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WWF House Show 1/14/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: San Jose, CA

This event was not aired on WWF television. It is a live event and was recorded by a fan.

Opening Contest: the Headshrinkers defeated the Bushwhackers:
Samu and Luke start off the match after quite a bit of stalling by the Bushwhackers. Luke head butts Samu early on ad the Bushwhackers send the Headshrinkers into each other a couple of times and play to the crowd as their opponents roll to the floor to regroup. Butch and Fatu are now legal and Fatu wants to shake hands but Butch is undecided if he wants to. Fatu gets a cheap shot on Butch as Samu snuck in from behind. Fatu taunts the fans and works on Butch with a right hand but misses a elbow drop. Samu enters and accidentally elbow drops Fatu and they the Bushwhackers clothesline both Headshrinkers to keep control of the contest. Fatu has a weapon tucked under the back of his tights and the referee finds it. Fatu still manages to club away on Butch and the Headshrinkers low blow Butch behind the referees back. Butch is sent to the floor by Fatu but Butch soon returns and is controlled by Fatu and Samu. Samu with a chop and a standing head butt before hammering away on Butch in the corner. Butch is sent hard back first into the corner and Samu gets a near fall. Fatu tags in and drives Butch down with a backbreaker and follows up with a falling head butt for a two count. Double throat thrust knocks Butch down to the canvas as Luke tried to get into the ring. Butch tries to crawl through Fatu’s legs and makes the tag but the referee was distracted. Butch is double teamed in the corner as the referee is distracted by Luke. Samu is now in the match and charges towards the ropes but Butch moves and Samu gets his head caught between the ropes! Luke tags in and cleans house on Samu with a clothesline and clotheslines Fatu as well. All four men brawl with the Headshrinkers being sent into each other again. Headshrinkers double head butt Luke and manage to pick up the win. *

Second Contest: Diesel defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion 1-2-3 Kid:
Diesel with a quick knee lift to control Kid and delivers a forearm shot to knock Kid down. Diesel sends Kid into a corner and chokes Kid for a few moments. Diesel tosses Kid out of the corner and Diesel chokes Kid in the corner. Diesel misses a knee lift in the corner and Kid delivers a few kick to the knee and drops several elbow drops to Diesel’s knee. Kid wraps Diesel’s knee around the ring post and goes for the figure four back in the ring but Diesel kicks Kid over the top to the floor! Diesel gorilla press slams Kid back into the ring from the floor. Gut wrench power bomb by Diesel and knocks Kid back down with a right hand. Diesel drives Kid down with a big side slam but doesn’t follow up quickly. Diesel eventually covers but only gets a two count. Diesel delivers a couple backbreakers and keeps Kid across his knee for more pain. Diesel comes off the ropes and drops a elbow and has a neck vice on Kid. Kid gets to his feet and goes for a sunset flip on Diesel but Diesel grabs Kid by the neck and slams Kid down to the mat. Kid with a head scissors takedown to reverse a side slam attempt and both men are down. Kid gets up and kicks Diesel several times in the corner. Kid knocks Diesel of his feet with a spinning heel kick and gets a two count! Kid heads to the top rope and leaps off but is caught by Diesel. Diesel drops Kid face first on the top turnbuckle and picks up the win.

Third Contest: Bret Hart defeated Jeff Jarrett by disqualification:
Jarrett stalls to start the match like he normally does on these house shows. Jarrett drags Hart to the floor and sends Hart shoulder first into the ring post and into the guard railing chest first! Jarrett with several right hands on the floor and sends Hart into the ring post again. Jarrett nails Hart with a back elbow back in the ring and scoop slams Hart. Jarrett misses a fist drop off the middle rope and Hart goes to work on Jarrett in the corner with several right hands. Hart snap mares Jarrett and drops a forearm to Jarrett’s chest. Hart controls Jarrett with a top wrist lock for several moments. Hart spins Jarrett around by the arm and Jarrett flops down to the mat. Hart comes off the ropes and hip tosses Jarrett after blocking a hip toss. Hart goes back to a arm lock on Jarrett to keep control. Jarrett drop toe holds Hart but misses a elbow drop. Hart head butts Jarrett and locks in a top wrist lock again. Hart leg drops Jarrett’s arm and continues to work on Jarrett’s arm with a arm lock. Jarrett clotheslines Hart and stomps away on the Hitman to regain control. Jarrett dropkicks Hart and nearly wins the match. Jarrett slows the match down with a sleeper hold for several moments. Jarrett lets go of the hold and nails Hart with a right hand. Hart ducks a clothesline but runs into another sleeper hold from Jarrett. Hart tries to roll through the sleeper hold but Jarrett is able to keep the hold on. Hart elbows out of the hold and goes behind Jarrett but Jarrett is able to send Hart to the floor through the middle rope. Jarrett knees Hart off the apron and Hart crashes to the floor. Hart punches Jarrett from the apron and goes for a sunset flip and gets a near fall. Jarrett gets a cover on Hart by using the ropes but only gets a two count. Hart with a rollup but only gets a near fall. Jarrett kicks Hart in the chest to avoid a backdrop. Jarrett misses a dropkick and Hart connects with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Hart with a inside cradle but only gets a near fall. Hart delivers a backbreaker and comes off the middle rope with a forearm drop for a two count. Jarrett backs off into a corner and runs into a big boot from Hart. Hart leaps off the middle rope and accidentally clotheslines the referee because Jarrett put the referee in his way! Hart goes for the Sharpshooter but checks on the referee and the referee calls for the bell.
After the match, Hart clotheslines Jarrett a few times and knocks Jarrett to the floor.

