted open. Springate continues to gouge at Wallace’s eye for several moments on the floor. Springate hammers away on Wallace back in the ring and gouges Wallace’s eye. Springate attempts a handspring back elbow but is caught by Wallace who connects with a back suplex! Wallace with a few chops and Springate bails to the floor. Wallace chops Springate on the floor and drops Springate throat first across the guard railing. Wallace crotches Springate on the guard railing and chops Springate into the first row. Springate goes to leave for the lobby but Wallace stops Springate and follows him throughout the crowd. They battle to the backstage area and their isn’t a camera. Wallace tosses Springate down the stairs on the ramp way and Springate is rolled back into the ring. Wallace asks if Springate quits and wants Springate to quit. Springate refuses and is met with several microphone shots to the head. Springate battles back with right hands and drops a knee across Wallace’s eye. Wallace with a few chops and right hands and plants Springate with a DDT. Wallace slingshots Springate throat first into the middle rope and shoves the microphone in Springate’s face. They brawl on the apron until Wallace connects with a full nelson slam on the apron! Wallace follows up with a pile driver on the apron and clubs away on Springate as they are on the entrance way. Wallace pile drives Springate on the entrance ramp and shoves Springate down the steps. Springate is sent into the guard railing and has been busted wide open. Wallace uses a rope to choke Springate across the ring post. Springate eventually quits because he can’t breathe. **

Fourth Contest: Eddie Edwards defeated John Walters:
Walters is backed into a corner by Edwards but Edwards lets go cleanly. They lock up again and Walters backs Edwards into the corner and cleanly breaks away. Walters with a wrist lock but Edwards rolls through and kips up to get a wrist lock of his own. Walters flips out of it and Edwards flips out of a wrist lock which leads to a standoff. Walters with a takedown and has a headlock on Edwards. Walters continues to control Edwards with a hammerlock but Edwards is able to drop toe hold Walters and has a arm lock on Walters for a few moments until Walters reaches the bottom rope. Walters with a side headlock but is sent into the ropes and shoulder blocks Edwards. Walters goes back to a headlock but Edwards is able to arm drag his way out of it. Edwards twists Walters arm and backs him into a corner. Walters hip tosses Edwards out of a corner but is met with a arm drag. Walters with a nice step through rolling slam for a near fall and they trade a few near falls. Walters lands on his feet after a monkey flip and they have a standoff after they both tried to keep the other’s shoulders down. Walters with a rollup but Edwards kicks out. Walters with a standing leg lock and Edwards tries to kick his way out of the hold but Walters is able to keep it on until Edwards nails Walters on the side of the head with a kick. Running forearm smash by Edwards and he gets a near fall. Walters kicks Edwards in the chest and connects with a standing dropkick for a two count. Walters controls Edwards with a Indian death lock but Edwards doesn’t give up as he reaches the ropes. Walters works on Edwards knee in the corner with several boots and a running dropkick to the knee! Walters goes for a cover but Edwards kicks out at two! Edwards chops Walters and comes off the ropes but is stopped by Walters with a dropkick to the knee. Walters goes for a quick cover but Edwards pops his shoulder up at two. Walters with a uppercut and drives his knee down across Edwards chest. Edwards dumps Walters to the apron and dropkicks Walters to the floor. Edwards connects with a suicide dive to the floor and the fans start to chant 2CW! Edwards with a missile dropkick back in the ring and kips up but holds his knee. Edwards with a double knee strike in the corner and knocks Walters down with a leg lariat. Edwards covers Walters but only gets a two count! Edwards chops Walters on the top rope and head butts Walters a few times. Walters shoves Edwards off the top and connects with a cross body but Edwards rolls through and nearly steals a win! Walters rolls through a sunset flip and goes for the sharpshooter. Walters has the sharpshooter locked in right in the middle of the ring! Edwards crawls towards the ropes and is able to reach the bottom rope. Edwards gets out of a power bomb attempt and backslides Walters but Walters gets out of it. Edwards with a sit out side suplex and goes for the cover but Walters gets his foot on the bottom rope at the count of two! Walters backdrops Edwards and drops a elbow for a near fall. Walters with a power bomb and gets another two count! Walters attempts another power bomb but Edwards rolls through with a sunset flip. Walters tries to get the sharpshooter locked in but Edwards rolls Walters up for a near fall. Edwards nails Walters with a super kick and covers but Walters kicks out yet again! Walters kicks Edwards on the head a couple of times and catapults Edwards into the corner but Edwards leaps onto the middle rope. Walters with a springboard sunset flip power bomb and covers Edwards but only gets a near fall! Walters makes his way to the top rope and is crotched by Edwards. They trade head butts on the top rope with Edwards getting the upper hand. Edwards sets Walters up and connects with the Spanish Fly! Edwards covers Walters and picks up the win! ***¾
After the match, they get a standing ovation and after thinking about just leaving, Walters shakes Edwards hand.

