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WCW Nitro 5/15/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Nitro
From: Biloxi, MS

A video promoting the feud between Vampiro and Sting opens up the broadcast.

Nitro opening video

Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden welcome everyone to Nitro.

Opening Contest: Sting defeated Vampiro in a house of pain match:
Sting climbs up to the top of the cage and breaks the ceiling to enter as Vampiro locked the caged door. Sting kicks Vampiro and delivers several right hands in the corner followed by a Sting Splash. Sting connects with a running face buster but Vampiro fights back with several right hands and boots. Vampiro tosses Sting face first into the cage and drives Sting down with a side belly to back suplex. Vampiro punches Sting in the corner and taunts the fans. Running clothesline by Vampiro in the corner and follows up with another overhead suplex and a leg drop. Vampiro kicks Sting several times and ends up working on Sting’s leg. Sting blocks a backdrop but runs into a super kick from Vampiro. Vampiro attempts a hurricanrna off the top rope but Sting counters with a power bomb. Sting drops Vampiro with a series of clotheslines. Sting rams Vampiro head first into the cage and rubs Vampiro’s head on the cage. Sting ends up shackling Vampiro to the cage to win the contest.
After the match, Sting splashes into Vampiro up against the cage and mule kicks Vampiro a couple of times. Sting leaves the ring and the cage is risen up to the rafters. The lights go out and when the lights return, Vampiro is gone.

Outside, Shane Douglas attacks Bryan Clarke. Douglas drops the car trunk onto Clarke and rams Clarke into a production truck.

Backstage, Hugh Morrus is talking to his misfits. Morrus mentions that Eric Bischoff tried to fire them three weeks ago. Morrus renames Van Hammer as Major Stash, Chavo Guerrero is no Lt. Loco and Lash LeRoux is Corporal Cajun. Morrus introduces a new member, Major Gunns who is a big busted blonde woman (Tylene Buck).

Before the next match, Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke are in the ring. Adams tells Douglas that taking out Clarke didn’t work and that Douglas just pissed Clarke off more. Shane Douglas comes out and says that he isn’t going to come down to the ring by himself to get his tag belts back. Douglas mentions that Buff Bagwell has been suspended for thirty days. Douglas reveals his partner for the night as being, the Wall!

Second Contest: WCW World Tag Team Champions Kronik defeated Shane Douglas/The Wall to retain the titles:
All four men brawl in the ring with Kronik getting the upper hand. Wall saves Douglas from suffering the Meltdown. Adams full nelson slams Wall as Douglas is chased to the back by Clarke. Wall choke slams Adams back in the ring. Clarke chops Wall on the floor for a few moments. Wall manages to slam Clarke through a table on the floor. Adams sends Wall head first into the ring post and delivers right hands. Adams attempts a power bomb through the table, but Wall backdrops Adams onto the table and places Adams on the unbroken table. Wall leaps off the apron and splashes onto Adams crashing through the table! Kronik shoulder block Wall in the ring and send Wall back to the floor. Kronik send Wall through the announcers table with the High Times! Adams covers Wall in the ring retain the titles.
After the match, Wall shoves several EMT’s guys away and ends up choke slamming a EMT through the table.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking to Kimberly while Disco Inferno asks to be apart of the Filthy Animals and not the Mamalukes. WCW Hardcore Champion Terry Funk enters the room with Ernest Miller. Bischoff wants Funk to give him the WCW Hardcore Championship. Funk refuses to give Bischoff the belt and is attacked by Miller, and Bischoff continues to talk to Kimberly.

Outside, Norman Smiley and Ralphus are counting their lack of money. Smiley comes up with an idea for them to get jobs. We see Goldberg’s monster truck to end the segment.

Before the next match, the Filthy Animals cut a promo on WCW Hardcore Champion, Terry Funk. Konnan says they have a job to do and that is to take the title away from Funk. Funk comes out as he is being attacked by Ernest Miller, still.

