WWF SNME #10 3/14/1987

Written By: Matt Peddycord

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #10
March 14, 1987
Detroit, MI
Joe Louis Arena

(Taped on 2/21/1987)

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Hulk Hogan (1/23/1984)
Intercontinental Champion: Randy Savage (2/8/1986)
World Tag Team Champions: The Hart Foundation (1/26/1987)
Women’s Champion: The Fabulous Moolah (7/9/1986)

Andre has torn out the hearts and souls of the little Hulksters by joining with the Heenan family. Now Hulk wants some revenge! Elizabeth is having her SCARIEST NIGHT EVER! The Hart Foundation likes to giggle! Damien is hungry enough to eat a huge fat guy! This is Saturday Night’s Main Event!

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura!

WWF Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage vs. George “The Animal” Steele

Oh no! Not another one of these matches! There’s a special stipulation for this one, as the winner gets the IC strap and Elizabeth. So either way, she loses! Elizabeth has a lifeguard chair at ringside where she will sit and watch the match. Steele goes over to look at her, so Savage leaps off the top and nails him with a double-ax. He grabs Elizabeth and tries to take her to the locker room, but Ricky Steamboat comes down and backs Savage into the ring. Steele attacks from behind and rams Savage’s head into the buckle. He eats a turnbuckle pad as Savage runs up from behind with a knee. Savage comes off the top and nails another double-ax. Steele comes back by biting Savage’s arm in a clothesline-attempt and then choke-lifts him into the air. He eats another turnbuckle pad and goes out to leave with Elizabeth, but he hasn’t won the match yet. Savage runs out and knocks Steele into the guardrail. He picks up Elizabeth’s lifeguard-looking chair, throws it on top of Steele, and slides back in for the count-out victory. (4:25) Why did George continue to get title shots for over a YEAR when he never seemed to get the upper hand? Steele gets ANGRY and throws the big chair into the ring. Savage tries to nail him with the IC title, but Steele tosses him so he can pose with the belt. Thank God he never actually WON that. ½*

20-Man Battle Royal

There is prize money involved, but neither Vince nor Jesse tells how much. This would be the first time Hogan and Andre will have crossed paths since Andre turned heel. All the faces go after Andre, while all the heels go after Hulk. Somehow, Hogan is able to fight them off long enough to eliminate the Honky Tonk Man in the first thirty seconds. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Andre dumps Sika. The Heenan family remains on top of Hulk in the corner while the Islanders go after Andre. He dumps Haku and headbutts Lanny Poffo and then throws him out. Wow, he is BUSTED OPEN from the devastating force of Andre’s headbutt! Ron Bass, Butch Reed and Demolition Smash all try to throw out Hulk, but can’t get him out. The Machines collide as Blackjack Mulligan gets chopped in the corner by Andre. Haha, oh man, Lanny Poffo has to be stretchered out. He’s THAT hurt! The original Demolition try to eliminate Hillbilly Jim while Hulk backdrops Ron Bass out of the ring. Andre finally tosses Mulligan out to the floor to send him to the dressing room while Hogan throws out Nikolai Volkoff on the other side of the ring. Now Andre tosses out Brian Blair and I’m sure somewhere, the Sheik is laughing. Heenan’s goons Hercules and Orndorff continue to work Hulk over in the corner. Andre delivers a double-noggin knocker to Billy Jack Haynes and Hillbilly Jim. Afterwards, Orndorff and Hercules whip Hogan into Andre for their face-to-face confrontation. It’s as though BOMBS WERE EXPLODING RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT! Hogan gets in two right hands on Andre and gets ready to clothesline him out, but Orndorff and Smash cut him off. Hogan comes back and throws Orndorff out of the ring, but then Andre comes up from behind and headbutts Hulk and tosses him out of the ring with ease. Andre yells at Hogan to come back and get him some as Koko walks over and gets elbowed down. Jumping Jim Brunzell jumps right into Andre’s arms and gets tossed out to the floor. The remaining EIGHT stop fighting and gang up on Andre to throw him over the top to be eliminated. Hercules throws out Tama and then Ax gets thrown out by Hillbilly Jim. Smash doesn’t appreciate that and tosses out Hillbilly Jim with a little help from Hercules. Meanwhile, Koko ducks a clothesline from Reed and dropkicks him out to the floor. Koko B. Ware, Hercules, Billy Jack Haynes and Smash remain. Hercules stomps Koko down in the corner until Billy Jack nails him from behind. Smash comes by and pulls Haynes away from Hercules, so that Hercules can finally toss Koko out to the floor. Smash and Herc begin to pound on Haynes for a bit until he outsmarts them both and clotheslines Smash over the top and to the floor. Now it’s Hercules vs. Billy Jack Haynes. Heenan hops up on the apron while Haynes’ beats the crap out of Hercules. He stupidly goes after Heenan which allows Herc to come up from behind and lift him out over the top rope to win the match. (11:25) Ventura ~ “That dumb Billy Jack Haynes!” As you can see, this was all just to get Hogan/Andre in the ring together on free TV so you’ll want MORE, MORE, MORE! Not that great, but I’ve seen worse battle royals. *

Mean Gene is standing alongside Andre and Bobby Heenan. Heenan mentions how it took one giant to take out Hogan, and eight men to take out Andre. Uh oh, the champ is in TWOUBLE!

