WWF House Show 12/11/1992

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: San Francisco, CA

This is show was not aired on television at anytime. This is a live event which was recorded by a fan. there is one match missing from the show, which was the following:
Max Moon defeated Repo Man in the opening contest.

Opening Contest: Bob Backlund defeated Papa Shango:
Shango shoves Backlund into a corner a couple of times as the fans are surprisingly heavily behind Shango! Backlund comes back with a few leg trips and taunts Shango afterwards. Shango wants a test of strength but Backlund doesn’t seem to be interested, but eventually goes for it. Backlund tricks Shango by crawling through Shango’s legs. Shango controls Backlund in the test of strength as Backlund drops down to his knees. Backlund fights to his feet but Shango delivers a boot to the midsection to regain the advantage. Backlund rolls out of the test of strength and has a wristlock on Shango. Shango backs Backlund into a corner and delivers a few right hands which drops Backlund in the corner. Shango catches Backlund coming off the ropes and has a bear hug locked in place. Backlund counters with a bear hug of his own but Shango eye takes Backlund and delivers a few clubbing blows. Shango goes back to the bear hug to control Backlund for a few more moments. Backlund battles out of the hold with a head butt and comes off the ropes with a sunset flip for a near fall. Shango sends Backlund hard back first into the corner but misses a splash. Backlund is able to roll Shango up and picks up the win. ½*

Second Contest: The Headshrinkers defeated the Natural Disasters:
Fatu and Earthquake start off the contest with Earthquake shoving Fatu into the ropes but not following up. Earthquake shoves Fatu again into a corner and Fatu yells at the fans. Earthquake with a side headlock and a shoulder block to knock Fatu down to the canvas. Samu tags into the match and is controlled by Earthquake with a side headlock followed by a shoulder block. Fatu tags back into the match and has a side headlock on Earthquake for a few moments. Fatu is able to drop Earthquake with a savant kick after a failed shoulder tackle. Earthquake with another side headlock and drops an elbow across Fatu’s lower back for a two count. Typhoon tags in and clubs away on Fatu. Typhoon with a few quick splashes in the corner and hip tosses Fatu out of the corner. Typhoon jumps onto Fatu’s back a few times as Fatu is hung on the middle rope. Earthquake comes back in and bear hugs Fatu. Fatu pokes Earthquake in the eyes and goes for a scoop slam but fails. Earthquake scoop slams Fatu and rams Fatu back first into a corner. Typhoon tags in and splashes Fatu in the corner. Samu enters and gets a few cheap shots in but ends up being splashed in the corner as well. Earthquake with a running big splash to both Fatu and Samu. Typhoon misses a splash in the corner and is super kicked by Samu and Fatu. Samu covers Typhoon but only gets a two count. Samu with a standing dropkick and taunts the fans before getting a two count. Samu drops Typhoon with a head butt. Fatu enters and stomps away on Typhoon for a few moments behind the referees back. Fatu nails Typhoon with a few falling head butts for a near fall. Front face lock by Fatu but Typhoon powers his way to his corner until Fatu pokes Typhoon in the eyes. Typhoon is chopped by both Fatu and Samu and Samu gets a two count. Samu with a falling head butt and stomps away on Typhoon briefly. Samu runs into a big boot in the corner but tags out to Fatu who prevents Typhoon from tagging out. Fatu with several right hands and controls Typhoon with another front face lock. Typhoon makes the tag but the referee was distracted. Typhoon is double teamed in the corner for a few moments as Earthquake yells at the referee. Typhoon rams Fatu head first into the corner but Fatu nails Typhoon with a head butt. Fatu leaps off the top rope but lands down onto a big boot from Typhoon. Typhoon crawls to his corner and tags in Earthquake who splashes Fatu in the corner. Power slam by Earthquake sees all four men brawling. Earthquake elbow drops Samu for a near fall. Headshrinkers connect with a double back suplex. Fatu with a top rope head butt and goes for the cover but is broken up by Typhoon. Typhoon is sent to the floor and this allows Fatu to connect with a big splash off the top for the win. **¼