Third Contest: WCW Hardcore Champion Terry Funk defeated the Filthy Animals in a handicap match to retain the title:
Rey, Juventud and Konnan hit Funk with kendo sticks and chairs. Juventud elbow drops a chair onto Funk. Konnan clotheslines a chair into Funk’s face. Rey connects with a Arabian face buster off the top rope onto Funk. Juventud goes up top but the MIA run down and attack the Filthy Animals. Morrus splashes Rey in the corner. Disco Inferno runs down and attacks Morrus. Booker T runs down and Book Ends Inferno, spine busters Rey and axe kicks Konnan! Booker grabs Juventud and flapjacks him. Funk is rolled onto Juventud and picks up the win. DUD
After the match, Major Gunns runs down to the ring and rips off her t-shirt. Gunns gives Funk some mouth to mouth to revive the champion.

Outside, Ric Flair has arrived to the building.

Backstage, Norman Smiley and Ralphus get jobs as popcorn vendors.

Backstage, Ric Flair storms into Eric Bischoff’s office and demands Vince Russo because they crossed the line. Bischoff says he hasn’t seen Russo and tells Ernest Miller to tell Russo in his motor home that Flair is looking for him.

Before the next match, WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Candido believes that himself and Tammy Sytch are the first couple of sports entertainment. Candido calls out any other couple to a match, with his belt on the line. Crowbrar and Daffney answer the challenge.

Fourth Contest: Daffney/Crowbar defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Candido/Tammy Sytch.. Daffney wins the title:
Crowbar and Candido trade right hands to kick off the match. Tilt a whirl head scissors by Candido sends Crowbar into a corner and chops away on Crowbar. Ms. Hancock walks down to ringside scouting the talent. Crowbar connects with a German suplex and heads to the top rope but is cut off by Candido. Candido brings Crowbar back down to the mat with a superplex. Candido leaps off the top rope and nails Crowbar with a flying head butt for a near fall. Crowbar goes for a vertical suplex on Tammy but Tammy inside cradles Crowbar for a two count. Daffney plants Candido with a DDT for a two count. Swinging neck breaker by Tammy on Crowbar for a near fall. Crowbar slingshot splashes Candido from the apron for a two count. On the floor, Crowbar slams Candido and jumps off the guard railing with a splash. Tammy baseball slides a chair into Crowbar’s face and follows up with another chair shot. Candido and Tammy take Crowbar over with a double vertical suplex and Candido gets a near fall. Daffney bronco busters Tammy in the corner. Ms. Hancock has a microphone and decides to give a dance for the fans. Crowbar is distracted by this but manages to slam Candido on the ramp way. Tammy stuns Daffney, but Daffney no sells it and manages to roll Tammy up for the win. *
After the match, Daffney and Crowbar argue over who is the champion. That is until Ric Flair storms down to the ring and attacks Crowbar in the corner. Flair chops Crowbar over the top to the floor.

Ric Flair grabs a microphone and screams for Vince Russo to come down to the ring. In the production truck, we see Vince Russo telling someone to play the tape when he tells him to as Nitro goes to commercial. Flair has remained in the ring as he continues to call out Vince Russo. During the promo, we see Sting walking outside to see Sting’s care on fire. Odd. The tape begins where Vince Russo, David Flair and Daffney showed up to Ric Flair’s house in Charlotte, North Carolina. Russo and company enter Flair’s house to show the world “the real Ric Flair.” David is pissed at Reid Flair for being a champion. They go to Ric’s bed and jumps on it, as does Daffney. David says that he is only allowed to swim in a creek instead of a pool. They go to a closet and show all of Flair’s expensive clothing. Russo puts on a rob as they go into Reid’s room. They look at all of Reid’s trophies while David says that Ric has never gone to any of his games. They go to David’s room where David apparently sleeps in a unfinished basement. Russo tells the fans to hug their children and hugs David Flair. They go to leave but the family shows up and asks David what he is doing. After the video ends, David Flair and Daffney come out. Daffney is wearing some of Ric’s old school WCW championships. David comes down to the ring and Ric says that those are the biggest steps in David’s career. Ric asked what David did to Arn Anderson on Thunder was funny. David says it wasn’t funny and asks if Ric knows how it feels to be in Ric’s shadow. Ric says that tonight he is using his WCW World Heavyweight Championship shot against Jeff Jarrett instead at the Great American Bash! Ric tells David that he is going to wrestle his father at the Great American Bash. Ric says if he loses to David Flair, he will retire from wrestling. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett comes down and smashes a guitar over Ric’s head! Jarrett locks in the figure four while David delivers several right hands.

