UWF Live Event 4/14/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

United Wrestling Federation Live Event
From: Farmville, VA

Opening Contest: Elix Skipper/David Young defeated the Naturals:
Skipper and Stevens start of the contest. Skipper shoves Stevens from behind and taunts Stevens for being able to do so. Stevens takes Skipper down to the mat with a go behind and plays to the fans afterward while Skipper argues with the referee. Skipper controls Stevens with a wristlock but Stevens counters with one of his own. Skipper is able to get a side headlock on Stevens but Stevens fights out of it. Stevens has a wrist lock on Skipper and goes to arm drag Skipper but Skipper lands on his feet. Stevens with a series of arm drags and plays to the crowd. Skipper lands on his feet on a hip toss attempt but Stevens is able to kick Skipper across the back for a two count. Stevens tags out to Douglas but Skipper knees Douglas and tags in Young. Douglas drop toe holds Young and Douglas has a wrist lock on Young briefly. Young with a few punches but misses a clothesline and Douglas pokes Young in the eyes after a few jabs. Young is double teamed by the Naturals and Douglas gets a two count. Skipper tags back into the contest and goes behind Douglas. Skipper takes Douglas down but Douglas counters with a hammerlock for a near fall. Stevens tags back in and Douglas drives Skipper gut first across Stevens knee! Stevens covers but only gets a two count. Skipper with a knee to Stevens midsection and tags out to Young. Stevens hip tosses Young several times and gets a two count. Skipper nails Stevens over the back with a kick as Stevens comes off the ropes and Young clotheslines Stevens. Skipper legally tags into the contest and punches Douglas. Young and Skipper double team Stevens behind the referees back briefly. Stevens kicks Young away a few times in the corner and begins to hammer away on Young. Young stops Stevens with a clothesline and drops Stevens gut first across the top rope. Skipper comes off the top and connects with a leg drop but is only able to get a two count on the cover as Douglas breaks up the cover. Skipper works on Stevens with a forearm shot and kicks Stevens across the back for a two count. Skipper with a sitting abdominal stretch on Stevens for a few moments and turns over with a crucifix pin but Stevens kicks out. Skipper and Young connect with a double axe handle/dominator combo on Stevens which sees Young get a near fall. Young heads to the top rope but misses a moonsault as Stevens rolls out of the way! Douglas and Skipper tag into the match with Douglas cleaning house with right hands and backdrops. Douglas nails Skipper with a high knee lift and connects with a neck breaker on Young for a near fall. Skipper comes off the ropes but is set up for the Natural Disaster and the Naturals hit it! Douglas covers but Young pulls the referee out. Stevens goes to leap to the floor but misses and crashes to the floor. Young goes to hit Stevens with a chair but the referee takes it away. Skipper low blows Douglas back in the ring and rolls Douglas up to win the match. ***

Second Contest: Sonjay Dutt defeated Matt Bentley:
Bentley with a go behind but is taken down by Dutt with a drop toe hold. Bentley counters with a front face lock but Dutt reverses with a wrist lock. Bentley with a fireman’s carry takedown but is tripped by Dutt. Dutt with a leg lock and spins around for a modified surfboard. Dutt goes back to a side headlock but is sent into the ropes where Bentley goes for a shoulder block but neither man budges. Bentley charges but is simply tripped by Dutt who gets a two count. Dutt with a few quick pin attempts but Bentley kicks out and bails to the floor. Bentley waits near the top of the entrance way as he is counted out. Bentley comes back before a ten count but goes back to the floor. Bentley with a knee lift and begins to hammer away on Dutt in the corner. Scoop slam by Bentley and he taunts the fans. Bentley works on Dutt with a elbow smash and chokes Dutt in the corner. Dutt hip tosses Bentley and connects with a quick dropkick followed by a clothesline which sends Bentley to the floor. Dutt takes Bentley out with a springboard cross body on the floor! Dutt covers Bentley back in the ring but only manages to get a two count. Bentley backdrops Dutt to the apron but Dutt hammers away on Bentley and walks the top rope until Bentley kicks the ropes and Dutt crotches himself on the ropes before crashing to the floor! Bentley works on Dutt by ramming Dutt back first into the apron a few times. Bentley follows up with a backbreaker back in the ring and gets a two count. Bentley hip tosses Dutt but only manages to get a two count. Dutt elbows out of a chin lock and back elbows Bentley in the corner. Bentley plants Dutt with his version of the Shell Shock but Dutt kicks out at two! Bentley tosses Dutt to the floor but Dutt quickly gets back on the apron and sunset flips back into the ring. Bentley drops down and uses the ropes for the upper hand but the referee kicks Bentley’s hands off which allows Dutt to cover but Bentley kicks out at two. A quick clothesline by Bentley for another near fall. Bentley controls Dutt with a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Bentley misses a splash in the corner and is met with a missile dropkick from Dutt. Dutt with a flurry of right hands and a springboard back elbow. Dutt follows up with a atomic drop, forearm smash, and a springboard moonsault but isn’t able to put Bentley away. Dutt goes for a backdrop but is kicked by Bentley who connects with a power bomb and almost wins the contest! Bentley signals for the super kick but Dutt blocks and dropkicks Bentley followed by a shining wizard and hit’s a standing shooting star press to win the contest. ***

