WWF RAW 2/24/1997

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation RAW
Date: 2/24/1997
From: Manhattan, NY

RAW Opening Video

Vince and King hype up the show, and mention that ECW has accepted King’s challenge

The New Blackjacks (Bradshaw & Windham) defeated The Godwinns (Henry O. & Phinneas I.) in 5:52: If you like brawls, then this is a match you might appreciate. This was match seemed to be a bar room brawl, just inside a ring. During the match, we see Ken Shamrock from UFC in the crowd. Bradshaw with a vicious clothesline on Phinneas, which leads to Windham getting the pin. Phinneas got his foot on the ropes, but the referee refuses to change his call. So, he gets the Slopped. **


The Eliminators (Saturn and Kronus) along with Paul Heyman destroy a ring attendant. Heyman says that “ECW is in the house!!”. Crowd goes pretty crazy for that.


Stevie Richards defeated Little Guido in 3:40: ECW Champion, Raven comes down and distracts Richards, nearly costing him the match. We go to Goldust who is backstage, but that doesn’t last long, as there are some technical difficulties. A fairly fast paced match here, which is always good. Richards with a power bomb, just like Kevin Nash, and then connects with the super kick. **

Backstage Sunny cuts a promo on her Arm Wrestling Match with Marlena.


Marlena defeated Sunny in a arm wrestling contest: Sunny cuts a heel promo on the crowd, but I don’t think anyone cares, as she is smoking hot. Sunny says she will let Marlena forfeit the match because of her ribs. Marlena declines. Sunny stalls, and does a Flair impersonation. When the contest finally starts, Marlena had Sunny beat, and Sunny throws powder into the eyes of Marlena. Thus, Marlena wins.
After the contest, Vega comes and stalks Marlena, but Goldust comes out, which starts the next match.

Goldust defeated Savio Vega by DQ in 8:49: Miguel Perez is on commentary, a friend of Vega, and says everyone is embarrassed of Vega and what he did. Crush pile drives Goldust on the floor, which allows Vega to have the advantage. Goldust comes back with a DDT and the match is even as both men are down. Goldust with a the dangerous kiss, yes, a kiss from the top rope and sends Vega to the mat. Crush trips up Goldust, and Goldust goes to the floor and punches Crush. Eventually, Crush just enters the ring and causes the DQ. *
After the match, Miguel Perez comes in to help Goldust, and takes out Vega with a few dropkicks.


We see a flashback from July 19th, 1993, on Kings Court.

Jerry Lawler interviews the “Worlds Most Dangerous Man”, Ken Shamrock. Lawler says that he and Shamrock workout together. Shamrock says that he doesn’t know Lawler. Shamrock calls Lawler a liar. He maintains the doesn’t know who Lawler is.

Paul Heyman cuts a promo on how RAW has “sucked without ECW”. He introduces the next match, involving ECW.

Taz defeated Mikey Whipwreck in 3:25: Taz with a few awesome looking suplex’s. We get a Farooq interview during the match. He says Undertaker will meet an actual Undertaker. Sabu shows up on the RAW sign, and well, falls onto the Taz security guys. Taz belly to belly suplex’s Mikey onto Sabu, Sabu is dragged away. Taz with the Taz mission to pick up the win. **

Vince hypes up a “HUGE surprise” coming up next.


Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) fought The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) to a double count out in 7:37: LOD is the huge surprise, and the crowd goes nuts. I just hope the Headbangers get some offense in. “Nitro Sucks” chant, which King acknowledges, but Vince doesn’t. Well, except for right hands, LOD is in complete control of their opponents. Hawk misses a spear in the corner and goes shoulder first into the ring post. This allows the Headbangers to get some offense on LOD. They eventually wrestle to a double count-out. *1/2
After the match, LOD with the Doomsday Device on Mosh.

We now go to a Shawn Michaels emotional video.

Paul Heyman introduces the next ECW match.

Tommy Dreamer defeated D-Von Dudley in 4:30: Dreamer whacks Dudley with a ring bell, and a cane. This is getting extreme. Dreamer puts the ring steps on the apron. Dreamer with a slam on the floor. Dreamer baseball slides the steps into the face of D-Von. D-Von returns the violence with a steel chair shot. D-Von with a slam on the chair. D-Von misses a flying head butt, and hit’s the chair. Dreamer with a pile driver. D-Von puts Beulah in front of himself to prevent a chair shot, Beulah with a low blow. Dreamer with the DDT and is able to get the three. **
After the match, Bubba Dudley comes in and connects with the 3-D, The Sandman comes in knocks both men down with vicious chair shots.

Paul Heyman attempts to go after Lawler, but ECW wrestlers hold him back.


Footage from last weeks RAW, which focused on the Austin/Hart/Sid series of events. Austin caused Hart to lose the belt, thus we have a new champion in Sid. Bret Hart Vs Steve Austin has been added to Wrestle Mania, which is no holds barred.

Todd Pettengill is standing with Ken Shamrock. Shamrock says that the action is pretty exciting. Shamrock introduces his wife Tina. His father, Bob Shamrock. Shamrock picks Undertaker to win the title. Shamrock doesn’t know who to pick in the submission match.

The Undertaker b Farooq by DQ in 11:29: Farooq insults Shamrock and says that he isn’t a man unless he steps into the ring. Taker in control early on with a flying clothesline, right hands, and a big boot. Farooq clotheslines Taker to the floor and Farooq members attack Taker. Farooq works on the knee of Taker. Taker comes back with a leg drop to the back of Farooq’s head. Farooq comes back with a power slam moments later. Farooq goes up top, leaps off, but Taker slams him in mid air. Farooq grabs the steel steps on the floor, charges Taker, but Taker big boots the steps into Farooq. Farooq with a pile driver, but Taker gets up, this leads to all of the Nation to attack. *3/4
After the match, LOD comes down and helps Taker right off the Nation.

End of Show

My Take: Jerry Lawler commentating with Heyman was pure gold. Also, the Shamrock segment was entertaining. ECW involvement has to be considered a success. The ECW matches were OK, but not having the freedom really to do what they want caused the matches to be lackluster. Still, the ECW matches were the best matches on the show and I would think show fans that perhaps ECW is a entertaining product. Road Warriors back in the WWF, is rather interesting. Enjoyable episode of RAW I thought.

Thanks for reading.

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