Backstage, Vince Russo is talking to someone to fix something. Russo tells Miss Elizabeth it is time for some “tough love.”

Vince Russo, Miss Elizabeth, Chuck Palumbo and some New Blood security come down to the ring. Someone is on top of the cage doing some work on it. Russo says there is always a plan, since he is from New York. Russo tells Liz that tonight she will compete in the house of pain cage. Russo introduces Liz’s opponent, Madusa. The announcers make a big deal that Liz doesn’t have ring gear on, but Madusa walks out with high heels on. Liz is cornered for a few moments with Russo talking smack. A maintenance man enters from the top of the cage, but it is Lex Luger. Luger ends up getting the Torture Rack on Madusa until Russo low blows Luger. Luger had a cup on and Liz knocks Russo down to the canvas. Liz shoves the cup into Russo’s face! Palumbo finally gets the cage door open and security ends up beating Luger down. Palumbo and Russo beat Luger down inside the cage. Kevin Nash’s music hits and Nash comes down to the ring. Nash cleans house on the security guys, but Russo is able to escape with Liz and Palumbo. The security team bail from ringside as Madusa is left in the ring. Nash grabs Madusa but is attacked form behind by Mike Awesome. Awesome leaves the ring as a beaten Luger staggers with bolt cutters in his hand. Nash gets up and has a microphone. Nash challenges Awesome to an ambulance match, tonight. Awesome responds by telling Nash he is going to end Nash’s career tonight!

Backstage, Mean Gene interviews Scott Steiner. Steiner isn’t going to wrestle tonight but is going to wait for Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott in the parking lot.

Norman Smiley and Ralphus are selling popcorn to fans.

Outside, Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott brawl with Scott Steiner. Rick Steiner beats Scott Steiner down with a 2×4 and along with Abbott hammer away on Scott. Goldberg’s monster truck shows up and runs over several cars as Nitro goes to commercial.

Fifth Contest: Kevin Nash defeated Mike Awesome in a ambulance match:
Nash knee lifts Awesome to open the match but Awesome comes back right hands in the corner. Awesome runs into a big boot in the corner. Nash with more knee lifts and back elbows in the corner. Awesome with a flurry of right hands to regain the advantage. Awesome comes off the ropes and connects with a leaping clothesline. Awesome drops Nash throat first across the top rope and delivers a few stomps. Awesome grabs a chair but is kicked in the gut by Nash. Nash uses the chair on Awesome, whacking Awesome over the back and throat area. Awesome punches Nash on the ramp way, knocking Nash down. Awesome sets up a table next to the ambulance. DDP comes out from nowhere and plants Awesome with the Diamond Cutter on the ramp way! Nash gets up and power bombs Awesome off the ramp way through a table (which was pretty much botched). The referee calls for the bell as Awesome can’t continue. *

Outside, Hulk Hogan arrives to the building. Better late than never, I guess.

Backstage, Norman Smiley and Ralphus can’t believe they sold so much popcorn. Smiley thinks they should expand as Ralphus touches his butt and grabs the popcorn. The popcorn owner fires Smiley and Ralphus.

Eric Bischoff, Kimberly and Ernest Miller make their way down to the ring. Bischoff says it is time to get things done himself. Bischoff calls out Diamond Dallas Page and wants to beat DDP up by himself. DDP comes out without any backup. DDP calls Miller a “pussy… cat”. DDP enters the ring and hammers away on both Miller and Bischoff. DDP low blows Miller and Rock Bottoms Miller. DDP chases after Bischoff and sends Bischoff into the guard railing. DDP clotheslines Miller on the floor. DDP leaps off the top and clotheslines Miller. Kimberly enters and gently hits DDP with a chair. DDP is beaten down until the music of… Sid Vicious goes off! Sid comes down to the ring as DDP double clotheslines Bischoff and Miller. DDP makes a tag to Sid. Sid grabs DDP and connects with a choke slam. Sid shakes hands with Bischoff as Hulk Hogan runs down to the ring. Hogan cleans house and helps DDP up to his feet. Bischoff tells Hogan that he is a dead man from the top of the ramp way.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff tells Horace Hogan to not drop the ball against Hulk Hogan. Bischoff returns to the ramp way with Billy Kidman and tells Hulk Hogan that Horace is going to kick Hulk’s ass. Horace doesn’t look like he wants to do it.