Jason Axe comes down to the ring and tells the fans that they missed him defeat Spike Dudley last month in Syracuse. Axe says that Dudley got schooled by the future of this business. Dudley says that he doesn’t know who Axe is and talks about kicking his ass back in January when Axe got involved with him and Abyss. Dudley talks about Axe running away from him last month and whacking him with a chair twenty times before pinning him. Dudley is going to beat Axe without the use of weapons as he is going wrestle.

Fifth Contest: Jason Axe defeated Spike Dudley by count-out:
Dudley with a go behind takedown but Axe quickly rolls to the floor. Dudley with another takedown and Axe rolls again to the floor very quickly. Axe comes back to the ring and is controlled again with a boot to the guy and this time Dudley tosses Axe to the floor. Dudley with a head scissors as Axe crawled back into the ring. Axe with several right hands and pokes Dudley in the eyes. Axe rams Dudley head first into the corner. Dudley with a flurry of right hands and Axe goes to the floor. Dudley grabs Axe as he enters and connects with the Acid Drop. Dudley lands and is holding his leg in some pain. Dudley goes for the cover but Axe rolls to the floor. Dudley tosses Axe over the guard railing into the crowd. Axe with a eye rake and is back dropped back into the ring by Dudley. Dudley has been counted out as a result. DUD
After the match, Axe celebrates the win while Dudley is on the floor getting checked on by a few officials. Axe grabs a microphone and repeats that he is the future of the business. Dudley crawls back into the ring and Axe runs away.

Johnny Law’s music hits and Law makes his way down to the ring with two boxes of donuts. Law shoves a few donuts in his face and enters the ring where there is a podium set up. Matthew Patterson is also there and asks where has Law been and why did he fail a drug test. Law has a prepared statement from his lawyer. Law stands at the podium and gets a drink of water trying to clear his throat. Law simply says “I am not on steroids.” Patterson can’t believe that is all Law has to say. Law just leaves the ring and heads to the backstage area.

