WWF House Show 11/27/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: New York, NY

Opening Contest: the Headshrinkers defeated the Smoking Gunns:
It actually takes both teams quite a long time to get their jackets and stuff off before they wrestle. Billy and Samu kick off the match with Samu shoving Billy towards the corner. Samu manages to also shove Billy down to the mat and taunts the fans afterwards. Samu kicks Billy but is sent into the ropes and is taken down by Billy with a series of arm drags and a dropkick. Samu bails to the floor and a portion of the crowd goes nuts while others boo. The Headshrinkers head butt each other in the ring to intimidate the Gunns, I would assume. Bart tags in to work on Samu’s elbow with a few elbow strikes but is scoop slammed by Samu. Bart kicks Samu away and hip tosses Samu. Bart is able to regain control with a arm lock on the canvas and holds Samu as Billy comes off the ropes connecting with a standing leg drop. Quick tags by the Gunns and they continue to work on Samu’s arm. Samu chops Bart and slams Bart down which allows Samu to tag out. Fatu doesn’t keep the advantage as he is dropkicked by Bart. Bart also leaps off the top hitting a missile dropkick for a near fall. Bart gets distracted by Samu and turns around only to be met with a super kick from Fatu. Fatu sends Bart into the ropes and nails Bart with a running clothesline. Bart is tossed to the floor and Samu drops down to ram Bart head first into the ring steps, twice. Bart is able to sneak a rollup on Fatu on a scoop slam attempt but only gets a two count and Fatu keeps control by hammering away on Bart. Bart with a few right hands and ducks a clothesline but Samu yanks down the top rope and Bart crashes to the floor. Samu crotches Bart on the guard railing while on the floor. Bart is able to get back in the ring and yanks Fatu down by the hair. Bart with a clothesline and a DDT but Fatu isn’t hurt by it and quickly gets up to drive Bart down with a clothesline. Bart is chopped by both Fatu and Samu as the fans try to get behind the cowboy. Samu misses a running clothesline and gets his head stuck between the ropes! Bart crawls over to his corner and tags in Billy! Fatu tags in and is met with right hands and a back drop from Billy. Billy cleans house with clotheslines and dropkicks Samu to the floor. Billy with ten punches in the corner on Fatu and leaps off to take Samu down with a forearm smash off the middle rope! Samu is tossed into the corner and goes head first into the ring post. Billy tries to ram Fatu and Samu into each other but they aren’t affected and head butt Billy. They follow up with a double face plant and Fatu goes for a big splash off the top but Bart crotches Fatu from the apron! Billy with a rollup from behind on Samu but only gets a near fall! Gunns with a double clothesline on Samu but Billy’s offense doesn’t last long as Samu is able to drop Billy throat first across the top rope with help from Fatu on the apron. Samu covers Billy and picks up the win. ***

Second Contest:
Tiger Jackson defeated Little Louie: Long story short here. Tiger wins the match following a top rope crossbody. DUD

Before the next match, the self proclaimed WWF Intercontinental Champion tells the Fink to announce him as the real WWF Intercontinental Champion and that the following match is non-title. When Doink comes out he tricks Michaels into taking a picture and squirts water into the “champs” face.

Third Contest: Shawn Michaels defeated Doink the Clown:
They run the ropes until Doink stops and tells Michaels to look up Michaels doesn’t want to. Michaels does, blocks a right hand but is poked in the eyes by Doink. Michaels shoves Doink into a corner out of a lockup but doesn’t follow up. Michaels attempts another shove but Doink moves and Michaels hit’s the mat. Doink trips Michaela a couple of times and Michaels falls to the floor through the middle rope. Michaels walks up the entrance way a few feet but comes back to the ring. Michaels shoulder blocks Doink twice and mounts Doink with several right hands. Michaels follows up with a stomp the face and tosses Doink to the floor. Michaels with a right hand on the floor and rams Doink face first into the ring steps. Michaels chokes Doink back in the ring over the top rope and gets a near fall on a cover. Michaels comes off the ropes and knocks Doink down with a spinning back elbow for a two count. Michaels snap mares Doink and controls Doink with a sleeper hold for several moments. Doink manages to get to his feet and elbows out of the hold. Doink kicks Michaels in the chest and scoop slams Michaels followed by a splash coming off the ropes but Michaels kicks out. Michaels hit’s the corner hard chest first and Doink is able to connect with a German suplex but again only gets a two count! Michaels gets the upper hand but sending Doink to the floor following a right hand. Luna Vachon and Bam-Bam Bigelow have came down to ringside. Doink turns around and Michaels nails Doink with a super kick to win the match.
After the match, Doink is beaten down by Bigelow and Luna. Bigelow goes for a flying head butt, however Doink rolls out of the way and trips Luna who suffers the flying head butt! Doink bails to the back while Bigelow checks on Luna. Doink returns and dumps water on Luna to wake her up. Bigelow goes after Doink but slips on the water in the ring and Doink escapes.