Sixth Contest: Horace Hogan defeated Hulk Hogan and Billy Kidman in a three way dance:
Hulk hammers away on Kidman in the corner as Horace just looks on from the corner. Hulk clotheslines Kidman but Kidman comes back with a eye rake and punches Hogan a few times. Hulk avoids a dropkick from Kidman and catapults Kidman over the top onto the ramp way. Hulk talks off his weight belt and whips Kidman on the ramp way. Hogan connects with a back suplex on Kidman for a one count as he pulls Kidman up. Hulk beats up Kidman some more until the Filthy Animals run down. Hulk and Horace clean house until Torrie Wilson walks out and Horace turns on Hulk with a chair shot. Horace pins Hulk. 1/2*
After the match, Hulk Hogan is beaten down for a few moments.

Backstage, Billy Kidman runs up to Horace and Torrie and asks what is going on. Bischoff holds Kidman away as Horace gets in a car with Torrie.

Vince Russo, David Flair and Daffney come down to join the commentary team for the main event.

Main Event: Ric Flair defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett to win the title: Flair charges up the ramp way and chops away on Jarrett. Flair tosses Jarrett over the top into the ring but Jarrett rolls to the floor. Flair leaps off the apron with a double axe handle and goes back to chopping Jarrett next to the announcers table. Flair smashes a chair across Jarrett’s back and continues to chop Jarrett on the floor. Jarrett low blows Flair with the middle rope and stomps away on the challenger. Flair flips in the corner and falls to the floor. Jarrett sends Flair into the guard railing back first. Jarrett rams a chair into Flair’s midsection a few times. Jarrett jabs the chair into Flair’s left knee as well. Jarrett connects with a vertical suplex on the floor. Jarrett has the figure four locked in right in the middle of the ring. Flair is almost pinned a couple of times but manages to reach the bottom rope. Jarrett punches and stomps away on Flair until Flair low blows Jarrett a few times. Flair ducks a clothesline attempt on the apron and clotheslines Jarrett. Jarrett slams Flair off the top rope and goes for a backdrop but Flair inside cradles Jarrett and wins the title! **
After the match, Jarrett nails the referee with the guitar and hits Flair with the broken guitar. David nails Ric with the statue of liberty figure. Kevin Nash comes out and takes the WCW World Heavyweight Championship away from Vince Russo on the ramp way. Nash nails Jarrett with the championship in the ring. Nash power bombs Jarrett through the ring! Nash hands the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to Ric Flair.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff tells someone on the phone that they will be at the meeting. Bischoff tells Shane Douglas that Douglas will be the boss of Thunder on Wednesday.

Ric Flair celebrates his championship win to close out the show.

End of show

My Take:
It was nice to see the show start off with three matches and not many backstage segments. The wrestling matches weren’t all that good but at least as the show gave us wrestling instead of people talking.

Why is Terry Funk going over three young guys? I didn’t like that at all. Also, some of the moves the Filthy Animals did in the match just seemed odd. Who clotheslines a chair into someone’s face? I don’t think I have ever seen that before. Booker T got one of the biggest pops of the night, by the way.

Daffney winning the WCW Cruiserweight Championship is disgusting. If they want women winning championships, then bring in a Women’s Championship. For the second time in six months a female holds that championship. BAD BOOKING.

The second hour started off with Vince Russo heavy angles. The first two major segments were Vince Russo getting or trying to get the upper hand on Ric Flair and Lex Luger. It is quite sad that the number one heel in WCW is not Jeff Jarrett, but rather Vince Russo, a WRITER.

Sid joining the New Blood makes zero sense. Horace Hogan joining the New Blood makes sense, but did we really need two swerves on one show? It seems like every Nitro their has to be at least one swerve. The more swerves, the less effective they are.

The main event was the best match of the night but it wasn’t anything special. Just a pretty basic brawl. Honestly, if your going to put the belt on a baby face, Ric Flair is most likely the best option. No matter what, Ric Flair is going to be one of if not the most popular guy in WCW. The fans were still fairly dead for the contest, however.

Overall, the first hour went along nicely, despite some poor action. The second hour started off angle heavy but they did a decent job progressing what they have going. It was a bad show, but not horrible.

Thanks for reading.

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