UWF Joe vs Steiner II 8/11/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

United Wrestling Federation/Total Non-Stop Action present Joe vs. Steiner II
From: Columbia, South Carolina

Opening Contest: The Naturals vs. the Diamonds in the Rough vs. James Gang:
Kip James and Andy Douglas start off the contest. Douglas decides not to and tags out to Stevens as soon as the bell sounds. Kip shoves Stevens down and taunts Stevens. Kip with a wrist lock on Stevens for a few moments. Kip shoulder blocks Stevens a few times and follows up with a dropkick for a near fall. Kip ducks a clothesline and jabs Stevens a few times followed by a knee drop for a near fall. BG enters and flips out because Kip stole “the only move I got”. BG legally tags into the match but Stevens pokes BG in the eyes and tags out to Douglas. Douglas with a few right hands to knock BG down but BG comes back with several jabs and knocks Stevens on the apron. BG with a knee drop on Douglas and gets a two count. BG is kneed by Stevens on the apron and turns around only to be met by a knee lift form Douglas. Douglas head butts BG on the groin and tags out to Stevens. Stevens has a arm lock on BG to slow down the pace of the contest some more. BG battles out of the hold and delivers a few right hands to Stevens but is poked in the eyes.

Skipper tags in and leaps off the top nailing Stevens with a spinning heel kick. Skipper drops Douglas with a spin kick and connects with a side slam on Stevens for a near fall. Skipper knocks Kip off the apron and crotches Douglas on the top rope. Skipper walks the ropes and hit’s a hurricanrana on Douglas! Kip clotheslines Skipper and stomps away on Primetime. BG tags in and works on Skipper with a wrist lock and tags out to Stevens. Stevens drops Skipper with a right hand and the fans are clearly behind Skipper tonight. Stevens punches Young on the apron and double teams Skipper with Douglas. Douglas gets a near fall on Skipper a few times. Skipper with a quick rollup on Douglas as he was arguing with the referee but Skipper only gets a two count. Douglas scoop slams Skipper and comes off the middle rope with a leg drop for another near fall. Douglas tosses Skipper to the floor where Stevens sends Skipper into the guard railing back first. Douglas nails Skipper with a standing dropkick and tags out to Stevens. Stevens clubs away on Skipper and catapults Skipper throat first into the bottom rope. Stevens with a slingshot suplex on Skipper but is still only able to get a two count. Skipper with a few right hands but Stevens nails Skipper with a clothesline as Skipper comes off the ropes. Stevens with a backbreaker but misses a top rope moonsault as Skipper rolls out of the way. Douglas and Young get tagged in and Young cleans house. Young plants the James Gang with spine busters! Double back suplex by Young on the Naturals! Young comes off the ropes but is caught in the Natural Disaster and the Naturals hit it! Douglas covers Young and picks up the win. **¼

Second Contest: Ron Killings vs. Petey Williams:
Killing with a side headlock and a shoulder block coming off the ropes. Killing with a sit out hip toss and a Japanese arm drag. Killings follows up with a chop and Williams bails to the floor. Killings follows and chops Williams. Killings holds Williams and allows a few fans to chop Williams! A fan was even chopped by a fan in a wheelchair! Williams sells it and continues to get worked on by Killings. Williams rams Killings back first into the apron and avoids a power bomb by leg dropping Killings on the apron! Williams chops Killings on the floor and rolls Killings back into the ring where he gets a near all. Williams rams Killings head first into the corner and places Killings in the tree of woe. Williams steps on Killings groin and signs the Canadian national anthem briefly. Killings with a flurry of right hands but Williams connects with a spinning heel kick as Killings comes off the ropes. Williams snap mares Killings and dropkicks Killings on the back. Williams follows up with a second dropkick to the back and gets another two count. Williams with a backbreaker and chokes Killings with his own arms! Killings gets his arm up before it drops three times and gets to his feet.

