WWF House Show 9/10/1992

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Providence, RI

Opening Contest: High Energy (Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware) defeated Skinner & Barry Horowitz:
Ware and Horowitz are the legal men to open the match. Ware is backed into the corner and Horowitz hits Ware with a right hand before running away when Ware chases after him. Horowitz heads butts Ware in the midsection but Ware is able to drive Horowitz face first down to the mat a few seconds later. Skinner tags in as Horowitz gets frustrated with the crowd reaction. Skinner actually pulls out a dance move but Ware outshines him in that department. Ware backs Skinner into the ropes but cleanly backs away. Skinner arm drags Ware and high fives Horowitz, which isn’t acknowledged as a tag. Skinner with another arm drag to take Ware down. Ware blocks a hip toss and tosses Skinner down with a few arm drags and a hip toss. Horowitz comes in but is hip tossed as well for his troubles. Skinner and Horowitz walk up the entrance way as if they are leaving but they returned. Skinner bites Ware’s face and tags out to Horowitz who runs into a drop toe hold. Hart gets the tag and works on Horowitz’s arm with a wrist lock. They trade hammerlocks a few times until Horowitz delivers a back elbow. Hart hip tosses Horowitz as he comes off the ropes. Ware enters behind the referees back to lock in a wrist lock. Horowitz gets up but Ware spins around and drops Horowitz, twice. Hart comes in illegally as well behind the referees back, not tagging. Horowitz elbows Hart in the corner but misses a running splash. Hart with a hip toss and a clothesline before Horowitz tags out to Skinner. They trade wrist locks until Hart elbows Skinner right on the jaw. Hart with a eye poke and head butt before tagging in Ware. They split Skinner’s legs a couple of times and Skinner wants to tag out but Horowitz is backing away! Skinner gets a side headlock on Ware and tags out Horowitz. Ware gets a headlock on Horowitz and kicks Skinner’s hand away on a tag attempt. Ware takes both men down with a headlock/head scissors takedown. Horowitz and Skinner embrace on the floor to get console each other. Ware comes off the ropes and is hit by Skinner over the head. Horowitz slams Ware face first into the mat and drops Ware with a swinging neck breaker. Standing leg drop by Horowitz gets him a one count. Skinner tags back into the contest and puts the boots to Ware. Horowitz comes off the top with a double axe handle as Ware was held by Skinner. Rolling neck snap by Horowitz gets him a two count on Ware. Jaw breaker by Horowitz backs Ware into the corner and Horowitz chokes Ware. Ware springboards off the middle rope connecting with a crossbody but Skinner comes in and prevents Ware from doing anything else. Ware rolls Horowitz up but only gets a near fall. Hart gets the tag but it was behind the referees back, thus he is forced back to the apron. Skinner comes off the top with a double axe handle and gets a two count on Ware. Skinner with a back elbow and a few boots to Ware for a two count with his feet on the bottom rope. Ware rolls past a double clothesline attempt and is able to clothesline both Skinner and Horowitz! Hart gets the hot tag and cleans house. Hart scoop slams Horowitz and Skinner elbow drops Horowitz on accident. Ware with a few dropkicks and High Energy hammer away on their opponents in opposite corners. Ware comes off the top with a missile dropkick nailing Horowitz and picks up the win. *

Before the next match, The Mountie asks the fans if they know who he is?!

