WWF RAW 2/17/1997

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation RAW
Date: 2/17/1997
From: Nashville, TN

Sid makes his way down to the ring to meet the new WWF World Champion, Bret Hart.

Sid versus Bret Hart doesn’t happen when Steve Austin attacks both men. Austin chop blocks the knee of Sid, and Sid acts as if his knee is damaged.

We go to highlights of Thursday RAW Thursday, with HBK doing his emotional speech.

We then go to highlights of WWF IYH Final Four main event with the winner becoming the World Champion. Austin was eliminated after being dumped over the top rope to the floor during the match, odd. Undertaker eliminated Vader over the top for his elimination. Bret would eliminate The Undertaker in order to win the WWF World Title.

Kevin Kelly is standing with Sid Vicious backstage. Sid says that nothing and no one will prevent him from him finishing his destiny in becoming the WWF World Champion.


Marc Mero defeated Savio Vega by DQ in 4:19: Mero takes both Vega and Crush out with a somersault plancha on the floor early on. Sable protects her man (Mero), by kicking a member of the Nation. The Nation back Sable up, and this causes Sable to get into the ring, causing a DQ. DUD
After the match, Ahmed Johnson comes down to the ring with a 2×4 and cleans house. Johnson had some hideous looking pink sweat suit on.


We comeback to Bret Hart cutting a promo backstage on Steve Austin. He believes he needs to keep his eyes open for Austin. Hart says all the guys are contenders, but that is all they are. He says “Bring it on” with the possibility of facing The Undertaker at Wrestle Mania 13.

WWF Intercontinental ChampionThe Rock defeated Leif Cassidy in 9:34: Sunny comes down before the match to be the special time keeper. During the match, which is slow and seems to be awkward for both men, HHH cuts a promo on Rocky. The crowd is silent throughout this match. A “ECW Rules” sign is seen in the crowd. Cassidy works on the shoulder of Rocky throughout this boring contest. Rocky thankfully ends the contest with the shoulder breaker. DUD

Jerry Lawler grabs the ECW sign I had mentioned. Lawler says that 99% of people have never heard of ECW. Lawler continues to put down ECW by saying they are has been wrestlers. Lawler challenges the ECW wrestlers to come to RAW next week.


We see Jesse James signing some country music on “Primetime Country”

Kevin Kelly is in the ring for an interview with Goldust and Marlena. We see Goldust distracting HHH last night, costing him the match against Rock. Goldust says that things are now personal between he and HHH. He says the only way HHH would be able to get close to Marlena, is over his dead body. Marlena says from Goldust head to his toes, he is a man. HHH comes down to the ring and throws water into Goldust’s face and attacks him. After the attack, which included the pedigree, a woman who is ridiculously muscular comes in and attacks Marlena.

The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) defeated The Hardy Boys in 4:01: During the match, Farooq cuts a promo on Ahmed Johnson. He basically says that Ahmed doesn’t know what it’s like to live on the streets. Farooq challenges Ahmed to a Chicago Street Fight. The match is a squash with the Headbangers having complete control. Jeff Hardy does sell a clothesline nicely by Mosh, flipping in the air and landing on his neck. Headbangers with the vertical suplex/leg drop finisher. *


Sid comes out to the ring for another go at his World Title match. But yet again, Steve Austin attacks Bret Hart backstage. Sid runs backstage and attacks Steve Austin.


Kevin Kelly is standing with Gorilla Monsoon. Gorilla says that the match will happen tonight. He guarantees it.

Owen Hart defeated Flash Funk in 8:31: During this match, Paul Heyman calls in and wants to see Jerry Lawler at the Manhattan Center next week. Clarence Mason is distracting his own wrestler (Owen), and this allows Funk to dive onto Owen on the floor. Bulldog tells Mason to get backstage. Now, for another distraction from the match, Steve Austin cuts a promo on Bret Hart. Back and forth match throughout with Owen connecting a few suplex’s to keep Funk down. Funk comes back with a flying cross body off the top and connects with the moonsault only for two count!Bulldog hits Funk with a Slammy, and Owen connects with a spinning heel kick for the win. *1/2

Bart Gunn defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by Count Out in 4:09: Before the match JR interviews HHH on who the woman is.. HHH says he doesn’t know who the “women” is. Notice he used the wrong version of the word. Honky Tonk Man is joining King and JR for commentary. Honky is still looking for someone to manage. Goldust runs down to the ring and chases HHH through the crowd. HHH is running like a scared dog. DUD


We see a Dr. James Andrews update on the injury of Shawn Michaels. He says that the injury is about five years of nagging. He will not be having surgery, and instead will be undergoing rehab for four to six weeks.

Now, for the third time tonight, World title match, if everything goes right.

Psycho Sid defeated WWF World Champion Bret Hart to win the title: Hart with a knee to Sid’s gut and stomps away on Sid in the corner. Sid reverses and hammers away on Hart in the corner. Hart is sent hard into the corner and drops down to his knees. Sid with a forearm to Hart’s lower back and continues his attack with a series of double axe handles. Hart with a few right hands and a side Russian leg sweep. Hart head butts Sid but Sid hammers away on Hart to regain control. Hart with a boot out of the corner and punches Sid until Sid drops Hart with a short arm clothesline. Sid stomps on Hart a few times and signals for the power bomb. Sid goes back to punches in the corner but Hart battles out of the corner with right hands and drives Sid down with a backbreaker. Hart with a head butt to Sid’s midsection. Hart comes off the middle rope with a forearm drop and head butts Sid’s lower back. Hart with a few elbows to Sid’s head but Sid comes back with several strikes to Hart’s lower back. Sid lifts Hart up and connects with a backbreaker for a near fall. Sid chokes Hart on the middle rope and stomps Hart a few more times. Sid goes for the cover but Hart kicks out at two. Hart with a few kicks to Sid’s left knee and starts to go to work on the knee. Hart drops a elbow across the knee and jumps down onto the knee. Hart wraps Sid’s legs around the ring post and has a figure four leg lock on! RAW goes to commercial as Sid is screaming in pain. Hart works on the knee until he is sent into the corner and comes out only to be met with a clothesline. Sid comes off the ropes and connects with a leg drop but only gets a near fall. Sid slams Hart down to the canvas and leaps off the middle rope connecting with a leg drop which gets him a two count. Hart avoids a choke slam with a poke to Sid’s eyes and backs him against the ropes. Hart charges but Sid moves and Hart hit’s the ropes hard! Sid clubs Hart across the back but is back dropped over the top to the floor. Steve Austin runs in from the crowd but Sid beats Austin down on the floor. Sid with a sunset flip form the apron into the ring but Hart rolls through and locks in the sharpshooter! Austin gets on the apron with a chair and whacks Hart over the head with it! Sid gets up and power bombs Hart! Sid covers Hart and wins the match! Sid has won the world title! **

Undertaker’s music hits and walks into the ring for a stare down with Sid Vicious.

End of show

My Take: The main event was really the only decent match on this show. To many interviews during matches takes away from the match itself, defeats the purpose of the match. Sid winning the title is pretty cool, however, I would have had kept the strap on Hart to continue his feud with Austin.

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