Fourth Contest: Steiner Brothers defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions the Quebecers via disqualification:
There is a big water mark from the previous match as Scott and Pierre start the match. Scott takes Pierre down with a arm drag and backs Pierre into a corner. Pierre attempts a hip toss but fails and Scott is able to take Pierre over with a hip toss. Pierre with a boot to Scott midsection and follows up with several overhand strikes. Scott blocks a backdrop by hitting a double under hook power bomb and gets a two count. Pierre quickly crawls to his corner to be comforted by Jacque. Jacque tags in and wants Rick and Scott tags out to his brother. Jacque with the upper hand following several overhand punches. Jacque attempts a leapfrog but is slammed by Rick! Pierre comes in to break up a pin but stomps his own partner on accident and they bail to the floor. Pierre hammers away on Rick and scoop slams Rick. Pierre is able to leap off the top rope and nails Rick with a double axe handle. Pierre leaps off the top again but is slammed by Rick in midair and Rick gets a two count. The champs bail to the floor again and begin to argue but they embrace. Scott backs Jacque into a corner but nothing happens. Scott with a wrist lock and yanks down on Jacque arm a few times. Scott comes off the ropes but Pierre hits Scott and Jacque gets the upper hand. Scott is lifted up by the champ and dropped throat first across the top rope which gets Pierre a two count. The champs yank Scott down by the chair and Jacque scoop slams Pierre onto Scott for a near fall. Scott is backed into the champs corner by Jacque and Pierre chokes Scott as the referee is distracted by Rick. Jacque scoop slams Scott and tags out again and is able to backdrop Pierre onto Scott for another two count. Scott is able to backdrop a charging Pierre over the top to the floor and attempts to tag in Rick but Jacque prevents the tag from being made. Jacque with a spinning back elbow and gets a two count. Jacque has a rear chin lock on Scott for a few moments until the referee sees Pierre helping his partner. Leg sweep/clothesline combo by the champs knocks down Scott. Jacque plants Scott with a pile driver and knocks Rick off the apron. The champs go for the Tower of London but Scott rolls out of the way! Pierre crashes to the mat and Scott goes to tag in Rick but fails. Scott is sent into the ropes but ducks a double clothesline. Scott knocks the champs down with a clothesline of his own and tags in Rick. Rick cleans house with clotheslines, backdrops and a gorilla press slam sending Jacque into Pierre! Polo gets knocked off the apron as well! Jacque is double teamed with a double right hand to the midsection. Pierre comes off the top but is caught by Rick who takes Pierre over with a overhead belly to belly suplex! Rick tosses Pierre to the floor and Scott hits the Frankensteiner on Jacque! Scott goes for the cover but Pierre hit’s the referee to break up the count! ***½
After the match, the Steiner’s grab the belts thinking they have won but they won the match by disqualification, thus they didn’t win the belts! Scott tells the champs that if they want the belts they can come back into the ring and get them. Jacque asks if they want five more minutes and says they will think about giving them five more minutes. They end up not doing it and they don’t get their belts.