Second Contest: The Mountie defeated Tito Santana:
Mountie waves his arm as some kind of taunt towards Santana. Mountie backs Santana into the ropes but backs off cleanly. Santana does the same but gets right in Mountie’s face. Mountie shoves Santana so he gets a atomic drop, a clothesline and punched. Mountie rolls to the floor to regain his breath. Side headlock by Santana but is sent into the ropes. Santana avoids a catapult but delivering a standing fist drop. Mountie is backing off and wanting to shake hands but cheap shots Santana when Santana refuses. Mountie goes for a backdrop but Santana dropkicks Mountie a few times, sending Mountie to the floor. Mountie pokes Santana in the eyes but is sent back first into the corner. Santana charges but Mountie gets his boot up regain control. Mountie with a few stomps and taunts Santana. Mountie rams Santana face into the top turnbuckle several times. Mountie sets Santana up in a tree of woe in the corner and delivers several boots before choking Santana from the floor. Mountie with a rear chin lock for a few moments to slow the match down even more. Mountie tries to jump down across Santana’s back but lands on Santana’s knees instead. Mountie spikes Santana with a nasty looking pile driver. Mountie doesn’t follow and instead reminds the fans who he is. Santana with several right hands and rams Mountie head first into the top turnbuckle. Santana knocks Mountie to the floor with a running forearm smash. Mountie punches Santana from the apron and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. ½*

Razor Ramon comes down to the ring and wants everyone to listen to what he has to say. Ramon talks about Randy Savage hurting his leg at Summer Slam. Ramon tells the fans to look at him as he has two working legs and all of his gold. Ramon says he is going to be victorious again.

Third Contest: Shawn Michaels defeated Virgil:
Arm drag by Michaels to start the match and drop toe holds Virgil. Virgil slaps Michaels and elbows Michaels to get out of a hammerlock. Fist drop, clothesline and dropkick by Virgil sends Michaels to the floor. Virgil goes to the floor to stalk Sherri and manages to avoid getting attacked by Michaels from behind. Michaels battles out of a corner with a couple of right hands and controls Virgil in the corner with a series of jabs. Virgil blocks a backdrop attempt with a kick and atomic drops Michaels. Virgil with a wrist lock and leg drops Michaels left arm. Virgil continues to work on the arm by stepping on the arm and kicking the arm a few times. Michaels backs Virgil into a corner and hammers away on Virgil. Virgil springs off the middle rope connecting with a crossbody for a near fall. Michaels is able to toss Virgil over the top to the floor. Michaels sends Virgil shoulder first into the ring steps. Michaels with a elbow smash to Virgil’s throat and tosses Virgil hard back first into the corner. Michaels covers Virgil but only manages to get a two count. Several jabs and a dropkick by Michaels gets him a near fall. Virgil battles out of a sleeper hold but is tossed back down to the mat. Michaels chokes Virgil for a few moments before going back to a sleeper hold. Virgil comes back with a sunset flip and gets a two count. Virgil rams Michaels head first into the corner a few times and jabs Michaels. A horrible running face buster by Virgil and he heads to the middle rope connecting with a flying clothesline for a near fall. Michaels avoids a rollup and super kicks Virgil. Michaels covers and picks up the win. ½*

Before the next match, Ramon gives Savage a chance to limp his way out of the ring before he breaks Savage’s good leg. Savage doesn’t leave.

Fourth Contest: Razor Ramon defeated Randy Savage:
Savage kicks Ramon on the floor and plays to the crowd while having a clear limp. Ramon shoves Savage into a corner and tosses a toothpick at him. Savage slaps Ramon and is backed into a corner. Ramon with a knee lift and a few right hands. Savage hip tosses Ramon and clotheslines Ramon as well. Savage hammers away on Ramon in the corner and gets his feet up as Ramon charges the corner. Savage chokes Ramon on the top rope and delivers a elbow smash on the apron. Savage tosses Ramon over the top to the floor and crowd is loving Savage. Ramon walks up the entrance way but Savage grabs him and sends Ramon back to the ring. Ramon with a leg kick to Savage’s injured leg a few times and jumps down across the injured leg a few times. Savage does manage to shove Ramon to the floor using his foot but Ramon quickly returns to the ring and continues to go to work on the injured leg. Spinning toe hold by Ramon and he taunts the fans. Savage kicks Ramon through the middle rope to the floor and follows to ram Ramon head first into the ring post and ring steps! Savage comes off the top with a double axe handle back in the ring and scoop slams Ramon. Savage heads to the top rope but Ric Flair comes down and distracts Savage. Savage goes to the floor and gets a few shots on Flair. Ramon grabs the WWF World Championship and hits Savage over the back to win the match. **
After the match, Ramon insults Savage by telling him that Ramon is the man.