Third Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Marty Jannetty to retain the title:
Quick start as they trade right hands before the bell. Jannetty yanks Michaels down by the hair and dropkicks Michaels to the floor. Jannetty grabs Michaels as Michaels tried to leave and atomic drops Michaels back in the ring. Jannetty knocks Michaels back to the floor with a back elbow. Jannetty leaps off the top and nails Michaels with a double axe handle on the floor. Michaels is able to send Jannetty hard ribs first into the ring post. Michaels kicks Jannetty back down on the floor and sets up a chair on the floor. Michaels brings Jannetty over to the chair and drops Jannetty gut first over the chair! Michaels works on Jannetty in the corner with a few strikes to the ribs. Michaels sends Jannetty chest first into the corner and taunts his former tag partner. Michaels nails Jannetty with a knee lift to the ribs to keep control of the contest. Michaels locks in a abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage. Michaels keeps the hold on for several minutes until Jannetty gets out and goes for a suplex but his ribs hurt too much. Jannetty with a inside cradle for a near fall but Michaels recovers and continues to kick Jannetty on the ribs. Jannetty blocks a abdominal stretch and clotheslines Michaels! Michaels runs into a back elbow in the corner and Jannetty connects with a leaping bulldog off the middle rope. Jannetty with a series of right hands and sends Michaels flipping over the top rope to the floor. Jannetty rams Michaels face first into the ring steps! Snap power slam by Jannetty back in the ring and heads to the top rope. Jannetty leaps off but lands on his feet and drops Michaels with a DDT for a two count! Michaels stops Jannetty’s momentum with a atomic drop but misses a super kick. Jannetty nails Michaels with a super kick and gets a near fall, which the fans thought was three. Jannetty misses a splash into the corner and hits ribs on the top rope. Michaels covers Jannetty and wins the bout. ***

Fourth Contest: the Nasty Boys defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc via disqualification:
All four men brawl before the bell and they go to the floor. Saggs and DiBiase enter the ring and Saggs goes for a pile driver but is kicked from behind by IRS. DiBiase drops Saggs left arm down across the top rope and tags in IRS. IRS with a wristlock and tags out to DiBiase to keep the advantage as Saggs delivered a few right hands. DiBiase shoulder blocks and hip tosses Saggs but misses a fist drop. Saggs sends DiBiase shoulder first into the corner and tags out to Knobs. Knobs controls DiBiase with a hammerlock. Knobs goes for Pity City but IRS enters and kicks Knobs from behind. DiBiase drops Knobs with a knee lift to the midsection and tags out to IRS who misses a elbow drop. Knobs with a wristlock and a leg drop followed by a shoulder block. IRS takes Knobs down with a drop toe hold. Knobs counters a headlock attempt with a hammerlock. Saggs tags in and has a hammerlock on IRS. IRS counters with one of his own. Saggs yanks IRS down by the hair but IRS comes back with right hands. Saggs comes off the ropes but is kneed by IRS and knocked to the floor by DiBiase. On the floor, IRS rams Saggs back first into the ring apron behind the referees back. DiBiase sends Saggs back first into a corner and tags out to IRS who locks in a abdominal stretch and grabs DiBiase’s hand for extra leverage. DiBiase enters and does the same. IRS gets a cheap shot in behind the referees back. Saggs is sent back first into a corner and drops down to the canvas. DiBiase covers Saggs but only gets a two count. Chops by DiBiase in the corner. Saggs is able to knock IRS off the apron and shoulder blocks DiBiase into the referee. Knobs rolls Sags away and covers DiBiase himself and gets the three count, despite not being the legal man! Wait second, the referee realized that the illegal man made the cover so the match continues! DiBiase has the million dollar dream on Saggs in the middle of the ring! Saggs drops down to his knees but Knobs charges the ring and knocks DiBiase down. DiBiase prevents Saggs from making the tag, but Saggs comes off the ropes and drives DiBiase down face first to the mat. IRS and Knobs get tagged in and Knobs cleans house with right hands. Back elbow by Knobs on IRS gets a him a two count. Knobs power slams IRS and again gets a near fall. Vertical suplex by Knobs for another near fall as DiBiase breaks up the pin. Saggs knocks DiBiase over the top to the floor. Saggs legally tags in and Knobs splashes IRS in the corner. Saggs heads to the top rope and leaps off connecting with a elbow drop. Saggs covers but DiBiase enters and nails Saggs with a tag title to cause the DQ. **