Jake Roberts (w/Damien the SNAKE~!) vs. King Kong Bundy (w/Bobby Heenan)

Jake works the arm to start, but gets clobbered. Jake uses his speed to keep away from Bundy, and then comes in for a headlock. Bundy tosses him into the ropes, but Jake avoids contact again. Jake tries kicking at the leg, so Bundy gets sick of him and wants a test of strength. Roberts is up to the challenge for some RETARDED reason and goes down to the mat almost immediately. Bundy pounds away and goes for a facelock, but Jake kneelifts him and fires away with rights. Heenan takes the snake as we take a break, and return with Jake getting it back. Bundy attacks, however, and puts him down with a clothesline and a pair of shoulderblocks. Bundy misses a blind charge, allowing Jake to come back. The ref won’t stay out of the way while Jake is wailing on Bundy in the corner and he takes a knee to the gut to cause the DQ. (6:15) Afterwards, Roberts delivers the DDT on Bundy and pulls out Damien. Typical Jake Roberts behavior. CRAP

They show a clip of the Hart Foundation winning the tag belts on Superstars and the reason for Danny Davis’ suspension for life. Why not just fire him? Danny Davis says he’ll be the special enforcer at ringside for the Hart Foundation in tonight’s match to make sure everything is fair!

WWF World Tag Champions The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart & Danny Davis) vs. Tito Santana & Danny Spivey

This would’ve been The US Express (Spivey and Rotundo version) vs. The Hart Foundation, but Rotundo had left the WWF right before this and left Spivey to partner up with someone who wasn’t doing anything better at the time in Tito Santana. Spivey starts things off with Neidhart. Spivey tries for a quick pin with a crossbody block for 1, 2, NO! Neidhart comes back with a clothesline, but then Spivey reverses a whip into Bret for the tag. Santana tags in for a double-team back elbow. Spivey tags back in and puts Bret down with a shoulderblock for 1, 2, NO! Now Neidhart tags in and delivers a hotshot to Spivey to slow down the pace of the match. Bret tags in and gives Spivey a backbreaker to set up the slingshot splash from Neidhart for 1, 2, NO! The Harts continue to tag in and out while keeping Spivey in their corner. They do the false-tag spot which seems is done WAY too often in wrestling. Some heel miscommunication causes Spivey to make the hot tag to Tito. Bret takes his famous corner bump and Neidhart takes a FLYING JALAPENO. Davis gets nailed off the apron, and then Bret eats a FLYING JALAPENO, but he doesn’t cover and goes for the FIGURE-FOUR. While Spivey illegally gets in the ring to beat up Neidhart, the ref attempts to get him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Davis hops in the ring with Jimmy’s megaphone and bops Tito in the head with it. Bret covers for three and it’s over. (5:31) Not the Hart’s best, but they would become completely awesome soon enough. *

Ricky Steamboat vs. The Iron Sheik (w/Slick)

Randy Savage joins Vince & Jesse on commentary for this match, which causes Steamboat to get FIRED up. You know, because he’s a dragon! Sheik takes advantage of the distraction and starts pounding. Steamboat comes back after skinning-the-cat and gives Sheik a back suplex. After a hiptoss or two, Steamboat and Sheik brawl out on the floor. Sheik brings Steamboat back in with a suplex for 1, 2, NO! Sheik applies an abdominal stretch, but Steamboat calls on the crowd and powers out. Steamboat nails the big chop off the top for the 1-2-3! (3:29) Steamboat wants Savage to get in the ring with him, but Savage just goes ballistic and picks up a chair instead of fighting. ½*

Mean Gene takes a moment to get a word from the Hulkster. Hogan tells Andre to not slip and fall because it’s a long way down, BROTHER!

We close with a special tribute video for Roddy Piper to put over his retirement. They set the video package to big band music for some odd reason.

Final Thoughts:
Once again on SNME, the wrestling was pretty terrible. But the main objective of the show was to push Wrestlemania 3 as hard as they possibly could, and I think we all know how well that show did. As far as whether or not this show is must-see, it depends entirely on how you would rate it. If we’re going to rate it by the wrestling (on a WRESTLING show), then it would be an easy thumbs down. But if we’re going to rate it storyline-wise, it’s a must-see if you’re a fan of Wrestlemania 3. So I guess I’ll have to leave the recommendation solidly up to you!

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