Fifth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Diesel to retain the title:
Diesel is able to toss Ramon over the top to the floor out of a lockup position to start the match. Ramon comes back in but is shoved down to the canvas. Diesel shoves Ramon back first into a corner but doesn’t follow up. Ramon with a wrist lock and has a top wrist lock on Diesel. Diesel is able to send Ramon down to the canvas with a flick of the wrist! Diesel with a side headlock but Ramon gets out of it and sends Diesel into the ropes but is met with a shoulder block. Diesel wants a test of strength and shoves Ramon several times to get him to do it. Ramon gives in and as expected Diesel controls Ramon in the test of strength. Ramon almost overpowers Diesel but is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Diesel goes back to having control on the champion in the test of strength. Ramon again makes a comeback and kicks Diesel in the gut several times. Ramon is able to take Diesel over with a modified northern lights suplex and Diesel bails to floor. Diesel is able to pull Ramon down from the floor and tosses Ramon back first into the apron. Back in the ring, Diesel delivers several forearm shots to Ramon’s lower back. Diesel comes off the ropes and jumps onto Ramon’s back as Ramon was on the middle rope. Diesel continues by dropping several elbows across Ramon’s back. Diesel with a backbreaker and gets a two count on the champion. Diesel continues to dominate Ramon with a side slam but isn’t able to put Ramon away. Diesel locks in a bear hug in the middle of the ring. Ramon punches out of it and ducks a clothesline but isn’t able to duck a big boot. Diesel drops Ramon face first across the top turnbuckle and nearly wins the match. Diesel kicks Ramon in the chest to avoid a backdrop and clotheslines Ramon. Diesel signals for the power bomb but instead covers Ramon and gets a near fall. Diesel goes back to a bear hug but Ramon gets out of it quickly this time. Diesel runs into a big boot in the corner and Ramon hammers away on Diesel before a scoop slamming the big man. Ramon ducks a clothesline and Diesel hit’s the referee on accident. Ramon crotches Diesel on the top rope and connects with a back suplex! Ramon goes for the Razors Edge but Shawn Michaels runs down and nails Ramon with his Intercontinental Championship! Diesel covers Ramon but their isn’t a referee to count the pin. Michaels wakes up the referee but Diesel walks over and starts to shove the referee. Ramon with a inside cradle on Diesel but Michaels pulls the referee out. Another referee runs down and counts the pin! **¼
After the match, Ramon is beaten down by Diesel and Michaels, as expected. It is announced that Michaels has been fined $5,000 for his part of the contest.

Sixth Contest: Owen Hart defeated Marty Jannetty:
They lock up and try to get positioning on each other in the corner but neither man is able to. Jannetty with a side headlock briefly and takes Hart down. Hart with a head scissors as the fans start to chant “We Want Bret”. Jannetty rolls over and gets a near fall but Hart powers up and takes Jannetty over with a backslide for a near fall of his own. Hart control Jannetty with a wrist lock but Jannetty takes Hart over with a arm drag. Jannetty monkey flips Hart and gets a near fall. Hart sends Jannetty into the ropes and hip tosses him. Jannetty kicks Hart away and they both kip up for a standoff. Jannetty trips Hart but Hart reverses with a hammerlock and delivers a knee drop to Jannetty’s arm. Hart backs Jannetty into a corner and slaps him a few times. Hart uppercuts Jannetty and snap mares Jannetty followed by a knee drop. Jannetty rams Hart head first into the top turnbuckle several times and gets a two count. Hart with a rollup but Jannetty kicks out. Hart misses a dropkick and Jannetty rolls Hart up for a near win! Jannetty takes Hart over with a sunset flip and gets a two count. Hart catapults Jannetty chest first into the ropes and rolls Jannetty up for a two count. Jannetty is sent into the ropes and Hart connects with a belly to belly suplex. Hart leaps off the top with a flying crossbody but Jannetty rolls through for a near fall. Jannetty sends Hart through the middle rope to the floor and takes Hart out with a slingshot crossbody on the floor. Jannetty attempts a suplex back into the ring but Hart counters with a German suplex for a two count. Hart attempts a superplex but Jannetty blocks it and lands on top of Hart for a near fall! They run the ropes for a few seconds and Jannetty tweaks his knee on a leapfrog. Hart doesn’t let up and locks the Sharpshooter in and Jannetty is forced to tap out. **