Main Event: TNA X-Division Champion Chris Sabin defeated Isys Ephex to retain the title:
Sabin with a takedown and rolls Ephex into a corner where he slaps Ephex. Sabin with a headlock and snap mares Ephex but Ephex reverses with a wrist lock. Sabin gets out of it and has a wristlock of his own. Ephex rolls through with a wrist lock but Sabin flips over and slaps Ephex in the face. Ephex with a go behind but Sabin has a hammerlock after a reversal. Sabin with a headlock but Ephex counters with a head scissors. Sabin pops his shoulders up to avoid being counted out. Sabin with a headstand and pops out of the head scissors and places Ephex in a headlock. Sabin works on Ephex with a arm bar but Ephex rolls over and has a wristlock on Sabin. Sabin kips out of it and hip tosses Ephex. They both a move and Ephex just drops a elbow to cover it. Ephex connects with a couple of uppercuts and backs Sabin into a corner. Sabin with a flying back elbow in the corner and connects with a spinning back elbow as Ephex comes off the ropes. Sabin covers but Ephex manages to kick out at two. Sabin with several jabs and delivers several knees to Ephex’s chest and comes off the ropes with a dropkick to the back of a seated Ephex’s head for a near fall. Sabin with a sitting abdominal stretch and rolls Ephex over for a pin and gets a two count. Sabin chops Ephex a few times backing Ephex into a corner. Sabin with a double chop as Ephex comes off the ropes. Ephex blocks a kick in the corner and attempts to clothesline Sabin over the top but Sabin just crashes to the floor. Ephex delivers a back elbow and a dropkick that sends Sabin to the floor. Ephex comes off the apron with a boot to the back of Sabin’s head. Ephex chokes Sabin across the guard railing and sends Sabin back into the ring. Ephex with a knee drop and gets a two count. Ephex with a kick to Sabin’s back after a snap mare. Sabin returns the favor and quickly goes for a dropkick but Ephex hangs onto the top rope. Ephex with a elbow drop and gets a near fall. Snap suplex by Ephex and gets a two count on the cover. Sabin with a sunset flip but is met with a double stomp from Ephex. Sabin attempts a neck breaker but Ephex sets him up for the burning hammer! Sabin gets out of it, falls down, and connects with a spinning heel kick. Sabin with a dropkick to Ephex’s knee and delivers a series of elbow smashes. Sabin connects with a gut buster and a running dropkick to Ephex’s shoulder. Ephex gets out of the Cradle Shock but is met with spinning back kick. Sabin lifts Ephex up and drives Ephex down with a DDT out of what looked like a possible power bomb at first! Sabin goes for the cover but Ephex kicks out. Sabin attempts a springboard tornado DDT but Ephex blocks it and drives Sabin down with a modified muscle buster. Ephex covers Sabin but only gets a two count. Ephex crotches Sabin on the top rope and goes for a superplex but Sabin hammers away on Ephex and shoves Ephex to the mat. Sabin with a missile dropkick and running yakuza kick in the corner. Sabin places Ephex in the tree of woe and nails Ephex with a dropkick. Sabin goes for the cover but Ephex kicks out again! Ephex elbows out of the cradle shock and is able to connect with the diamond dust and connects with a vertical suplex into a backbreaker for a near fall! Ephex misses a top rope elbow drop as he took too much time getting to the top rope. Ephex recovers with a boot to the midsection and goes behind Sabin where he is met with back elbows. Ephex with back elbows of his own and goes for a vertical suplex but is Sabin gets out of it with a kick to the back of the head. Sabin quickly transitions into the Cradle Shock and hits it! Sabin hangs on for the cover and picks up the win! ***

My Take:
The opening tag match took quite a long time to actually get going and when it actually got to the wrestling portion it was really below average. This was Dillinger’s debut and he has never been back. Not surprising as he really kept to a basic move set and didn’t offer much to the match. AMIL costing the Steves without actually being at the show continues that feud which has been going on for nearly a year.

Love/Vida wasn’t too bad as they focused more on Vida and his offense during this match it seemed. Vida is a talented worker and should be working with some better wrestlers sometime soon, I would hope. These guys need to stop wrestling each other, thought. For almost a year this feud has been going on. I’m not even sure if there is a story between these two.

Springate/Wallace was a decent I Quit match. Wallace did some pretty cool moves on the ring apron, I thought. It was a fine brawl and seemed to keep the fans interest. I would say this was one of their better matches throughout this feud. It also appears that this feud is over.

Holy crap. Walters/Edwards was a FANTASTIC match. Walters was great in his debut for 2CW and Edwards put on his usual great performance. What a incredible match those two put on. I was expecting a good match but that was easily the best match 2CW has ever put on, to this point. Buy the DVD to watch this match!

After such a great match we get one of the worst matches between Dudley and Axe. This feud is just not interesting as Axe is being built up as a little punk instead of a relentless, angry heel that he should be booked. If they are trying to book him as a strong heel they are failing even with these wins over Dudley.

Sabin/Ephex was a good main event but it was nothing compared to Walters/Edwards. They botched a couple of things early on but they recovered from it and put on a good show for the 2CW fans. A good way to close out the show, I thought. 2CW seems to always deliver with their main events.

Overall, you should get this show just for Edwards/Walters. Sabin/Ephex is also a good match so that is just a added bonus. Everything else isn’t worth watching but those two matches I mentioned previously are worth the DVD price alone.

Thanks for reading.

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