Fifth Contest: The Undertaker defeated Razor Ramon:
Taker stalks Ramon on the floor until Ramon rolls back into the ring and hammers away on Taker. Ramon with right hands and boots but Taker comes back in the corner and chokes Ramon. Ramon runs into a big boot in the corner and Taker delivers a throat thrust. Taker walks the top rope and jumps down across Ramon’s arm which always sends Ramon over the top rope to the floor, but Ramon remains in the ring. Taker goes for a backdrop but Ramon knee lifts Taker for no affect. Taker scoop slams Ramon but misses a elbow drop. Ramon clotheslines Taker to the floor but Taker lands on his feet. Ramon knocks Taker off the apron with a right hand and pulls Taker back up. Taker drops down to the floor and drops Ramon throat first across the top rope. Taker works on Ramon with right hands and nails Ramon with a short arm clothesline. Taker misses a splash in the corner and Ramon has a sleeper hold locked in. Taker backs Ramon into a corner but Ramon is able to quickly get a sleeper hold back on. Taker gets up to his feet and connects with a jaw breaker to break free of the hold. Ramon recovers and leaps off the middle rope connecting with a bulldog and kicks Taker to the floor. Ramon rams Taker head first into the announcers table and sends Taker side first into the guard railing and ring steps! Ramon is able to scoop slam Taker back in the ring a few times but Taker quickly sits up. Side slam by Ramon and Taker begins to sit up but Ramon kicks Taker back down and delivers a few elbow drops. Ramon turns his attention to Paul Bearer and this allows Taker to recover. Taker ducks a clothesline and choke slams Ramon! Taker covers Ramon and wins the match.
After the match, Ramon pretty much no sells the choke slam and knees Taker from behind. Ramon knocks Bearer down and nails Taker with the urn! Ramon leaves Taker laying in the ring. Taker sits up and stalks Ramon to the back.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Bret Hart defeated Ric Flair to retain the title:
Flair backs Hart into a corner to start the bout and Woo’s at Hart after the referee breaks them up. Flair with a side headlock takedown but Hart counters with a head scissors. Flair rolls around and gets to the ropes. Flair complains to the referee about a hair pull. Flair yanks Hart down by the hair a few times and Hart tells the referee about it. They trade hammerlocks until Flair goes to the ropes to break the hold. Flair with a top wristlock but Hart counters with one of his own. Hart with a arm bar while standing on the middle rope. Hart counters a wristlock with one of his own and flips Flair down to the mat. Flair with a cheap shot in the corner and chops Hart. Flair with several right hands in the corner to keep the advantage. Flair connects with a knee drop and gets a two count. Hart blocks a vertical suplex and takes Flair over with one of his own. Hart works on Flair’s right leg for a few moments. Hart locks in the figure four right in the middle of the ring! Flair is almost pinned a few times but gets his shoulders up in time. Hart lets go of the hold and continues to go to work on the right leg. Hart misses a elbow drop as Flair rolls out of the way. Flair with a eye poke and chops Hart in the corner before sending Hart back first into the corner and delivering a boot to the side. Flair sends Hart hard back first into the corner a few times. Snap mare by Flair and he gets a few near falls with his feet on the ropes. Flair with more near falls with his feet on the ropes and yells at a few fans in the front row. Flair chops Hart several times in the corner and again goes for a cover while using the ropes for leverage but isn’t able to get the win. Hart blocks a right hand in the corner and delivers a series of right hands. Hart backdrops Flair as Flair comes out of the corner! Hart with a few right hands in the corner until Flair atomic drops Hart and goes for the figure four but is rolled up by Hart who gets a near fall! Hart fights out of the corner again and they trade right hands with Hart getting the upper hand. Hart shoulder blocks Flair but runs into a sleeper hold. Flair controls Hart for several moments with a sleeper hold and uses the ropes for leverage. Hart gets to his feet and rams Flair face first into the top turnbuckle. Flair flips down to the mat. Hart with a backslide and gets a two count! Hart has a sleeper on Flair briefly as Flair is able to drive Hart down with a back suplex for a two count. Hart comes out of the corner with a running clothesline and both men are down. They trade right hands again but Flair is able to deliver a knee breaker and locks in the figure four! Hart is able to reach the bottom rope fairly quick. Flair stomps away on Hart’s left knee in the corner. Flair drops Hart throat first across the top rope and stomps away on the champ. Flair with a inside cradle but only gets a two count and knocks Hart to the floor. Flair continues his attack by stomping Hart from the ring steps. Hart with a sunset flip back into the ring and gets a near fall after yanking down Flair’s trunks. They trade right hands again with Hart getting the upper hand and backdrops Flair. Flair heads to the top rope but is slammed off by Hart. Flair flips in the corner and leaps off the top but is met with a right hand to the gut. Hart with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Vertical suplex by Hart for another near fall. Hart delivers a backbreaker and leaps off the middle rope hitting a forearm drop. Hart crotches Flair on the top rope and connects with a superplex! Hart covers but Flair is able to kick out. Flair kicks Hart away to avoid the Sharpshooter. Hart is able to counter a vertical suplex and rolls Flair up for the win! **
After the match, Hart celebrates his win. Flair cuts that short as he knocks Hart off the middle rope and to the floor! Hart returns to the ring to celebrate.