Main Event: The Undertaker defeated WWF World Champion Yokozuna in a non-title casket match:
Yoko attacks Taker from behind by splashing Taker in the corner. Yoko works on Taker with overhand strikes and sends Taker across the ring into a corner. Yoko runs into a big boot and Taker deliver a flurry of throat thrusts. Yoko attempts a strike to avoid a backdrop but Taker isn’t affected. Yoko hammers away on Taker briefly until Taker comes off the ropes and plants Yoko with a running DDT! Taker misses a elbow drop as Yoko rolls out of the way. Yoko clotheslines Taker over the top but Taker lands on his feet and breaks the Japanese flag as Mr. Fuji tried to hit Taker with it. Yoko goes to the floor and Taker hit’s the champ with a part of the flag! Taker rams Yoko face first into the casket and Yoko stumbles hitting himself into the ring post! Yoko is able to throw salt into Taker’s eyes and sends Taker legs first into the ring steps! Yoko slams Taker head first into the ring steps as well. Yoko continues his control by ramming Taker shoulder first into the ring post. Yoko also rams Taker face first into the casket and bites Taker’s forehead. Back in the ring, Yoko clotheslines Taker and connects with a leg drop! Yoko rolls Taker to the casket and Taker is dumped in. Yoko goes to shut the lid but Taker grabs Yoko by the throat and exit’s the casket. Taker with a few throat thrusts and knocks Yoko down with a leaping clothesline. Taker grabs Yoko and goes to walk the ropes but Yoko flings Taker off the top rope. They trade a few right hands with Taker getting the upper hand until Yoko pokes Taker in the eyes. Yoko rams Taker head first into the corner but Taker isn’t affected. Taker chokes Yoko in the corner but Yoko sends Taker across the ring and clotheslines Taker. Taker sits up quickly but is driven back down with a side belly to belly suplex by Yoko. Yoko taunts the fans but Taker gets up and blocks a salt bucket shot. Taker nails Yoko with the bucket and Yoko is knocked out. Taker signals for the casket lid to be opened and he rolls Yoko in and wins the match. **½

My Take:
Wow. The opening tag match was surprising a fun opener and the crowd was hot for everything those four men put on. The Gunns have started to get a mixed reaction from the crowd and so have the Headshrinkers. That mix of reaction actually made for a interesting crowd reaction I thought. A good match between the Gunns and Headshrinkers for sure!

After a good opener we get a lame “little people” match. I couldn’t tell you what exactly happened as I just skipped through the match to see the finish. These types of matches do not interest me at all.

Michaels/Doink wasn’t a horrible match but nothing happened that I would be considered good or entertaining. I find it pretty odd that Bigelow was on the show just to show up and beat down Doink. The aftermath between Bigelow and Doink was actually entertaining. I do feel that Bigelow is being wasted as a performer by being stuck in a comedy feud with a clown.

Steiners/Quebecers put on another fantastic show. The Quebecers have to be considered one of the most underrated tag teams in WWF history. They were great characters and consistently put on very good matches. They also had some pretty cool double team moves. Anyway, these four simply tore the house down and makes me wonder what could have been in store for the Steiner Brothers had they stuck around in 1994.

Ramon/Diesel wasn’t a bad match but it may have gone on a few minutes too long for my liking. To a point it was a good match but the bear hugs and rest holds dragged on and it made the contest turned into a mediocre one.

Hart/Jannetty had a slow start and even got a few boring chants but it turned out to be a decent contest. Hart sure is getting some good heel heat as he soon starts his feud with his older brother Bret. Jannetty finishes 1993 as a jobber, pretty much, after being the WWF Intercontinental Champion just a few months ago.

A solid main event between Taker and Yoko. They both hit most of their spots and they didn’t mess anything up so I can’t complain. I’m thinking this was a way to kind of practice their match at the Royal Rumble as it would have the same stipulation.

Overall, the crowd was into everything and they were given a pretty good show. Both tag team matches stand out as the best matches on the show. The IC Championship and Main Event matches were also good for what they were. Not a bad MSG show this time around.

Thanks for reading.

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