WWF RAW 5/30/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 5/30/1994
From: Youngstown, OH

A video promoting all the men who have already qualified for the King of the Ring. This sets up the Tatanka/Crush match later tonight.

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage welcome everyone to RAW. McMahon mentions that Tatanka was suppose to face Jimmy Del Ray, but instead he will face Crush.

Opening Contest: Crush fought Tatanka to a double count-out in a 1994 King of the Ring Qualifying match: Chief Jay Strongbow comes down to the ring with Tatanka to even the odds as Mr. Fuji is with Crush. It appears that Jim Cornette struck a deal with Mr. Fuji which got Crush into this match. Tatanka with a cross body coming off the ropes for a near fall in the opening moments of the match. Crush wants a test of strength but at first Tatanka doesn’t appear to want to do so. Crush kicks Tatanka in the midsection to control Tatanka. Tatanka with three clotheslines that sends Crush over the top to the floor on the last clothesline. Crush with a shoulder ram from the apron to the midsection of Tatanka to regain control. Crush misses a splash in the corner. Tatanka leaps off the middle rope connecting with a clothesline for a near fall. Strongbow heads over to Fuji but this distracts Tatanka which allows Crush to come from behind and super kick Tatanka as RAW heads to commercial. Crush has a bear hug locked in and Tatanka begins to fight out but is taken down with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. They trade right hands until Crush rakes the eyes of Tatanka. Tatanka begins to go on a war path but one shot to the ribs by Crush ends that. Tatanka with a face buster and overhand chops to knock Crush down to a knee. Tatanka leaps off the top with a overhand chop for a near fall. Tatanka with a neck breaker for yet another near fall. Mr. Fuji attempts to get in the ring, and Chief Strongbow chops Fuji down, who slowly falls to the floor. Crush with a atomic drop on Tatanka. Crush goes to the floor to get in Strongbow’s face but Tatanka goes to the floor and brawls with Crush and both men are counted out. **
After the match, Crush sends Tatanka into the ring post. Tatanka rolls into the ring and brawls with Crush until a few referees run down to break them up.

King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill. Pettengill says that some officials are trying to get in contact with WWF President Jack Tunney on a ruling of how to fill the King of the Ring. Todd goes over the pay per view.
Bret Hart defends the WWF World Championship against WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel
Jerry Lawler will take on Rowdy Roddy Piper
Another video with Roddy Piper is shown. Piper is petting his dog on the back of truck. Piper says that he wouldn’t want to be a king if he could. Piper says that Oregon is a tough place to live. Piper doesn’t want to do any trash talking, he just wants to help the kids.
WWF World Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers take on Yokozuna and Crush
IRS versus Mabel
Razor Ramon versus Bam-Bam Bigelow
Jeff Jarrett versus 1-2-3 Kid
Owen Hart versus TBD
Are all first round matches in the King of the Ring tournament.
Owen Hart cuts a promo saying that he should get a bye because both men were counted out.


Vince McMahon and Randy Savage discuss what Jack Tunney should do regarding Crush/Tatanka match. Savage says that he would have both men wrestle again.

Footage from WWF Superstars where Ted DiBiase is at a funeral parlor. DiBiase says that is smells like a lot of money. DiBiase believes that the Undertaker has a price of the million dollar man. DiBiase is convinced that he will have possession of the Undertaker, once again. DiBiase says that all the other WWF superstars will be resting in peace!

Second Contest: 1-2-3 Kid defeated George South: Kid with a hip toss and several kicks to knock South down early on. South gets some offense in with a back suplex and a shoulder block. Kid with a spinning heel kick and a roll up for the win.


King’s Court with Jerry Lawler is next. Lawler tells the fans that they aren’t worthy of the King’s Court. Lawler pokes fun at the age of Hart’s parents. Bret Hart comes out to a good reaction. Lawler reminds Hart of last years King of the Ring where Hart won the tournament but was attacked by Lawler. Lawler informs Hart that he has two other guests this week. Those guests turn out to be Diesel and Shawn Michaels. Hart tells Diesel that he has respect for him and that Diesel will find out why he is the best there is, the best their was and the best their ever will be. Diesel tells Hart that he will endure very intense pain. Michaels sucker punches Hart which allows Diesel to power bomb Hart. Lawler and Michaels stomp on Hart until a few referees run down to stop the attack.


A brief replay of the power bomb by Diesel on Bret Hart is shown.

Third Contest: Smoking Gunns defeated Austin Steele/Reno Riggins: Billy gets a near fall on Riggins with a crucifix pin attempt. Billy with a swinging neck breaker before tagging in Bart who misses a elbow drop. Steele gets the tag but is scoop slammed down by Bart. Billy plants Riggins with a top rope bulldog but Riggins enters the ring and prevents a cover from being made. Bart sets Steele up for a vertical suplex but is dropkicked by Billy. Billy leaps off the top connecting with the side winder for the win.

Todd Pettengill says that Jack Tunney has determined that Tatanka/Crush will compete again in a King of the Ring qualifying match. This match will be a lumberjack match. Pettengill goes over some of the lumberjacks which include, Nikolai Volkoff, Bam-Bam Bigelow, Razor Ramon, Yokozuna, IRS, and Mabel to name a few.


Main Event: Jeff Jarrett defeated Chris Hammrick: Jarrett tells Randy Savage that he is the King of the Ring winner. Hammrick takes Jarrett down with a arm drag. Jarrett drops Hammrick across the top rope. Jarrett with a dropkick as well and Hammrick is hurting. Jarrett with a slingshot suplex and leaps off the middle rope connecting with a fist drop. Jarrett with a back drop which Hammrick bumps well for. Hammrick misses a leaping knee attack in the corner and Jarrett works on the knee. Jarrett locks in the figure four and Hammrick gives up.


Vince McMahon and Randy Savage go over next weeks show. Tatanka takes on Crush in a lumberjack match in the last King of the Ring qualifying matches.

Jerry Lawler reveals his guest for next week. Lawler says his guest is from Scotland, wears a dress and has a t-shirt that says Hot Rod.

End of Show

My Take: Apparently the WWF realized that Tatanka taking on Jimmy Del Ray was too obvious that Tatanka would move on. Also, I can’t imagine a rating being that high for a Tatanka/Del Ray match as the must see match of the show. Crush should have been involved in the tournament to begin with. I thought the Diesel/Hart Kings Court segment did a fine job of actually making Diesel look like a threat. Still, it would be a shocker if Hart only got a three month title reign. I remember just six months ago their were rumors that Diesel could have been released because of Michaels suspension. So much for that, just shows how much pull the Clique had in the WWF.

Thanks for reading.

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