Fifth Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Natural Disasters defeated the Beverly Brothers to retain the titles:
Beverly’s attack the champs from behind and work on the champs with right hands and stomps. The champs recover and Typhoon splashes the challengers in the corner. Earthquake splashes the challengers in the corner as well causing them to bail to the floor. Beau and Typhoon are the legal men to start the match. Beau uses his speed to avoid Typhoon at first. Beau with a few knee rams and has a top wrist lock on Typhoon. Typhoon gets up and tosses Beau down to the canvas. Beau attempts a sleeper but is rammed back first into the corner. Typhoon with a back elbow and gets a near fall. Typhoon splashes Beau in the corner and hold Beau for Earthquake but takes too long and Blake is able to hit Typhoon with a metal clipboard. Earthquake also shoulder blocks his partner and the challengers control Typhoon by choking him on the middle rope. Beau covers but Typhoon powers out at two. Blake leaps over Beau and splashes down across Typhoon’s back. Typhoon continues to be double teamed for several moments but kicks out of pin attempts. Typhoon comes out of the corner with a clothesline to knock the Beverly’s off their feet. Typhoon tries to make the tag but is stopped by Blake. Blake tries a shoulder block but Typhoon slams Blake down to the mat head first. Earthquake gets the tag and hammers away on Blake in the corner. Quake comes off the ropes and drops a elbow on Blake. Quake signals for the splash but is hit by Beau from the apron. Beau covers but Quake kicks out at two. Standing leg drop by Beau and heads to the middle rope where he misses a splash. Typhoon tags in and clotheslines the Beverly’s. Typhoon rams them head first into each other and splashes Beau as he comes off the ropes to get the three count.

Sixth Contest: Bret Hart defeated Papa Shango:
Shango attacks Hart as Hart gives a fan a pair of his sunglasses. Shango leaps off the apron connecting with a double axe handle on the floor. Shango sends Hart shoulder first into the top turnbuckle and chokes Hart for a few moments. Shango with a boot to Hart’s midsection and sends Hart back first into the corner. Shango continues his offense with a right hand and chokes Hart. Shango drops Hart with a back elbow and puts the boots to Hart. Hart punches his way out of the corner and goes for a running clothesline but is caught. Shango has Hart in a bear hug until Hart bites his way out of it. Shango chokes Hart on the middle rope and goes back to choking. Shango head butts Hart in the lower midsection area. Shango grabs a stick and begins to put a spell on Hart or something. Shango has the ever dangerous nerve hold on Hart. Hart elbows out of it and crossbodys Shango coming off the ropes. Hart gets a near fall but Shango powers out and sends Hart to the floor. Shango rams Hart back first into the apron and stomps away on Hart briefly. Hart is dumped to the floor again but quickly re-enters. Shango works on Hart in the corner with several right hands and stomps. Hart gets his boots up as a charging Shango makes his way towards the corner. Hart leaps on Shango’s back but Shango is able to drop Hart face first across the top turnbuckle. Shango with a standing elbow drop and taunts Hart. Shango leaps off the middle rope and misses a elbow drop. Hart with a flurry of right hands and a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Hart backdrops Shango and gets another two count. Hart leaps off the middle rope with a clothesline and manages to get a two count. Shango catches Hart on a crossbody attempt and connects with a backbreaker. Shango places Hart back first on the top turnbuckle and delivers several shots to Hart’s midsection. Shango misses a splash in the corner and is rolled up by Hart who gets the three. **¼