Killings elbows out of the hold and nails Williams with a spinning forearm smash! Killings clotheslines Williams and connects with a spin kick for a near fall. Killings with a running power slam but Williams kicks out at two! Williams with a leg sweep and signals for the Canadian Destroyer! Killings avoids it but Williams trips Killings and has the Sharpshooter locked in! Killings crawls and reaches the bottom rope! They trade right hands until Williams knees Killings. Williams avoids a scissors kick and goes for the Destroyer but Killings backdrops Williams and hit’s the scissors kick to pick up the win. **½

Third Contest: Abyss vs. Brother Runt in a hardcore match:
Runt ducks a clothesline and goes for a crossbody but just bounces off of Abyss. Runt bails from the ring to avoid the Black Hole Slam. Runt grabs a fans beer and take a sip, so does the referee! Runt hammers away on Abyss back in the ring. Runt gets out of a press slam attempt but doesn’t avoid a big boot from Abyss. Abyss splashes Runt in the corner and heads to the floor to grab a chair. Abyss bridges the chair in the corner but misses a splash in the opposite corner. Runt a few right hands but Abyss is able to send Runt head first into the bridged chair in the corner. Abyss gets a second chair from the ring announcer and places the chair on top of Runt. Abyss goes for a splash but Runt uses the chair to low blow Abyss. Runt comes off the apron and whacks Abyss over the head with the chair. Runt with a Acid Drop dropping Abyss throat first across the guard railing! Abyss rams Runt into the guard railing after avoiding a chair shot. Abyss goes under the ring to grab a table and places Runt on top of it. Abyss goes to the apron but steps off and is met with a few trash can lid shot from Runt. Runt places Abyss onto the table and wraps Abyss on the table with a chain.

Runt leaps off the top rope and connects with a double stomp but the table doesn’t break! Runt leaps off the top again and splashes onto Abyss crashing through the table! Runt covers Abyss back in the ring but Abyss kicks out at two. Runt hits the Acid Drop but Abyss manages to kick out at two! Abyss avoids a second Acid Drop by hitting the Shock Treatment but fails to put Runt away! Abyss grabs a bag filled with thumbtacks and dumps them in the ring. Abyss shoves Runt head first into the tacks and Runt is screaming in pain. Runt gets up and punches Abyss a few times but Abyss lifts Runt up and drops Runt right onto the tacks! Abyss covers Runt and picks up the win. **½

Fourth Contest: Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode:
Roode yells at Young for being the reason that Team Canada split up. Roode shoves Young away after taking the early advantage with a hammerlock. Roode with a go behind takedown and has a front face lock on Young before switching to a snap mare and a sleeper hold. Roode shoulder blocks Young as he comes off the ropes and taunt the fans. Young drop toe holds Roode and rolls Roode up for a near fall. Young hugs Roode but Roode backs Young into a corner and doesn’t punch Young even thought he wanted to. Roode grabs a microphone and says that Team Canada will always be number one and that their friendship will remain strong. Roode wants to do a old school wrestling match and instead of doing things the right way, Roode punts Young in the ribs! Roode chokes Young for a few moments after stomping Young a few times. Roode brings Young to the floor and sends Young into the guard railing chest first. Roode manages to ram Young back first into the guard railing and hammers away on Young for a few more moments. Roode sends Young into the guard railing and racks Young’s back. Roode low blows Young and gets a near fall on the cover. Roode with several jabs and backdrops Young and gets near fall. Roode yanks Young down to the mat as Young attempted to fight back.

Roode with a vertical suplex but again only manages to get a two count. Roode rams Young head first into the corner and jabs Young several times. Roode with a running clothesline in the corner and taunts the fans. Roode with a headlock to slow down the contest and to try to get the crowd out of the contest. Young fights back but Roode knocks Young down with a forearm smash. Roode runs into a big boot in the corner but Roode recovers and has a sleeper on Young. Young gets out of it but Roode is able to get the hold back on moments later. Young again gets out of it and is able to scoop power slam Roode and both men are down. Roode and Young trade right hands with Roode getting the upper hand. Roode comes off the ropes and is met with a super kick which gets Young a near fall! Young flips in the corner and heads to the top rope and shoves Roode off the middle rope. Young leaps off the top and hit’s a top rope elbow drop but only gets a two count! Young with ten punches in the corner but is soon met with a big lariat from Roode but Young kicks out at two! Roode with a exploder slam but is still unable to defeat Young. Roode mounts Young and delivers several right hands. Young surprises Roode with a inside cradle and picks up the win! **

