WWF RAW 4/11/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 4/11/1994
From: Utica, NY

The Bushwhackers open the show begging for fans to vote for them to face the Quebecers. Men on a Mission want another chance to beat the Quebecers, again. The Smoking Gunns lastly beg for a tag team title shot.

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage welcome everyone to RAW. McMahon hypes up the WWF World Tag Team Title match that will be on the show later on.

Opening Contest: Diesel defeated Virgil: Diesel works on Virgil early on in the corner with right hands and knees. Virgil avoids a attack in the corner and begins to work on the left arm of Diesel. Diesel takes Virgil down with a big side slam. Short arm clothesline by Diesel and locks in a bear hug to control Virgil. Virgil battles out but leaps right back into the bear hug. Diesel delivers several forearm shots to the lower back of Virgil and goes back to the bear hug. Virgil again fights out and takes Diesel down with a leaping clothesline. Diesel nails Virgil with a big boot and signals for the end. Diesel plants Virgil with the Jackknife power bomb and picks up the win.
After the match, Diesel and Shawn Michaels celebrate the win.

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage again promote the WWF World Tag Team Championship match. McMahon mentions that Men on a Mission had beaten the Quebecers for the titles in England but lost them back to the Quebecers two days later in England.

Jerry Lawler’s music hits and Jerry Lawler comes out to the ring carried out to the ring by several jobbers. Lawler stands up on his platform but falls off and the jobbers check on the king who is holding his head. Back from commercial, Lawler says that it wasn’t funny when he fell off the platform. Lawler has his own chair in the ring and a couch for his guest on Kings Court. Lex Luger’s music hits and Luger comes out to a mild baby face reaction. Luger is laughing at Jerry Lawler for falling moments earlier. Luger sarcastically compliments Lawler for his style of show. Luger takes a seat in Lawler’s chair which Lawler doesn’t find to be funny. Jerry Lawler mentions Mr. Perfect and that Lex Luger believes that Perfect is holding a grudge. Lawler says that at Wrestle Mania Lex Luger was out of line and was rightfully disqualified. Lawler shows footage from Wrestle Mania where Luger hit Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji. Lex Luger admits to making mistakes in the past. However, he says that Mr. Perfect had to tell him personally that he had a problem with Luger, and not do it the coward way and prevent Luger from achieving his goal of winning the WWF World Championship. Lex Luger wants Mr. Perfect in the ring.

Commercial Break

Vince McMahon continues to hype up the WWF World Tag Team Title match.

Second Contest: Sparky Plugg defeated Barry Horowitz: Plugg with several hip tosses, arm drags and a dropkick. Mr. Perfect calls in and dismisses the idea that he had a motive to screw Luger over at Wrestle Mania. Horowitz connects with a reverse DDT. Plugg fights back and manages to connect with a top rope knee drop for the win.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Johnny Polo and the Quebecers are yelling at people who are answering phones to find out who the challengers will be later on. All three teams are in the same locker room hoping they get the chance to win the titles.

Commercial Break

Main Event: WWF World Tag Team Champions The Quebecers defeated Men on a Mission to retain the titles: Neither Randy Savage or Vince McMahon picked Men on a Mission. Jacque goes for a sneak attack but accidentally nails Johnny Polo off the apron. Back from commercial, Quebecers are controlling Mo. Mo crotches Pierre on the top rope and shakes the ropes. Mabel gets the tag and drops a leg across the back of Pierre. Mabel misses a running splash in the corner which allows Jacque to get the tag and works on the left knee of Mabel with several boots. Pierre re-enters and tries to knock Mabel off his feet but is unable to. Double vertical suplex on Pierre. Jacque works on Mo with slaps and several boots. Pierre chokes Mo with the corner rope behind the referees back. Another commercial break, Jacque backdrops Pierre onto Mo for a near fall. Quebecers drop Mo across the top rope and Jacque gets a near fall. Pierre with another near fall following a clothesline. Pierre goes to leap onto the back of Mo a second time, but is back dropped over the top to the floor. Mo is unable to make the tag to Mabel. Mo does tag in Mabel, but Jacque distracts the referee voiding the tag. Seconds later, Mabel gets the legal tag and clotheslines the champs. Mabel backdrops Pierre and clotheslines Pierre over the top. Mabel misses a big splash attempt on Jacque, who isn’t the legal man. Pierre leaps off the top and connects with a shoulder block to knock Mabel down. Jacque tries to sneak Pierre onto Mabel, but the referee saw that attempt, Mabel nearly picks up the win. Mabel with a big splash in the corner and Mo has a inside cradle but Jacque reverses it so Pierre is on top but only gets a near fall. Mo is sent to the floor and hits his head on the guard railing. Mabel scoop slams Johnny Polo on the floor, as Mo suffers a senton splash by Pierre. Pierre covers Mo and picks up the win. **

Video promoting a match between WWF World Champion Bret Hart and Kwang on next weeks RAW.

Footage from the White House where the Bushwhackers, Doink, and Dink were in attendance for the Easter Roll.

Commercial Break

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage promote next week’s RAW.

Irwin R. Schyster is in the ring and cuts a promo on paying taxes on April 15th. IRS knows that Tatanka hasn’t paid the gift tax on his head dress and he is going to force Tatanka to pay up.

Commercial Break

Jerry Lawler is sitting in his throne backstage. McMahon shows footage of Lawler falling off his throne earlier on the show.

End of show

My Take: I enjoyed the Kings Court segment with Lawler and Luger. Obviously, Luger was suppose to be involved in a feud with Mr. Perfect but that would end up not happening. I’ll never understand why M.O.M never had a lengty tag team title run. They were incredibly over during their babyface run but yet they weren’t awarded with a successful reign. A solid show with the good Kings Court segment and a title match. Not much to complain about here.

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