WWF RAW 3/4/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Cincinnati, Ohio

A video promoting the destiny of the Ultimate Warrior. Goldust will continue his mind games with Roddy Piper. We will get more from Billionaire Ted as he will be on a trivia show. Also, WWF World Champion Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels will be in singles action.

RAW opening video

Opening Contest: Shawn Michaels defeated 1-2-3 Kid:
Kid tries to attack Michaels during his entrance but Michaels just casually backdrops Kid over the top to the floor. Kid with a side headlock when the match actually starts. Kid springs off the top turnbuckle with the headlock still in place and brings Michaels down with him a couple times. Michaels gets out of it but Kid elbows Michaels and connects with a standing spin kick for a two count. Kid taunts the fans and is rolled up by Michaels for a near fall. Michaels with a few arm drags and a press slam. Michaels clotheslines Kid over the top to the floor and plays to the crowd. Kid misses a sunset flip attempt and crashes to the mat. Bret Hart is interviewed during the contest. Michaels catches Kid leaping into the air and power slams Kid for a two count. Kid nails Michaels with another spinning heel kick and dropkicks Michaels to the floor. Kid takes Michaels out with a springboard crossbody to the floor and rams Michaels head into the concrete floor several times. Ted DiBiase gets a few cheap shots in as the referee was distracted. Kid keeps control of the contest by kicking Michaels in the corner several times and dropkicks Michaels in the corner. Kid goes for the cover but Michaels is able to kick out. Back from a commercial, Kid drops a quick leg across Michaels chest and gets a two count. Michaels punches out of a headlock and blocks a spin kick but Kid still hits Michaels with his free leg and almost wins the match again. Kid misses a clothesline and Michaels comes off the ropes to connect with one of his own. Both men are down until Michaels kips up. Michaels blocks a few right hands and works on Kid with several right hands. Michaels connects with a top rope moonsault and hammers away on Kid. Flying forearm smash by Michaels and Kid is reeling. Michaels scoop slams Kid and heads to the top rope where he connects with a elbow drop! Kid avoids the super kick by bailing to the floor but comes back to the ring and stomps on Michaels. Kid scoop slams Michaels and goes to the top rope but misses a leg drop. Michaels goes to the corner and nail Kid with the super kick to win the match. ***
After the match, Shawn Michaels celebrates his win with a kid in the ring.

A video of Goldust’s movie is aired. The title is named “Piper’s Pit”. Goldust is at a set up of the Piper’s Pit and says that at one point Piper was a huge star. Goldust talks about his childhood fantasy included Piper’s Pit and that he hung on every word that Piper said. Goldust liked the time when Piper smashed a coconut over Snuka’s head and says he likes Piper’s kilt. Goldust doesn’t think that Piper will go down as the greatest, because that belongs to him. Goldust blows on some bagpipes rather sexually.

A video officially announcing that the Ultimate Warrior will be returning to the WWF at Wrestle Mania XII.

Next week, the Undertaker and Yokozuna team up to face off against Owen Hart and the British Bulldog.

Second Contest: Justin Hawk Bradshaw defeated Hakushi:
Bradshaw with the advantage stomping Hakushi a few times. Piper calls in and says he has some news. Bradshaw drops Hakushi with a few right hands and connects with a elbow drop. Piper will announce who Warrior is facing at Wrestle Mania next week on RAW. Bradshaw kicks Hakushi on the back and drops Hakushi with a modified pump handle slam. Bradshaw comes off the ropes connecting with a leg drop and a elbow drop. Bradshaw sends Hakushi back first into the corner and misses a splash. Hakushi kicks Bradshaw and connects with a handspring back elbow. Bradshaw big boots Hakushi to the floor and Bradshaw goes out to follow. Hakushi comes back to the ring and takes Bradshaw out with a crossbody. Bradshaw gets the upper hand and rams Hakushi back first into the apron a couple of times and slams Hakushi on the floor. Bradshaw with a big boot in the ring and comes off the ropes with a vicious clothesline to win the match. ½*
After the match, Bradshaw hog ties Hakushi. Hakushi is also branded by Bradshaw’s manager.

Mankind promo is up next and he talks about what kind of evil man he is. No one will have a nice day when he gets revenge for his flaws.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a non-title match:
Hart backs HHH into a corner and HHH gets a cheap shot in with a knee strike to Hart’s midsection. HHH with a few right hands in the corner and sends Hart back first into the corner. Hart gets both feet up and comes off the middle rope with a clothesline. Hart head butts HHH and snap mares HHH followed by a forearm drop. Hart continues to control HHH with a top wrist lock and drives his knee into HHH’s left shoulder. Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring and has a chair with him. Michaels takes a seat at ringside to watch the match. Back from commercial, Hart continues to work on HHH’s left arm. HHH with a knee strike but Hart comes of the ropes with a crossbody and gets a near fall. HHH pokes Hart in the eyes and tosses Hart to the floor near where Michaels was sitting. Hart tells Michaels to go back to the locker room. HHH comes off the apron but Hart nails HHH in the gut and rams HHH face first into the guard railing. Hart stomps HHH in the midsection back in the ring and continues his offense with a elbow smash. HHH stops Hart as he comes off the ropes with a high knee lift. HHH with a uppercut and works on Hart in the corner with a flurry of right hands. HHH sends Hart hard back first into the corner a couple of times. HHH with a snap suplex and knee drop for a near fall. Back from commercial, HHH leaps off the middle rope but is met with a boot from Hart. Hart with a atomic drop and a running clothesline. Hart comes out of the corner with a running bulldog and follows up with a backbreaker. Hart with a middle rope forearm drop and gets a near fall. HHH with a rollup as Hart was talking to the referee but Hart kicks out and HHH goes to the floor. Hart with a few right hands and stalks HHH back in the ring. HHH with a boot out of the corner and leaps off the middle rope but is blocked by Hart and Hart has the Sharpshooter locked in! HHH gives up after about five seconds. **½
After the match, Michaels claps for Hart at the top of the entrance way.

Tee Vee Trivia involving Billionaire Ted is shown. The host goes over several controversial quotes made by Billionaire Ted, who doesn’t know he said these things. Nacho Man has apparently tied up the Huckster from appearing on the show.

End of show

My Take:
Michaels/Kid was a good match between two real life friends. They worked really well with each other and put on one of the years exciting television matches. Good way to start the show and a good win for the number one contender.

Well, the Goldust segment was extremely creepy and weird. So, it did a good job. That is the point of the Goldust character, to creep the viewers and the wrestlers out. Goldust/Piper seem to be another match being promoted for Wrestle Mania.

Bradshaw was fairly impressive in the extended squash match. Hakushi appears to be a jobber to the stars now.

Hart/HHH was a okay match but it was just the usual Bret Hart match. The fans were fairly dead for it, as well. I liked that Michaels came out to ringside to give those two some kind of interaction heading into Wrestle Mania. I always hate when two wrestlers feuding are on the same show and do not interact. Good to see it on this show.

Billionaire Ted skits continue to try and be funny but they aren’t. Just try and beat WCW in the ratings McMahon!

Overall, a enjoyable show with two good to decent matches.

Thanks for reading.

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