Before the next match, Ray cuts a promo on AMW where he insults their mothers and talks about not getting a title shot tonight. Ray gets heckled by a fan and turns the tables by ripping on the fan! Ray says that as a result of not getting a title shot, that he has been given permission to give a stipulation to their match. Ray has decided to let the fans decide what match they want to see. The fans quickly chant “TLC” and that ends up being the match. All the fans with a chair raise their chair in the air. Ray hypes up a tables, ladders and chairs match! AMW attack after the announcement.

Third Contest: Team 3-D defeated NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted in a non-title full metal mayhem match:
AMW work on Team 3-D with right hands in opposite corners for a few moments. Harris is working on Ray while Storm is working on D-Von. Harris chokes Ray with his jacket for a few moments but Team 3-D come back with clotheslines and send Storm into Harris in the corner. Ray splashes the champs in the corner and Harris lands in a doggie style position. Harris is sent to the floor and Ray rams Harris head first into several fans chairs. Storm is also sent into a chair by D-Von a few times. Harris avoids a chair shot from Ray and sends Ray into the guard railing. Harris declines to use a chair and hammers away on Ray instead. D-Von rams Storm head first into a series of chairs like it’s a assembly line. Ray spits water into Harris face like he is Tajiri. Storm is working on D-Von and whacks D-Von across the back with a chair. D-Von returns the chair shot across the back while Ray looks for the ladder. Ray finds the ladder and knocks Harris down with a right hand. Ray places the ladder on top of Harris and smashes a chair onto the ladder! Ray sets up a ladder in a corner and sends Storm back first into the ladder. The same happens to Harris and the fans are heavily behind Team 3-D. Harris is tossed to the floor while Ray jabs Storm several times and connects with a elbow smash. Scoop slam by Ray and D-Von heads up top connecting wit the What’s Up on Storm! Harris clotheslines Team 3-D as they signaled for a table. D-Von is tossed to the floor and allows Harris and Storm to work on Ray. Double back elbow knocks Ray down and Storm gets the ladder. AMW places the ladder directly in front of Ray’s groin and Storm whacks the ladder with a chair sending the ladder into Ray’s groin! Storm covers but Ray is able to kick out at two. This match has been turned into a regular tag match with tags even though it is a TLC match. Harris clotheslines Ray and tags out to Storm. AMW connect with a double backdrop and Storm gets a near fall on Ray. Storm chokes Ray briefly in the corner but Ray comes back with the Bubba Bomb on Storm! Harris and D-Von get tagged in and D-Von cleans house with right hands. Shoulder block by D-Von, neck breaker, flapjacks and clotheslines. Storm misses a splash in the corner and is met with another clothesline by D-Von. Ray hammers away on Storm and Team 3-D connect with a side slam/leg drop combo on Storm for a near fall. Harris is planted with a back suplex/neck breaker combo for a near fall. Storm nails Ray with a super kick and D-Von is driven down with a running clothesline/spine buster combo for a two count! Harris goes to the floor and slides a table into the ring. Ray sends Harris to the floor and Storm is driven through the table with the 3-D! Storm is pinned by Team 3-D. **½
After the match, Team 3-D insult AMW once again. They also give away part of the broken table to fans. They end up giving a piece of the table to a little girl. Also, a fan literally flashes the high spots camera but it is blurred out.