Main Event: The Undertaker defeated WWF World Champion Ric Flair via disqualification:
Flair gets right in Taker’s face and Woo’s towards him a few times. Taker doesn’t even budge so Flair struts around the ring before going back to Wooing. This time Taker shoves the champ down a couple of times and Flair runs right into a shoulder block. Taker gorilla press slams Flair and Flair rolls to the floor to avoid any further punishment. Flair is able to back Taker into a corner and chops away on Taker but Taker is not affected by them at all. Taker slowly walks out of the corner and Flair drops down to his knees begging Taker off. Taker with a right hand and flips Flair in the corner causing Flair to fall to the floor. Flair with a few right hands back in the ring followed by a chop but Taker just stalks towards the champ. Taker attempts a leaping clothesline but Flair avoids it and Taker crashes to the mat and goes to the floor. On the floor, Mr. Perfect gets a few right hands on Taker. Flair goes to the floor and sends Taker chest first into the guard railing a few times. Flair continues his offensive attack on the floor before sending Taker back into the ring. Flair with a couple of right hands to stagger Taker. Flair is able to drop Taker with a back suplex but Taker sits up quickly. Flair with a eye poke and attempts a suplex to the floor from the apron. Taker blocks it and brings Flair back into the ring with a suplex. Flair avoids the choke slam by nailing Taker with a right hand and locks in the Figure Four! Taker’s shoulders are clearly down for more than three seconds but the referee doesn’t bother counting him out. Taker sits up and grabs Flair by the throat. Taker drives Flair down with the choke slam and covers but Mr. Perfect yanks the referee out of the ring! Taker goes to the floor to get his hands on Perfect but stops to go after Flair. Perfect sneaks up from behind and rams Taker head first into the ring post. Flair tries to chop Taker but that doesn’t work. Taker with a throat thrusts and another press slam. Taker with a leaping clothesline coming off the ropes and goes to grab Flair but Mr. Perfect comes in and whacks Taker across the back with a wooden chair to cause the DQ! **½
After the match, Taker plants Flair with the tombstone to send the fans home happy.

End of show

My Take:
The opening contest was a severely boring. They stalled for a good ten minutes by doing very little or nothing at all. When they actually did something it was rather bland and predictable. For some reason the fans were still energetic for the contest. Painfully boring in my opinion.

The Mountie/Santana match wasn’t anything special either and the finish just made Santana look like a dope. I mean, to get dropped by one punch and be pinned because of it is just ridiculous. Clearly, Santana wasn’t a priority in the WWF at this point in his career.

Michaels/Virgil was just like the previous two contests, un-enjoyable. What it comes down to is that Virgil was made out to be a complete fool. Michaels is talented, obviously, so when Virgil works with someone so much better than him its just not going to work well.

I liked that Ramon got the win over Savage on the show. Phasing Savage out of the main event seemed to be starting as soon as Savage dropped the belt to Flair a few weeks prior, I believe it was. Savage got one of it not the biggest face reaction on the show, and yet he is being jobbed out like this. From a business standpoint, I guess their may be more money in Ramon at the time. Maybe not, though.

Tag team title match was just like most Natural Disaster matches. Same format and the same usual result, a boring match.

I thought Shango/Hart was the first decent match on the show. Shango was clearly still pretty green here but Hart was able to work with him to make him look better than he was. I still believe Shango could have been a major top level heel for the WWF if he stuck around.

I may have been generous with the Taker/Flair match but I liked it. Flair was very, very entertaining as he sold for Taker perfectly. A good way to close out the show, even without a clean finish. In this case, I don’t think you could have Taker or Flair lose cleanly with the belt on the line. If it were non-title then I think it’s a no brainier to have Flair lose. That wasn’t the case and they went about it fine.

Overall, on paper I thought this was going to be a lot better than it was. Ramon/Savage wasn’t given any time to get going so that was a letdown for me. Anyway, the last two matches were decent but not overly great. Everything else seemed to only be worried about killing time instead of putting on a good show.

Thanks for reading.

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