End of show

My Take:
Seems like the fans in SF are heavily behind the heels tonight considering the reaction Shango got. Either that or they just strongly hate Backlund. Anyway, the match between Shango/Backlund was really bad. Nothing exciting happened, at all. Complete waste of time.

Shrinkers/Disasters wasn’t a bad tag team match at all. I wasn’t expecting much from it considering the style of the Disasters but they did a lot of the Headshrinkers in this match. A few repetitive spots but it wasn’t a bad showing. Fans were heavily behind the Headshrinkers, by the way.

Jannetty/Michaels was a fun match and I enjoyed what they did. The only negative was the two minute abdominal stretch by Michaels but Michaels was able to rile up the crowd during the hold. The fans went nuts a few times thinking that Jannetty had won the strap. Clearly those two had the fans in the palm of their hand or the fans just don’t pay attention. Good match.

Nasty’s/Money Inc. was rather lackluster. Didn’t seem like they had any kind of chemistry. A pretty boring, basic tag team match. Not much else to make note of, really.

Ramon/Undertaker was a lackluster bout. By the sounds of the person recording the show, Ramon as a main event guy heading into the 1993 Royal Rumble was not working out. So, having Ramon lose on a house show a month before that big showdown with Bret Hart doesn’t really help that. Ramon could’ve lost by DQ or something rather than a clean lose. Another thing that bugged me was Ramon pretty much no selling Taker’s choke slam for the aftermath beat down. That shouldn’t have had happened.

Main event was very repetitive and quite honestly fairly boring. Having two guys wrestle who never really move away from their normal routine makes for a uneventful and predictable match. That is exactly what this contest was. Some people may like it, but I find it to be quite boring and uninteresting.

Overall, the match of the night was Michaels/Jannetty. Everything else was quite mediocre and didn’t offer any consistent entertainment. Disappointing house show.

Thanks for reading.

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