Before the next match, Maven cuts a promo on the Virginia fans. Maven completely puts down the importance of the town they are in. Maven talks about all the big arenas he has competed in. Maven also says that the fans are incredibly dirty and that he needed soap and water after shaking all their hands earlier in the day.

Fourth Contest: Maven/Jacqueline defeated Jeff Hardy/Amber O’Neal:
Jackie and Amber start off the tag contest. Amber with a wrist lock but Jackie counters with one of her own. Jackie with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Amber leg trips Jackie for a near fall of her own and they have a standoff. Amber with a side headlock and a shoulder block coming off the ropes. Amber blocks a hip toss and connects with a hip toss of her own. Amber follows up with a scoop slam and Jackie calls a timeout in the corner. Jackie snap mares Amber and kicks Amber across the back a few times and dropkicks Amber. Jackie misses a clothesline and is knocked down with a shoulder block. Maven tags into the contest and wants Hardy to tag in, who does tag in. Maven backs Hardy into a corner and poses afterwards. Maven with a side headlock and shoulder blocks Hardy. Maven with another side headlock and shoulder blocks Hardy once again. Hardy with a drop sleeper and clothesline. Hardy connects with a double leg drop and Maven tags out to Jackie. Maven is forced to come back into the ring and yells at the referee that he tagged in. Maven knocks Hardy down with a clothesline and stomps away on Hardy for a few moments. Back suplex by Maven and he gets a two count. Maven chokes Hardy across the top rope and distracts the referee to allow Jackie to choke Hardy as well. Maven dropkicks Hardy and poses yet again before getting a two count. Maven has a sleeper hold on Hardy but Hardy gets to his feet. Hardy elbows out of the hold but is yanked down by Maven as he used Hardy’s hair. Maven chokes Hardy across the middle rope to keep control of the contest. Standing dropkick by Maven and gets a two count. Hardy comes off the top rope taking Maven out with the Whisper in the Wind! Amber and Jackie get the tags and Amber clotheslines Jackie several times. Tilt a whirl head scissors by Amber gets her a two count. Maven grabs Amber by the hair and is slapped by Amber. Hardy clotheslines Maven to the floor. Jackie connects with a German suplex on Amber and picks up the win.

Fifth Contest: NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels to retain the title:
Joe kicks Daniels in the chest and hammers away on Styles to start the match. Daniels and Styles both work on Joe with right hands. Double back elbow and shoulder block knocks Joe down. Daniels and Styles trade rollups but neither man gets a three. Styles with a nice dropkick on Daniels. Joe drags Styles to the floor and enters the ring to kick Daniels several times. Joe chops Daniels across the back and comes off the ropes with a knee drop. Joe works on Styles in the corner with a few chops and sends Daniels into Styles in the corner. Daniels boots Joe in the corner and kicks Joe on the side of the head and is able to bulldog Styles for a two count! Spinning heel kick by Daniels on Styles and nearly wins the match. Styles knocks Daniels down with a spin kick for a near fall. Styles hammers away on Joe in the corner and delivers a backbreaker to Daniels. Styles with a few shoulder rams on Joe in the corner and splashes Daniels in the corner. Styles charges towards Joe but is met with a STO. Joe hits Daniels with a atomic drop, yakuza kick and a senton splash but only gets a two count. Joe with a knee on Styles in the corner and kicks Daniels in another corner. Joe face washes Daniels but is sent to the floor by Styles. Styles is met with a clothesline by Daniels who gets a near fall. Daniels ducks a clothesline and goes for a German suplex on Styles but Styles hangs onto the ropes. Styles with a neck breaker/DDT combo on Joe/Daniels and covers both men getting near falls both times! Styles works on both opponents with clotheslines and gets a two count on Joe. Springboard forearm smash by Styles on Joe but only gets a two count on the cover. Styles signals for the Styles Clash but Daniels cuts Styles off. Daniels runs into a back elbow but blocks a springboard reverse neck breaker. Daniels slams Styles and hit’s the Best Moonsault Ever. Daniels covers but Joe cuts Daniels off. Joe with a snap power slam on Daniels and nearly picks up the win! Joe gets out of the Last Rites by Daniels and goes for the choke but Styles nails Joe with the Pele kick! Styles heads up top but is cut off by Daniels. Daniels shoves Styles off the top to the floor and Joe kicks Daniels right on the chin. Joe hooks Daniels up and plants Daniels with the Muscle Buster to win the match! ***1/4

