WWF SNME #12 10/3/1987

Written By: Matt Peddycord

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event #12
October 3, 1987
Hershey, PA
Hershey Park Arena

(Taped on 9/23/1987)

The current WWF Champs were as follows:
World Champion: Hulk Hogan (1/23/1984)
Intercontinental Champion: Honky Tonk Man (6/2/1987)
World Tag Team Champions: The Hart Foundation (1/26/1987)
Women’s Champion: Sensational Sherri (7/24/1987)

The Honky Tonk Man wants to curl Randy Savage up in a pretzel and then he wants to get it on with Elizabeth! Sounds kinky! It’s TITLE NIGHT, so that must mean it’s time for Saturday Night’s Main Event!

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan!

The Intercontinental champ Honky Tonk Man wants to enter the ring first tonight because he wants to thank the beautiful audience for all their support of the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time! As for as the Macho Man goes, he and Elizabeth are about to enter the DANGER ZONE! Sometimes I’m reminded of how old these shows are when they make references like that one.

WWF Intercontinental Champion Honky Tonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Randy Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth)

Savage had turned face for two reasons: 1) Honky Tonk Man beat Ricky Steamboat for the Intercontinental title, which is something that he was obsessed with achieving. 2) Honky Tonk Man called himself BETTER than Randy Savage AND the greatest Intercontinental champion of all-time. With Savage’s desire to win back the gold and because of the WWF audience’s hatred for Honky Tonk Man, this made it extremely easy for the Macho Man to turn face. Honky Tonk gets in a cheap shot out of a tie-up, but then ducks low off a whip for Savage to gain control. Savage delivers the running hot-shot and chokes him down on the mat. Honky Tonk Man begs away in the corner, but then gets caught with a running back elbow. Jimmy Hart goes over to Elizabeth to yell at her, which brings Savage out to bring him away from her. Savage turns Jimmy around and asks, “What do you think you’re doing?” and then gets hit from behind from Honky Tonk. Heenan uses this moment to tell us why he thinks women should NOT be in wrestling. Back in, Savage quickly regains control, but then misses a jumping knee drop. Honky hits a fist drop off the middle-rope and heads over to Elizabeth to make his move, so Savage runs over and nails HIM from behind. He climbs up top and gives Honky Tonk a double-axe handle! Back in, Savage takes Honky’s head to the buckle and rolls him up for 1, 2, NO! Jimmy Hart breaks up the pin from the floor! Savage hits a back suplex near the ropes and covers, but Jimmy pulls Macho off the pin attempt! Savage heads up top and gives Honky a double-axe handle for 1, 2, NO! Jimmy Hart grabs hold of Honky Tonk’s foot. Savage grabs him and pulls him in the ring and KO’s Jimmy out to ringside! Honky Tonk tries for a sunset flip, but Savage punches out of it as the Hart Foundation run down to check on their manager. Honky Tonk gets back in the ring and pounded by Savage, but then leaves to help take Jimmy Hart to the back as we go to commercial. Shouldn’t he SERIOUSLY be counted out here? Honky Tonk heads back to the ring with the Hart Foundation by his side. Savage controls, but then he misses a charge in the corner. Honky hits a backdrop and then gets about a four-count corner punch to set up another middle-rope fist drop. This time it misses, and Savage pounds and chokes his way back! Savage hits a suplex for two, but then Honky Tonk goes to the eyes and throws Savage out to the Hart Foundation. They drop him throat-first onto the guardrail and then throw him back in for Honky Tonk to make the cover for 1, 2, NO! Since that didn’t do it, Honky Tonk goes for the SHAKE, RATTLE and NO! Savage backdrops out of it! Savage heads up top for the MACHO ELBOW and he connects for 1, 2, NO! Bret Hart runs in to save the title and give Savage the DQ win. (12:18) The Harts and Honky Tonk triple-team Savage after the match and then try to KABONG him, but Elizabeth jumps in the way! Honky Tonk stops himself from hitting Elizabeth and shoves her down and out of the ring. She runs to the back while Honky Tonk finally KABONGS Savage! Meanwhile, Elizabeth is heading back to ringside, but she brings Hulk Hogan with her! Together, he and Macho Man clear the ring of the heels and then shake hands! The MEGAPOWERS are born! **½

In the back, Fuji gloats about how tired Hogan is now. He says Sika is ready to become champ because he spends four hours in his torture chamber. He also tells us that Sika likes chicken! Oh, now I know just the place to take him on his birthday; Chick-Fil-A! Hogan says he’s hungry and he’s going to EAT Sika, Kim Chee and Fuji! Well, so much for that party at Chick-Fil-A.

WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Sika (w/Kim Chee & Mr. Fuji)

According to Graham Cawthon, this was supposed to be Hogan vs. Kamala. I’m not sure what happened there, but one is as good as the other. Sika is dressed almost exactly like Umaga, except he’s got an afro instead of dreadlocks. Sika controls to start, but then he misses a diving headbutt and Hogan takes over. Hogan makes his first mistake when he goes over to nail Kim Chee off the apron, which gives Sika a chance to knock Hogan out to the floor. Sika tries to ram Hogan’s head into the ringpost, but he gets shoved off and goes shoulder-first right into it. Fuji tries to nail Hogan with his cane, but Hogan blocks. He tries to nail Fuji with it, but the ref takes the cane away from Hogan. Back in, Sika charges into the corner. Hogan attempts a running splash, but Sika gets his knee up to block. That was stupid. Sika takes over with his unorthodox Samoan-style beating, which is just another phrase for boring. Hogan HULKS UP and hits the LEGDROP for the three-count to retain his title. (7:35) Afterwards, Kim Chee gets his butt beat for no good reason. ½*

Paul Orndorff has turned face AGAIN and this time, it’s because he’s pissed at Bobby Heenan for wanting to make him take a second-seat to someone else in the Heenan family. Hmm, wonder who that could be? He says he’s tired of all the lies and he’s ready to destroy the Heenan family alongside his new manager Oliver Humperdink! Everything Humperdink is about seems to be straight out of an LSD experience. Before we go to the match, Bundy reminds us that the Heenan family is a big family, and he does mean BIG.

Paul Orndorff (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. King Kong Bundy

Bobby Heenan stays up in the broadcast booth for this match because he’s got a BIG surprise! Vince thinks him staying away from the ring is because he’s scared of Orndorff, but Bobby replies with a “Shut up!” I love it. Orndorff attacks at the bell, but then Bundy avoids a running dropkick to take over. Bundy pounds away but then he ducks low and gets caught with a sunset flip for 1, 2, NO! Bundy continues with offense, but then he misses an elbow drop. Orndorff comes off the middle-rope with an elbow and hits the fist drop for 1, 2, NO! Bobby Heenan hops up and heads to the back for I don’t know, something! Orndorff connects with a running dropkick this time for 1, 2, NO! Wait a minute! Here comes ANDRE! Heenan comes back to gloat about how awesome his surprise is. Bundy converses with Andre out on the floor as we go to break. We come back and they lock up again. Bundy fights out of the corner, but then he ducks low off a whip and goes down to Orndorff. He hits his vertical elbow drops, but then he takes too long and misses one of them. Bundy hooks on a chinlock, but then he breaks it once Orndorff gets to his feet. Bundy goes for the AVALANCHE, but he misses! Orndorff fires back, but he gets whipped into the farside corner with Andre standing near it. Andre grabs hold of Orndorff’s tights and pulls him back into the corner long enough for Bundy to connect with the AVALANCHE to get the three-count. (7:46) Surprisingly, this was a decent little power match.

The Hart Foundation are PISSED that Jimmy Hart won’t be joining them at ringside, but it won’t keep them from beating some children!

WWF World Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation vs. The Young Stallions

The Young Stallions are Paul Roma and Jim Powers, who would have some decent tag-team success, but then got split up by the end of 1988. Jim Powers would return to being a jobber for the rest of his wrestling career in both the WWF and WCW, and Paul Roma would become the second most-undeserving member of the Four Horsemen in WCW 1993 before fading out of wrestling in 1995. The Stallions get the better of the Harts to kick things off, including a two-count on a sunset flip from Powers. He catches Bret with a crossbody block for two, but then he runs into a knee for the Harts to take over. They do a little cheating, which is done to perfection. Powers eventually leapfrogs over Bret and makes the HOT TAG TO ROMA! The Stallions whip the Harts into each other and double-dropkick Neidhart out of the floor. Roma hits a powerslam on Bret for 1, 2, NO! Neidhart breaks it up. While Powers is confronting the referee about the count, the Harts give Roma the HART ATTACK! Bret covers for the 1-2-3! (4:34) That was a good little tag match. **

We go to the back for one last time to check in on Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Wow, this is kind of weird. Hogan has fallen in love with the MADNESS and it is driving him crazy! It gets REALLY homoerotic when Hulk says things like, “The Madness and the Mania together BLEW my guns out, man.” How could the era of the Megapowers begin any other way?

Final Thoughts:
It’s a good show that kick-starts the huge Megapowers relationship and feud all at the same time. Besides that and Hogan/Sika, you’ve got three watchable matches that is a great way to spend an hour if you need some time to kill. Thumbs up for SNME #12!

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