Fifth Contest: TNA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin/Jay Lethal:
Styles and Lethal start off the title match. Styles with a go behind but Lethal gets out of it and they trade wrist locks. They have a standoff as neither man is able to get a clear advantage. They exchange arm drags until Styles fakes Lethal out and has a arm bar on Lethal. Daniels tags in and works on Lethal’s arm for a few moments. Sabin gets a tag as Lethal ducks a clothesline and rolls over to Sabin to make the tag. Daniels with a wrist lock but Sabin quickly gets out of it and has a wrist lock on Daniels. Daniels counters with a hammerlock but Sabin counters with a side headlock which is soon countered by Daniels with a headlock of his own. Shoulder block by Daniels but Sabin leg trips Daniels. Sabin takes Daniels over with a arm drag after several failed moves by both men. Lethal tags in and Daniels is met with a double back elbow. Lethal snap mares Daniels and dropkicks Daniels on the back of the head for a near fall. Styles tags in as Daniels backs Lethal into his corner. Styles with a snap suplex for a two count. Lethal with a few right hands but Styles stops him with a right hand. Back elbow by Lethal but Styles manages to comeback with a dropkick and gets a two count. Daniels tags back in and Lethal is slammed by the champions. Daniels connects with a standing moonsault but Lethal kicks out at two. Spinning heel kick by Daniels and gets another two count. Styles gets another tag and the champions connect with a clothesline/back suplex combo which gets Styles a two count. Styles with a quick swinging neck breaker but Lethal kicks out at two, again. Styles rams Lethal into Daniels boot and Daniels tags in.

Daniels with a few overhand blows and a back elbow as Lethal comes off the ropes which gets Daniels a two count. Styles tags back into the match and drives Lethal gut first into Daniels knees from the middle rope. Sabin comes in but is slammed by Daniels and Styles connects with a knee drop. Styles covers Lethal but only gets a near fall. Lethal with a few right hands and places Styles on the apron. Styles attempts a springboard but Lethal trips Styles and hangs Styles on the ropes. Sabin gets the tag and come off the top with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Sabin with a quick shining wizard to the back of Styles head but only gets a two count. Sabin continues to work on Styles with a abdominal stretch. Lethal tags in and dropkicks a wide open Styles for a two count. Lethal with a backbreaker for another two count. Lethal hip tosses Styles and dropkicks a seated Styles for a near fall. Sabin tags in and connects with a slingshot senton splash on Styles for a two count. Styles with a few right hands but Sabin kicks him and drops Styles with a back breaker. Sabin follows up with a springboard elbow drop in the corner for a near fall. Lethal tags back into the contest and atomic drops Styles followed by a dropkick by Sabin which is followed by Lethal with a reverse rolling neck snap and holds Styles while Sabin dropkicks Styles! Lethal goes for the cover but Daniels breaks up the count.

Styles misses a clothesline but nails Lethal with a spin kick and both men are down. Daniels and Sabin tag in but Daniels cleans house with back elbows. Daniels with a side Russian and a Flatliner combo on the challengers. Daniels yanks Sabin to the mat and takes Lethal out with a moonsault on the floor. Daniels leaps off the top with a crossbody onto Sabin but only gets a two count. Sabin and Daniels crash to the floor when Sabin hip tosses Daniels over the top. Lethal sends Styles with the floor with a spinning heel kick off the middle rope. Lethal takes all three men out on the floor with a somersault dive! Lethal with a neck breaker/suplex combo on Styles but only gets a near fall. Daniels with a Death Valley Driver on Lethal catching Lethal on the top rope and gets a two count. Daniels sets Lethal up for the Angels Wings but Sabin nails Daniels with a step up kick and hit’s a twisting back suplex for a near fall. Sabin calls for the Cradle Shock but Daniels gets out of it. Styles misses a kick but connects with a springboard reverse DDT for a two count! Styles heads to the top rope but is cut off by Lethal. Sabin scoop slams Daniels and Lethal sends Styles off the top and Styles is met with a ace crusher from Sabin!

Sabin takes Styles out with a crossbody dive on the floor while Lethal hit’s a flying head butt off the top on Daniels in the ring for a near fall. Lethal with a nice kick to knock Daniels out in the ring. Styles is placed on the top rope but Daniels comes over and shoves Lethal to the floor. Daniels slams Sabin and Styles connects with a frog splash. Daniels with the best moonsault ever and pins Sabin. ***½
After the match, all four men shake hands as the fans show their support for the wrestlers.

