WWF RAW 6/6/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Youngstown, OH

RAW opening video

Opening Contest: Tatanka defeated Crush in a lumberjack match to qualify for the 1994 King of the Ring:
Before the contest, IRS gets in Razor Ramon’s face and nearly start a brawl. Some of the lumberjacks actually get entrances. IRS and Tatanka nearly brawl and all the lumberjacks get on the apron but order is restored as Crush works on Tatanka. Crush with right hands to the midsection of Tatanka. Tatanka with a few of his own but is stopped by Crush who sends Tatanka to the floor and is attacked by the Million Dollar Corporation. Crush gets a near fall as Tatanka is sent back into the ring. Crush with a sleeper hold but Tatanka manages to get up but Crush delivers a head butt and a scoop slam. Crush misses a knee drop coming off the ropes. Tatanka with a Japanese arm drag and a hip toss. Tatanka dropkicks Crush to the floor. Tatanka gets a near fall as Crush is sent back into the ring. Back from commercial, Tatanka is working on the left arm of Crush by dropping a leg across the elbow. Crush with a snap mare and a boot scrape to regain control. Crush works on the left arm of Tatanka. Crush with a backbreaker for a near fall. Tatanka with a clothesline for a near fall and connects with a back elbow for another near fall. Crush with a reverse atomic drop and gets a near fall. Crush continues to work on the left arm of Tatanka. Tatanka gets up and tries to get at IRS but is attacked by Crush. Crush with a savant kick. Crush with a body scissors sleeper hold and gets a near fall. Tatanka with a scoop slam and a elbow coming off the ropes for a near fall. Back from another commercial, Tatanka is chopping away on Crush as Crush gets tangled up in the ropes. Crush with a reverse atomic drop and connects with a middle rope forearm drop. Crush with a front face lock to wear down Tatanka. Crush sends Tatanka to the floor where he is beaten down by Yokozuna. Razor Ramon and Bam-Bam Bigelow brawl on the floor. Tatanka is sent back into the ring and Crush gets a near fall. Crush with a vertical suplex and a leg drop coming off the ropes for a near fall. Crush is sent to the floor where Crush actually knocks out 1-2-3 Kid and Billy Gunn. Lex Luger runs down and nails Crush with his elbow. Crush is out cold in the ring as the crowd tries to get Tatanka to his feet. Tatanka goes for the cover and pins Crush to earn a spot in the King of the Ring tournament! **

WWF King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill. Todd goes over the title matches and a few tournament matches.

Second Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated John Paul:
Bigelow wins the match following a twisting splash coming off the ropes.

Jerry Lawler is standing in the ring for this weeks King Court as RAW comes back from commercial. Lawler mentions that at King of the Ring he will be wrestling a guy who wears a dress, Roddy Piper. Lawler hints that Piper is going to be his guest on the show. Lawler introduces his guest and it is a young man who is dressed up as Roddy Piper. The kid acts like Piper fairly well and kind of sounds like Piper a little bit. Lawler wants to know what Piper is thinking challenging Lawler to a match. The kid says he has been thinking about it and begs Lawler to allow him to back out of it. He gets on his knees and begs Lawler. Lawler tells the kid to kiss his royal feet and the kid kisses Lawler’s feet. Lawler tells the kid to crawl out of the ring and he does that. Lawler laughs at the fans as the segment ends.

Main Event: Razor Ramon defeated Keith Davis:
Ramon wins the squash match following the Razors Edge.

Paul Bearer cuts a promo saying that it is true his trail on the Undertaker has gone cold. Bearer doesn’t believe that Ted DiBiase has bought off the Undertaker.

Ted DiBiase joins McMahon and Savage at the commentary table. DiBiase tells McMahon that he will produce the Undertaker on Superstars later on in the week. Everyone has a price for the million dollar man.

End of show

My Take: Crush/Tatanka was a decent match that took up half the show. I didn’t like the constant distraction of Ramon/IRS and all the other lumberjacks brawling with each other when that didn’t involve the wrestlers. In my opinion, that took away from the match for me. I don’t get way Luger continues to use the illegal forearm, as that is such a heel thing to do and it doesn’t really get a big reception because I think for the most part, fans realized that.

The Kings Court this week was kind of boring. The kid did a good job of acting/sounding like Piper but it was just a typical heel promo with Lawler poking fun at Piper. I guess it builds well to the Lawler/Piper match at the PPV as Piper comes for revenge against Lawler for talking crap about him.

Overall, the featured match on the show was okay but the main interview on the show was fairly boring. Average show at best this time around.

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