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Shawn Michaels in a ladder match to retain the title:
Ramon throws a toothpick into Michaels face to start the action. Michaels stalls on the floor for a few moments. Michaels enters the ring and is met with a right hand after coming off the ropes. Ramon clotheslines Michaels to the floor and Michaels hits the guard railing throat first. Ramon goes for the Razors Edge on the floor but Michaels slides off and sends Ramon shoulder first into the ring post. Michaels scoop slams Ramon on the floor and rolls Ramon back into the ring. Michaels with several double axe handles to Ramon’s back to maintain control of the title match. Michaels tosses Ramon over the top to the floor and Michaels makes his way towards the ladder on the aisle way. Michaels drags the ladder to ringside and is met with a right hand from Ramon. Ramon sends Michaels face first into the ring steps and hammers away on Michaels in the corner. Michaels flips in the corner and comes out only to be dropped with a right hand from Ramon. Michaels baseball slides the ladder into Ramon’s face and Michaels brings Ramon back into the ring. Michaels with a few right hands in the corner and rams the ladder into Ramon’s midsection a couple of times! Michaels slams the ladder onto Ramon’s back several times. Michaels sets up the rather small ladder and almost makes it to the belt but Ramon hammers away on Michaels and Michaels drops off the ladder to the canvas. Michaels recovers and throws the ladder at Ramon who was up against the ropes. Michaels drives Ramon down with a backbreaker and sets up the ladder. Michaels climbs but Ramon pulls down Michaels trunks to expose his buttocks. Michaels has removed his underwear and chokes Ramon over the top rope with his underwear! Ramon is able to send Michaels shoulder first into the ring post and both men are laid out on the floor. Ramon starts to climb up the ladder but Michaels jumps in and hits Ramon on the back to avoid losing the contest. Ramon has a sleeper hold on Michaels but that doesn’t last long as Michaels dumps Ramon to the floor. Michaels sets the ladder up in the corner and hammers away on the champion in the opposite corner. Ramon reverses and sends Michaels chest first into the ladder! Ramon with a few right hands and kicks Michaels until Michaels crotches himself on the top rope. Ramon rams the ladder into Michaels midsection several times. Ramon climbs up the ladder but Michaels is able to tip it over and Ramon crashes to the mat. Michaels ducks a clothesline and super kicks Ramon! Michaels spikes Ramon with a pile driver. Michaels begins to climb the ladder but Ramon shoves the ladder over and Michaels flips over the ropes crashing to the floor! Ramon sets up the ladder and begins to climb. Michaels climbs up the other side and they begin to trade right hands. Both men fall off and crash to the mat after exchanging right hands. They battle to the top of the ladder again but they both fall off again. They go up once again but this time Ramon power slams Michaels off the ladder! Ramon gets to his feet and reachs the belt and yanks the belt down to win the match. **¼

Fifth Contest: IRS defeated Bob Backlund:
This match consists of mainly rest holds so I will not bother with actual coverage for this one. IRS wins following a back elbow and uses the ropes for leverage on the pin. DUD
After the match, Backlund appears to get angry with several fans for booing him to the backstage area.

Sixth Contest: Crush defeated Randy Savage in a falls count anywhere match:
Savage attacks Crush from behind on the floor with a running double axe handle. Savage sends Crush face first into the ring post and gets a two count on the floor. Savage continues by sending Crush into the ring steps and gets a near fall on the floor. Savage rams Crush into the ring post again and gets a near fall. Savage covers Crush in the ring but isn’t able to get the win. Savage scoop slams Crush and goes to the top rope. Savage leaps off and connects with the elbow drop to pick up the three to win the first fall. Savage grabs a chair and goes to use it but the referee steps in front to prevent that from happening. Savage chokes Crush over the top rope for a few moments. Savage covers Crush but only gets a two count. Savage nails Crush with a elbow smash and Crush falls to the floor. Savage sends Crush head first into the guard railing and ring steps. Savage heads to the top rope and connects with a double axe handle on the floor. Savage covers Crush and gets the three count to win a second fall. Crush has forty five seconds to enter the ring. Crush makes it back into the ring and is met with several right hands from Savage. Savage heads to the top rope but Mr. Fuji distracts Savage. Savage drops to the floor and goes after Fuji but goes back to the ring. Crush with a few right hands in the corner and chokes Savage for a few moments. Crush rakes Savage’s eyes and delivers a few right hands in the corner. Snap mare by Crush and Crush delivers a boot scrape. Crush spikes Savage with a pile driver and signals for the Kona Vice! Savage pokes Crush in the eyes to break the hold! Savage hip tosses Crush coming out of the corner and heads to the top rope. Savage connects with a double axe handle and Crush falls to the floor again. Crush shoves Savage shoulder first into the ring post and kicks Savage in the midsection several times. Crush covers Savage but doesn’t get the three count. Crush sends Savage over the railing into the crowd. Crush tosses Savage back to the ringside area and rams Savage back first into the ring post and connects with a backbreaker to win the third fall. Savage gets back in the ring and Crush has a body scissors on the former World Champion. Crush continues to work on Savage’s back with a bear hug. Savage battles out of the hold with a eye rake. Crush with a right hand to Savage’s lower back and has a bow and arrow on Savage. Crush lets go of the hold as Savage doesn’t give up. Crush connects with a backbreaker and gets a two count. Savage with a quick rollup but doesn’t get a three count. Crush with another backbreaker and heads to the top rope but misses a big splash. Savage goes up top but is caught in midair by Crush and rammed back first into a corner. Crush tosses Savage over the top to the floor. Crush brings Savage up the aisle way and they brawl into the crowd, but it is hard to tell because it is dark! During the darkness Crush got a pin fall on Savage. Savage is able to get up but he is attacked by Ludvig Borga! Savage isn’t able to roll into the ring in time and Crush wins. **
After the match, Crush attacks Savage with a tilt a whirl backbreaker.