Before the main event, Earl Hebner rips on a few fans for chanting that he screwed Bret Hart. Does a referee really need to get himself over? Scott Steiner also cuts a promo before the match. Samoa Joe also comes out and cuts a promo ripping Scott Steiner’s inability to speak proper English.

Main Event: Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner:
Steiner rips a fans Samoa Joe shirt before the bell. He had a hard time figuring out how to rip the shirt. Steiner with a go behind but shoves Joe away. They lockup again but Steiner once again just shoves Joe away. Well, for a third time Steiner shoves Joe out of a lockup. Joe with a side headlock and goes for a shoulder block a couple of times but Steiner doesn’t budge. Joe eventually manages to shoulder block Steiner to the mat but Steiner rolls to the floor. Joe stomps away on Joe followed by several jabs in the corner. Joe chokes Steiner in the corner briefly until the referee pulls him away. Steiner with a jawbreaker and delivers a few right hands until Joe nails Steiner with a leaping kick to the side of the head. Joe with a back chop and back kick. Joe goes for a knee drop but Earl Hebner looked to intentionally trip Joe! Joe gets in Hebner’s face and this allows Steiner to take Joe over with a exploder suplex. Steiner with a few chops in the corner and a clothesline followed by a elbow drop.

Steiner does a few pushups sends Joe shoulder first into the ring post and then to the floor. Steiner tosses Joe into the guard railing and dumps Joe into the crowd. Steiner hits Joe over the back with a chair a few times. Steiner places Joe onto a table near the broadcasters. Steiner jumps off another table and splashes onto Joe crashing through the table! They go back to the ringside area and Steiner pokes Joe in the eyes. Steiner grabs a chair but scoop slams Joe first. Steiner gets the chair again and distracts Hebner he hits Joe with the chair across the back. Steiner chokes Joe over the middle rope but misses a clothesline. Steiner manages to nail Joe with a back elbow and charges towards Joe in the corner but Joe is able to slam Steiner to the mat. Joe with a knee to the gut and connects with a flying knee strike which gets a two count as Hebner clearly slow counts Joe. Joe atomic drops Steiner and follows up with a yakuza kick and a senton splash for a near fall as Hebner continues to slow count Joe. Steiner drops Joe with a overhead belly to belly suplex and gets a near fall as Hebner does a fast count. Steiner chops Joe in the corner and takes Joe over with a belly to belly suplex but again only gets a two count. Steiner goes for the Steiner Recliner but Joe gets out of it and has a Crossface on Steiner! Steiner rolls over and gets a near fall a few times. Steiner sends Joe shoulder first into the ring post while Brian Hebner pulls Earl Hebner out of the ring! Steiner nails Joe with a few right hands but Joe comes back with a flurry of forearms. Steiner charges and Joe snap power slams Steiner. Brian Hebner slides into the ring and counts the three for Joe. **¼
After the match, Joe celebrates his win with the crowd.

End of show

My Take:
Not a bad opener but it would have been a lot better if the James Gang were not involved in the contest. All the James Gang offered to the match was comedy. Skipper was really over with the crowd and he was on top of his game on this show. Young also displayed a few good moves for the brief time he was in the contest. Decent start to the house show.

I enjoyed the Williams/Killings match. It’s not a masterpiece but both men delivered their moves and put on a good show. Killings is pretty over with the crowd, which makes you wonder why he is stuck in the mid-card scene for TNA. Oh well, not a bad match here.

Abyss/Runt was a enjoyable hardcore brawl. They didn’t overdo the hardcore stuff so it wasn’t gory or anything like that. One of their better matches in my opinion.

For most of the Roode/Young match I was bored. Mainly because of Roode’s lack of offense I think. The last couple of minutes were entertaining so it wasn’t a complete waste of a match. It is safe to say that Roode has greatly improved since 2006.

PHEW! The tag team title match was a very good tag team match! I wasn’t expecting something that good but damn those four men kept things fast and really put on a good show. I recommend checking this match out if you are a fan of any of the four men involved.

It was a smart idea to have Hebner play up the screw job role in this match since the fans were giving him shit about it. I just didn’t like Brian Hebner coming down and being the guy who counted the three. It’s nitpicking but he wasn’t the referee for the match! The match itself was decent but nothing all that good occurred.

Overall, this is a solid show for the most part. A lot of solid matches with one very good tag team match. It is worth checking out for the tag team match alone.

Thanks for reading.

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