Main Event: NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage defeated Abyss to retain the title:
Cage hammers away on Abyss to open up the main event. Cage ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Abyss to the floor which sees Cage falling over the top to the floor as well. Cage sends Abyss into the guard railing a few times but Abyss comes back with a series of right hands and sends Cage head first into the ring apron. Cage sends Abyss head first into the ring steps and sends the challenger back into the ring. Cage with a top rope cross body and gets a near fall. Cage hammers away and chokes Abyss in the corner. Cage with ten punches in the corner until he is shoved off by Abyss. Abyss big boots Cage and Cage bails to the floor. Abyss punches Cage on the floor and sends Cage chest first into the guard railing. Abyss rams Cage shoulder first into the ring post and clubs Cage across the back as well. Abyss knocks Cage down back in the ring with a right hand but Cage delivers a few rights of his own. Abyss clotheslines Cage as Cage comes off the ropes and Abyss gets a near fall. Abyss chops Cage in the corner but Cage comes back with a few boots and chops. Abyss sends Cage hard chest first into the top turnbuckle. Abyss has a neck vice on Cage to slow down the action for a few moments. Cage elbows out of the hold and chops Abyss. Cage avoids a gorilla press slam and goes for the Un-Prettier but Abyss shoves Cage away and hit’s a press slam for a near fall. Abyss goes back to the neck vice to control the champion. Cage elbows out again but is kneed by Abyss who splashes Cage in the corner and gets a near fall on the cover. Abyss leaps off the middle rope but misses a leg drop. Cage ducks punches from Abyss and delivers a few forearm smashes. Cage goes for a rollup and avoids a sit down splash by Abyss. Senton splash by Cage for a near fall on Abyss. Cage hit’s a tornado reverse DDT and gets a two count. Cage chops Abyss and is nearly sent into the referee. Abyss ends up accidentally splashing the referee in the corner. Abyss avoids the Un-Prettier and connects with the Shock Treatment! Abyss covers Cage but their isn’t a referee to make the count. Abyss goes to the floor and grabs the championship. Cage avoids being hit with the championship and connects with the Un-Prettier but Abyss kicks out at two when a second referee comes down to the ring! Cage grabs the championship but the referee stops Cage from using it. Cage charges towards Abyss and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam but Cage kicks out at two! Abyss punches the second referee and grabs the championship again. Abyss manages to nail Cage over the back with the championship and covers Cage but Cage pops his shoulder up at two! Abyss grabs Earl Hebner but Cage low blows Abyss and connects with a second Un-Prettier and covers Abyss to win the match! **¾
After the match, Cage gets some cheap baby face heat by putting over the crowd.

End of show.

My Take:
I thought the opening contest was done nicely. Those four men worked well together. It was a rather fast paced contest with not too many dull spots so it was able to keep my interest and they had a few cool spots to go with it. Nice job on the finish, as well. Good way to start off the show.

Dutt/Bentley was another good match. I can’t remember the last time I reviewed a show where the first two matches were good outings. Bentley was extremely underrated throughout his TNA run. If you haven’t seen his 2003-2004 stuff for TNA, you really need to. He put on some good matches and had a great heel character.

TLC match wasn’t all that violent or anything considering it is a house show, essentially. However, it was still a fun little match with the crowd really being behind Team 3-D. I had apparently forgotten just how popular Team 3-D was during their first year or so in TNA.

The mixed tag team match was a rather boring contest. Maven really can not carry a match as most heels are suppose to be able to do. Hardy really didn’t much for the match either and the ladies portion of the match was just really dull. I would have preferred to have just seen a Hardy vs. Maven match anyway was their were two other tag matches on the show already.

The three way match between Joe, Daniels and Styles was a very good match. They didn’t get nearly as much time as they got at the September 2005 pay per view Unbreakable but they put on a very good match within the time frame they had. Quality match for sure.

Main event was a pretty decent contest. I didn’t think Abyss/Cage would put on a good show without some kind of hardcore stipulation because that is when Abyss is at his best. However, they worked around that with the referee bumps and whatnot. Crowd was really into the false finishes where Abyss nearly won the championship. Fun main event that may have had too many referee bumps.

Overall, this is a pretty good show. The only negative was the mixed tag team match. Everything else was pretty enjoyable. Recommend to pick this up if you like TNA.

Thanks for reading.

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