Main Event: Lex Luger/Tatanka defeated WWF World Champion Yokozuna/Ludvig Borga:
Yoko and Luger start off the contest with Yoko poking Luger in the eyes. Luger with a few right hands out of the corner but is stopped by Yoko. Luger tries to clothesline Yoko but Yoko connects with a clothesline of his own. Yoko misses a big splash and Tatanka comes off the top rope with a axe handle. Yoko nails Tatanka with a right hand and tags in Borga. Borga with several shots on Tatanka in the corner but misses a splash and is chopped by Tatanka a few times. Tatanka clotheslines Borga but Borga comes back with a leaping clothesline of his own. Borga scoop slams Tatanka but misses a elbow drop. Tatanka has a wrist lock on Borga for a few moments and delivers overhand strikes to Borga’s shoulder. Tatanka attempts a shoulder block but Borga doesn’t budge. Tatanka with a cross body coming off the ropes but only gets a two count. Borga regains control and tags in Yoko. Tatanka with a few overhand blows but runs into a back elbow from Yoko. Yoko misses a leg drop and elbow drop. Tatanka comes off the ropes but is kneed by Borga in the back. Yoko with the deadly nerve hold to control Tatanka. Borga comes in, without a tag, and keeps the nerve hold on Tatanka. Tatanka gets up but runs into a bear hug. Tatanka is choked in the corner by Yoko as the referee is distracted. Yoko legally tags in and viciously chops Tatanka and goes back to the nerve hold. Tatanka fights to his feet but is clotheslined by Yoko! Yoko misses a back splash in the corner and crashes to the mat! Luger finally gets the hot tag and cleans house. Luger knocks out Yoko with a flying forearm but Borga nails Luger with the salt bucket! Luger recovers first and just barely puts his arm over Yoko to get the three as Yoko was still knocked out!

End of show

My Take:
On paper this house show looks to have a very good card lined up. So, hopefully this one delivers.

The opening match was pretty boring and repetitive. I don’t believe I have ever witnessed a entertaining match by the Bushwhackers in the WWF. Thankfully they didn’t win the match as they offer nothing to the WWF, at least not if they are continued to be booked as jokes. I want the Sheepherders! Anyway, it seems like a few fans were booing the Bushwhackers and that is a clear sign the Bushwhackers have over stayed their welcome.

Diesel/Kid wasn’t a bad match but it wasn’t overly entertaining. They did a fine job of making Kid the underdog like usual and allowing him to get a flurry of offense in a few spots. Diesel took a few spots that I didn’t think he would, like a head scissors take down for instance. Decent match at best.

I was very disappointed in the Jarrett/Hart match. The match just seemed to be a series of sleeper holds or side headlocks. Sure Hart got his usual spots in for the match but the overall match was just really lackluster.

The ladder match wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. Obviously it is a house show so you can’t expect too much, so that being said for a house show it was a fun little contest. Not a great ladder match as they kind of had repetitive spots and whatnot but it had moments of fun brawling and stuff.

Crush/Savage was drawn out for way too long. Their was some decent action throughout the match but it was again quite repetitive. It was good to see Crush get the win so that he can be built up as a powerhouse heel and whatnot. This just didn’t need to go for as long as it did.

Main event wasn’t anything special. Luger hardly did any work as Tatanka carried the workload for that team. The fans were not completely behind Luger at this point as their were a few boos for Luger. A poorly executed main event in my opinion.

Overall, the card looks good on paper but it in reality it was a disappointing outing. The biggest disappoint was Hart/Jarrett followed by a rather weak ladder match. The ladder match is still the best match on the card which just goes to show how disappointing the show really was. As a fan, I would have not felt like I made a good decision by going to this show.

Thanks for reading.


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